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Kinh Đô Mooncake Delight: A Taste of Vietnamese Legacy

When the Mid-Autumn Festival’s gentle breeze wafts through, the name that tantalizingly dances on the tip of the tongue of many is Kinh Đô. Recognized as the paramount “Mooncake Maestro” in Vietnam, Kinh Đô is more than just a purveyor of delicious mooncakes. It’s the essence of heartfelt gifts for loved ones and a nod to tradition and legacy.

Cửa hàng bán bánh trung thu kinh đô

A Symphony of Flavors in Every Bite

Stepping into the realm of Kinh Đô, one is greeted with an eclectic mooncake tapestry. From cherished traditional tastes to avant-garde delights that harmoniously fuse Eastern and Western inspirations, Kinh Đô is a gourmand’s dream. Whether your palate leans toward the sweet or savory, Kinh Đô promises a treasure trove of flavors. Especially notable is their mini mooncake collection, an explosion of color and taste that’s sure to enchant.

More than Just a Flavor Profile

Kinh Đô’s mooncakes have achieved a near-legendary status not only for their signature taste but also for their unparalleled value. Priced just right for every family’s budget, Kinh Đô has firmly rooted itself as the top-of-mind choice for numerous Vietnamese households every Mid-Autumn Festival.

Convenience at Your Fingertips

Beyond the localized “mooncake stores near me”, Kinh Đô mooncakes are effortlessly available at authorized distributors and convenience stalls across the nation. This accessibility ensures that no matter where you are, a piece of Kinh Đô’s quality is within arm’s reach.
Every Mid-Autumn Festival, when in pursuit of an esteemed “mooncake shop”, think Kinh Đô. With its rich legacy and proven reputation, Kinh Đô guarantees moments of pure indulgence for you and your family.

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Madame Hương’s Exquisite Mooncake Boutique

In the galaxy of esteemed mooncake outlets, the star that shines the brightest is none other than Madame Hương. Often hailed as the epitome of elegance and sophistication, Madame Hương’s mooncakes seamlessly meld age-old traditions with avant-garde innovations.
Cửa hàng bán bánh trung thu madamehuong
Cửa hàng bán bánh trung thu madamehuong

Birthed from Pure Passion

More than just a brand, Madame Hương narrates the tale of a woman passionately enamored by the art of baking. Stemming from a family steeped in baking traditions and fortified by years of experience in a 5-star hotel setting, she has curated mooncakes that are not just treats but art pieces in their own right.

Distinguished Features

While the aesthetics captivate at first glance, the symphony of flavors in Madame Hương’s mooncakes takes the spotlight. Sourced from the finest natural ingredients, each mooncake is a crescendo of flavors – from the gentle sweetness of its filling to the fragrant embrace of its crust. This ensures that patrons always receive an unparalleled experience, reminiscent of a “local mooncake store near me”, yet strikingly unique.

More than Just a Treat – A Thoughtful Gift

Beyond its palatable delight, every Madame Hương mooncake encapsulates heartfelt sentiments, making it a cherished gift. Whether it’s for close kin or esteemed business associates, a Madame Hương mooncake is the quintessential token of appreciation and gratitude.
For those in pursuit of a mooncake outlet that embodies both quality and class, Madame Hương stands unparalleled. With a harmonious blend of time-honored techniques and contemporary flair, Madame Hương’s mooncakes promise an unforgettable gastronomic journey.

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The Mooncake Artistry of Daewoo Hotel

When the conversation shifts to prestigious mooncake vendors in Hanoi, Daewoo Hotel’s mooncakes inevitably steal the spotlight. Celebrated as a paragon of elegance and sophistication, Daewoo’s mooncakes consistently rank as the top choice for aficionados of traditional flavors enhanced with a contemporary twist.

A Masterful Fusion of Heritage and Innovation

Daewoo Hotel’s reputation isn’t just cemented by its high-end accommodation services; it’s also recognized as a “must-visit mooncake destination” during the festive Mid-Autumn season. Each mooncake from Daewoo is a testament to uniqueness and passion, seamlessly merging form with unparalleled flavor.

A Culinary Symphony of Distinct Flavors and Premium Quality

Every bite into a Daewoo mooncake reveals the meticulous blend of premium ingredients and refined pastry craftsmanship. This allows discerning gourmets the privilege of savoring a taste that’s both unique and unforgettable. What’s more, each mooncake embodies a poignant message, reflecting the dedication and soul of its master bakers.

