Top 7 best home water pumps Vietnam in 2023

Water pumps are extremely popular civil appliances in everyday life. It is used to transport water, solutions, and chemicals from low pressure areas to higher pressure areas. Water pumping also has another effect: increasing water pressure in areas with low pressure to create a stronger water flow. In this article, will introduce to you the top best family water pump models.

Ebara JEXM 100 – The Epitome of Household Water Pumps

When it comes to household water pumps, Ebara stands tall as a world-renowned brand, both in the realm of residential and industrial pumps. The first product we’d like to introduce to you is the Ebara JEXM 100, hailing from this prestigious brand.

Ebara JEXM 100 is a self-priming household water pump, primarily designed to cater to Vietnamese households. It features a split design comprising two parts: the motor compartment and the water pressure pump chamber. Notably, the water pump chamber is constructed from INOX material that meets European AISI 304 standards. This is an exceptionally high standard, ensuring the pump’s ability to withstand pressures of up to 8 bar (equivalent to 7.92 atm). As a result, this household water pump operates reliably without concerns of leaks or fractures during long-term use. For the motor compartment, Ebara has opted for cast iron as the material to shield the motor inside the machine’s body. The advantages of cast iron include optimal protection of the motor from environmental influences, thereby enhancing its lifespan and durability, allowing it to operate smoothly for 10-20 years.

Advantages of the Ebara JEXM 100 Household Water Pump:

  • The pump blades are made of PPE plastic reinforced with fiberglass. This reduces the pump’s weight while ensuring both durability and operational efficiency.
  • It meets IP54 standards for water and dust resistance. This means the pump can operate in low humidity and damp environments without the risk of damage.

Basic Product Specifications:

Water Type Clean water, household and business use
Water Temperature Model JEXM 100 5°C to 45°C
Design Impeller Impeller made of PPE plastic reinforced with fiberglass
Shaft Seal Double mechanical seal
Materials Casing Stainless Steel
Impeller PPE plastic reinforced with fiberglass for added durability
Shaft Stainless Steel
Motor Pump Type Water-sealed motor
Poles 2-Pole, Single Phase Motor
Power 1/0.75 (HP/ kW)
Working Pressure (bar) 8
Compliance IP 54 for dust and water resistance
Pump Head (m) 21 – 37
Water Flow Rate (m3/h) 1.2 – 4.2
Weight (kg) 7.8
  • Product reference link: Here

Ebara CD 70/05 Horizontal Shaft Household Water Pump

Introducing yet another household water pump model from the Ebara brand that you can consider – the CD 70/05.

This residential water pump meets the WRAS standards of the United Kingdom. It’s safe to say that the Ebara CD 70/05 is the top choice for many families looking for a clean water pump for daily life that is both durable and stylish.

The Ebara CD 70/05 boasts a body cast from stainless steel that meets European AISI 304 standards. As a result, the entire machine has an elegant design with a smooth, mirror-like surface that attracts attention at first glance. Beyond its captivating appearance, this household pump is cast using the company’s exclusive Hydroforming method. This enhances durability and impact resistance, increasing product longevity by 30-40% compared to conventional casting methods.

To complement its impressive exterior, Ebara also incorporates advanced technologies to enhance its operational performance. These include a double-ended enclosed impeller centrifugal pump design and a 42mm suction-discharge head. Thanks to these features, the pump can move a water flow rate of 1.2 – 5.4m³/h with a maximum head of 20.7m (equivalent to a 6-7 story house in Vietnam).

Advantages of the Ebara CD 70/05 Pump

  • The Hydroforming pump casting technology increases durability and pressure resistance up to 10 bar. This ensures long-term pump operation without the risk of damage.
  • The use of stainless steel for the casing instead of materials like cast iron or rust-resistant painted steel used by many other brands on the market. Stainless steel makes the pump durable, resistant to impact, and ensures stability during operation.

Basic Product Specifications:

Water Type Clean water, household and business use
Water Temperature Model CDM 70/05 -5°C to 60°C
Design Impeller Double-ended enclosed centrifugal impeller
Shaft Seal Double mechanical seal
Materials Casing Stainless Steel
Impeller Stainless Steel
Shaft Stainless Steel
Motor Pump Type Water-sealed motor
Poles 3-Phase 2-Pole Motor
Power 0.5/0.37 (HP/ kW)
Working Pressure (bar) 8
Suction-Discharge Head Diameter (mm) 42 – 34
Pump Head (m) 15 – 20.7
Water Flow Rate (m3/h) 1.2 – 5.4
Weight (kg) 9.5
  • Product reference link: Here

Ebara JESM5 Household Water Pump

The Ebara JESM5 household water pump boasts a simple and convenient design that simplifies operation and maintenance. The machine consists of two main parts: the pump chamber and the motor housing. Both areas are made from high-quality European standard stainless steel. This ensures the pump’s durability throughout its operation. The pump chamber is connected to a processing chip to link with the water valve and other components to control pressure and flow.

