Top 30 delicious restaurants in Saigon should not be missed if you are near

Are you looking for a good restaurant in Saigon to bring your relatives and friends to enjoy after a hard day of work and study. However, there are so many addresses that you are confused about which one to choose. Don’t worry, try to visit the 30 list of restaurants we share below.

Delicious Restaurants with Authentic Vietnamese Flavors

Sanh Quan Restaurant

This is a delightful eatery that embodies the authentic Vietnamese flavors for you to come and savor. There are numerous dishes that have built the brand and reputation of the restaurant, such as Crab Hotpot, Grilled Squid with Chili Salt, and especially the 7-course Chicken dish… all in line with the Vietnamese culinary style.

Thanks to the diversity and richness of the dishes, diners can easily choose their favorite delicacies. Beyond the delectable cuisine, you’ll also experience a serene and airy ambiance. The well-arranged furnishings make it a suitable place for birthday parties and gatherings.

Culinary Delights at Garden of Palm Leaves

Introducing a recently established delightful eatery in Saigon for you to consider and explore – Culinary Delights at Garden of Palm Leaves. Just by its name, one can sense the delicious dishes following the pure Vietnamese flavors.

The restaurant always aims for dishes that are close to nature, catering to the eating preferences of the Vietnamese, especially those from the Mekong Delta region.

The dishes are carefully prepared, clean, and beautifully presented. Here, you can enjoy a relaxing meal after a tiring day of work. The staff is very enthusiastic in their service, making this a destination frequented by many diners when they crave a satisfying meal.

Hue Cuisine – Delicious Restaurant in Saigon

Hue Cuisine is also one of the delicious restaurants in Saigon that you should visit when you have the opportunity. This is where culinary excellence converges, allowing you to explore delightful dishes without having to travel to Hue.

The menu of this restaurant is extremely diverse and extensive, featuring up to 70 dishes such as rice with baby clams, grilled meat skewers, beef vermicelli soup… Additionally, this is also an ideal destination for young people seeking snacks like rice dumplings, deep-fried rice cakes, savory pancakes, water fern cakes…

Thạch Hân – Unique Delicious Restaurant in Saigon

If you’re indecisive about choosing the best restaurant in Saigon for a delicious meal, consider visiting Thạch Hân. The standout feature that makes this place memorable is its romantic and Hue-style ambiance.

Moreover, the restaurant brings together the culinary essence of the three regions of North, Central, and South Vietnam. Therefore, whether you’re a Saigon resident or a visitor from elsewhere, you can easily find dishes that match your taste preferences.

Pho 79 Restaurant Chain

The Pho 79 restaurant chain is one of the delightful eateries in Saigon that you should definitely visit when you’re in the city. Renowned for offering over 300 delicious and unique dishes, it gathers the culinary essence from various regions across the country.

What’s particularly notable is the restaurant’s luxurious and exquisitely decorated space, evoking a royal ambiance. The establishment also features several private rooms, ensuring a tranquil environment for customers whenever they desire.

An Nam Quan Restaurant Chain

Adding another option to your list of great restaurants in Saigon is the An Nam Quan Restaurant Chain. When you visit this restaurant, you’re sure to be satisfied with everything from the food to the unique ambiance and decor.

The An Nam Quan chain is known for its Central Vietnamese specialties. Among them, 60% of the dishes come from Da Nang, including the famous Chicken on a Tray. Anyone who tries it will undoubtedly never forget the taste of this dish.

Delicious Restaurants in Saigon for Japanese Cuisine Enthusiasts

If you have a fondness for dishes from the Land of the Rising Sun, consider trying out the suggested addresses below:

Sushi Tony

Upon entering the restaurant, you’ll immediately sense a serene and airy atmosphere, perfectly encapsulating the Japanese style. The meticulous decor creates a warm and inviting feeling while maintaining an air of elegance and refinement.

Moreover, you’ll be treated to delicious and enticing fresh sushi. You needn’t worry about anything, from the ingredients to the pricing and quality of service. Customers who dine at Sushi Tony leave fully satisfied with their experience. Furthermore, the restaurant also offers delectable office lunches at an affordable price, catering to office workers seeking nearby eateries near District 1.

