Top 10 Shops Selling Beautiful, Quality, Leading Men’s Shirts in Hanoi

Join to explore the top shops and stores selling beautiful quality men’s shirts in Vietnam that any man cannot miss if he wants to exude strength and personality while still containing elegance. Necessary luxury.

Valentino Creations: Elegance Redefined by the Leading Men’s Fashion Brand

Valentino Creations – an exquisite luxury men’s fashion brand hailing from Malaysia. It stands as one of the rare gems bestowing opulence and affirming the stature of gentlemen in society.

Known as a shining star in the realm of men’s fashion, Valentino Creations consistently assures the trust of millions of customers. Renowned for its meticulous, sophisticated, and stylish designs, this brand caters to every customer’s desires, ranging from long-sleeved dress shirts to various other high-end fashion products.

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Valentino Creations ceaselessly innovates in blending attire for the world’s top fashion events to bring distinctiveness to its products. This elevates the wearer’s class and status. The brand meticulously designs its products with various exquisite patterns, suitable for different ages, enabling customers to confidently express their individuality.

Valentino Creations isn’t just for corporate gentlemen like Phan Nguyễn; it’s also for accomplished gentlemen who appreciate a refined and elegant fashion style while maintaining a youthful, dynamic appeal. The brand’s designs are rooted in premium materials, focusing on durability, breathability, and colors that cater to different age groups and tastes.

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Valentino Creations also boasts a modern showroom network throughout Vietnam. This provides customers with a comfortable and contemporary shopping experience. With confidence and high expectations, the brand continuously strives to establish itself as the leading men’s fashion brand, delivering a sophisticated and elegant fashion experience that truly reflects the wearer’s social stature. Come to Valentino Creations to feel and experience this difference!

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Adam Store: A Tale of Men’s Fashion Revolution

Since 2012, Adam Store has been making waves on a small street named Lò Đúc. This fashion boutique was born out of the entrepreneurial spirit of three young, passionate, and visionary men with the goal of reshaping the landscape of men’s fashion in Vietnam.Adam Store’s inception is a tale of youthful energy, passion, and creative ideas. It’s from the perfect blend of these elements that Adam Store has achieved remarkable growth. In just a few years of operation, the brand has expanded its influence to 26 provinces nationwide, with 33 stores.

men's dress shirt store men's dress shirt store men's dress shirt store

When it comes to men’s fashion, Adam Store always stands out and is most beloved. If you want to cultivate a distinctive, classy, and manly style, Adam Store is the place to be. Adam’s men’s dress shirts epitomize sophistication, elegance, and refinement, making them perfect for gentlemen seeking a masculine, classy, and up-to-date look.

Adam Store is not just a retail space; it’s a place that helps you express your individuality, confidence, and elegance. Come to Adam Store, and together, we’ll find the perfect dress shirt that suits your style and persona, allowing you to shine and stand out at every party, meeting, or date. We’re always ready to welcome you at Adam Store!

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Unique Men’s Dress Shirts at ĐỘC – Menswear

The next stop on our journey to explore the world of men’s fashion is ĐỘC – Menswear. Established in 2014, ĐỘC Menswear has firmly established itself as a trusted destination, especially for fashion-savvy young individuals.

ĐỘC Menswear primarily draws inspiration from Korean fashion, offering a sophisticated and stylish look that resonates with the dynamic and creative spirits of young fashion enthusiasts. If you’re someone who values simplicity with a dash of individuality, ĐỘC Menswear is undoubtedly a perfect choice.

men's dress shirt store men's dress shirt store men's dress shirt store

Among the unique offerings at ĐỘC Menswear, special mention must be made of their dress shirts. Just as the name “ĐỘC” suggests, each dress shirt here exudes a distinctive and youthful style. Made from breathable and sweat-wicking fabrics, they ensure utmost comfort for the wearer.

ĐỘC Menswear not only provides high-quality dress shirts but also offers a wide variety of styles and designs. This is undoubtedly a trustworthy destination where you can select fashionable, top-quality dress shirts at reasonable prices.

Don’t hesitate! Visit ĐỘC Menswear today to grab the hottest dress shirt styles of this summer. Let ĐỘC Menswear help you showcase your style, personalize your look, and boost your confidence. We look forward to meeting you at ĐỘC Menswear!

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360 Boutique – Your Destination for Men’s Dress Shirts

When it comes to leading men’s fashion brands that have won the hearts of customers nationwide, especially among the younger generation, 360 Boutique is a name that can’t be overlooked. It’s not just about meticulous and professional management; 360 Boutique is a hub of passion and ceaseless creativity, thanks to its dedicated and professional design team and staff. Together, these elements have propelled the strong development of the fashion brand, 360 Boutique.

men's dress shirt store men's dress shirt store men's dress shirt store

At 360 Boutique, dress shirts are more than just high-quality fashion products; they are the ideal choice for various age groups, from teenagers to young adults. 360 Boutique places a strong emphasis on product quality and believes that fashion is about exploration and creativity. As a result, each product here carries its unique mark, characterized by youthfulness, modernity, and individuality.