The Ebara JESM5 is considered a perfect vacuum pump device. This pump has many outstanding advantages, with the most significant being its ability to pump air, vapor, and liquids at high continuous pressure without a loss in efficiency. As a result, the Ebara JESM5 is always the perfect choice for installation in production systems that demand high performance and durability.

Advantages of the Ebara JESM5 Household Water Pump

  • The design features a water-sealed motor with a cast pump chamber, eliminating water leaks that can lead to unnecessary costs and operational losses.
  • It can transport water from -5 to 45 degrees Celsius, making it suitable for various environments without compromising longevity and performance.
  • With a compact weight of only 7.8 KG, it ensures mobility while maintaining machine stability when the motor operates at maximum capacity.

Basic Technical Specifications

Water Type Clean water, household and business use
Water Temperature Model JESM5 -5°C to 45°C
Design Impeller Centrifugal impeller made of PPE plastic reinforced with fiberglass
Shaft Seal Double mechanical seal
Materials Casing Stainless Steel
Impeller Stainless Steel
Shaft Stainless Steel
Motor Pump Type Water-sealed motor
Poles Single-phase 2-Pole Motor
Power 0.5/0.37 (HP/ kW)
Working Pressure (bar) 8
Standard IP 54 for dust and water resistance
Pump Head (m) 11.5 – 28.5
Water Flow Rate (m3/h) 0.3 – 2.7
Weight (kg) 7.8
  • Product reference link: Here

Panasonic A-200JAK Boosting Water Pump

A boosting water pump is one of the types of pumps used to increase the water pressure within pipelines. Boosting pumps enhance the flow of water, making it stronger and more plentiful when it reaches the faucets. One of the household water pump models used for boosting flow is the Panasonic A-200JAK. This is a high-quality, highly efficient water pump manufactured to Japanese technology standards.

Advantages of the Panasonic A-200JAK Household Water Pump:

  • Automatic Boosting: The Panasonic A-200JAK is designed to automatically boost pressure during operation. It can be used to increase water pressure for water devices in households with weak or low water flow. The operation mechanism of the pump is straightforward: when any water faucet is opened to draw water, the pump senses a decrease in water pressure in the pipes and activates the pressure-boosting mechanism. This results in a stronger water flow, meeting the user’s expectations. When the faucets are closed, the pump automatically turns off to save electricity.
  • Suitable for Various Apartment Types: With its compact design and moderate weight, the Panasonic A-200JAK household water pump is extremely suitable for use in apartment complexes, condominiums, and single-family homes. You can install the pump indoors or outdoors, as long as the installation area has a roof covering.
  • Versatile Pressure Boosting: This pump can directly draw water from the clean water pipes to boost pressure for various water-using devices in the home, such as water heaters, showers, faucets, washing machines, and more. It’s a suitable water pump for households, apartment complexes, condominiums, and other settings with the need for simultaneous use of up to four water-using devices.

Technical Specifications:

  • Model: A- 200JAK
  • Power: 200W
  • Power Supply: 220V
  • Water Flow Rate: 45 liters/minute
  • Suction Depth: 9m
  • Discharge Height: 10m
  • Copper Wire Motor
  • Weight: 7.5kg
  • Dimensions: 225x182x215 (mm)
  • Product reference link: Here

Ebara Inox Right 100 MA – The Ultimate Household Water Pump

Beyond the realm of household water pumps that cater to our daily lives lies a champion of drainage, the Ebara Inox Right 100MA. This is the go-to choice for households and communities with basements or dwellings situated in flood-prone areas.

With its open impeller design equipped with waste-shredding blades, this pump can handle not only draining wastewater but also solid waste and fibrous materials. It’s no wonder that the Ebara Inox Right 100MA has become the top pick for many families seeking a drainage solution. Moreover, the pump’s intake is strategically positioned to ensure it draws in all the water, minimizing the risk of sudden stoppages due to the intake being above the water level, a problem faced by many other household drainage pumps on the market.

To ensure that the Ebara Inox Right 100MA can operate in submerged environments, the manufacturer has employed an inverted casing design along with an exclusive no-weld Hydroforming process. Thanks to this, the pump can function underwater without the risk of water leakage into the motor, preventing unexpected damage.

Advantages of the Ebara Right 100MA Pump

  • Impressive pumping capacity of up to 18m3/h, reducing the time spent battling floods and minimizing damage caused by inundation.
  • Complies with IPX8 waterproofing standards combined with the no-weld technology, allowing the pump to operate regardless of weather conditions.
  • Compact and lightweight, weighing approximately 11.5 KG, making installation and relocation a swift and effortless process.
  • Equipped with an automatic activation feature that starts the pump when the minimum water level is reached.

