Top 6 best horizontal slow juicer brands in the world in Vietnam

Horizontal slow juicers are a kitchen staple adored by many for their ability to preserve the flavor, enzyme content, and natural nutrients of fruits and vegetables. This is especially appealing for those looking to juice fiber-rich produce, making horizontal juicers the top choice for numerous households. To assist you in finding a high-quality horizontal slow juicer for your family, is here to introduce the top 6 world-class horizontal slow juicer brands available in Vietnam.

Introducing Horizontal Slow Juicers

What is a Horizontal Slow Juicer?

A horizontal slow juicer is a kitchen appliance designed for juicing various fruits, vegetables, and greens at a slow speed, typically around 50-100 rotations per minute. Its distinctive feature is the horizontal auger, allowing users to juice a wide range of ingredients, including tough ones like carrots or beets.

Structure and Operation of Horizontal Juicers

Unlike vertical slow juicers, horizontal juicers have a motor that lies horizontally, parallel to the ground. When in operation, the motor generates horizontal torque, driving the auger to crush and squeeze the fruits and vegetables.
As you feed various produce into the feeding chute, they are chopped into smaller pieces and pushed through the horizontal auger at a slow pace, mimicking the way a human hand would crush and squeeze food. Coupled with a fine mesh strainer and an elongated auger that minimizes contact with the motor, this design prevents oxidation during the juicing process. Consequently, the juice you obtain retains its freshness, preserves a wealth of minerals, and safeguards the enzymes within.

Advantages of Horizontal Slow Juicers

Easy Cleaning and Simple Assembly

Horizontal slow juicers are renowned for their ease of cleaning and straightforward assembly. Their design simplifies the disassembly process, allowing you to maintain your juicer with minimal effort. Cleaning becomes a breeze, ensuring that you can enjoy your juicing routine without dreading the cleanup afterwards.

While Hurom slow juicers or vertical slow juicers often boast complex structures with multiple mesh layers, juice chambers, pulp containers, augers, and more, horizontal slow juicers take a simpler approach. Users don’t need to invest much time in learning how to disassemble and assemble the product. Horizontal slow juicers are designed with fewer components and accessories, making them easier to clean and assemble. Furthermore, they feature a separate mesh strainer and juice chamber, unlike vertical juicers where these components are attached to the main body. This prevents juice from dripping down into the machine. The simplicity of a horizontal slow juicer in terms of maintenance and assembly is evident.

The simple design facilitates easy disassembly for cleaning

Effortless Juicing of Hard and Fiber-Rich Produce

The horizontal auger design is a standout feature that makes horizontal slow juicers an excellent choice for those looking to juice tough or fiber-rich fruits and vegetables. The horizontally oriented auger mimics the action of gears, effortlessly crushing and juicing produce with high fiber content or hardness. This eliminates the need for extra time spent using a pestle to press and compress the ingredients, as you might with a vertical slow juicer.

Prolonged Preservation of Abundant Minerals, Beneficial Enzymes, and Extended Shelf Life

The juicing process in a horizontal slow juicer doesn’t generate high temperatures, unlike conventional vertical juicers. Consequently, the nutrient and enzyme content in the juice is preserved at its maximum. Additionally, the juice experiences minimal separation, leading to extended shelf life. This is attributed to the unique design feature of separating the motor compartment from the juice chamber, minimizing heat generation from the motor during operation.

Famous Global Horizontal Slow Juicer Brands Available in Vietnam

The global market for horizontal slow juicers is vast and comprises various brands, each offering different designs, capacities, and performances. The diversity of brands in the horizontal slow juicer market complicates the process of choosing a suitable product based on budget and needs. As a result, has compiled a list of the six most renowned horizontal slow juicer brands globally, all available in Vietnam. This resource is intended for those researching and considering the purchase of this type of product.

The Angel Juicer – A Horizontal Slow Juicer Marvel

The Angel Juicer stands tall as one of the world’s leading horizontal slow juicer brands. With its exclusive dual-auger screw design, this powerhouse can extract juice from just about anything, including tough vegetables, fruits, and even hard nuts like walnuts and almonds. Currently, Angel Juicers are directly imported from South Korea through their authorized distributor, AngelVietNam (check the certificate here). This ensures top-notch product quality.

Angel Juicer’s motto is to “focus on quality and deliver the best to customers.” Hence, all Angel juicer models use AISI 304 and AISI 316 standard stainless steel materials for components such as the mesh strainer, body, and the auger unit. This not only guarantees durability but also ensures the user’s well-being. Stainless steel construction simplifies cleaning and maintenance compared to other brands.

A unique feature of the Angel horizontal slow juicers is their heat-resistant transmission system, which safeguards the juice from oxidation. This innovation preserves mineral content and enzymes in the juice for extended shelf life. This is a standout advantage that Angel Juicer offers over other slow juicer brands on the market.

With these exceptional features, it’s no surprise that Angel Juicer is renowned as the world’s leading horizontal slow juicer brand. If you’re a health-conscious individual looking for the best organic juice from fruits and vegetables, Angel Juicer is an excellent choice.

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The Tribest Horizontal Slow Juicer

Adding to the line-up of horizontal slow juicers hailing from South Korea is the Tribest brand, and it’s one that is eager to introduce to you. Alongside Angel Juicer, Tribest stands as one of the world’s leading juicer brands, offering exceptional juice quality that surpasses many others. Tribest employs premium materials and advanced technologies to enhance performance and durability. The Tribest horizontal slow juicer promises to deliver outstanding, health-enhancing juice for you and your family.

One standout feature of the Tribest horizontal slow juicer is its high-quality solid-cast plastic material. This premium plastic not only contributes to the juicer’s robustness but also ensures user safety by avoiding the release of plastic particles. Apart from durability, this material simplifies post-juicing cleaning.

