Top 16 delicious rice restaurants in Hanoi, ideal stops for foodies

Hanoi, the capital with thousands of years of civilization, is not only famous for its breathtakingly beautiful landscapes but also a destination that attracts tourists because of its rich and diverse cuisine. Especially with traditional rice dishes that still retain the traditional flavor but have been modified to combine with many culinary cultures around the world to create attractive rice dishes such as fried rice, chicken rice. , clay pot rice, Japanese rice…. Let’s explore with all the delicious rice restaurants in Hanoi, an ideal stop for gourmet food lovers.

Vị An Restaurant

When it comes to delectable dining in Hanoi, one cannot overlook Vị An Restaurant. This is a quintessential Vietnamese restaurant specializing in serving visitors with authentic dishes from traditional Vietnamese cuisine. Vị An boasts a team of experienced chefs who meticulously handle every aspect of the culinary process, from selecting fresh ingredients daily to the marinating and preparation of each dish.

When you visit Vị An Restaurant, you’ll have the chance to savor numerous dishes that are closely tied to childhood memories, such as crispy fried meat, field crab soup, braised fish, eggplant, stir-fried beef with water spinach, tofu with lemongrass, and shrimp and squash soup, to name just a few. These dishes may seem simple, but in the skillful hands of the restaurant’s chefs, you’ll be astounded by the flavors, intricacy, and depth of these culinary creations.

Elegance with a Vietnamese Touch
Not only does Vị An offer delicious cuisine, but it also presents an elegant yet refreshingly youthful ambiance. The interior provides a view directly overlooking Hoang Cau Lake and the elevated Cat Linh – Ha Dong railway, creating an incredibly delightful and unforgettable dining experience for those who visit. Vị An is the ideal spot for gatherings with friends or meetings with business partners. It’s also perfect for a simple family dinner after busy days. The restaurant even provides private VIP rooms for those seeking a more intimate dining experience; if you require a reservation, it’s advisable to call ahead.

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Thốt Gourmet Rice Eatery by Anh Nguyen

When discussing delectable rice eateries in Hanoi, it’s impossible not to mention the renowned brand of Anh Nguyen’s gourmet rice. This establishment has become an icon of culinary excellence in the capital city. To this day, Anh Nguyen has expanded its reach, with over 40 branches spanning across Vietnam. In Hanoi alone, they’ve achieved the impressive milestone of 35 outlets spread across various districts and townships.

By blending flavors from Chinese cuisine, this exceptional Hanoi rice eatery has crafted a unique taste profile, complemented by stylish presentations in clay pots. When you dine at Anh Nguyen’s restaurant, you’re in for a lavish feast featuring a wide array of accompaniments such as chicken, beef, and pork. Each ingredient is meticulously selected through a rigorous process to ensure that every customer enjoys a meal of exceptional taste and quality.

Anh Nguyen doesn’t just focus on the quality of the cuisine; they also prioritize service excellence. This Hanoi gourmet rice restaurant boasts spacious premises with convenient parking for patrons. Moreover, they offer delivery services through popular digital platforms like Shopee and Grab, ensuring convenience, especially during scorching summer days.

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Huyền Hương Restaurant

For those seeking delicious dining experiences in Hanoi’s Hoan Kiem district, with criteria like cozy, clean spaces right in the heart of Hoan Kiem, Huyền Hương Restaurant is an unmissable destination.

With over two decades of culinary expertise, Huyền Hương has been offering customers a diverse menu featuring the rich traditional flavors of Hanoi. This culinary journey also incorporates tastes from various regions across Vietnam. Hanoi’s Huyền Hương restaurant operates with the steadfast principle of “Selecting fresh and delicious ingredients, using premium seasonings, and preserving the distinctive flavors of each dish when serving.