Cửa hàng bán bánh trung thu daewoo

More than a Delight, A Symbolic Gift

Mooncakes from the Daewoo Hotel are not just culinary delights; they’re heartfelt tokens of appreciation. Whether you’re gifting family or business associates, Daewoo mooncakes stand out as the perfect expression of warmth and gratitude.

If you’re on the quest for a “premier mooncake shop near me”, the Daewoo Hotel is an unmissable landmark. With its harmonious marriage of tradition and modern flair, Daewoo’s mooncakes promise an unforgettable tasting odyssey.

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Thu Hương Bakery: The Pinnacle of Mooncake Mastery

In Hanoi’s revered constellation of “mooncake vendors,” Thu Hương Bakery shines bright, standing out as a celestial beacon. Boasting over a quarter-century of confectionery excellence, Thu Hương Bakery has nestled deep in the heartbeats of the capital’s inhabitants.

Cửa hàng bán bánh trung thu thu hương

Tradition Meets Transformation

Thu Hương Bakery is more than a mere brand—it’s an emblem of refinement and prestige. Garnering a spot in Hanoi’s top 10 mooncake marvels, Thu Hương Bakery weathers the test of time, consistently delivering culinary masterpieces at delightful price points.

2023 Mooncake Collection: A Revelation

As this year’s moon graces the sky, Thu Hương Bakery proudly unveils its 2023 Mooncake Collection. Crafted with meticulous precision, this collection isn’t just an ode to the nation’s rich heritage but a canvas of innovation and evolution. Each cake is a symphonic fusion of traditional tastes and contemporary designs, curating a unique and captivating experience.

More than a Delicacy, A Gift of Heart

Beyond their irresistible flavors, Thu Hương Bakery’s mooncakes are wrapped in sentiment. Whether it’s for family, friends, or esteemed business partners, every piece carries a message of love, gratitude, and connection.

For those in the hunt for a “premier mooncake shop near me,” let Thu Hương Bakery be your compass. Marrying tradition with transformation, it promises a gastronomic journey worth savoring.

Contact Details:

  • Facebook: Thu Hương Bakery
  • Addresses:
  • – 149 Phố Huế, Hà Nội – 0243 6330435
  • – 05 Láng Hạ, Hà Nội – 0243 5124 123
  • – 14B, Lý Nam Đế, Hà Nội – 0243 3581 555

Bảo Phương: Hanoi’s Quintessential Abode of Timeless Mid-Autumn Delights

Dive into the heart of Hanoi, and you’ll stumble upon whispers of an age-old gem: Bảo Phương. Celebrating over six glorious decades, this bastion of culinary heritage has cemented itself as the very soul of Hanoi’s traditional gastronomic narrative.

Embark on a Flavorful Voyage to Hanoi’s Past

Bảo Phương isn’t merely a bakery; it’s a sentinel of time-honored cultural values. Their mooncakes are more than just treats; they’re slices of Hanoi’s essence, from mixed fillings to those traditional bean flavors. But the magic doesn’t stop there! Each delicacy is handcrafted without preservatives, ensuring a wholesome bite that reverberates with authenticity.
Cửa hàng bán bánh trung thu bảo phương

Witness the Ballet of Baking Artistry

Visiting Bảo Phương is akin to stepping into a vibrant dance of traditions. Not only do you indulge in delectable mooncakes, but you’re also privy to the intimate dance of baking – from the first touch of dough to the golden crust out of the oven. It’s an immersive spectacle that showcases the heart, soul, and tradition poured into every morsel.

Choose Health and Heritage

Bảo Phương stands as more than a mere “mooncake shop near me”. It is a trove where traditional flavors are safeguarded, a place where every patron can find solace in quality and health. Each mooncake here represents the impeccable marriage of artistry and passion, creating masterpieces in every bite.
Cửa hàng bán bánh trung thu bảo phương
In the hunt for an establishment that epitomizes traditional flavors and unmatched quality? Bảo Phương is your impeccable sanctuary. Seamlessly weaving tradition with innovation, Bảo Phương promises to gift you with memories that will linger.

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Ti’s Cakes – Dive Into a Haven of Delectable, Health-Centric Mooncakes

The Mid-Autumn Festival beckons, and the lingering question, “Where can one savor delicious and health-safe mooncakes?” reverberates in many minds. Enter the realm of Ti’s Cake, curated by, a realm where each mooncake is a feast for the eyes and soul, exquisitely handcrafted to delight your palate while keeping health in check.
Health Above All

At Ti’s Cake, the well-being of patrons is paramount. Every single mooncake is meticulously crafted from the freshest ingredients, devoid of any additives or harmful chemicals. This commitment ensures not just a gastronomic treat but also peace of mind with every bite. Relish every morsel, sans any health concerns.

