Top 10 irresistibly delicious Saigon lunch restaurants

If you are a gourmet foodie or simply passionate about delicious, authentic Saigon lunch dishes, the list of restaurants below is exactly for you.

Sushi Tony in District 1

In Saigon, there is a profusion of Japanese restaurants, but one that truly stands out is the remarkable Tony Sushi. Their sushi rolls are a harmonious blend of tender meat, sticky rice, and spicy, flavorful wasabi that will captivate you from the very first bite. Each piece of salmon to the fresh, meticulously chosen meat, crafted by the skilled hands of chefs into delectable sets of sushi and sashimi, promises an irresistible gastronomic experience. From the ingredients and seasonings to the fresh vegetables and elegant presentation, everything exudes an authentic “Japanese” touch. Moreover, the tranquil, immaculate, and sophisticated ambiance of the restaurant will leave you even more delighted.

2 Cô Saigon Mixed Rice Eatery

2 Cô Saigon Mixed Rice Eatery is a must-visit spot in Saigon for Korean cuisine enthusiasts. The eatery boasts a cozy, intimate space with charming and inviting wall paintings that create the perfect ambiance for savoring Korean delicacies. The menu is diverse, featuring authentic Korean dishes such as mixed rice, seafood fried rice, maki, kimbap, spicy noodles, and the best seller, Korean-style rice cakes and sushi rolls. The local chefs prepare these dishes, ensuring they cater to the Vietnamese palate and taste. What’s more, the prices here are reasonable, making it a popular choice, especially among office workers, often referred to as the Saigon lunch eatery of 2 Cô.

Ba Ghiền Broken Rice Eatery

Certainly, broken rice is the name you can’t overlook when seeking delicious and quality Saigon lunch options. Ba Ghiền Broken Rice Eatery is one popular eatery that many locals adore. The plate of broken rice here is fragrant and tender, with flavorful grilled pork, sunny-side-up eggs, crispy fried pork skin, and more. When savoring it, diners can pair it with some pickles and sweet and sour fish sauce, which adds a distinctive touch. Each ingredient blends skillfully to create an irresistibly tempting experience from the very first bite. The spacious and comfortable ambiance, along with decent service, enhances the overall dining pleasure. With prices ranging from 40,000 to 80,000 VND, you can easily relish this dish every day.

Bún Quậy Saigon

If you’re in search of a recently opened Saigon eatery that won’t overwhelm you but provides enough energy, give bun quay (stir-fried noodles) a try. The soft and chewy noodles paired with a clear broth and delicious seafood slices will leave you powerless to resist. Add in some scallions, dried or fresh bamboo shoots, and a hint of fragrant ginger, and you’re guaranteed a tantalizing taste explosion. This place is always bustling because their seafood is incredibly fresh, especially renowned for their mouthwatering stir-fried octopus bun quay and sea cucumber bun quay, which are both delectable and satisfying.

Bánh Canh Cua 14

Bánh canh cua, a hidden gem among Saigon’s lunch options, offers both delectable flavors and an energy boost for your workday. The Bánh Canh Cua at this Saigon lunch spot is seasoned with basic yet rich spices. The broth features generous toppings like meaty crab, peeled shrimp, beef sausage, accompanied by crispy fried breadsticks and creamy quail eggs. The noodles are cooked to a delightful chewiness, bathed in a distinct reddish-brown broth that exudes an enticing aroma and a special sweetness. The abundant and well-seasoned crab meat ensures each bite is an explosion of flavor.

Hội An Quán

Nestled along a bustling avenue, Hội An Quán boasts a space that’s steeped in antiquity, cleanliness, and a refreshing ambiance. The smart arrangement of tables with ample seating caters to large groups, making it the perfect spot for those lunch gatherings in Saigon. This place not only faithfully recreates Hội An’s atmosphere but also channels the “spirit of Quảng Nam” into each of its dishes. The menu here is incredibly diverse, featuring dozens of exquisite dishes renowned far and wide, such as Quảng-style noodles, Cao Lầu, Ram Hoài Phố, Hội An chicken rice, and more.