Thanks to this commitment, the dishes served to patrons retain the robust and distinctive flavors of their homeland. Even seemingly familiar daily dishes like shrimp stir-fried with pork, sweet and sour spare ribs, crispy belly pork, turmeric catfish, ginger-fried chicken, crab and morning glory soup, sour spare rib soup, as well as more exotic dishes like Southern-style sour soup, salted egg yolk fried shrimp, steamed mackerel with soy sauce…

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Hanoi Vegetarian Restaurant

For those on the hunt for Hanoi eateries with a vegetarian twist, Hanoi Vegetarian Restaurant stands out as a top-tier choice. Nestled in a cozy and unpretentious space, this restaurant in Hanoi delivers a welcoming atmosphere that instantly connects with diners, making it a consistently bustling spot.

Delicious vegetarian meal at Hanoi Vegetarian Restaurant
Delicious vegetarian meal at Hanoi Vegetarian Restaurant

If you think vegetarian cuisine is limited in variety and preparation, Hanoi Vegetarian Restaurant will challenge that notion. With over 80 creatively crafted dishes, prepared using innovative recipes, you are guaranteed to be pleasantly surprised when you savor the unique flavors of vegetarian cuisine here!

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Dao Duy Tu Rib Rice

When it comes to delicious grilled rib rice in Hanoi, Dao Duy Tu Rib Rice is one of the city’s renowned eateries that you simply cannot miss. With over 20 years of serving, this place is hailed as the ultimate destination for rib rice enthusiasts. Known as the most famous rib rice restaurant in the capital city, Dao Duy Tu Rib Rice brings the authentic taste of Saigon-style rib rice right to Hanoi.

Delicious and enticing plate of rib rice
Delicious and enticing plate of rib rice

What sets this “Hanoi restaurant” apart is undoubtedly its succulent grilled ribs. The ribs are generously cut, marinated according to the restaurant’s secret recipe, and expertly grilled by the skilled kitchen team. As a result, the flavors are perfectly balanced, and the enticing aroma is irresistible in every detail. Visit Dao Duy Tu Rib Rice to savor unforgettable rib rice!

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Bong’s Broken Rice Restaurant

Bong’s Broken Rice Restaurant is one of the dining gems in Hanoi that captures the distinctive flavors of Saigon’s broken rice perfectly. It’s an ideal choice for those craving an authentic Saigonese dining experience. When you step into this restaurant, you’ll be treated to plates of delightful broken rice dishes. The viscous fish sauce, clinging harmoniously to the succulent and fragrant pork ribs, will make it impossible for you to resist. Not only does this eatery boast enticing flavors, but its prices are also incredibly reasonable, at just around 30,000 VND per serving.

Bong's Broken Rice - Delicious and Flavorful
Bong’s Broken Rice – Delicious and Flavorful

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SaBi Chuong Rice Restaurant

SaBi Chuong in Hanoi has emerged as one of the top choices for young diners in recent months. This restaurant specializes in serving authentic Saigonese broken rice dishes and was founded by the famous trio of streamers: Độ Mixi, PewPew, and Xemesis.

Fresh, quality ingredients delivered daily are one of the secrets behind the excellence of the dishes at this wonderful eatery. The dishes are marinated richly with a slightly sweet Saigonese flavor, adjusted to suit the Northern palate, providing an unforgettable culinary experience for diners.

Particularly, the sunny-side-up fried egg, crispy around the edges, combined with the hot, runny yolk soaking into the rice, enhances the flavor significantly. Paired with a generously grilled pork rib, it elevates the taste buds and creates a unique culinary experience at this fantastic rice restaurant in Hanoi.

A small tip for these days is to make a reservation before heading to the restaurant as it tends to get very crowded during this reopening phase. Making a reservation in advance will ensure a better dining experience at this restaurant.

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Viet Ha Thanh Mushroom Rice Restaurant

One of the long-standing delightful eateries in Hanoi is the renowned Viet Ha Thanh Mushroom Restaurant. This establishment is celebrated for its plethora of delectable dishes, with a particular standout being the mushroom sticky rice and mushroom-infused rice paired with honey-grilled chicken thighs.

