Top 3 most reputable genuine karofi water purifier dealers today

The demand for water purifiers in Hanoi is increasing, so more new businesses are springing up and participating in this potential market. Let’s take a look at the top 3 most trusted karofi water purifier stores today.

Official Karofi Water Filter Machine Dealer

Karofi water filter machine official dealer in Hanoi, Technology Machine Company

Established in 2012, Technology Machine Company boasts an impressive 9-year track record (March 13, 2012 – March 13, 2021) in the water filtration industry, consistently leading the way in supplying and servicing water filtration equipment.

Over the past 9 years, the company has evolved into an authorized Karofi store, distributing tens of thousands of water filter machines to households and providing thousands of water filtration solutions for both residential and industrial use. Currently, Technology Machine Company is the OFFICIAL AUTHORIZED DISTRIBUTOR OF KAROFI nationwide.

Authorized Dealer Certification

Technology Machine Company has the advantage of a professional warranty center in Vietnam, fully licensed and certified.
In addition to traditional warranty certificates, the company also offers electronic warranty services to customers through their phone numbers, providing convenience and peace of mind. Customers can easily check their electronic warranty information in a matter of seconds.

In case of any issues, our technical team will visit customers’ homes to provide the best professional and transparent support. Customers can monitor each step of the process, gain valuable insights, and receive attentive guidance from our company.

Online Sales Channel

The Karofi water filter machine dealer, Technology Machine Company, has expanded its online sales system, offering a wide range of water filtration products with excellent warranty and after-sales service to every customer. When purchasing a hot and cold water dispenser or any other product on the Technology Machine Company website, customers can rest assured that they are buying genuine products, with scheduled maintenance and support for improving the quality of their water source, ensuring safety.
We also offer water filter machine repair, regular filter replacement, and free machine inspections when replacing filters super-fast, 24/7:

Step 1: 24/7 Information Reception

When you detect any issues related to your water filter machine, simply call our Hotline at 096.964.1188, and our staff will provide quick assistance and answer your questions. We’ll schedule an appointment immediately and ensure all necessary equipment and components are ready for the job.

Step 2: Swift On-Site Service

Upon receipt of your request, a technician will arrive at your location within 24 hours to inspect, diagnose issues, and resolve any problems with your water filter machine.

Step 3: Completion of the Process

After inspection and necessary repairs or filter replacement, our KarofiHanoi staff will provide you with usage guidance to ensure the effective operation of your home water filter machine. We’ll also schedule regular filter replacements to keep your water filter machine operating at its best.

Phone Orders for Savings up to 1 Million VND

Our company offers several advantages over competitors:

Customers can directly call to make purchases and receive quick consultations. The prices for Karofi water filter machines can be reduced by up to 1 million VND compared to the listed prices on the company’s website.

When customers make a purchase, they receive a warranty certificate and enjoy free machine inspections. If any repairs are needed, customers are only charged for materials, not labor, allowing them to maximize cost savings.

Areas for Improvement

Currently, the company only has dealers in Hanoi. However, the company is developing a business model that combines online and in-person sales, ensuring that customers from all regions can easily access product information.
When considering water filter machine dealers in Hanoi, Technology Machine Company stands out as the go-to choice for customers looking for genuine products, excellent customer support, and a top-notch selection from the largest stores.


Karofi Showroom Inside the Green Electronics Megastore

Green Electronics is a major electronics megastore in Vietnam, part of the conglomerate alongside big brands like Mobile World and Bach Hoa Xanh. Green Electronics offers a wide range of products, from appliances, refrigeration, electronics, phones, to accessories, all guaranteed to be genuine and backed by warranty. Currently, Green Electronics is also a distributor ofKarofi water filtration machines, a trusted choice for many.

Advantages of the Karofi Showroom Inside Green Electronics:

Extensive Dealer Network Nationwide
Green Electronics has built a widespread distribution network across the country, making it easy for customers from all regions to directly access the products.

