Top 6 best office restaurants in Dong Da District

Are you looking for an office restaurant that really feels like warm family meals? Or want to enjoy a quality lunch at delicious restaurants in Dong Da district? Let’s join to take a look at the best office restaurants in Dong Da district, Hanoi.

Vị An Restaurant

When seeking a delicious office lunch spot in Hanoi, particularly in the Dong Da district, you cannot overlook Vị An Restaurant, a specialist in traditional Vietnamese rice dishes. At Vị An, each dish is carefully prepared from fresh daily ingredients, delivering rich, unpretentious yet refined flavors.

Vị An Office Rice Restaurant is the ideal destination for those who want to savor their daily family meals. Moreover, for those in need of a purely Vietnamese restaurant to treat guests to exquisite dishes like sizzling pork, braised fish, river crab soup, stir-fried beef with Chinese celery, shrimp and squash soup, and many more delightful options, Vị An is the top choice.

Delicious office rice restaurant
Delicious office rice restaurant

Not only renowned for its diverse menu, but Vị An also boasts an elegant and airy space with a fantastic view of Hoang Cau Lake and the elevated railway track, creating an ideal relaxation spot.

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Kombo Rice Restaurant

When it comes to office lunch spots in Hanoi, the Kombo Singapore Rice Restaurant chain cannot be ignored. With over 50 branches nationwide, Kombo Rice Restaurant brings the special flavor of delicious Singaporean-style rice dishes to the heart of Hanoi. It’s one of the top choices for office workers and young professionals.

Kombo Restaurant is the ideal office lunch spot for team gatherings or client meetings. With an average price of around 100,000 VND per person, diners can enjoy a delicious meal in an elegant setting that caters to various needs.

Bringing together Singaporean culinary style and the traditional flavors of Vietnamese rice dishes, Kombo offers you the chance to savor fragrant rice with a crispy golden crust at the bottom of the pot, infused with Vietnamese influences, and accompanied by Singaporean-inspired side dishes. All these flavors blend seamlessly to provide diners with a unique culinary experience.

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Tố Uyên Clay Pot Rice

As one of the enduring gems among Hanoi’s finest eateries, Tố Uyên Office Rice Restaurant has been an integral part of Hanoi’s culinary history since the early 2000s. Nestled on the bustling Phạm Ngọc Thạch Street, Tố Uyên Clay Pot Rice has continually evolved and adapted to the city’s ever-changing food landscape, striving to provide customers with delectable, homely dishes that capture the essence of Hanoi’s flavors.

From meticulously selecting ingredients to using a unique blend of seasonings, Tố Uyên pays utmost attention to detail in crafting its dishes. This creative and flavorful approach ensures that each dish not only boasts a touch of innovation but also preserves the rich, mouthwatering essence of its ingredients, creating a harmonious culinary experience. Tố Uyên is the ideal destination for those who cherish Hanoi’s culinary traditions and seek to savor the hearty flavors of home-cooked meals.

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123 Restaurant

Since its establishment in 1994, 123 Restaurant has earned its reputation as one of the top office dining destinations in Hanoi. This standout eatery is celebrated for its distinctive flavors and high-quality service. Over more than a decade in operation, 123 Restaurant has grown and secured the affection of food enthusiasts who appreciate Hanoi’s culinary delights.

With an extensive menu featuring nearly 100 dishes, ranging from Singaporean-style clay pot rice to mixed fried rice and Japanese-style rice dishes, 123 Office Restaurant caters to the diverse needs of its customers when it comes to enjoying a meal.

If you’re a working professional pondering what to have for lunch and in search of a restaurant with a wide variety of dishes to explore, 123 Restaurant is the perfect choice for you. With a team of professional chefs, along with piping hot and hygienic food, 123 Office Restaurant is sure to leave you satisfied!

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Cơm Thố Anh Nguyễn

Starting as a small eatery catering mainly to students and laborers, Cơm Thố Anh Nguyễn has now become a renowned office dining establishment with a chain of over 50 outlets spanning across all three regions of Vietnam.

Boasting a distinctive dish known as “cơm thố” with its unique flavors inspired by Chinese cuisine, Anh Nguyễn’s eatery has piqued the curiosity and delight of many diners who come to experience its offerings at the restaurant or order through platforms like Shopeefood or Grabfood. When it comes to office-style clay pot rice, Anh Nguyễn is the iconic brand with over 30 meticulously prepared dishes from the finest ingredients.

Customers savoring the famous clay pot rice from the restaurant always remember the crispy golden layer of rice. When paired with accompanying dishes or sauces, this perfect combination is the excellent choice for every diner looking to enjoy clay pot rice.

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Bento Delichi Office Eatery

At Delichi Office Eatery, customer satisfaction reigns as the number one priority throughout their business operations and customer service. With a philosophy that places customers at the forefront, Delichi is prepared to meet all your expectations. High discipline in preparing each dish is an essential criterion for this office dining establishment. When you choose Delichi, you can dine with confidence, knowing that both food quality and service style will exceed your expectations.

Currently, Delichi is present in most districts in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. Simply search for “Delichi” on food delivery apps like Grab, Beamin, Shopee Food, BeFood, Gojek, and you will easily find us. If you have a large order, please contact us through our Fanpage or Website. Our staff is always ready to serve you. Worried about the prices? Don’t fret; try dining at Delichi Office Eatery, and the quality of the food will undoubtedly justify the amount you spend.

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1. I’m looking for an office rice restaurant with traditional flavors. Any recommendations?

You should try Vị An Restaurant at 145 Hoàng Cầu, Đống Đa, Hanoi. They specialize in traditional Vietnamese rice dishes and offer a luxurious space overlooking Hoàng Cầu Lake.

2. I want to try Singaporean claypot rice in Hanoi. Where should I go?

You can try the Singaporean claypot rice at the KOMBO Singapore Rice Pot restaurant chain. They have branches at 28 Hoàng Cầu, 108 Phạm Ngọc Thạch, and Vincom Nguyễn Chí Thanh.

3. Which office rice restaurant in Đống Đa has a long history?

Tố Uyên office rice restaurant on Phạm Ngọc Thạch Street is one of the long-standing and renowned restaurants since the early 2000s.

4. I want to try a unique claypot rice dish. Any suggestions?

You should try Anh Nguyễn’s claypot rice at 17 P. Chùa Láng Street. They specialize in a unique claypot rice dish with distinctive Chinese culinary flavors.

5. Which office rice restaurant in Đống Đa offers professional service and a diverse menu?

Cơm 123 Restaurant and Delichi are two excellent choices. Both offer a diverse menu and high-quality service.

Above is a compilation of the top 6 office eateries that considers the finest. Do you think there are any noteworthy office dining establishments missing from the list? Please leave us your suggestions so that we can share the best office eateries with everyone. Also, be sure to follow our food section to keep track of the top-quality dining venues across Vietnam.

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