These two dishes have been the restaurant’s hallmark since its early days. The rice and sticky rice are crafted from special glutinous rice, resulting in a delightful aroma and chewy texture when combined with fresh, savory mushrooms. You’ll be captivated by the unique and novel flavors found nowhere else.

In addition to serving dishes paired with rice and sticky rice, the restaurant offers honey-grilled chicken thighs, marinated with special spices for a tender and succulent texture. Priced at only 75,000 VND, your dining experience here, whether for lunch or dinner, is sure to leave you completely satisfied.

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Ali Broken Rice

Adding to the list of delectable eateries in Hanoi specializing in broken rice is Ali Restaurant, located at 304 Kim Ngưu Street. Situated close to the central district, and offering the enticing flavors of Can Tho-style broken rice, Ali has become an unmissable destination for those who adore Southern cuisine.

Throughout the day, Ali Broken Rice consistently welcomes a bustling crowd of customers, whether for dine-in or takeout. This is entirely justified given the excellence of their broken rice dishes. A serving at Ali includes grilled pork, fried egg, shredded pork skin, braised fish, and roast chicken with a very reasonable price of approximately 40,000 VND per portion, which is sure to leave you satisfied.

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Singaporean Claypot Rice at Hai Su

Hai Su’s Singaporean claypot rice is a stellar choice for many customers and office workers in the bustling Giang Vo area. They serve up an authentic taste of Singaporean claypot rice, where the rice is expertly cooked in a special clay pot.

Nestled in the lively neighborhood filled with a plethora of dining options along Giang Vo Street, Singaporean claypot restaurants offer an extensive menu with various easy-to-enjoy rice dishes. You can opt for rice with pork, fish or shrimp, or even chicken, with prices ranging from 58,000 VND to 75,000 VND. However, when visiting this delectable Hanoi eatery, you mustn’t miss their two signature claypot rice dishes: the succulent char siu claypot rice and the flavorful black pepper beef claypot rice. These are the restaurant’s best-sellers, leaving many diners enchanted and impressed.

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Thố Rice at Bach Khoa

The Bach Khoa – Xây Dựng area has long been known as a haven for affordable dining in Hanoi. If you’re on the hunt for “delicious Hanoi rice restaurants with reasonable prices” while still craving a unique dining experience that captures the authentic and humble flavors of Vietnam, look no further than the Thố rice restaurant on Tạ Quang Bửu Street.

This restaurant is renowned for its Thố rice – a traditional dish that has been innovatively prepared to deliver a fascinating twist. The rice is cooked in clay pots, imparting a rustic countryside flavor right in the heart of the capital city.

Each dish at this restaurant offers diners a fresh and delightful culinary experience. Come and savor the simple yet enticing flavors at Thố Rice on Tạ Quang Bửu Street!

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Delightful Stir-Fried Rice at Tràng Tiền Alley

For any students or office workers in the vicinity of Tràng Tiền, there’s no way you haven’t heard of the office cafeteria nestled in the small Tràng Tiền alley. This place is renowned for its variety of dishes catering to the young crowd, especially during lunch and dinner hours. One of the must-try items on the menu is the mixed stir-fried rice with beef and pickled vegetables.

What makes this dish special isn’t just the combination of stir-fried rice with spare ribs, sausage, carrots, and sweet corn, but also the addition of sautéed beef on top, creating a rich and unique flavor. Don’t forget to enjoy it with a side of daily-changing vegetable soup, making your meal even more enjoyable.

Although the dining space may not be particularly outstanding, a hearty plate of mixed stir-fried rice with beef and pickled vegetables from this excellent Hanoi lunch spot is guaranteed to leave you fully satisfied for a delightful lunch. Give it a try and savor the fantastic flavors at Tràng Tiền Alley!

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Chicken and Roast Pork Fried Rice at Bà Triệu Street

The chicken and roast pork fried rice at 29B Bà Triệu Street has long been a sensation among Hanoi locals. This fried rice isn’t just delicious and satisfying; it’s exceptionally unique when paired with gigantic portions of roast chicken.