Product Specifications

Type of Water Household Wastewater
Water Temperature Model Right 100 MA 5°C to 50°C
Design Impeller Open centrifugal impeller with waste-shredding blades
Shaft Seal Double mechanical shaft seal
Materials Casing Cast Iron
Impeller High-quality PPE plastic reinforced with fiberglass
Shaft Stainless Steel
Motor Pump Type Submersible Motor
Number of Poles 2-Pole Single-Phase Motor
Power 1/0.75 (HP/kW)
Working Pressure (bar) 10
Discharge Size (mm) 35
Total Head (m) 2 – 9.5
Flow Rate (m3/h) 2.4 – 18
Weight (kg) 11.5
  • Product reference link: Here

Ebara 4″ Household Well Pump – OY Series

For families living in rural areas, mountainous regions, and places where clean water supply remains a distant dream, the Ebara 4″ well pump, known as the OY series, is the solution you’ve been longing for.

While other household water pumps primarily draw water from municipal clean water sources with a head of 5-40m, well pumps are tasked with lifting water from greater depths, ensuring a clean water supply from deep within the earth. This is where the Ebara OY 4″ steps in. With a maximum head of up to 240m, rural families need not worry about water shortages, especially in arid regions with low groundwater levels.

But that’s not all. The Ebara OY can handle high-viscosity fluids and water laden with sand and soil, making it a versatile choice for pumping activities in small to medium-sized industrial applications.

Advantages of Ebara Well Pumps

  • Equipped with an open impeller design that can transport water and debris without the fear of clogging within the pump or pipes.
  • Multi-stage impeller design with up to 21 blades, allowing the pump to achieve a head of up to 240m, equivalent to a 25-30 story building.

Product Specifications

  • Protection Rating: IP68
  • Double mechanical seals – Carbon/Ceramic/NBR
  • Maximum liquid temperature of 40°C
  • Power Range: from 0.37kW – 5.5kW
  • Speed: 2900 RPM
  • Flow Rate: Max. 21 m3/h
  • Total Head: 260 m H2O
  • Product reference link: Here

Panasonic GP-129JXK-NV5 125W Household Water Pump

The high-lift water pump, Panasonic GP-129JXK-NV5, boasts a compact design and lightweight build for easy mobility and installation within your home. This household water pump features a pump chamber cover and impeller designed to resist friction and withstand high temperatures, ensuring a stable water flow without unexpected drops in performance during operation.

Most high-lift water pumps like the Panasonic GP-129JXK-NV5 are equipped with a thermal sensor role nowadays. During operation, if the pump’s temperature rises excessively, this role will cut off the motor, effectively protecting the pump from damage. Furthermore, the motor’s rotor core is precision-engineered and coated to prevent rust. This allows the pump to run continuously for extended periods without issues.

Advantages of the Panasonic GP-129JXK-NV5 Household Water Pump

  • High Efficiency and Energy Savings: With a power rating of 125W, this pump is energy-efficient while maintaining a high performance level, capable of pumping 30 liters per minute.
  • Low Noise and Smooth Operation: It operates quietly and smoothly, a significant advantage of this product. You can use this water pump without concerns about disruptive noise.
  • Safety and Stability Features: The pump chamber cover and impeller are made from pure copper, enhancing friction resistance and preventing overheating during operation, thus protecting the pump chamber from environmental factors.
  • Durable and Reliable: The high-precision motor rotor core, combined with a rust-resistant coating, ensures continuous operation for up to 8000 hours.

Technical Specifications:

  • Power: 125W
  • Power Supply: 220V
  • Water Flow Rate: 30 liters/minute
  • Suction Depth: 9m
  • Lift Height: 21m
  • Weight: 7.5kg
  • Dimensions: 225x182x215 (mm)
  • Product reference link: Here


Which household water pump is highly rated?

The Ebara JEXM 100 is one of the top-rated household water pumps, belonging to the world-leading Ebara water pump brand.

What are the benefits of the Ebara JEXM 100 household water pump?

This pump features a split design, made from European standard AISI 304 stainless steel, and can withstand pressures up to 8bar.

Which household water pump is suitable for increasing water pressure in pipelines?

The Panasonic A-200JAK pressure booster pump is a great choice for increasing water pressure in pipelines.

Which wastewater pump is suitable for homes with basements or areas prone to flooding?

The Ebara Inox Right 100MA wastewater pump is ideal for households with basements or those located in flood-prone areas.

Which household water pump has a simple and convenient design?

The Ebara Jesm5 has a simple and convenient design, making it suitable for operation and maintenance.

We hope that among these 7 household water pump models, you’ve found the perfect fit for your home. If you need further advice on which model to choose, don’t hesitate to contact for quick answers to your questions.

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