Top 13 prestigious house construction companies in Hanoi

A complete list of 13 leading reputable house construction companies in Hanoi as well as in Vietnam for those who are in need.

Betaviet Group

Established in 2009, up to the present time, Betaviet has become one of the leading construction companies for restaurants in Vietnam. Not only that, it is also a pioneering company in the field of specialized designing and constructing luxury villas. Throughout its more than 15 years of operation, Betaviet has completed over 6000 projects including villas, castles, palaces, and mansions across the country.

Currently, Betaviet is also one of the few companies that provide a comprehensive “One Stop Home Center” solution. This model includes all aspects such as design, construction, project architectural design, high-quality finishing materials, and authentic furniture. With this model, customers will not need to spend excessive time and effort searching for individual companies for each component or working with different parties to come up with the most satisfactory design plan. All you need to do is contact Betaviet to discuss the necessary tasks. Betaviet will then conduct surveys and provide a complete plan for your home.

5 Benefits of Collaborating with Betaviet in Construction:

  1. Ensuring on-time construction as promised: Betaviet commits to completing construction projects according to the agreed-upon schedule with customers, ensuring that homeowners do not need to worry about delays in construction.
  2. Optimized construction costs and minimized additional expenses: As a top construction company in Vietnam that integrates modern processes and technologies into its operations, Betaviet’s 15+ years of experience helps investors manage costs, save on essential expenses, and minimize unwanted additional fees.
  3. Peace of mind with a responsible construction entity: Betaviet is a reputable company specializing in designing and constructing luxury villas. Investors can trust Betaviet to take responsibility for the construction process.
  4. Possessing a furniture manufacturing factory spanning over 3000m2, providing the highest quality interior at the lowest cost: With its large furniture manufacturing factory of 3000m2, Betaviet avoids intermediaries. As a result, homeowners are guaranteed to receive the best interior furnishings at an extremely affordable cost.
  5. Showroom system offering a wide range of finishing materials, equipment, and furniture for all spaces: The showroom system, covering an area of over 5000m2, provides a comprehensive range of materials, equipment, and furniture for all types of living spaces.

If you’re considering designing and constructing villas, palaces, or castles, Betaviet is the perfect choice for you. With a team of over 550 dedicated architects, construction engineers, and enthusiastic workers with years of experience, Betaviet guarantees your complete satisfaction. Not only is Betaviet a partner for many investors, but it is also a trusted collaborator of reputable news outlets such as CafeF, Vnexpress, Batdongsan, dantri, providing advice on content related to beautiful homes, architecture, interior design, and construction.

Contact Information:

Lê Hùng Construction

While not as large-scale as many construction companies listed on this compilation by, for those with limited budgets seeking a reliable home repair service at an affordable price without compromising quality, Lê Hùng is a trustworthy and quality choice worth considering.

Xây Dựng Lê Hùng can be seen as a team of professionals including architects, supervisors, and construction workers with over 10 years of practical experience in building urban and rural houses. With over a decade of experience from numerous projects across Hanoi and neighboring provinces, Xây Dựng Lê Hùng confidently asserts itself as one of the few companies that truly understands customer needs and optimizes costs according to the investor’s budget. From there, Lê Hùng devises a draft plan and cost estimate that aligns with the provided budget.

Many say that low cost equals low quality, but that doesn’t apply to Lê Hùng Construction. Throughout its 10+ years of operation, Lê Hùng has established an extensive network of material suppliers. Thanks to this, Lê Hùng consistently receives construction materials at highly competitive prices. As a result, each project undertaken by Lê Hùng not only maintains an affordable price but also ensures quality through the use of high-grade materials.

Main Areas of Operation

  • Construction of level 4 houses, townhouses, rural houses
  • Upgrading and renovating townhouses, level 4 houses, rural houses
  • Space enhancement
  • Installation of metal roofing, canopies
  • Waterproofing construction

Contact Information:

  • Website:
  • Hotline: 036.662.7272
  • Address:
  • – 655 Đê La Thành, Ba Đình District, Hanoi
  • – Branch 2: 326 Mỗ Lao, Hà Đông District, Hanoi
  • – Branch 3: 68 Nguyễn Văn Cừ, Long Biên District, Hanoi
  • – Branch 4: 89 Trương Định, Hai Bà Trưng District, Hanoi

Akisa Architecture

Despite being founded as recently as 2017, Akisa Architecture has swiftly become one of the leading enterprises in design consultancy and interior and exterior construction for civil projects such as houses, offices, castles, mansions, villas, hotels, and more. Akisa Architecture boasts a team of architects with over 10 years of experience, having worked on thousands of projects across various provinces and cities. Whether the architectural style is classical, neo-classical European, or contemporary with a modern touch, Akisa Architecture consistently delivers the highest quality to its clients.
The motto “Safety – Quality – Excellence” remains the foremost principle of Akisa Architecture. This is the reason why many investors are satisfied with the quality and progress of the projects undertaken by the company.

