Top 11 famous and quality clothing stores in Hanoi

Let’s join, a guide in Hanoi’s fashion kingdom, to discover these clothing store that Ha Thanh people often go to when they need to buy clothes for themselves.

Luxury Fashion Brand Valentino Creations

When it comes to premium Italian office fashion, Valentino Creations is undoubtedly a name that can’t be ignored. This is a prestigious fashion brand from Malaysia that has earned consumers’ trust with its sophistication, elegance, and modernity in every product.
VMG clothing store
At Valentino Creations, any gentleman will immediately sense the refinement that comes from the intricacy of Italian fashion blended with the style of Southeast Asia. This creates a completely fresh appearance in the international fashion industry. Valentino Creations not only meets the fashion needs of gentlemen but also transforms them into stylish fashion enthusiasts.

clothing store
Valentino Creations is more than just fashion; it’s an emblem for gentlemen with style, class, and success. It’s a leading fashion brand for businesspeople, officials, and high-end professionals in Vietnam, empowering them to feel confident and stand out in their daily activities. Valentino Creations consistently updates its collection of suits, dress shirts, and quality dress shoes for you to select for each festive occasion and customer reception.

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Germe Shop – Women’s Clothing Store

Germe Shop, a fashion clothing store exclusively for women, was established in 2010. It’s a symbol of the exquisite blend between tradition and modernity. Over the course of 13 years of development with its ups and downs, Germe has built a fashion kingdom for women in the capital city, providing them with glamorous outfits at affordable prices. With a simple, classic yet youthful style, Germe Shop isn’t just a fashion store; it’s a place that resonates with gentleness and femininity, like beautiful flowers blossoming in the heart of the urban landscape.

Entering Germe Shop, you’ll feel like stepping into a fairy tale world filled with unique and captivating outfits. Each ensemble tells a story, a missing piece for that special occasion. With a team of professional staff, any woman visiting the store will receive advice to explore the most wonderful outfits that match their body shapes.

Contact Information:

  • Addresses:
  • – Đống Đa District: 51 THÁI HÀ – Tel: 024 6653 9223
  • – Hai Bà Trưng District: 102 BẠCH MAI – Tel: 024 6292 1664
  • – Hà Đông District: 216 NGUYỄN TRÃI – Tel: 02422389392
  • – Cầu Giấy District: 181 XUÂN THỦY – Tel: 02466526482
  • Website:
  • Facebook: Germe
  • Shopee: Germe
  • Tiktok: Germe
  • Youtube: Germe

Lyra Clothing Store

If Germe Shop is a gentle oasis, then Lyra Shop is a fashion clothing store bursting with colors. Each outfit showcased at Lyra Shop is like a piece of attire that fulfills both sensory and soulful desires when adorned in stylish elegance.

At Lyra clothing store, women have the opportunity to experience various models of jeans skirts, button-down shirts. Particularly notable are the bright-colored dresses with beautiful designs, captivating many women from the first glance. Lyra Shop will make the hearts of young ladies flutter like they’re savoring a fashion feast.

Every collection at Lyra Shop is rich and diverse, catering to all customer preferences, from chic to individualistic. Everything will be discovered when experiencing Lyra Clothing Store.

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Méo Shop – Like a Youthful Symphony

For quite some time, Méo Shop, a clothing store, has been a familiar name among many teenagers in Hanoi. The clothing store “Méo Shop” is always clearly defined with a youthful and dynamic style, from the products offered to the store’s arrangement.

When you come here, you’ll get to try and experience a variety of charming and adorable outfits. Alongside this, the store’s staff will suggest ways to cleverly mix and match. From the simplicity of pairing a sweater with shorts for a casual look to the complexity that expresses the wearer’s personality. Everything is taken into account to give you an irresistibly appealing charm every time you step out.

Especially at the start of each new season, the shop releases Hot Hit and Trendy collections with a wide range of styles for you to choose from. A standout point of the shop is that all the outfits provided to customers guarantee the 3 elements of “Beautiful – Quality – Affordable.

Contact Information:

  • Addresses:
  • – 300 Nguyễn Trãi – Hà Đông
  • – 136 Lê Lợi – Hải Phòng
  • – 101 Nguyễn Đức Cảnh – Hải Phòng
  • – 121 Kênh Liêm – Hạ Long – Quảng Ninh
  • Website:
  • Facebook: Méo Store
  • Shopee: Méo Store

H2T – The Fashion Castle for Stylish Gentlemen

When it comes to stores selling modern fashion clothing for men, H2T is undoubtedly an address you can’t afford to miss. When you step into the store, any gentleman can find a stunning ensemble that can be described as ”top-notch quality”. As a pioneering men’s fashion store, H2T offers a plethora of high-quality collections ranging from dress shirts, summer t-shirts, to winter jackets and sweaters.

