Troubleshooting the Karofi filter error, a reputable dealer fixes the Karofi water purifier

Karofi water purifiers, like other devices, can experience various malfunctions during use. Therefore, how to troubleshoot Karofi water purifiers and find a reputable repair address are questions that will be answered in this article.

1. Common Issues with Karofi Water Purifiers and How to Troubleshoot

Water purifiers can encounter various types of malfunctions. Each issue has its own solution and remedy. Therefore, to ensure effective repair, it’s important to understand the cause and extent of the damage to choose the best solution.
Below are some common issues with Karofi water purifiers and effective troubleshooting methods that you can refer to:

The Machine Makes Noises While Running?

Many users of Karofi water purifiers often encounter the problem of the machine running while making squeaking noises. This issue can be annoying due to the noise it generates.
The reason behind these noises is the continuous opening and closing of the electric valve. To address this issue, follow these steps:

  • First, check the water supply entering the machine and the pipes by turning on the water flow into a cup. This will help you determine if the valve inside the machine is continuously opening and closing and if the tank is filled with water.
  • If you find that the first filter is clogged, the best solution is to replace it.

Water Leakage in the Filter Cup

Water leakage is another common issue with Karofi water purifiers. There are two main reasons for this problem: the filter cup is not tightly secured, or the internal gasket is misplaced.
Depending on the cause, there are different ways to fix the Karofi water purifier:

  • Loose filter cup: For this case, the solution is simple. Just tighten the filter cup securely.
  • Incorrect placement of rubber gasket: In this case, lock the valve, turn off the power, remove the filter cup, and check if the gasket is damaged or misaligned. Adjust or replace it with a new one.

No Water Flow or Weak Water Flow

Karofi water purifier weak flow

If your Karofi water purifier does not produce water or has weak water flow, the machine is indicating an error. There are several reasons for this, such as the purifier operating for an extended period without replacing the filter, or the water source container being positioned too low, resulting in insufficient water pressure.

To troubleshoot this issue with your Karofi water purifier, follow these steps:

  • Faulty Faucet: Check the faucet head for a damaged lock valve or any object that might be blocking the water flow. If there is no obstruction, consider replacing the faucet.
  • Clogged RO Membrane: In this case, check the water pressure by covering the faucet end with your finger for 10-15 seconds. If the water stream pushes your finger away, you should replace the RO membrane.
  • Weakened Pump Operation: You can test the pump’s strength by detaching the hose attached to the pump and placing it in the purifier to run. Use your finger to tightly cover the detached end of the hose for about 10 seconds. If the force does not push your finger away, consider replacing the pump.
  • Low Water Container Pressure: To determine if low water flow or weak flow is due to the container, remove the container and open the valve. If the water flows weakly, add more air pressure to the container.
  • Inadequate Adapter Performance: Unplug and plug back the purifier’s power plug to see if it operates normally. If there are constant squeaking noises, replace the adapter.

Continuous Running Without Shutting Off

Many Karofi water purifier users face the problem of the machine continuously running without shutting off, not knowing how to handle it. You can fix this issue using the following methods:

  • Clogged E2 Filter: To determine if this is the cause, blow on the filter and cover one end with your finger. If any Karofi filter is difficult to blow or feels heavy, it’s best to replace the filter.
  • Loose Tube Connection: In this case, tightening the screw in the machine and securing the hose connection should resolve the issue.

Excessive and Continuous Drainage

If your machine is draining excessive water continuously, you can troubleshoot your Karofi water purifier as follows:

  • Check if the Flow valve is functioning properly. A damaged valve will cause increasing drainage without interruption. For this issue, you only need to replace the valve.
  • Excessive drainage can also result from weak pump pressure. Check the adapter’s output voltage to ensure it’s supplying 12V. If not, consider replacing it.

Water Purifier Light Not Illuminating

Non-illuminating water purifier light issue
In this case, you should check if the power plug is securely connected. Then, inspect the power cord at the back of the machine to ensure it’s functioning properly.
Additionally, you should check if the adapter is working. If it’s not, consider replacing it. If the adapter is functioning properly, the circuit board might be damaged. In this case, you should seek a reputable repair address for Karofi water purifiers in Hanoi.