JoJo Buffet – Delicious Restaurant in Saigon

When in Saigon, finding a nearby delicious restaurant, especially one with a Japanese style, is not a daunting task. Apart from Sushi Tony, you can also visit JoJo Buffet to experience the essence of the dishes here.

Each dish is meticulously prepared by the chefs following specific procedures to ensure that the authentic flavors are preserved, creating a memorable dining experience for guests. Moreover, the presentation of the dishes is visually appealing, making your experience even more delightful.

Delicious Dining at Tano Sushi in Saigon

If you’re new to Saigon and unsure of what to eat nearby, give Tano Sushi a try. As soon as you step into the restaurant, you’ll experience a unique atmosphere with architectural elements reminiscent of Japan.

What defines the brand and leaves a lasting impression on diners is the flavor of the dishes. The chefs here are skilled in the art of cooking with years of experience, ensuring you’ll never be disappointed with your choice.

  • Phone:028 3517 6574
  • Operating Hours: 9:00 AM – 9:00 PM, all days of the week
  • Address: 206 Phan Xich Long, Ward 7, Phu Nhuan District, Ho Chi Minh City

Syunkato: A Flavorful Haven in Saigon

Situated right in the heart of Saigon, Syunkato is a restaurant specializing in Japanese cuisine. If you’re wondering what to eat nearby, consider giving Syunkato a try.

Here, diners have the opportunity to savor traditional dishes such as Sashimi, Sushi, and grilled fish, all meticulously prepared by expert chefs to meet the standards of Japanese cuisine.

Moreover, you need not worry about the quality of the food. The ingredients are guaranteed fresh and clean, making each visit a delightful culinary experience. Notably, Syunkato boasts an elegant and serene atmosphere, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a great lunch spot to welcome clients or partners.

Pachi Pachi Restaurant

Pachi Pachi is our next recommendation for those seeking a delicious dining experience in the vicinity of Saigon. The first impression that leaves a mark on customers is the cozy and elegant ambiance, accompanied by an incredibly diverse and rich menu.

This restaurant is known for its delectable grilled dishes, carefully prepared and chosen with adherence to Japanese standards.

Baby Spoon Restaurant

Baby Spoon is also rated as one of the best restaurants in Saigon that you should try. With an incredibly diverse and sophisticated menu, offering everything from simple familiar dishes to the most elaborate ones like Italian pasta, Grilled Salmon, Japanese Sumo Hotpot…

You’ll find it hard to resist the allure of their dishes. Additionally, visiting here provides moments of relaxation in a serene and pleasant atmosphere. Located conveniently in District 1, Baby Spoon is also a suitable lunch spot in District 1 for nearby office workers.

Gyu Shige

Finding good restaurants in Saigon is not difficult if you know about Gyu Shige. Located right in the bustling center of District 1, this restaurant is a popular choice for those who want to indulge in Japanese cuisine.

What sets Gyu Shige apart and leaves a lasting impression on diners is their perfectly marinated Japanese-style grilled dishes. In addition to the grilled items, Gyu Shige offers a variety of seafood options for patrons to choose from.

Fanpage: Gyu ShiGe

Operating Hours: 10:30 AM – 11:00 PM, all days of the week


Delicious European Cuisine Spots in Saigon for Enthusiasts

If you’re looking to try European cuisine, explore the delicious eateries in Saigon below:

Kingscross – Sonatus Central

This Saigon restaurant has made a strong impression on all its visitors due to its Western-style ambiance. The first striking feature is the elegant, impressive, and spacious interior, perfect for gatherings, meetings, birthdays, and more.

Kingscross – Sonatus Central specializes in European cuisine. Visitors here have the opportunity to experience a wide variety of dishes, ranging from seafood to beef and various delectable desserts.

Gordon Restaurant

Gordon is a delightful European-style restaurant in Saigon that we’d like to introduce to you. This venue attracts many diners due to its beautiful view and delicious Western-style dishes.

The dishes not only undergo careful preparation by experienced chefs but are also elegantly presented. The restaurant’s ambiance is ideal for business meetings, events, birthdays, and more.