A Palette of Flavors – The Dance of Tradition and Innovation

Ti’s Cake is not just a guardian of health but also a maestro of flavor. Offering a spectrum of over 10 mooncake flavors, ranging from the classic to the contemporary. You can revel in time-honored flavors like mixed fillings or mung bean with melon seeds, or perhaps embark on a culinary adventure with innovative tastes like flowing gold custard or coffee rum raisin. Each variant resonates with a unique essence, poised to cater to all flavor profiles.

tiệm bánh trung thu ti's cake
Exclusive Enticements for Enterprises

Ti’s Cake extends irresistible offers for corporate bulk orders. Not only can businesses avail of substantial discounts, but they also get the opportunity to emboss their distinct brand logos onto the mooncakes, forging an unforgettable brand impression. Having carved a niche for delivering premium mooncakes, Ti’s Cake is poised to infuse sheer delight into your corporate endeavors.

Experience Ti’s Cake – A Symphony of Flavor and Well-being

If you’re on the lookout for a reliable online mooncake shop near you, boasting impeccable quality and a myriad of flavors, Ti’s Cake promises to surpass your expectations. Catering not only to your taste buds but also ensuring peace of mind in terms of quality and health. Immerse yourself in a meaningful Mid-Autumn Festival with Ti’s Cake!

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The Alluring World of Han Mooncake

Welcome to the Grand Han Mooncake Shop, your gateway to the irresistibly fragrant and heartwarming universe of premium Han Mooncakes. Since its debut in 2017, these Mid-Autumn masterpieces have captured millions of hearts, renowned for their unparalleled quality and meticulous craftsmanship.
A Symphony of Sweet Sensations Awaits at Han Mooncake Shop

Embark on a gustatory journey with Han Mooncake Shop, where each delicacy is crafted through a sophisticated modern production process, upholding the highest standards of excellence. Every bite encapsulates a unique essence, kindling joy and warmth for your loved ones. The premium nature might raise eyebrows, but once you indulge in its aromatic embrace and sweet allure, you’ll understand its charm instantly.

A Palette of Perfection in Flavors

Han Mooncakes aren’t merely confections; they are edible artworks curated by experienced confectioners. Distinctive aromas, natural ingredients, and artisanal baking techniques weave together to form a perfect medley, offering a unique culinary experience. Beyond traditional variants, you can savor innovative infusions from bird’s nest, fish essence, and even the intriguing coffee-flavored delicacies.

Han Mooncake – A Refined Taste for Every Palate

One of Han Mooncake Shop’s unique offerings lies in its vast array of flavors and features. Especially for health-conscious and diet-followers, there’s a treat for you! The Han Mooncakes are crafted with reduced sugar, demonstrating a genuine care for diverse customer needs, letting you enjoy a delicious treat without sugar worries.

Cửa hàng bán bánh trung thu han
Our Han Mooncake Promise

Han Mooncake Shop promises unparalleled experiences with these premium Mid-Autumn cakes. Crafted from the finest ingredients and through a seamless process, each cake promises diverse flavors and exceptional quality. Delight in their sweet symphony with peace of mind, knowing they are free from preservatives and additives.

With Han Mooncake, it’s not just about purchasing a cake; it’s about experiencing the passion and dedication of the baker. From meticulously packaged boxes to the delectable fillings, every cake resonates with care and affection for the recipient.

Dive into the diverse, visually appealing, and sophisticated world of Han Mooncake Shop. Let the sweet embrace of the mooncake make your Mid-Autumn Festival complete!

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Bà Dần’s Mid-Autumn Treats: A Whiff of Nostalgic Delight