Moreover, Akisa Architecture commits to providing meticulous care to its customers. The program that accompanies clients throughout the construction process and guarantees project maintenance not only reflects the company’s trustworthiness but also demonstrates its unwavering concern for customers, whether the project is in the planning phase, under construction, or completed. Customers can expect the utmost attention from Akisa.

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Vinavic Vietnam Architecture Company

Vinavic Architecture is a renowned brand in the construction industry that anyone involved in this field cannot ignore. This construction company possesses an experienced team of architects along with young, enthusiastic, and creative experts. The synergy between these two generations has propelled Vinavic Vietnam to remarkable growth, enabling it to undertake numerous large-scale projects.

Vinavic Vietnam’s areas of operation include:

  • Architectural and interior design consultancy for various types of residential properties such as villas, townhouses, etc.
  • Evaluation of design for residential construction projects.
  • Project planning for civil construction.
  • Consultation and support for relevant issues.
  • Design and construction of villa gardens

Contact Information:

TXD Home Construction Company

TXD Home Construction Company is a reputable provider of repair and construction services, delivering trustworthy solutions with over a thousand completed projects handed over to clients across Vietnam. Understanding the desires of homeowners who seek affordable yet quality-assured projects, TXD consistently innovates and employs optimal techniques and methods to accompany customers. This ensures customers have beautiful and high-quality homes at reasonable prices.

Here are 6 compelling reasons to choose TXD Home Construction Company as the contractor for your home:

  1. Usage of premium construction materials that are easily assessable and evaluable by consumers.
  2. TXD guarantees utmost security and safety for the project. After completion, the house will be thoroughly cleaned for immediate occupancy.
  3. Application of advanced techniques and methods to expedite the construction process.
  4. Helping customers save up to 80% of the effort and time required for supervising and selecting materials.
  5. Providing customers with valuable and cost-saving solutions.
  6. TXD operates with values of trustworthiness, honesty, and commits to long-term warranties.

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Aspace Home Construction Company

Aspace is a key player in the field of architecture and residential construction. Its establishment stems from the aspirations of a team of renowned architects in Vietnam, with the desire to bring homes that encompass the qualities of quality, aesthetics, and affordability to the general public. Collaborating with this team of esteemed architects is a group of young, energetic, creative, and dedicated construction personnel, engineers, and architects.

Yet, the homes designed and constructed by Aspace always achieve a delicate balance between high aesthetics and the assurance of optimal quality in each project. If you’re inclined towards a comfortable garden-style home, then Aspace is the perfect choice. The architecture and construction company Aspace adheres to the motto: “Companion and support in building a space worthy of one’s own sanctuary.”

Contact Information:

  • Hotline: 098 855 13 88
  • Facebook: Aspace
  • Address: 15T Building, Nguyen Thi Dinh Street – Trung Hoa Nhan Chinh Urban Area

AHT Home Construction Company

AHT Home is one of the leading residential construction companies in Hanoi. Throughout its years of operation, AHT Home has designed and executed numerous projects, ranging from residential buildings such as houses and four-story homes to warehouse constructions. AHT Home commits to ensuring that projects are completed on schedule, both in terms of design and construction. This enables homeowners to save time and costs while obtaining a high-quality project that exceeds standards.

AHT Home not only provides clients with the latest design trends but also establishes a lasting impression and reputation by incorporating the latest techniques into their full-service home construction offerings. Therefore, if you are seeking a reputable and professional partner in the field of residential design and construction, consider reaching out to AHT Home for the latest advisory information.

Contact Information:

HOMY Vietnam

When it comes to reputable residential construction companies in Hanoi, HOMY Vietnam is impossible to overlook. This is a professional construction company specializing in full-package home construction in Hanoi. HOMY Vietnam always incorporates a unique style into its projects, reflecting the personality of the homeowners and prioritizing service quality.