Each plate of chicken and roast pork fried rice consists of perfectly cooked rice that’s not greasy, accompanied by a massive serving of golden, crispy roast chicken. The chicken meat is tender and juicy on the inside, while the crispy skin on the outside covers nearly half the plate of rice, ensuring your satisfaction.

Experience this unique flavor at one of the top-rated Hanoi eateries.

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Restaurant 123 – A Culinary Legacy

For Hanoi locals, Restaurant 123 has been an iconic eatery since the early 2000s. Its menu is a masterpiece of creativity, featuring various chicken rice dishes, from curry chicken to honey-roasted chicken and peppered chicken, offering a unique culinary experience.

Not only does Restaurant 123 boast a diverse menu, but it also leaves a lasting impression with its spacious, clean, and hygienic ambiance. All tables, chairs, and utensils used by customers are meticulously cleaned daily to ensure the best dining experience.

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Kampong Restaurant

As the first Hainanese chicken rice chain in Hanoi, Kampong has earned its reputation as one of the top chicken rice restaurants in the city. If you’re seeking an authentic taste of Hainanese chicken rice, Kampong is the place to be. Their Hainanese chicken rice is a gastronomic delight, highly praised for both its flavor and presentation. The ingredients, especially the chicken, are meticulously selected to ensure the highest quality.

A fusion of Asian and European ambiance
The chicken at Kampong is 100% naturally raised, resulting in tender, succulent meat. Unlike many other Hanoi eateries, Kampong uses chicken broth to cook the rice, infusing it with rich flavors without overwhelming your palate.

Artfully prepared and beautifully presented chicken rice
Beyond the delectable dishes, Kampong’s ambiance captivates its customers. All branches of Kampong feature spacious, elegant, and refined settings. The fusion of Asian and European design elements creates a unique and memorable dining experience.

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Let’s Sushi Japanese Rice Feast

If you’re seeking a unique dining experience with a Japanese twist in Hanoi, Let’s Sushi is the final stop on our list of the city’s top-notch eateries. This restaurant offers a plethora of delicious Japanese-style dishes, including salads, sashimi, kimbap, sushi, and rice bowls.

Not only does Let’s Sushi adhere to the authentic recipes of the Land of the Rising Sun, but they also import their ingredients from Japan to ensure that diners experience the true flavors of the country.

Japanese-style dining in Hanoi
Japanese-style dining in Hanoi

Although the prices here, roughly over 100,000 VND per person for lunch, are higher compared to most of the Hanoi eateries mentioned above, they are entirely justified for those looking to savor something truly unique.

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1. Which rice restaurants in Hanoi are known for their traditional dishes?

Some of the renowned traditional rice restaurants in Hanoi include Vi An Restaurant, Huyen Huong Restaurant, and Nam Viet Ha Thanh Restaurant.

2. I want to try Saigon-style broken rice in Hanoi. Which places would you recommend?

You can try the Saigon-style broken rice at Sa Bi Chuong Restaurant, Com Tam Bong, or Com Suon Dao Duy Tu to experience the authentic taste of Saigon’s broken rice.

3. Which rice restaurants in Hanoi serve vegetarian dishes?

Ha Thanh vegetarian rice restaurant is a great choice for those looking to enjoy vegetarian dishes in Hanoi.

4. I want to savor grilled pork chop rice. Where should I go?

Com Suon Dao Duy Tu is one of the popular rice restaurants in Hanoi known for its grilled pork chop rice. You can try this dish there.

5. Which rice restaurants in Hanoi have a luxurious ambiance suitable for business meetings?

Vi An Restaurant not only offers delicious dishes but also boasts a luxurious ambiance, making it suitable for gatherings and business meetings.

Above, we’ve provided a list of 16 outstanding eateries in Hanoi for culinary enthusiasts. If you believe any remarkable spots are missing, don’t hesitate to reach out to Additionally, explore our cuisine-focused section for even more enticing dining destinations.

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