Top 6 Fresh Flower Shops in District 7 Beautiful and Prestigious Saigon

For those who are living in District 7, TP. Ho Chi Minh City and want to find a reliable address to buy fresh flowers, let help you. We have surveyed and compiled a number of reputable and quality addresses in this area. And now, would like to introduce to readers the beautiful and prestigious flower shop in District 7 in Saigon – where you can find the freshest bouquets, cared for and posed. by the talented hands of fresh flower artisans. Come and experience, you will feel the difference that only quality bouquets bring.

Flower Shop 18

When talking about a beautiful flower shop in District 7, it is impossible not to mention Hoa 18 Co., Ltd – a symbol not only of District 7 but also of Ho Chi Minh City and Vietnam. With more than 10 years of establishment and development, Hoa 18 is not only a flower shop, but also a tradition, a pride of District 7.

flower shop 18

Not only a beautiful and prestigious flower shop in District 7, Hoa 18 has crossed the border of Vietnam, becoming a familiar name for flower lovers around the world. With a network of more than 135 agents and members, and a full flower delivery service from North to South and more than 150 countries, Hoa 18 has affirmed its position on the world map of fresh flowers.

Some highlights at Hoa 18 that you cannot miss:

  • HOA18 App: Ordering flowers has never been easier with this convenient app.
  • Flower quality: Flowers are always fresh, vibrant colors, long-lasting freshness.
  • Team: From the florist to the delivery man, all are enthusiastic, dedicated people.
  • Events & Offers: There are always attractive promotions to help customers save and experience the best service.

shop fresh flowers flowers 18

And not just our words, a series of positive feedback from customers is the clearest proof of Hoa 18’s service quality: “Beautiful flowers, thoughtful delivery, enthusiastic staff.. “.. Every compliment, every positive comment is the motivation to help Hoa 18 become more and more perfect and develop.

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F Flowers – Prestigious Fresh Flower Shop in District 7

Surely when you think of a famous flower shop in District 7, F Flowers will be one of the first names that come to mind. This is not just a florist, but a cultural home where love, passion and creativity meet and mingle.

fflower shop

Different from the usual flower shops, F Flowers has created its own mark with creative shapes, fresh flowers and a reasonable and affordable price. For F Flowers, each bouquet is not only a gift, but also a message, an expression of the giver’s affection and concern to the recipient.

shop fresh flowers fflower 1

A special feature at F Flowers is the enthusiastic and dedicated advice of the staff. They not only help you choose the right flowers, but also give suggestions on how to decorate, combine flowers to create an impressive bouquet or flower pot, suitable for your own taste and style. receiver.

shop fresh flowers fflower

If you are a flower lover, looking for a fresh flower shop in District 7 to shop or simply want to enjoy unique flower works, F Flowers is the ideal destination for you.

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Fresh Flower Shop 108

For flower lovers in Ho Chi Minh City, it is not difficult to find fresh flower shops in District 7 however, if you are looking for a prestigious, quality and classy address, then Fresh Flower 108 will definitely come to you. Make you pleased.

Located in the heart of District 7, Fresh Flowers 108 is not only a flower shop, but a place to bring you the most interesting experiences. Each bouquet here is selected from first-class flowers, grown in the fertile lands of Da Lat. With a modern collection and preservation process, each flower at Hoa Fresh 108 always retains its natural beauty, vibrant color and long-lasting freshness.

flower shop 108 shop fresh flowers 108

The special feature that makes this fresh flower shop in District 7 stand out from other shops is the talented and enthusiastic staff. They are always ready to advise you, helping you choose the most suitable bouquets for each occasion. Their creativity and ingenuity help create unique floral works that express your personality and enthusiasm.

Take a look at the outstanding services that Fresh Flower 108 brings:

  • Consult and design fresh flowers according to your requirements.
  • Fast, dedicated delivery service to the place you request.
  • Specializing in flower decoration for big events such as parties and festivals.
  • Commitment to full and transparent VAT invoice.
  • Offering many attractive offers and discounts to loyal customers.
  • With prices ranging from 200,000 VND to over 1,000,000 VND, you are sure to find a satisfactory bouquet. Especially, when you buy online, you will enjoy free delivery service in District 7.

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Bao Anh Fresh Flower Shop

When you think of a reputable fresh flower shop in District 7, you immediately think of Bao Anh Flowers & Fruits? For those who are passionate about flowers, want to give their family a fresh space or want to send delicate flower bouquets to relatives and partners, Bao Anh Flowers & Fruits is definitely an option not to be missed.

beautiful flower shop

Stepping into this store, you will be immersed in a wonder of fresh flowers. From the dreamy Da Lat phalaenopsis orchid, the noble Taiwanese phalaenopsis orchid, to the unique potted flowers, each product here has its own unique and attractive beauty.