At H2T, gentlemen will be overwhelmed by thousands of diverse styles and appealing price ranges. This allows you to choose the most suitable masculine outfit for yourself. H2T regularly organizes various discount programs, so if you’re keen on hunting for deals, you’re sure to find the trendiest outfits at extremely affordable prices.

A notable advantage when mentioning H2T is that it’s also one of the brands that diligently updates and offers accompanying accessories for you to match with your chosen outfit. Some standout accessories at H2T include loafer shoes, leather shoes, wallets, gloves, and more.

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Decao: The Peak of Style

Decao can be considered a shining name in the contemporary Vietnamese fashion scene. Before emphasizing its unique style and the influence of Decao, let’s delve into the origins of this renowned fashion brand. Cao Minh Thắng, the real name behind Decao, is not only a standout figure with unique attire but also an icon of innovation and a distinctive personality. For those who have been following modern fashion trends on social media, Decao has become a prominent and celebrated symbol.

When you visit Decao’s clothing store, you will always discover “one-of-a-kind” ensembles that stand out for your individuality. Decao’s outfits are uniquely styled, unlike any others. This factor has created the difference and a strong allure for those who love fashion and constantly seek change to refresh themselves.

Decao constantly experiments with new fashion styles, leading the clothing trends for the young generation. Could this be the secret that helps him maintain a strong position in this rapidly changing fashion world?

Of course, Decao’s uniqueness and sophistication come with a price. It’s undeniable that compared to other fashion stores, Decao’s prices are somewhat higher. However, remember that you’re not just buying a piece of clothing – you’re investing in a mobile work of art, an emblem of distinct style.

cửa hàng bán quần áo decao
There’s a reason why many ladies willingly open their wallets to own a piece from Decao. They know that each product from him doesn’t just help shape their unique style but also provides confidence and distinctiveness when appearing in public. Decao’s clothing is not just about fashion; it’s a way to express oneself, a distinctive personal mark.

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Kamaka: A Fascinating Stop on the Fashion Journey

Stepping into Kamaka Shop, you seem to find yourself in a miniature fashion garden of Japan right in Hanoi. Kamaka isn’t just a simple clothing store; it’s also a place that elevates your sense of exquisite and classy fashion. With years of operation, Kamaka has garnered a fervent fan base on Facebook. Anyone who visits the store showers Kamaka with praise, from the quality of the clothing to the customer service.
cửa hàng bán quần áo kamaka cửa hàng bán quần áo kamaka

Kamaka’s excellence isn’t limited to garment styles; it also stems from the meticulous selection of materials for crafting its products. The store uses premium fabrics, including silk, linen, and bamboo fabric. All these materials are sourced from nature. Kamaka ensures that every customer not only appreciates the design but also has a satisfying real-life experience.

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Red Shop: Where Feminine Beauty is Celebrated

The next clothing store that wants to introduce you to is Red Shop – a place that transforms young women into graceful, elegant, and irresistibly charming individuals. The style of Red Shop is like a delicate and perfect cocktail mix of dynamism and gentleness. Redshop always aims for a youthful vibe with its collections of stylish dresses or off-shoulder tops. Alongside those, you’ll find timeless pieces like shirts, t-shirts, and culottes.
cửa hàng bán quần áo redshop
But that’s not all. To become a true fashionista, you need to know how to mix and match. And Red Shop takes care of that by offering you sparkling and lovely accessories. From necklaces and earrings to handbags, everything will help you complete your outfit in a sophisticated way.

Last but not least, quality is of paramount importance. Red Shop guarantees 100% durability and perfection in each of its products. So, when you choose Red Shop, you’re not just choosing beauty; you’re choosing quality too!

cửa hàng bán quần áo redshop cửa hàng bán quần áo redshop

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22.Décembre: The Korean Style Haven

Have you ever heard of Heo Mi Nhon? She’s not just a pretty face; she has a style that’s unmatched. Just like a refreshing breeze, Heo Mi Nhon has infused her essence into 22.Décembre, creating an unmissable fashion destination. The name 22.Décembre might evoke thoughts of romantic French style, but as you step into this clothing store, you’ll be pleasantly surprised and immediately captivated by the youthful Korean flair.
cửa hàng bán quần áo 22 decembre
Elegant, trendy, and authentically Korean outfits paired with neutral “super chic” tones will easily win over any fashion enthusiast. Are you searching for sporty and energetic athleisure wear? Or do you want to don a charming and graceful dress? 22.Décembre caters to all your needs! What’s more, the quality and fabric of the products are always top-notch. When you hold a piece from 22.Décembre, you’ll immediately feel the softness and comfort it offers.