360 Boutique goes beyond dress shirts, offering customers a diverse range of clothing, from T-shirts, matching sets, jackets, jeans, dress pants, and khakis to stylish fashion accessories like backpacks, eyewear, and loafers. Every product exemplifies urban sophistication for men.

360 Boutique values customer rights and strives to provide high-quality products, staying updated with the latest fashion trends, all at competitive prices. Currently expanding its retail network with numerous branches across Hanoi, 360 Boutique promises to offer exciting experiences to its customers. Come and experience the difference in each of our products and services at 360 Boutique!

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Discover Aristino: Where Utility, Style, and Quality Converge

If you’re in search of a truly utilitarian, stylish, and high-quality men’s dress shirt, take a few moments to explore Aristino – a renowned fashion brand for men that has won the hearts of countless gentlemen.

Aristino is not only celebrated for its outstanding product quality but also for its unique, modern, and trend-savvy design aesthetics. The soft, comfortable, and stretchy fabric of Aristino dress shirts is sure to provide you with maximum comfort. Moreover, with a wide range of eye-catching patterns, these shirts are suitable for both long-sleeved and short-sleeved styles, allowing you to choose the perfect fit for any occasion and environment.

men's dress shirt store men's dress shirt store men's dress shirt store

Aristino is not just a premium men’s fashion brand; it’s a trusted destination for gentlemen across Vietnam, with hundreds of stores spanning from North to South. If you’re uncertain about choosing the right style, design, or shirt size, let Aristino’s team of professional consultants assist you. They’ll undoubtedly help you select the perfect Aristino dress shirt that suits your style and physique.

Notably, Aristino dress shirts are crafted from a blend of 50% Bamboo made from natural bamboo fibers, ensuring breathability, excellent moisture absorption, and a comfortable feel. The remaining 50% Polyester ensures vibrant colors, smoothness, lightweight, and durability. The price for an Aristino dress shirt is quite reasonable, starting at around 700,000 Vietnamese dong, considering the quality and value it provides.

Let Aristino boost your confidence and make you stand out on every important occasion or exciting date. Visit Aristino, where quality fashion meets perfection.

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Step into the World of Elegance with Seven Uomo

When you step into “Seven Uomo,” you enter the world of refined and courteous gentlemen – “Uomo” in Italian. The number “7” represents the seven most important elements in every gentleman’s life: Family, Love, Friendship, Career, Reputation, Morality, and a perfect suit. This is the style and philosophy that Seven Uomo aims to convey through each of its products.

Seven Uomo aspires not only to be a renowned fashion brand but also to be a close friend and a psychological consultant for gentlemen. Imagine sipping on a Martini while having a conversation with Seven Uomo about all things sophisticated and refined in life.

With years of experience in the field of tailoring, both made-to-measure and ready-to-wear, Seven Uomo continually strives and innovates to provide customers with the best-quality men’s dress shirts. We understand that the Vietnamese physique is unique, and we’ve turned that understanding into inspiration for every detail on our products: sturdy seams that snugly fit your body yet provide comfort during movement. The fabric is carefully chosen, non-wrinkling, colorfast, and dust-resistant, ensuring you stay confident without worrying about your shirt losing its shape after use.

Beyond emphasizing quality, Seven Uomo invests in design, offering you a wide range of styles, from youthful and dynamic Korean-inspired designs to sophisticated office wear.

Every day, dozens, even hundreds of Seven Uomo dress shirts are chosen and receive positive feedback from customers. If you’re still uncertain, visit our fan page to admire the truly stylish ensembles from Seven Uomo. Let us help you express your style and personalize your fashion taste!

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Owen Men’s Dress Shirts Fashion Store

With over a decade of evolution, Owen has firmly established itself in the hearts of Vietnamese consumers as a leading men’s fashion brand. Founded in 2008, Owen has become the common abode for millions of gentlemen, where they find trust in product quality, sophistication in design, and confidence in every step they take.

Every Owen garment is not just a blend of good materials and fashionable styles; it also embodies the elegance and refinement of the wearer. Particularly, short-sleeved shirts – a timeless classic in every gentleman’s wardrobe. It’s the comfort and ease that short-sleeved shirts provide that make them a favorite choice on scorching summer days.

Recognizing the importance of short-sleeved shirts, Owen has created a diverse collection, offering various styles, sizes, and colors. Owen opens up a vast “world” of short-sleeved shirts, where every man can find the shirt that suits him.

At Owen, each short-sleeved shirt is not only suitable for everyday wear but also designed for parties or elegant events. With a perfectly fitting form that’s neither too loose nor too tight, Owen’s short-sleeved shirts create graceful lines that accentuate the wearer’s silhouette. Paired with trendy slim-fit navy or bold gray shorts or trousers, Owen’s striped short-sleeved shirts will make you stand out and shine on every occasion. With Owen, you don’t just wear, you “adorn” yourself!