Au Parc Saigon

Au Parc Saigon is the latest delightful European restaurant that specializes in serving a combination of European dishes along with various beverages such as Italian coffee, wine, smoothies, and more.

Here, you’ll have the opportunity to explore and savor dishes from Egypt, Turkey, Greece, and more.

These dishes are not only beautifully presented but also have unique flavors that make every diner want to come back for more. Additionally, the quality of service provided by the staff is exceptional, so if you get the chance, you should definitely give it a try.

Van Steak

Van Steak is also highly regarded by many diners as one of the top restaurants in Saigon. Particularly, for those who love dishes made from beef, this is an address you shouldn’t miss.

The restaurant always selects the finest quality beef imported from abroad. Therefore, customers can truly enjoy the standard flavor of beefsteak. With its cozy atmosphere, Van Steak can also be a family restaurant suitable for family gatherings and conversations.

Shri Restaurant & Lounge

If you want to savor delicious European cuisine while enjoying city views, Shri Restaurant & Lounge is the perfect choice. This place is not only an internationally standard European restaurant but also a spot for guests to relax, listen to music, and indulge in a variety of beverages.

This venue is highly praised for its food quality and service style. Under the skillful hands of chefs, the dishes are not only tasty but also truly visually appealing, something not easily found everywhere.

One of Shri’s attractions is its location on the top floor of the Centec Tower. Therefore, this is a restaurant suitable for couples who are dating,

Delicious Restaurants in Ho Chi Minh City for Event Organizers

The Refinery Bar & Restaurant

If you’re searching for a great dining place in Saigon with ample space for family gatherings, meetings, or corporate events, look no further than The Refinery Bar & Restaurant. The restaurant’s ambiance is meticulously designed with charming European details, creating an authentic European atmosphere.

At The Refinery Bar & Restaurant, you have two options: outdoor event spaces for a refreshing experience or indoor seating for a more private setting. The menu features a wide range of European dishes, allowing diners to make easy choices.

Yazawa Saigon

Yazawa Saigon is a Japanese BBQ restaurant specializing in Japanese cuisine. Not only does it offer delicious dishes, but it also provides a spacious and airy environment, perfect for those who want to organize events or celebrate birthdays.

Yazawa Saigon currently has several branches in Saigon, making it easy for you to find a location near your residence or workplace.

Quán Bụi Bistro

Another great option for delicious dining in Saigon is Quán Bụi Bistro. The restaurant boasts a nostalgic ambiance while maintaining an elegant touch.

The dishes here are not only delicious and intricately prepared but also beautifully presented. Hosting an event here is the best choice for those seeking a place with good food and affordable prices.

Nếp Vàng – A Delicious Restaurant in Ho Chi Minh City

Located in the heart of District 7, Nếp Vàng has become the choice of many companies and organizations whenever they need to host events. With its luxurious and modern space, along with a blend of Asian and European decor styles, it creates a warm atmosphere for gatherings.

The menu at the restaurant is incredibly diverse, but Northern dishes remain a highlight, bringing novelty and maintaining the sophistication of Vietnamese cuisine. Thanks to its large capacity, Nếp Vàng is suitable for hosting conferences, celebrations, parties, and important meetings.

Cơm Xưa Restaurant

Cơm Xưa is a family restaurant in District 1 that many people choose for its delicious and down-to-earth flavors, combined with a unique touch. Cơm Xưa preserves the cultural and aesthetic values of the past.

The dishes here, while simple, leave an unforgettable taste in the mouths of anyone who has had the pleasure of trying them. Moreover, the spacious setting often makes this place a favorite choice for companies to host conferences and birthday parties.

  • Phone: 0769112233
  • Fanpage: Cơm Xưa
  • Operating Hours: 10:30 AM – 8:00 PM, all days of the week
  • Google Map Reviews: Google Reviews
  • Address:20 Trần Cao Vân Street, Đa Kao Ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City 700000, Vietnam
  • Menu: Menu

Chanh Bistro Rooftop Saigon

Considered one of the most beautiful restaurants in Saigon, Chanh Bistro Rooftop Saigon is a renowned French restaurant in the city, known for its elegant setting and stunning view overlooking the center of District 1. Not only that, but it also faces the Bitexco Tower, creating a refreshing breeze. Consequently, this place has become a venue for hosting birthdays, conferences, and events for companies and organizations.