So, when you purchase from Karofi dealers within the Green Electronics network, you’ll always have personnel available for in-home warranty service, ensuring professionalism and attentive service at every stage.

This is more convenient for customers, as they can see the products firsthand, make suitable choices, have them installed, receive guidance on product care, and benefit from warranty and maintenance services throughout the product’s lifetime.

Excellent Service and Enthusiastic Consultation

Great Service

When issues arise, customers can simply call the toll-free hotline 1800.1065, and technical staff will visit to inspect the product, collect it, and take it to the service center.

Effortless Returns with Just a Phone Call

Moreover, Green Electronics offers a robust electronic warranty service, enhancing support for customers.

Dedicated Support

The Green Electronics technical team is highly trained, focused on resolving customer issues comprehensively, ensuring peace of mind and absolute satisfaction.


Green Electronics targets customers seeking reliability, service assurance, and convenience, so prices for Karofi water filtration machines distributed here may be slightly higher, ranging from a few million VND. Green Electronics not only sells products but also offers a service-oriented experience when shopping at their stores. Therefore, when making a purchase, you should consider your needs and budget to make an appropriate choice.

Karofi Dealership at MediaMart

Genuine Karofi store within Mediamart hypermarkets

MediaMart Vietnam is the owner of the MediaMart brand’s chain of electronics superstores nationwide. It is a reputable and competitive brand in the market.


Lower Prices Compared to Competitors
Karofi showrooms at Mediamart regularly host attractive promotional events on special occasions. Therefore, when customers shop at Mediamart, they receive many discounts and reasonable prices compared to those at Green Electronics.

Excellent Service and Enthusiastic Consultation

When purchasing from the Karofi dealer in Hanoi’s Mediamart, you can be assured of receiving genuine and complete water filtration products, as well as top-notch service:

Support for transportation and installation of water filtration machines, with dedicated and attentive sales and delivery personnel.

Experienced sales and technical staff with expertise in water filtration, offering personalized advice based on customer needs and water sources.

Prompt and professional warranty services, machine repairs, and quick replacement of Karofi water filter cartridges .


Currently Focused Only on Northern Provinces
Currently, Media Mart Vietnam Joint Stock Company’s retail network for water filtration machines is rapidly expanding, consistently ranking at the top in the Northern region. This is both an advantage and a drawback as it hasn’t expanded significantly in the South yet. However, the company is on the path to establishing a strong market presence, so if you want to choose a Karofi water filtration machine distributor in the North, you can use it with confidence.

Concentrating on Specific Product Lines, Lacking Model Diversity

The display area for Karofi water filtration machines lacks diversity in terms of models compared to many other dealers in the current market. To enhance competitiveness, the superstore needs to add a variety of water filtration machine models with different materials and designs to cater to various consumer needs.



Which are the most reputable official distributors for Karofi water purifiers in Hanoi?

The top 3 trusted official distributors for Karofi water purifiers in Hanoi include the Technology Machine Company, the Karofi Showroom in the Green Electronics Supermarket, and the official Karofi store in the Mediamart supermarkets.

What are the advantages of purchasing a Karofi water purifier from the Technology Machine Company?

The Technology Machine Company offers genuine water purifiers, electronic warranty services, home repair support, and an online sales channel.

What makes the Green Electronics Supermarket special as a distributor of Karofi water purifiers?

The Green Electronics Supermarket has a widespread distribution network across Vietnam, offers enthusiastic consultation, and frequently has attractive promotions.

What benefits does Mediamart offer when purchasing a Karofi water purifier?

Mediamart provides water purifiers at a more affordable price compared to competitors and offers professional consultation services.

Why should one choose to buy a Karofi water purifier from official distributors?

Purchasing from official distributors ensures genuine product quality, excellent warranty services, and professional consultation.

These are the top 3 most reputable genuine Karofi water filtration machine dealerships today. Customers can refer to them to make the best choice for their families or companies.

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