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Viet Tien Men’s Dress Shirts

Standing shoulder to shoulder with high-end men’s fashion brands like An Phuoc, Viet Tien truly shines in the mid-range price segment. This not only provides convenience to many consumers but also reflects the brand’s clear strategy aimed at a diverse customer base. However, despite offering competitive prices, Viet Tien’s product quality and design are consistently highly regarded, attracting a broad spectrum of users, including the most discerning individuals.

sominam-viettien sominam-viettien sominam-viettien

Viet Tien isn’t just a name; it’s a definition of durability, beauty, and great value. Their products, whether it’s dress shirts, trousers, or jeans, create a perfect synergy with every body type and style. Especially, Viet Tien’s men’s dress shirts, with meticulous attention to every stitch, have earned the trust of millions of customers.

Imagine yourself wearing a Viet Tien dress shirt paired with sophisticated trousers or even an elegant suit that image not only exudes elegance but also affirms your unique style and distinct charisma. With prices starting from just 250,000 VND, Viet Tien offers you confidence and style without the worry of the price tag. Viet Tien – a brand of quality fashion with outstanding value!

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Phan Nguyen Men’s Shirt Store

Not unfamiliar to the fashion-forward crowd, the Phan Nguyen brand has made a strong mark on the Vietnamese fashion scene in just two years. Success doesn’t only stem from unique, high-quality products but also from bold and creative business strategies. Much like a sophisticated gentleman, Phan Nguyen knows how to create surprise and allure for consumers. Currently, the brand offers a discount program for its collection of dress shirts, promising excellent choices for fashion-savvy men.

Phan Nguyen dedicates its efforts to working professionals and gentlemen who appreciate sophistication, style, and a touch of youthfulness. Using locally sourced fabrics known for their durability and breathability, Phan Nguyen has crafted perfect dress shirt designs. These shirts not only boast a wide range of colors suitable for various occasions but also feature perfect cuts tailored to the physique of Vietnamese men.

Phan Nguyen is not just a fashion brand; it’s a companion that understands the needs and aesthetics of Vietnamese consumers. Come and experience the exquisite, high-quality, and stylish fashion products with Phan Nguyen!

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Venice Store: Elevating Men’s Fashion

Venice Store – a leading men’s fashion destination – continues to cement its position in the Vietnamese fashion scene. Since its inception, Venice Store has seen continuous growth, establishing credibility and earning the trust of customers with its modern showrooms located across the country. At Venice Store, you not only get to enjoy a luxurious and convenient shopping environment but also have the opportunity to experience top-notch, high-quality dress shirts.

The store’s space is elegantly designed, seamlessly blending light and color to create a friendly and comfortable atmosphere, perfectly suited to the “Instagrammable” habits of today’s youth. Venice Store isn’t just a fashion retail space; it’s an ideal spot for stylish Facebook and Instagram check-ins.


Catering to men who appreciate simplicity, elegance, and a touch of sophistication, Venice Store prioritizes delivering the highest quality products at the most reasonable prices. Venice Store not only meets but exceeds customer expectations, satisfying even the most discerning consumers.

With confidence stemming from its professional manufacturing facilities, Venice Store consistently updates its designs to align with the latest trends, continuously improving patterns, materials, and stitching to deliver the perfect products tailored for Vietnamese men. The fabric materials are carefully selected from reputable sources, ensuring quality and colorfastness. Venice Store takes pride in being a 100% Vietnam-based design and manufacturing brand. Visit the nearest showroom to experience the quality offered by this brand!

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  • Addresses:
    • 287 Hue Street – Hai Ba Trung District – Hanoi
    • 135 Cau Giay – Cau Giay District – Hanoi
    • 370 Cau Giay – Cau Giay District – Hanoi
    • 10 Tay Son – Dong Da District – Hanoi
  • Website:
  • Facebook: Veniceshop
  • Instagram: Veniceshop
  • Hotline: 0969.938.679


How to choose and buy stylish and high-quality men’s dress shirts?

You should refer to the list of shops recommended on, paying attention to the materials, styles, and customer feedback before making your purchase.

What standout products does Valentino Creations offer?

Valentino Creations is a premium men’s fashion brand from Malaysia, renowned for its sophisticated, elegant, and stylish designs. They provide a variety of products, from long-sleeve dress shirts to other high-end fashion items.

What fashion style does ĐỘC Menswear bring to men?

ĐỘC Menswear primarily follows the Korean fashion style, which is refined and stylish, suitable for the dynamic and creative spirit of young men. They offer unique and high-quality dress shirt options at reasonable prices.

What are the distinctive features of Venice Store?

Venice Store is one of the reputable men’s dress shirt retailers in Hanoi. They have multiple branches and offer high-quality and aesthetically pleasing men’s fashion products.

In addition to dress shirts, what other fashion products do these shops provide?

Apart from dress shirts, these shops typically offer a wide range of other fashion products, including pants, shoes, and accessories, catering to the diverse needs of their customers.

Above are the top 10 men’s dress shirt stores that believes are the best in Vietnam at the current moment. If you have any addresses specializing in men’s dress shirts that you’d like to share with everyone, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Additionally, explore the fashion category on for more trustworthy and high-quality addresses.

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