Top 7 delicious lunch restaurants in Saigon, eat once and remember for a lifetime

Delicious lunch locations in Saigon are always something many people are interested in, because finding a delicious, clean and reliable restaurant to fill a hungry stomach is not easy. Let’s take a look at the list of 7 delicious lunch restaurants in Ho Chi Minh City that are famous near and far that you must definitely try once.

Sushi Tony – Where Japanese Flavors Thrive

Sushi Tony in District 1, Saigon, is a renowned destination for Japanese cuisine enthusiasts. Their dishes are meticulously crafted following the authentic Japanese recipes and flavor profiles, delivering a rich, enticing, and unforgettable taste that will leave a lasting impression. Sushi Tony offers an extensive menu with nearly 100 exquisite dishes, including fresh sashimi, a variety of sushi, and enticing side dishes. What sets their sushi apart is the use of top-quality, fresh ingredients. Each bite combines seamlessly with the zesty wasabi, eliminating any unwanted fishy aftertaste and leaving behind pure, delightful flavors. In contrast to many other family restaurants in District 1, Vietnam, Sushi Tony provides a tranquil ambiance that ensures a comfortable dining experience for all guests. With all these reasons, it’s no wonder this is a beloved spot for delicious lunchtime meals in Ho Chi Minh City, cherished by both Japanese tourists and local diners alike.

The Loft – Where Beauty Meets Flavor

The Loft, a charming gem among Saigon’s beautiful restaurants, and one of the most beloved lunch spots in District 1, Ho Chi Minh City. During peak lunch hours, it tends to get quite crowded, so it’s advisable to arrive early to secure a comfortable seat. The Loft offers exceptional dining experiences with a diverse menu, allowing you to indulge in a fusion of Vietnamese and European culinary cultures. Besides the delicious food, the restaurant boasts a spacious, garden-like ambiance designed with a touch of vintage charm and plenty of refreshing greenery. The seating arrangement is neat and comfortable, making it an ideal choice for romantic lunch dates or relaxing get-togethers with friends after long, hectic work hours.

Thien Ly Saigon Claypot Rice

The menu at Thien Ly offers a delightful array of dishes, each brimming with distinctive flavors. From garlic-stirred young chicken hearts to grilled chicken claypot rice, from sizzling tuna in tomato sauce to braised pork with shrimp paste, the choices are a feast for the senses, guaranteed to satisfy even the most discerning palates. Additionally, the restaurant is renowned for its signature Central Vietnamese-style braised fish dishes, known for their rich, aromatic profiles. Every ingredient, from meats and seafood to garlic and chili, is carefully handpicked to ensure freshness and maintain the authentic flavors. The rice, cooked to perfection, exudes a tantalizing aroma and a unique, satisfying texture, while the accompanying dishes are expertly seasoned to cater to the tastes of Saigonese food lovers, leaving them savoring each bite and momentarily forgetting their way home.

Mountain Retreat

Despite its name as a restaurant, Mountain Retreat boasts a unique setting that leaves a lasting impression with its nostalgic charm, reminiscent of bygone decades. It features the rustic charm of traditional architecture, exuding the ambiance of yesteryears. The venue is undoubtedly an ideal rendezvous for food-loving couples. The menu here is equally heartwarming, offering delectable dishes like fried shrimp, quail eggs, grilled rice paper, straw-grilled ribs, mixed beef salad with crackers, and fresh spring rolls. All the dishes are presented with a unique traditional flair, embracing the mountainous forest atmosphere, with a touch of innovation to create a perfect harmony of flavors. Beyond just good food, it’s a moment of relaxation after long hours of hectic work.

TukTuk Thái Bistro

For a refreshing lunch experience, head to TukTuk Thái Bistro in Ho Chi Minh City, one of the finest eateries in District 1 specializing in authentic Thai cuisine. Here, you can savor the distinctive flavors of the Land of the Golden Temple. The menu is incredibly diverse, featuring dishes like green mango salad with catfish, pad Thai, and steaming bowls of aromatic tomyum soup. From the flavors to the ambiance, this place always makes you feel like you’re in Thailand. The cozy space is elegantly designed with a touch of modernity and a hint of retro, from color schemes to the overall concept. When you dine here, it’s not just about delicious food; it’s also an opportunity to capture plenty of Instagram-worthy moments.

Quán Làng Cua Đồng

Quán Làng Cua Đồng is a family restaurant with a spacious and airy atmosphere, decorated in a rustic style that exudes simplicity and authenticity. The restaurant serves a variety of dishes paired with clay pot rice, catering to the tastes of many customers. The clay pot rice here is sticky, fragrant, and comes with beautifully presented braised and stir-fried dishes. The food is always served promptly, retaining its heat and flavors. The delicious, hearty, home-cooked dishes here leave a lasting impression on diners.

With its ample space and prime location, it’s no wonder that Làng Cua Đồng is one of the most beautiful eateries in Saigon that you should try at least once.

Mộc Vị Quán – Mì Quảng & Cơm Dĩa Nóng

Introducing yet another familiar spot for delicious lunch in Ho Chi Minh City, beloved by both students and office workers alike. The menu here is incredibly diverse, offering everything from chicken, beef, and seafood to delightful clay pot rice dishes. Especially famous is the Quang-style noodle dish with its soft, chewy noodles and flavorful shrimp-infused broth. Or switch things up with a bowl of mixed noodles or fragrant “countryside” fried rice. When you dine here, you can always count on professional and attentive staff to ensure your meals are both fresh and piping hot.


Which restaurant in Ho Chi Minh City serves Japanese-style lunch dishes?

You should try “Sushi Tony in District 1”, which offers over 100 exquisite dishes from Japan, including a variety of fresh Sashimi and diverse Sushi.

I’m looking for a lunch spot in District 1 with a beautiful, vintage ambiance. Any recommendations?

“The Loft” is a great choice, combining a vintage design with a diverse menu that blends Vietnamese and European cuisines.

Which lunch restaurant in Ho Chi Minh City offers signature dishes from Central Vietnam?

“Thiên Lý Rice Pot” is renowned for its flavorful dishes characteristic of Central Vietnam, such as braised fish and meat with shrimp paste.

I want to try Thai cuisine in Ho Chi Minh City. Where should I go?

“TukTuk Thai Bistro” specializes in Thai cuisine, offering dishes like mango catfish salad, Pad Thai, and aromatic Tom Yum soup.

Which lunch restaurant in Ho Chi Minh City has a spacious and rustic ambiance?

“Làng Cua Đồng” offers a spacious and traditional setting, serving delicious family-style dishes that will remind you of home-cooked meals.

If you’re a food enthusiast who wants to enjoy a delicious lunch in Ho Chi Minh City without getting tired of it, check out these lunch eateries recommended here. You’re guaranteed to have a diverse and unique culinary experience. Also, visit the website: to read high-quality reviews about top-notch destinations in Vietnam, from dining to shopping.

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