Quán Bụi

Quán Bụi is a gem among Saigon’s lunch spots, boasting one of the most diverse menus with over 100 Vietnamese dishes, each carrying the refined flavors of all three regions. The North presents delicacies like “chả cá lã vọng,” “lươn om chuối đậu,” and “canh sấu nấu sườn non.” Central Vietnam delights with “hến xúc bánh tráng,” “cá cơm xào khế,” while the South offers refreshing choices like “món kho quẹt rau luộc mát lành,” “thịt kho tộ,” and “ba rọi kho cơm dừa.” Every dish boasts rich, mouthwatering flavors, a treat for food enthusiasts. With reasonable prices for top-notch meals, a well-invested ambiance, and stylish decor appealing to the younger crowd, this Saigon lunch spot is a must-try for all.

Quán Út Cà Mau

Quán Út Cà Mau, a charming Saigon lunch spot, exudes freshness and youthfulness with its well-suited seating, making it an ideal family-friendly eatery for dining, gathering, and celebrating with colleagues. This place specializes in serving high-quality seafood dishes prepared with the flavors of the South, perfectly catering to the Saigonese palate. Alongside the splendid crab options, there are delightful lunch dishes like crab fried rice, steamed crab, grilled crab, crab hotpot, Thai crab hotpot, handheld crab noodles, tamarind crab, salted crab, curry crab, and more. The beverage menu is equally impressive, offering coffee, soda, soft drinks, and beer for your enjoyment.

Hoa Giấy Coffee House

For those who crave home-cooked meals with a touch of nostalgia, Hoa Giấy Coffee House is the perfect lunch spot. Tucked away in a charming little alley, this restaurant exudes a vintage vibe, offering a spacious and comfortable setting ideal for gatherings with friends. The entrance adorned with paper flowers adds a Hoi An-like charm to the atmosphere.

At Hoa Giấy Coffee House, you can savor uniquely styled, distinctively delicious dishes that are both humble and unforgettable. The remarkable dishes that have made this Saigon lunch spot famous include Quang noodle soup, baby clams with rice paper, Tam Ky-style chicken rice, jackfruit salad, steamed fish from Central Vietnam, fermented fish noodle soup, boiled pork with rice paper, and rustic country rice. During lunchtime, young diners flock here to enjoy these delectable dishes. Despite its small size, the restaurant is airy and provides ample seating for a comfortable dining experience.

Hanoi 1952

Step into the world of Hanoi 1952, a Saigon lunch haven that tantalizes taste buds with the distinctive flavors of Northern Vietnam, particularly the unique dishes of the capital city, Hanoi. This restaurant specializes in serving heartwarming family meals, featuring clay pot rice, North-style beef sausage, and stir-fried morning glory, along with a delightful array of side dishes. Each dish is crafted with meticulous care, ensuring perfectly grilled meats, rich and robust flavors, and the unmistakable aroma of Northern cuisine. The dipping sauces strike a harmonious balance between sweet and sour, complementing the diverse selection of fresh herbs and greens. It’s not about extravagance; rather, each dish evokes the simplicity of daily life in the urban neighborhoods, transporting you to Hanoi of yesteryears. Another plus point is the spacious, elegantly designed setting, situated in the bustling heart of District 1.


Which place in Saigon specializes in Japanese cuisine, especially sushi?

Sushi Tony in District 1 is a renowned Japanese restaurant in Saigon, known for its unique and impressive sushi flavors.

I want to try Korean-style mixed rice. Do you have any recommendations?

“Cơm trộn 2 cô” is a must-visit for those who are fans of Korean cuisine.

Where can I find delicious broken rice in Saigon?

“Cơm tấm Ba Ghiền” is a popular spot among the locals, known for its fragrant rice and flavorful grilled pork.

I want to experience Hoi An’s signature dishes in Saigon. Any suggestions?

“Hội An Quán” not only recreates the ambiance of Hoi An but also brings the “soul of Quang region” into each of its dishes, such as Quang noodles, Cao Lau, and Hoi An chicken rice.

Which restaurant in Saigon offers diverse dishes from the North, Central, and South regions of Vietnam?

“Quán Bụi Bụi” boasts a diverse menu with over 100 Vietnamese dishes representing flavors from all three regions, from Northern dishes like grilled fish to Central specialties like rice paper rolls with mussels, to Southern favorites like caramelized pork.

We hope that these suggestions will help you find a lunch spot in Saigon that suits your taste, whether you’re a student, office worker, or a family. You can explore more quality dining options across Vietnam by visiting

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