Top 7 Karofi water purifiers equipped with the most advanced technology

Karofi is a well-known water purifier line on the market with many diverse models and designs. That helps users have more choices, but it also makes many people wonder how to buy the right product. Therefore, in this article we will introduce the top 7 Karofi water purifiers equipped with advanced technology for you to refer to and make the best choice.

Karofi 8-Core Optimus HOT-OH238 Water Purifier

The Karofi 8-Core Optimus HOT-OH238 water purifier is among the most advanced technological marvels in its class. This product boasts numerous outstanding features, from its design to intelligent functions, ensuring absolute satisfaction for users

Key Highlights of the Karofi 8-Core Optimus HOT-OH238 Water Purifier

The Karofi 8-Core Optimus HOT-OH238 water purifier is hailed as a standout release from mid-2020. This machine is equipped with 8 filtration cores and features Smax technology, doubling its water purification capacity.
The excellence of this product lies in its numerous standout features:

– Heating Function up to 99 Degrees

One of the first striking features of the Karofi 8-Core Optimus HOT-OH238 water purifier is its ability to heat water to 99 degrees. Achieving this high-temperature heating capability is a result of the perfect synergy between the water purifier and a rapid heating device.
The heating function up to 99 degrees in the Karofi 8-Core water purifier offers several benefits to users:

  • Instant access to boiling water.
  • No waiting time for water to boil.
  • Unrestricted supply of water at 99 degrees within the machine.
  • Cost-saving in electricity bills due to rapid 99-degree heating.
  • Readily meets users’ hot water needs at any time.

– Elegant Design

The Karofi 8-Core Optimus HOT-OH238 water purifier earns high praise for its design. With an aesthetically pleasing form factor, this machine enhances the elegance and aesthetics of any space it occupies.
Some impressive design elements of the Karofi 8-Core Optimus HOT-OH238 water purifier include:

  • Sharp and well-defined geometric shapes.
  • Available in black and white, making it a sophisticated fit for any installation space.
  • The top and front surfaces are made from toughened glass, exuding opulence.
  • Notably, this machine features an intelligent system that effectively prevents overflow and ensures safety, preventing water from spilling outside the machine.
  • Inside the machine, there is a convenient 10.8L storage compartment and a 6L cup storage space, offering practicality for users. This compartment can be used to store small items such as trays and drinking cups.

– LED Control Panel

Another standout feature of the Karofi 8-Core Optimus HOT-OH238 water purifier is its intelligent LED control panel. This feature allows users to take control and monitor the machine’s status, facilitating timely troubleshooting if any issues arise.

Drawbacks of HOT-OH238

Alongside its impressive advantages, this model has one limitation—its price. Currently, the Karofi 8-Core Optimus HOT-OH238 water purifier is priced at 9,890,000 Vietnamese Dong.

Karofi 10-Core KAQ-P95 Water Purifier

Karofi hot and cold water dispenser with 10 cores, KAQ-P95, ranks among the top 7 machines equipped with cutting-edge technologies. Remarkably, users can remotely monitor water purity via its Wi-Fi connectivity feature.
Karofi 10-Core KAQ-P95 Water Purifier

Key Highlights of Karofi 10-Core KAQ-P95 Water Purifier

The Karofi hot and cold water dispenser with 10 cores, KAQ-P95, boasts several key features:

– Equipped with AIoTec Wi-Fi Connectivity

This water purifier can connect to your smartphone through the Karofi 360 Wi-Fi app. Users can conveniently monitor the machine’s status from anywhere using their smartphones.
Moreover, critical components within the machine are integrated through this feature. Users can gain insights into component longevity via the app.

– Premium Elegant Colors

This product boasts a fresh, eye-catching design. Dominated by shades of emerald green and deep blue, it stands out as a young, elegant, and upscale water purifier.
Users praise this model for its youthful, sophisticated, and premium color palette. Consequently, the Karofi 10-Core KAQ-P95 water purifier can find its place in various settings, from homes and offices to companies.

– SMAX Filter Cores, U.S. Technology

The Karofi 10-Core KAQ-P95 water purifier is equipped with SMAX filter cores, utilizing U.S. technology. Karofi filters are crafted from the finest materials, doubling water purification efficiency compared to other models.
These SMAX filter cores are also monolithically cast, preventing bacterial intrusion and reducing water pollution risks. The one-piece design of the SMAX filter cores makes replacement and repair of the purifier quicker and more straightforward.