Immerse yourself in the legendary story of Bà Dần’s Mid-Autumn cakes — an iconic symbol straight out of the heart of Hanoi. Let me whisk you away on an evocative journey, unveiling a world where tradition dances harmoniously with an avant-garde twist in mooncake artistry.Bà Dần’s Authentic Essence
Spanning over three decades, Bà Dần’s Mid-Autumn store has woven itself into the fabric of Hanoi’s daily life. Radiating a rustic charm, this brand preserves the tradition’s splendor, kindling the warm embers of cherished memories.The Odyssey of Bà Dần’s Mooncakes
Like all great tales, Bà Dần’s love for the art of baking was the beginning. Originally, these were but gifts to family during festive times. Yet, the irresistible flavors soon had neighbors and friends singing praises. Those words of admiration ignited Bà Dần’s pride and ambition, setting the stage for a brand that has since grown unabated.Bà Dần’s Mooncakes: A Taste of Yesteryears
At Bà Dần’s mooncake store, it’s not just about savoring a treat — it’s an indulgence in memories. With fresh ingredients and meticulous techniques, every mooncake is a canvas of passion, echoing the dedication of the artisans behind it.Cửa hàng bán bánh trung thu bà dần
Cửa hàng bán bánh trung thu bà dần
A Symphony of Flavors
At Bà Dần’s mooncake store, discover a diverse medley — traditional baked mooncakes, soft ones, mung bean cakes, and even vegetarian variants. While holding true to original flavors, the brand consistently innovates, crafting creations to suit every palate.Dive into the sweet embrace of yesteryears at Bà Dần’s mooncake store. This Mid-Autumn, let the rich taste of Bà Dần’s masterpieces be an indispensable part of your celebrations!

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Unearth Timeless Flavors at Ninh Hương’s Mooncake Emporium

Welcome to a realm where traditions of the taste buds reign supreme. Ninh Hương’s store isn’t merely a haven for lotus seed jams and aromatic lotus-infused tea; it’s a veritable pilgrimage for mooncake aficionados. As we voyage through the following lines, embark on a delicious journey to uncover the passion and artistry enveloping these flavorful masterpieces.

A Nostalgic Whiff of Tradition at Ninh Hương’s Mooncakes

Primarily renowned for its jams and lotus-infused tea, as the Mid-Autumn Festival approaches, Ninh Hương’s mooncake store transforms into the ultimate rendezvous for those questing for a bite of tradition. Patrons frequently laud the mooncakes here, emphasizing their fragrant, perfectly sweetened nature without being cloyingly rich — a treat even for the most discerning palate.

A Symphony of Fresh Ingredients

Ninh Hương’s traditional mooncakes are more than just pastries; they’re the epitome of meticulously selected fresh ingredients. Crafted under stringent food safety and hygiene standards, your taste adventure here is assured of quality. The baked mooncake’s outer layer is a marriage of flour and eggs, while the soft mooncake crust combines glutinous rice flour with crisply roasted golden flower and an intriguing touch of sugar syrup and distilled pomelo essence.

Cửa hàng bán bánh trung thu ninh hương
Unlocking the Secret to a Unique Palate

The magic behind Ninh Hương’s distinctive mooncakes? A concoction of lotus seeds and finely mashed mung beans, enriched with a sprinkle of melon seeds ensconced within a supple, translucent pastry. This harmony creates an irresistibly fragrant filling that perfectly complements the outer crust. Faithfully adhering to nature’s playbook, these mooncakes are free from preservatives, ensuring a wholesome treat.

Authentic Flavors, Now Within Reach

While not ostentatiously luxurious, Ninh Hương’s mooncake store shines brilliantly with its genuine, unpretentious allure. With prices starting from 50,000 VND, the intricate flavors of traditional mooncakes — rich, sweet, and ever-inviting — are conveniently accessible.

Savor Tradition in Every Bite

Set some time aside to visit Ninh Hương’s mooncake store, immersing yourself in the refined traditional flavors encapsulated in each mooncake. With the freshest of ingredients and the unwavering dedication of artisan bakers, you’re bound to relish sweet moments with family and friends this Mid-Autumn Festival.

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Discover Fresh Flavors at Búp Tâm An’s Mid-Autumn Mooncake Shop

In an age where green eating and wholesome nutrition take center stage, Búp Tâm An’s Mooncake Shop has responded beautifully, showcasing organic and clean ingredients. With a blend of organic green beans, organic flour, and organic fruits, the pastries here tantalize the taste buds while safeguarding your well-being.

Quality Born from Passion

The Mid-Autumn mooncakes of Búp Tâm An are more than just a blend of fresh ingredients; they’re a radiant reflection of the passion of the house of Búp. Each mooncake is meticulously crafted with the utmost attention to detail. Produced under stringent quality checks and free of preservatives, these treats promise both taste and health.