The restaurant offers a variety of delicious dishes meticulously prepared and beautifully presented. The flavors of the dishes are exquisite and well-suited for Vietnamese palates. A visit to Chanh Bistro Rooftop Saigon is sure to provide a wonderful experience.

Affordable Drinking and Dining Spots in Saigon after Work

Quê Nhà Restaurant

Quê Nhà has become a familiar destination for many diners with dishes from all three regions of Vietnam, offering customers the opportunity to enjoy the best cuisine. The dishes, while simple, still retain the distinctive characteristics of each region.
When you visit Quê Nhà, you’ll have the chance to savor delicious food and relax after a tiring day of work. The restaurant’s atmosphere is incredibly cozy and reminiscent of rural scenes with birdcages, bamboo baskets, and small water features.

East Sea Seafood

If you’re a fan of seafood dishes, this address will be the best choice. The restaurant carefully selects ingredients, ensuring the freshest quality.

The dishes are prepared to cater to various tastes, suitable for a wide range of customers. Besides enjoying delicious meals, you can also relax in a comfortable and pleasant atmosphere.

Delicious Restaurant

If you’re unsure about where to find a good restaurant in Saigon, head to this address. The entire space is designed and decorated in the style of the Southern countryside. The staff, dressed in traditional attire, warmly welcomes and serves customers.

At Delicious Restaurant, you’ll have the chance to indulge in dishes you love. All the dishes are prepared by renowned artisans.

Auntie K’s Eatery

Looking for a place in Saigon where you can enjoy delicious food and have conversations with friends? Auntie K’s Eatery is the spot for you. This eatery is situated in a cool and refreshing space next to the grand and elegant Grand Palace building, making it an ideal setting for those who love to savor the fresh air.

At Auntie K’s Eatery, diners will surely be surprised by the extensive and diverse menu. In addition to the typical dishes, there are also various combos like Steamed Hill Chicken, Roasted Tribal Pork, Cu Chi Young Beef… The names themselves are already enticing. The restaurant also provides delicious lunch sets suitable for those who need to host clients.

Bà Huyện’s Catfish Hotpot

This is also one of the popular eateries in Saigon that many people love. At Bà Huyện’s Catfish Hotpot, you will have the opportunity to savor the most authentic and delicious dishes. Fresh catfish is carefully prepared before being added to the hotpot. The distinctive feature that defines the restaurant is the sweet and savory broth.

If you’re interested in adding some other appetizers to your meal, it’s not a problem here. Apart from the catfish hotpot, there are various other dishes available, such as grilled catfish, deep-fried catfish with fish sauce, and many other seafood options.

Póc – Grilled & Beer Garden

This is a place that many people choose for its delicious grilled dishes and a variety of beers to help everyone unwind from the burdens of life. When you come here, you should try dishes like pork cartilage, grilled pork ribs, Fuji beef, fried and stir-fried dishes, hotpot, rice…

Above are 30 great eateries in Saigon that you should visit to enjoy whenever you have the chance. Each place offers unique flavors for you to have the best experience.

And above is a list of delicious eateries in Saigon for those who are unsure of what to eat. In addition to this article, also has a dedicated culinary section that compiles reviews of various delicious dining places in Vietnam. You can visit and explore more different addresses.


Which restaurant in Saigon has pure Vietnamese flavor?

Some restaurants with pure Vietnamese flavors you can refer to are: Sanh Quan Restaurant, Thatched Garden Cuisine, Hue Dishes.

I want to try Japanese cuisine in Saigon, do you have any suggestions?

You can try visiting Sushi Tony, JoJo Buffet, Tano Sushi, and Syunkato to experience quality Japanese cuisine.

Which restaurants in Saigon serve delicious European dishes?

Some restaurants serving European dishes you should try include: Kingscross – Sonatus Central, Gordon Restaurant, Au Parc Saigon, Van Steak, and Shri Restaurant & Lounge.

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