Drawbacks of Karofi 10-Core KAQ-P95 Water Purifier

– Relatively High Price Point

The major drawback of this machine is its relatively high price point. Priced at 8,720,000 Vietnamese Dong, it may not be affordable for everyone.

– Lack of Hot Water Feature Compared to Optimus

Another drawback of this model, compared to the Karofi 8-Core Optimus hot Oh238, is the absence of a hot water feature. This factor requires potential buyers with hot water needs for making tea, coffee, and more to consider their options carefully.

Karofi 10-Core KAQ-O07 Water Purifier

If you’re in the market for a water purifier loaded with modern features and technologies, look no further than the Karofi 10-Core KAQ-O07. If you’re debating whether to make the purchase, let’s explore some of its standout features and limitations to help you make an informed decision

Key Features of the Karofi 10-Core KAQ-O07 Hot and Cold Water Purifier

– Most Compact Design on the Market

Compared to other models, the Karofi 10-Core KAQ-O07 is hailed as having the most compact design on the market today. This feature allows users to choose and install the machine in any space without worrying about taking up too much room.

– Smax Filter Cores with U.S. Technology

The Karofi 10-Core KAQ-O07 hot and cold water purifier is also equipped with Smax filter cores, utilizing U.S. technology. It includes 3 raw filter cores and 6 functional filter cores.
With Smax filter cores, it ensures: Directly providing clean drinking water. The water quality of the machine is certified by the Ministry of Health.

Additionally, the Karofi 10-Core KAQ-O07 hot and cold water purifier also provides essential minerals, ensuring the best health protection for users.

– Wi-Fi Connectivity

This model is equipped with Wi-Fi connectivity, allowing users to monitor it remotely. You can check the machine’s water source from anywhere to ensure user safety regarding water quality and the purification process.


– No LED Control Screen
Unlike other Karofi models, the Karofi 10-Core KAQ-O07 does not come with an LED control screen. This may be a limitation that gives potential buyers pause before making a decision.

Karofi 10-Core ERO100 Water Purifier

If you’re on the hunt for a Karofi water purifier equipped with advanced technologies, consider the Karofi 10-Core ERO100. With its modern features, this product is sure to bring satisfaction to users.

Key Features of the 10-Core ERO100 Water Purifier

– Stainless Steel Faucet Design

One of the standout features of this model is its stainless steel faucet. The faucet is elegantly designed to complement the overall look of the Karofi 10-Core ERO100 water purifier.
The stainless steel material ensures that the faucet remains shiny, durable, and has a long service life. Additionally, this design adds a touch of luxury and sophistication to the ERO100 water purifier.

– Easy-to-Use for Elderly Family Members

Despite being equipped with modern technologies, this machine is exceptionally user-friendly, especially for households with elderly members. Instead of using touch-sensitive buttons to dispense water like some premium models, the ERO100 uses a classic water faucet. With this design, elderly individuals can easily obtain water by simply turning the handle, eliminating the need to press touch buttons, as required by some higher-end products, to dispense purified water.
. With just a few simple steps, users can have a glass of water that guarantees quality with all the essential minerals needed.

– Premium Tempered Glass Cabinet

The Karofi 10-Core ERO100 is designed as a standing cabinet, and the cabinet’s exterior is made of high-quality tempered glass. This design not only ensures excellent durability but also adds to its aesthetic appeal.
Tempered glass material is known for its excellent resistance to impact. This prevents deformation during use.


In addition to its standout features, this model also has some limitations:

– No Wi-Fi Connectivity

The Karofi hot and cold water purifier does not support Wi-Fi connectivity. This limitation means users cannot remotely check the water quality and need to be physically present, which can be time-consuming and require effort.

– Traditional Design, Lacks Distinctive Features

Compared to other models, the Karofi 10-Core ERO100 water purifier is not highly rated for its exterior design. The machine’s design still leans towards tradition and lacks standout elements.

Karofi KAQ-U95 Water Purifier

The Karofi KAQ-U95 water purifier is one of the most technologically advanced options in the Karofi lineup. This machine boasts several outstanding features, ensuring it meets users’ needs with ease

Key Highlights

– Wi-Fi Connectivity for Remote Monitoring

The Karofi KAQ-U95 water purifier is a Wi-Fi-enabled model. This technology allows users to remotely monitor and assess the water purification process and quality from a distance, enabling them to take appropriate action as needed.

