Top 10 lunch restaurants in District 1 worth the money for office workers

Putting aside tiring office work, let’s go to a delicious lunch restaurant in District 1 with a cozy space and delicious food to “pamper” yourself a little. We invite you to take a look at the top 10 addresses to enjoy delicious, well-rounded dishes introduced in the following article.

Sushi Tony in District 1

When you step into Tony Sushi, you’ll be delighted by the beautifully crafted sushi and sashimi. Not only are they visually appealing, but the skilled chefs also create unique and artistic presentations that tantalize your senses. The menu here is quite diverse, offering over 30 types of sushi, around 20 different delicious sashimi varieties, and a range of traditional Japanese dishes.

It’s not just about appearance; the taste of each sushi is meticulously perfected. The seafood is carefully selected, ensuring you experience the freshness and delightful flavors with every bite. When combined with finely grated ginger, a few sprigs of green onion, and a touch of wasabi soy sauce, the dishes become even more enticing.

Moreover, when you visit this family restaurant in District 1, you get to enjoy these delectable dishes in an elegant setting with a unique Japanese-inspired design. What’s more, the staff here are exceptionally friendly and welcoming. Don’t hesitate to ask for assistance if needed.

Quán Bụi Bistro

Quán Bụi Bistro is a renowned District 1 lunch spot offering a diverse menu of over 100 exquisite Vietnamese dishes, each brimming with the delicate flavors from all three regions of the country. From humble ingredients like fresh herbs, fish, and familiar pork cuts, the chefs here transform them into extraordinary culinary delights. Taste the famous northern dish, “cha ca la vong,” indulge in the Hue-inspired “hen xuc banh trang” paired with refreshing boiled greens, or savor the rich southern flavors of “thit kho to.” What sets these delectable dishes apart is that they are prepared to perfection, without the use of artificial flavor enhancers, and with minimal sugar. The deliciousness of each dish is a testament to the careful selection and premium preparation of the ingredients.

Cơm tấm Thuận Kiều

When you think of Saigon, the famous dish of “Cơm Tấm” immediately comes to mind. Saigon’s “Cơm Tấm” can be described as a culinary masterpiece that encapsulates the essence of this city named after Uncle Ho. It’s the perfect blend of fragrant grilled meat, charred to perfection, combined with pork skin, shredded pork, and a sunny-side-up egg, all accompanied by fresh vegetables and a slightly sweet and tangy fish sauce. It’s like an explosive culinary feast for the senses that’s irresistible.

If you’re looking for a District 1 lunch spot for “Cơm Tấm,” then “Cơm tấm Thuận Kiều” is the ideal choice for you. With over 54 side dishes to choose from, you can easily customize your meal to suit your taste while ensuring you get all the nutrition and energy you need for your afternoon work.

Cơm tấm Mộc

Let’s add another spot to the list of fantastic lunch spots for office workers in Ho Chi Minh City, offering a menu filled with deliciousness, flavorful rice, and exquisite presentation. The rice here is fluffy yet tender, and the dishes generously cover the entire plate.

What truly stands out are the perfectly seasoned and charcoal-grilled pork ribs that emit an enticing aroma the moment you step into the restaurant. The white, sticky rice pairs flawlessly with the tender ribs, ensuring every bite is succulent and flavorful. The space here is also exceptionally clean and tidy, and the staff is exceptionally warm and friendly, making it a top choice for the best District 1 lunch spots.

Merci Res

Switching things up with a delightful frog porridge for lunch? Well, head over to District 1’s top-notch eateries, Merci Res, renowned for its scrumptious frog porridge. Just like other frog porridge joints, they serve the porridge and frog stew separately. You have various frog options, including Singapore-style, lemongrass-infused, and spicy sa tế. But when you’re here, the Singapore frog is a must-try – tender, sweet meat cooked to perfection, with a tantalizing sticky sauce. Enjoy it with fragrant, ginger-infused, and finely-chopped green onion porridge to elevate your lunch experience.

Beefsteak Hai Con Bò

While other lunch spots may cater to office meals, this eatery takes a different route, with beefsteak as its lunchtime star. Each beefsteak dish is crafted from premium American-imported beef, prepared by professional chefs, ensuring you savor a symphony of flavors from tangy and spicy to savory and sweet – utterly irresistible.