The juicer employs a dual-auger screw design, akin to large gear wheels, for efficient processing of tough vegetables and fruits compared to other juicers. Inside these augers, Tribest has incorporated its exclusive core auger technology—a long-standing research achievement that maximizes the preservation of minerals and enzymes in the juice, extending its shelf life.

In addition to these features, the Tribest horizontal slow juicer comes equipped with an internal adjustment knob within the mesh strainer. This feature enhances the juicer’s efficiency in extracting every last drop of juice. With this innovation, you can customize the compression level to suit each type of vegetable or fruit, ensuring maximum juice yield. This smart feature not only saves on ingredients but also optimizes the nutrient content in every glass of juice.

The Tribest horizontal slow juicer’s high durability is a significant advantage. Using top-grade materials and the latest production systems, this juicer can serve you for over a decade without encountering any issues. This not only saves you long-term expenses but also assures you of consistent product quality.

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The Omega Slow Juicer

Omega, a brand hailing from the United States, brings you its range of horizontal slow juicers. These machines boast an elegant design that complements modern kitchen spaces. The Omega horizontal slow juicer is designed with a single auger, mimicking the hand-squeezing action, resulting in superior and distinctive fruit juice extraction compared to vertical juicers.

Beyond fruit juicing, the Omega horizontal slow juicer comes with a plethora of accessories. This expands its functionality to serve various other needs, such as making pasta, grinding spices, or even brewing coffee, among many others.

The primary feature of fruit juicing includes a 3-5 level adjustable squeeze force, allowing you to control the pulp density. This feature allows you to tailor the juice thickness according to your preferences and the type of fruits and vegetables you intend to juice. In summary, the Omega horizontal slow juicer is a versatile and high-quality product. With its unique design and an array of superior features, Omega stands as the best choice for those seeking a reliable and versatile horizontal slow juicer at an affordable price.

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Philips Horizontal Slow Juicer

Philips, a leading brand in horizontal slow juicers hailing from the Netherlands, has always been a favorite among consumers when it comes to household products. The Philips slow juicer is no exception. It’s equipped with stainless steel blades, allowing it to extract juice from a wide variety of fruits, from soft ones to hard seeds and tough vegetables. The Philips horizontal slow juicer excels at preserving the flavor and nutritional content of the fruits and vegetables it juices.

One standout feature of the Philips horizontal slow juicer is that the juice it produces doesn’t suffer from issues like sedimentation, foaming, or separation. This means that the juice you drink will be tastier and have a longer shelf life. With a power output of 150W and a rotation speed ranging from 60 to 85 revolutions per minute, this juicer operates smoothly and quietly, without causing excessive noise during operation.

Moreover, the juicer’s anti-drip feature sets it apart from many other brands on the market. Thanks to this feature, the juice that escapes from the filter doesn’t splash around, ensuring cleanliness and maximizing juice yield. With all these features in mind, the Philips horizontal slow juicer has earned its reputation as one of the top-rated products in the current market of fruit juicing machines.

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Kuvings Horizontal Slow Juicer

The Kuvings horizontal slow juicer is a high-quality product hailing from South Korea. Kuvings boasts an exceptionally sleek and modern design, along with a compact size that fits perfectly into various kitchen spaces. This machine is equipped with a pure copper coil motor and a robust machine casing, ensuring transparency during the juicing process. It operates quietly and efficiently, thanks to its large feeding tube.

The Kuvings horizontal slow juicer is equipped with a safety feature that automatically shuts off the machine in case of overheating. It also includes a secure locking mechanism to ensure the machine operates only when assembled correctly. This is an intelligent feature that is ideal for households with young children or elderly users.

For those who cherish fresh juice and aspire to lead a healthier lifestyle, the Kuvings horizontal slow juicer is a reliable choice. If you are seeking a high-quality product with safety features and excellent performance, the Kuvings horizontal slow juicer is an excellent choice.

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Nutrilovers Slow Juicer

The final brand of horizontal slow juicer that would like to introduce to our readers is Nutrilovers. This is a German brand that has recently been distributed and made available for purchase in Vietnam.

The Nutrilovers horizontal slow juicer uses a high-quality ceramic auger, ensuring safety for users’ health. The machine can easily juice all types of vegetables, fruits, and roots, even the challenging ones like herbs, celery, and pineapple. What’s more, the Nutrilovers slow juicer is considered quite easy to clean after use, making it convenient for users. By disassembling the components, users can clean the machine quickly and effortlessly.


What is a horizontal slow juicer?

A horizontal slow juicer is a kitchen appliance used to juice various fruits, vegetables, and grasses at a slow speed of around 50-100 rotations per minute.

What are the advantages of using a horizontal slow juicer compared to vertical juicers?

Horizontal slow juicers are easier to clean, simple to disassemble, capable of juicing fibrous vegetables and fruits, and retain more minerals and enzymes.

Where is the renowned horizontal slow juicer brand Angel Juicer from?

Angel Juicer is one of the world’s leading horizontal slow juicer brands and is directly imported from South Korea.

Which horizontal slow juicer brand is from the USA?

Omega is a horizontal slow juicer brand from the USA, featuring a luxurious design suitable for modern kitchens.

What are the standout features of the Kuving horizontal slow juicer?

Kuving boasts a sleek, modern design, compact size, and is equipped with a pure copper winding motor.

Above are the top 6 brands of horizontal slow juicers that distribute genuine products in Vietnam. If you know of any other brands that should be included, please contact to add them. Additionally, if you’re interested in reading more articles about high-quality products, visit our product category for more informative content.

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