Beyond exceptional product quality, 22.Décembre creates an exquisite shopping environment that exudes sophistication, akin to the fashion streets of Paris, blended with the beauty of Korea.

cửa hàng bán quần áo 22 decembre cửa hàng bán quần áo 22 decembre

Contact Information:

  • Address:
  • – 18 Ng. Hội Vũ, Hàng Bông, Hoàn Kiếm, Hà Nội
  • – Ngách 17 Ngõ 4C Đặng Văn Ngữ, Hà Nội
  • Facebook: 22 Décembre
  • Shopee: 22 Décembre
  • Hotline: 098 968 22 12

Krik Shop: A Paradise for Gentlemen

Toplist has covered numerous clothing stores for ladies and women. Now, let’s turn the spotlight back to stores tailored for the gentlemen! If you’re a young man aged 18 to 30 seeking elegance and robust fashion, Krik Shop might just be the place to satisfy your needs. Krik Shop not only offers you a professional shopping environment but also ensures that its fashion products are of good quality and reasonably priced.
cửa hàng bán quần áo krik
No matter who you are, Krik Shop won’t disappoint you. From sporty outfits to sophisticated ensembles, from basic styles to bold fashion choices – Krik Shop has it all. Head over to Krik Shop to embrace confidence and step out with a strong, elegant appearance that will catch anyone’s eye.

cửa hàng bán quần áo krik

Contact Information:

  • Addresses:
  • 25C Đại La, Tel: 0336.000.209
  • 344 Cầu Giấy, Tel: 0359.000.344
  • 132 Cầu Giấy, Tel: 0382.999.132
  • 280 – 282 Nguyễn Trãi – Hà Đông (near Hanoi University), Tel: 0372.000.338
  • 167 Chùa Bộc, Tel: 0356.999.167
  • 307H Bạch Mai, Tel: 0353.888.307
  • 23 Chùa Bộc, Tel: 0333.900.023
  • 189 Phố Nhổn, Tel: 0374.110.189
  • Website:
  • Facebook: Krik
  • Shopee: Krik
  • Hotline: 0982022969

Distinct Clothing Store – Menswear

Distinct – Right from the name of the brand, you can sense the affirmation of the clothing store’s uniqueness as well as the operating philosophy of the shop. The Distinct-Menswear store will be the ultimate destination in your journey to explore quality clothing stores in Hanoi, catering to the stylish readers.
cửa hàng bán quần áo độc
This is where men’s fashion transforms into art, where each product is a unique masterpiece that blends quality and style. At Distinct-Menswear, male customers will be captivated by high-quality, top-notch outfits specially designed for the strong and elegant.

Colors and styles blend in each item like musical harmonies. You’ll find yourself immersed in the ocean of fashion, as every detail and contour of the garment is meticulously crafted. Wearing an outfit from Distinct, you’ll feel freedom, breakthrough, and no limits!

cửa hàng bán quần áo độc menswear
What’s special, Distinct goes beyond personal fashion; it’s also a place where couples can find matching outfits to assert their shared style. Your partner will be equally beautiful and charming beside you when wearing outfits from Distinct.

Contact Information:

Above are some standout clothing stores in Hanoi that you shouldn’t miss. Each store carries its own unique style and charm, catering to modern, traditional, or vintage fashion enthusiasts. Rest assured, you won’t be disappointed with the stores that has recommended. Wishing you enjoyable shopping experiences. Additionally, if you know of any other exciting addresses, feel free to contact Let’s continue exploring more impressive fashion destinations all across Vietnam here.


1. Which fashion store in Hanoi is known for its high-end Italian style?

Valentino Creations is a renowned fashion brand with a premium Italian style, originating from Malaysia and highly favored by consumers in Hanoi.

2. If I want to buy Japanese-style clothing in Hanoi, which store should I visit?

You should consider visiting Kamaka Shop, offering an ambiance reminiscent of a miniature Japanese fashion garden right in Hanoi.

3. Which fashion store in Hanoi is suitable for the younger generation with a youthful and dynamic style?

Méo Shop is the top choice for the youth in Hanoi, known for its vibrant and youthful fashion.

4. I want to buy Korean-style clothing in Hanoi; which address should I refer to?

You might want to check out 22.Décembre, a fashion store with a youthful and captivating Korean style.

5. Which fashion store in Hanoi is famous for its feminine and elegant outfits?

Red Shop is the go-to place if you’re looking for feminine and sophisticated attire.

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