Búp Tâm An Mooncake Shop
Traditional Beauty in Every Bite

Búp takes immense pride in infusing cultural gems into every cake. The Búp Tâm An Mooncake Shop not only upholds tradition with their elegantly rustic packaging, but they also opt for hand-woven bamboo boxes, crafted in Vietnam’s traditional artisanal villages, to house their pastries. This commitment serves as a tribute to, and promotion of, our rich ancestral arts and crafts.

Búp Tâm An Mooncake Shop
Soulful Flavors at Búp’s Mooncakes

Beyond delicious components like green beans, black sesame, and macadamia nuts, Búp Tâm An’s mooncakes encapsulate the heart and soul of the bakers. Each pastry isn’t just a product; it’s an emotional bond between the creator and the connoisseur, a distinctive edge compared to factory-produced alternatives.

Indulge yourself with Búp Tâm An’s Mooncake Shop and let every bite remind you of the finesse of traditional culinary arts.

Contact Information:

  • Facebook: Búp Tâm An
  • Hotline: 0981 546 969
  • Locations:
  • – Bác Tôm Chain of Clean Food Stores – Hanoi
  • – Eco Food Clean Food Store – 22 Ngụy Như Kon Tum & 1N7A Nguyễn Thị Thập
  • – XanhSam Clean Food Store – 51 Nguyên Hồng
  • – SO08 A2 – Vinhomes Gardenia – Hàm Nghi
  • – SH07 Park 2 – Vinhomes Times City

Bask in Bình Chung’s Mid-Autumn Splendor!

Bình Chung’s Mid-Autumn pastries are a household name, especially if you’ve ever found yourself wandering the lanes of Hanoi. Their legacy is rooted in tradition and uniqueness, making them a must-try during the festive season.
From Traditional Craft Villages to the Bustling Cityscape: The saga of Bình Chung’s delightful mooncakes starts in the candy craft village of Xuân Đỉnh. This isn’t just a place of creation; it’s a keeper of traditions. As the 8th lunar month approaches, this hub of delectable treats becomes a beehive of activity, drawing in countless folks eager to bag the coveted Bình Chung specialties.

A Palette of Flavours, A Symphony of Sensations: What makes Bình Chung’s Mid-Autumn pastries irresistible is their impressive variety. Whether you crave mixed fillings, BBQ pork, or exotic flavors like longan, taro, sunflower seeds, matcha, young rice, lotus, mung beans, bird’s nest, fish essence, there’s a mooncake just for you. The artisans here, with their skilled hands, ensure every bite offers a culinary masterpiece.

Cửa hàng bán bánh trung thu bình chung
Quality From Ingredients to Process: At Bình Chung, there’s an unwavering commitment to top-tier ingredients, ensuring both taste and safety. Their method, a seamless blend of traditional craft and modern technology, promises not just flavorsome mooncakes but also the reassurance of health. Beautiful designs and packaging make these treats a perfect gift this season.

Embrace Mid-Autumn’s Essence with Bình Chung: Let the Bình Chung Mid-Autumn store elevate your festivities. With their variety of flavors and unmatched quality, you’re in for a unique gastronomic journey.

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We hope our list of 11 renowned Mid-Autumn pastry shops in Hanoi has aided you in finding the perfect treat for the upcoming celebrations. If you know of any other quality mooncake destinations, please reach out! For more delightful culinary spots across Vietnam, dive into our Culinary Section.


Which is the best mooncake in Hanoi?

There are several renowned mooncake brands in Hanoi, including Madame Hương, Daewoo Hotel, Thu Hương Bakery, Bảo Phương, and Han Mooncake. The best mooncake is subjective and depends on individual preferences. However, Madame Hương is highlighted for its traditional taste combined with innovation, making it a top choice for many.

What is the most popular moon cake?

The most popular mooncakes are those that blend traditional flavors with modern twists. For instance, Madame Hương offers mooncakes with a distinct taste, from the sweetness of the filling to the aromatic crust. Similarly, Daewoo Hotel’s mooncakes combine traditional tastes with modern innovations.

Who makes the best mooncakes?

Several establishments in Hanoi are renowned for their mooncakes. Madame Hương, for instance, is known for its exquisite and unique mooncakes, while Daewoo Hotel is famous for its combination of tradition and innovation. Thu Hương Bakery, with over 25 years of experience, is also a top choice for many.

Why is moon cake famous?

Mooncakes are famous because they are an integral part of the Mid-Autumn Festival, a traditional celebration in many East Asian cultures. They symbolize reunion and are shared among family members during the festival. In Hanoi, mooncakes are not only a delicacy but also represent the city’s rich culinary tradition and cultural heritage.

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