– Super Compact Size

Designed with a compact size, this water purifier won’t take up much space and won’t compromise the aesthetics of your living space. Moreover, users can easily install the purifier in any location of their choice.

– Quick and Easy Filter Replacement

Equipped with Smax filter technology, this purifier delivers high water filtration performance. Furthermore, replacing the filter is a straightforward process that doesn’t require much time or effort.

Drawbacks of the KAQ-U95

However, the Karofi KAQ-U95 water purifier has some drawbacks to consider:

– Lack of Cabinet Enclosure Makes Cleaning Challenging

Unlike other products, this water purifier lacks a protective cabinet enclosure. This not only reduces its aesthetic appeal but also makes it prone to dust accumulation. Cleaning becomes a time-consuming and challenging task due to the absence of an enclosure.

Karofi KAQ-U03 Water Filtration Marvel

Meet the Karofi KAQ-U03, a compact under-the-counter water filtration marvel. This powerhouse is equipped with 10 purification cores featuring the cutting-edge RO Purifilm membrane from the USA.

Key Highlights

– Affordable Price Point

Currently, the Karofi KAQ-U03 water purifier is available at a price just over 5 million Vietnamese dong. This price point is quite reasonable, catering to the economic conditions of many individuals.

– High Water Recovery Rate

Another standout feature of the Karofi KAQ-U03 is its high water recovery rate. This ensures a quality water supply rich in essential minerals for consumers.

– Lightweight and Suitable for Under-Cabinet Installation

This model is designed to be compact and remarkably slim, making it suitable for installation beneath your kitchen cabinet. This feature optimizes space utilization in your kitchen.


The Karofi KAQ-U03 water purifier does have a few drawbacks:

  • Lacks an AIO (All-In-One) connectivity feature.
  • Challenging to monitor filter replacements when the unit is installed in tight spaces.

Karofi LIVOTEC 212: The Under-Cabinet Water Wizard

The Karofi LIVOTEC 212 under-cabinet water purifier is a product worth considering and choosing for your household.

Key Highlights

– Affordable Pricing for the Budget-Conscious
The Karofi LIVOTEC 212 comes at an affordable price point. For just 3,690,000 Vietnamese dong, you can own this impressive unit.

– Energy-Efficient

The Karofi LIVOTEC 212 consumes only 15w/h of electricity, ensuring energy savings for users.

– Added Support Stand

This water purifier model is equipped with an additional support stand underneath. This enhances its stability and prevents direct contact with the ground, contributing to a longer lifespan.


In addition to its advantages, the Karofi LIVOTEC 212 water purifier also has some limitations:

  • A lower water recovery rate, around 50-60%, which is lower compared to other water purifier models.
  • Challenging to integrate into your home decor due to its placement requirements, which may not be aesthetically pleasing.
  • Filter replacement checks are relatively cumbersome and can only be done manually.


What is a Karofi water purifier?

Karofi is a renowned brand in the water purifier market, offering a diverse range of models and designs, giving consumers a variety of choices.

What’s special about the Karofi 8-core Optimus HOT-OH238 water purifier?

The Karofi 8-core Optimus HOT-OH238 is equipped with 8 filter cores and Smax technology, doubling its water purification capacity. The device also features a heating function up to 99 degrees and boasts a luxurious design.

What standout features does the Karofi 10-core KAQ-P95 water purifier offer?

The Karofi 10-core KAQ-P95 features AIoTec wifi connectivity, allowing remote water quality monitoring. The device also has a stylish design and a Smax filter core with American technology.

What other Karofi water purifier models are introduced in the article?

In addition to the models mentioned above, the article introduces the Karofi 10-core KAQ-O07, the 10-core ERO100, the Karofi KAQ-U95, and the Karofi KAQ-U03 water purifiers.

How are the prices for Karofi water purifiers?

The price of Karofi water purifiers varies depending on the model and its features. For instance, the Karofi 8-core Optimus hot Oh238 is priced at 9,890,000 VND.

These are the top 7 Karofi water purifiers equipped with modern features, including the standout models from this brand, available at various Karofi water purifier dealers for your consideration.

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