More than just a shop selling quality fresh flowers, Bao Anh Flowers & Fruits is also a place to provide fresh flower services for all events, from birthdays, anniversaries to big events. Want vases, basket flowers, or even unique bouquets of wax roses? All can be found here.

shop fresh flowers baoanh

Behind the success of Bao Anh Flowers & Fruits is nearly 5 years of constantly striving, always bringing to the market high quality flower products. The staff here is not only professional, but also dedicated and enthusiastic. They know how to care and advise customers, ensuring each flower product is the most suitable and beautiful.

Proud of its quality and service, Bao Anh Flowers & Fruits not only wishes to become the leading supplier of fresh flowers in Vietnam, but also strives to bring the best experience to each customer.

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HT Fresh Flower Shop

If you are looking for a fresh flower shop in District 7 with prestige and top quality, go to 128 Nguyen Thi Thap, where there is a paradise of flowers – Fresh flowers HT. Considered as a symbol in the heart of District 7, Fresh Flower HT is proud to be trusted and loved by many customers.

fresh flower shop ht

Stepping into the store, you will immediately be attracted by the fresh flowers, cared for and preserved in the most optimal conditions. Not only that, Fresh Flower HT is also famous for its high-class phalaenopsis orchid pots, giving the living space a luxurious and aristocratic feature.

With a prestigious flower shop in District 7 like HT Fresh Flower, customers can not only buy flowers at an affordable price, but also feel the dedication and professionalism in each product, from imported flowers to fresh flowers. Accompanied service.

shop fresh flowers ht

Outstanding service at Fresh Flower HT:

  1. Congratulations: From important occasions such as birthdays, holidays, anniversaries, grand openings, HT Fresh Flowers is always ready to bring you bouquets, flower baskets, or even unique and impressive box flowers.
  2. Wedding flowers: Want your big day to be truly memorable? HT fresh flowers will definitely not disappoint you with wedding decoration services from A-Z, from the gate wreath to the hall, from the flower car to the hand-held flowers for the bride.
  3. Event and festival flowers: Need a highlight for your event space? Fresh flowers HT offers space decoration services, table flowers and more.
  4. Consolation Flowers: With subtlety and lightness, HT Fresh Flowers helps you to share your feelings and condolences to relatives and friends.

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Net Viet Fresh Flowers Company

Perhaps when many people think of fresh flowers, they will immediately think of fresh flower shop in District 7. Fresh flowers of Net Viet, a brand famous not only in Ho Chi Minh City but also in Binh Duong. Established in August 2014, Net Viet Fresh Flower is not only a fresh flower shop but also a pioneering symbol in digital transformation, bringing the ultimate flower buying experience to customers.

netviet fresh flower shop

In particular, with the extremely convenient ordering and tracking process, customers not only know their progress, but also see detailed images of each step, from receiving orders, to making flowers to customers. until the flowers are delivered to the place. Customers when choosing a fresh flower shop in District 7 Net Viet will be completely assured with a transparent and clear purchasing process.

shop fresh flowers netviet

Net Viet doesn’t just stop at providing regular fresh flowers, they are also professional in many different service categories. Need an epic wedding flower gate? Or a traditional style betel nut basket? Or even birthday flowers, love flowers with a modern, sophisticated design? All are available at Net Viet Fresh Flowers.

shop fresh flowers netviet

For fastidious customers who want to be sure of quality, Net Viet Fresh Flowers is always committed to product quality, from fresh flowers to birthday cakes to the sales process. And if you are far away, in another city? Don’t worry, with 10 years of experience and more than 1,200 affiliates nationwide, this flower shop in District 7 will help you send fresh flowers anywhere.

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Above is a summary of 6 fresh flower shops in District 7 in Saigon that we have compiled on See if you have chosen for yourself which fresh flower shop is beautiful and suitable for you, please let us know the answer right away. Also visit Decoration category to find and read more places to supply furniture Quality decorations all over Vietnam.


Which fresh flower shops in District 7 are recommended on recommends six fresh flower shops in District 7, including: Hoa 18, F Flowers, Fresh Flowers 108, Bao Anh Fresh Flowers, HT Fresh Flowers, and Net Viet Fresh Flowers.

What’s special about Hoa 18?

Hoa 18 is an icon not only of District 7 but also of Ho Chi Minh City and Vietnam. They have a network of over 135 agents, a nationwide flower delivery service, and serve in over 150 countries.

What standout services does F Flowers offer?

F Flowers provides enthusiastic consultation and helps customers select impressive bouquets or potted flowers that align with their personal tastes and styles.

What’s unique about Fresh Flowers 108?

Fresh Flowers 108 selects flowers from Da Lat and has a modern harvesting and preservation process. They also have a talented and enthusiastic staff.

What is Bao Anh Flowers & Fruits known for?

Bao Anh Flowers & Fruits is renowned for its product quality, from fresh flowers to birthday cakes, and its sales process. They offer fresh flower services for all events.

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