HOMY Vietnam boasts a highly skilled team of professionals who efficiently complete tasks while ensuring accuracy. This is to guarantee that projects handed over to clients are not only completed on schedule but also maintain construction quality. With years of experience in full-package home construction in Hanoi, customers can rely on HOMY Vietnam for advice on suitable materials that help save on budget while ensuring quality and aesthetics.

HOMY Vietnam will bring you the most perfect living and working spaces. Get in touch with us for consultation and answers to all your inquiries.

Contact Information:

Sofia Vietnam

Sofia Vietnam is a reputable and highly regarded company specializing in comprehensive consulting and full-package home construction in Hanoi. With a team of experienced engineers and technicians who have led and participated in the design consultation for numerous projects across the country, Sofia consistently meets exceptional standards in both quality and aesthetics.

With a philosophy of continuous innovation and dedicated service for the benefit of customers, Sofia’s projects not only ensure quality and aesthetics but also maintain rapid construction progress, even during tight and urgent timelines.

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Truong Sinh Construction Company

Truong Sinh Construction and Consulting Company is directly involved in designing and constructing hundreds of projects across Hanoi and its neighboring provinces.

The company primarily operates in various fields including residential construction, renovation and repair of homes, restaurants, fashion shops, and apartment buildings. Truong Sinh has earned the trust of customers through quality projects, on-time delivery, and reasonable pricing. With a team of experienced professionals in design, construction, and renovation of various types of buildings, customers can undoubtedly expect satisfaction from what Truong Sinh delivers.

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Hung Anh Construction Company

Hung Anh Construction Company specializes in providing consulting services for house design and construction, renovation, and remodeling services according to customer requirements in the Hanoi area and surrounding provinces. Some of the services that Hung Anh offers include:

  • Design and consulting for complete house services.
  • Demolition and complete house repair services
  • Concrete pile foundation pricing, construction of foundations
  • Wall painting, plastering, and water-based painting for residential and office buildings

Hung Anh always reaffirms its value through customer feedback on actual construction projects. Incorporating customer contributions will continuously motivate Hung Anh to provide even better value tailored to the customers’ needs.

Contact Information:

Thien Ha Joint Stock Company

Engaged primarily in the field of design & construction of large-scale projects since its inception in 2008. Up to the present, Thien Ha Construction Company has established its reputation and market share, especially in the turnkey home construction market in Hanoi.

The team of engineers and technicians at the company continuously enhances their professional knowledge and skills to deliver the best value to customers. In addition, the youthful and innovative staff will infuse fresh elements into the company’s operational style. This enables the company to maintain its youthful vigor and enthusiasm, aiming to provide customers with the highest quality residential construction projects.

Contact Information:

Thinh Phat Investment and Construction Joint Stock Company

One of the pioneering residential construction companies in Hanoi is Thinh Phat Investment and Construction Joint Stock Company. With years of experience, Thinh Phat has undertaken hundreds of houses in various wards and districts of Hanoi. Thinh Phat has become a reliable and reputable turnkey home construction brand for customers.

Thinh Phat is committed to providing quality turnkey home construction services at affordable prices that cater to the majority of customers and are chosen by many customers.

Contact Information:

Above are the compiled 13 reputable and quality home construction companies that has put together. If you have additional addresses to contribute, please contact us to update as soon as possible. Additionally, you can also read more in the construction section to find the leading and reputable construction sites in Vietnam.


Which construction company is considered top-tier in Hanoi?

The article introduces several construction companies such as Betaviet Group, Lê Hùng Construction, Akisa Architecture, and many others.

What are the notable features of Betaviet Group?

Betaviet Group is known for designing and constructing luxury villas, has over 15 years of experience, and has completed over 6000 projects nationwide.

Who is Lê Hùng Construction suitable for?

Lê Hùng Construction is an ideal choice for those on a tight budget but are looking for a reputable and quality construction service.

What distinguishes Akisa Architecture?

Although only established in 2017, Akisa Architecture quickly became one of the leading businesses in design consultation and interior and exterior construction.

What services does AHT Home Construction Company offer?

AHT Home specializes in repair and construction services and has completed over a thousand projects across Vietnam.

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