The menu is incredibly diverse, featuring Beef Stir-fry, American Ribeye, Cheese-Grilled Beef, Green Peppercorn Beef, Spicy Seafood Noodles, Spicy Beef Meatballs Noodles, Italian Pasta, and beverages like fresh orange juice, coconut water, Thai milk tea, Pepsi… The dessert selection is equally impressive, with options like chilled tofu, flan, grilled bananas with honey, yogurt with cream cheese, promising to delight even the most discerning diners.

Mr. Park – Korean BBQ Delight

Smoke billows from grilling tables, accompanied by an array of delectable dishes, from fluffy white rice to perfectly grilled meats, boiled greens, and sunny-side-up eggs, all seasoned to perfection. Dining here once will have you coming back for more. The extensive and mouthwatering menu is beautifully presented, clean, and neatly arranged, making every dish a visual delight for customers. Mr. Park’s District 1 lunch spot checks all the boxes for deliciousness, quality, and safety. It consistently receives rave reviews and compliments from diners, praising everything from the food to the staff’s attitude. Mr. Park is undeniably one of the standout family-friendly eateries in the area, beckoning those in District 3 to come and savor the experience.

Don Chicken – A Feast of Fowl

If you’re in the mood for a change and craving poultry for lunch, then Don Chicken is the perfect choice. At Don Chicken, you’ll have the opportunity to savor a variety of chicken dishes prepared in different styles. From grilled chicken to boneless chicken with creamy cheese sauce, garlic-roasted chicken, fried chicken, and spicy chicken, they have it all. For those passionate about chicken, Don Chicken is undoubtedly the go-to District 1 lunch spot.

Phương Mai Vegetarian Restaurant

For those who have grown weary of meat-centric dishes or an excess of protein and are seeking a lunch spot in District 1 with a refreshing, wholesome taste, Phương Mai Vegetarian Restaurant is an experience you should try at least once.

Unlike the other lunch spots in District 1 mentioned above, the interior space here is spacious, with various elegant decorations and ample spacing between tables. As you step into the restaurant, you’ll feel the gentle, tranquil ambiance that completely dispels the weariness of a busy workday. Combined with the wholesome dishes primarily prepared from vegetables, mushrooms, and masterfully crafted by talented chefs, each dish boasts an unforgettable flavor.

With meticulous presentation and attentive service, the lunch experience at Phương Mai Vegetarian Restaurant will be truly memorable and enjoyable for you.

Pizza 4P’s

The renowned Pizza 4P’s restaurant chain has long been celebrated for its high-quality pizzas that harmoniously blend Japanese and Italian culinary influences. The pizza ingredients are all imported from Italy, including delicate Parma ham, mozzarella crafted from buffalo milk, and various Italian meats. Must-try dishes when you visit this District 1 lunch spot include Margherita, Sashimi Pizza, Four Seasons Vietnam Flower Pizza, and Teriyaki Pizza. The ambiance here is uniquely designed, exuding a European charm that feels refreshingly novel. Pizza 4P’s is also one of the go-to restaurants for couples celebrating special occasions.


1. Which restaurant in District 1 serves beautifully presented and delicious sushi?

Tony sushi is the top choice with a diverse menu and beautifully presented sushi and sashimi dishes.

2. I want to taste dishes representing all three regions of Vietnam. Which restaurant offers a diverse menu?

Quán Bụi Bistro is renowned for serving over 100 diverse Vietnamese dishes that capture the exquisite flavors of all three regions.

3. Where in District 1 can I find delicious Saigon-style broken rice?

Thuận Kiều broken rice is an excellent choice with over 54 accompanying dishes.

4. I want to try different styles of chicken dishes. Which restaurant offers a diverse chicken menu?

Don Chicken specializes in various chicken dishes prepared in different styles such as grilled chicken, boneless chicken with cheese sauce, and fried chicken.

5. Which pizza restaurant in District 1 has a unique ambiance and serves pizzas that blend Japanese and Italian cuisines?

Pizza 4P’s is famous for its quality pizza menu and a unique European-style interior design.

How many delectable District 1 lunch spots from the list have you visited so far? If there are any beautiful eateries in Saigon you haven’t explored yet, be sure to add them to your checklist and enjoy these culinary adventures with your close colleagues. Additionally, you can bookmark for more quality dining destinations across Vietnam that you shouldn’t miss.

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