Purified Water with Strange or Bitter Taste

If you notice an unusual or bitter taste in the water produced by your Karofi purifier, it’s advisable to inspect the machine. This issue indicates that the activated carbon filters or RO membrane may be damaged.
To troubleshoot this issue with your Karofi water purifier, follow these steps:

    • Activated carbon filters have exceeded their usage period: Check the expiration of the activated carbon filters to see if they are still within their operating time.
    • Damaged RO membrane: Inspect the RO membrane for any issues and consider replacing it if necessary.

Water Purifier Not Operating

This could be considered the most severe malfunction of Karofi water purifiers. However, before addressing this, you need to check the water input and the valve to see if there are any issues or malfunctions.
Additionally, examine the power socket and wires for any breaks or faults.
Inspect the low-pressure valve and high-pressure valve. In this case, it’s recommended to contact the manufacturer for detailed and specific advice.

Reputable Address for Karofi Water Purifier Repair in Hanoi

Choosing a reputable address for Karofi water purifier repair
Currently, the demand for repairing Karofi water purifiers is increasing in Hanoi. This has led to the emergence of service providers to meet user demands.
However, selecting a reputable address is not a simple task. Opting for a service with low credibility might result in inadequate repairs or using fake filter cores, which could compromise water quality.

Among the hundreds of service providers offering water purifier repair services, Karofi Hanoi stands out as a highly praised and trusted choice for many. It’s evident that Karofi Hanoi brings numerous benefits to customers:

  • Assured service quality: All inspection, fault diagnosis, and issue resolution tasks are carried out by a team of skilled and experienced professionals.
  • Karofi Hanoi guarantees the repair of various issues with Karofi water purifiers such as: E2 error in Karofi water purifiers, Karofi water purifier displaying error code er 5, Karofi water purifier showing error code fil3…
  • In cases where any components need replacement during the repair of Karofi water purifiers, we ensure the use of genuine parts. All products provided by the company come with necessary certificates and documentation regarding origin and quality, ensuring your peace of mind.
  • Karofi Hanoi ensures a comprehensive inspection of your water purifier to identify any faults or issues that need addressing.
  • Karofi Hanoi provides prompt repair services for Karofi water purifiers, minimizing your waiting time.
  • Furthermore, choosing Karofi Hanoi for water purifier repair services guarantees you peace of mind regarding the warranty policy. The company offers clear terms for warranties on components such as filter cores, water valves, and more.
  • Long-term warranty coverage: If your device encounters any issues, simply report them, and the company’s staff will promptly address and resolve them.
  • Scientific and professional work process: Customers who engage with the company express satisfaction with the received services, especially with the work process and style. Karofi Hanoi gathers information and provides the best solutions and remedies for its customers.
  • Engaging with Karofi Hanoi’s services also ensures maximum cost, time, and effort savings for customers.

When your water purifier is malfunctioning, you can perform self-checks and troubleshooting if you possess the expertise and experience. However, for severe malfunctions, it’s recommended to seek a reputable and professional Karofi water purifier dealer in Hanoi to receive timely support and resolution, preventing extensive repair costs.


The Karofi water purifier makes a clicking noise, what should I do?

The main reason is that the electric valve operates non-stop. To fix it, you need to check the water source and pipes, and if filter element number 1 is clogged, you should replace it.

How to handle when the filter leaks water in the filter cup?

It may be because the filter cup has not been tightened tightly or the rubber gasket is in the wrong position. You need to tighten the filter cup or check and adjust the gasket.

The Karofi water purifier does not produce water or the flow is weak, what should I do?

It could be because the faucet is broken, the RO membrane is clogged, the pump is weak, the water tank has low pressure, or the adapter is not working. You need to check and replace damaged parts if necessary.

What should you do when the Karofi water purifier runs continuously without stopping?

It could be because the e2 core is clogged or the pipe is open. You should check and replace the filter element or tighten the connections.

What happens when pure water from the filter tastes bland or sour?

It could be because the carbon core is expired or the RO membrane is punctured. You should check and replace damaged parts.

Where should I find a place to repair Karofi water purifiers?

Karofi Hanoi is a reputable and professional address, trusted and chosen by many people.

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