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If you have ever felt uncomfortable when your TV did not work, or suddenly encountered something wrong while enjoying your favorite program without contacting the manufacturer’s warranty or the TV has expired. Warranty don’t worry. will introduce to you the top 6 centers, addresses that provide prestigious and quality Hanoi home TV repair services, receive full repair of brands that you can safely contact every day. when you need to find a repair party.

Bach Khoa Electronic Refrigeration Engineering Company Limited

When it comes to TV repair service centers in Hanoi, it is impossible not to mention Bach Khoa Electronics and Refrigeration Engineering Co., Ltd – a bright star in the sea of repair addresses in the capital. Let’s find out why they are so popular with consumers!

1. Quality and team of technicians

With years of experience in the industry, Bach Khoa’s technicians are always highly trained, not only providing repair services but also experts in screen replacement for all types of TVs from CRT, LCD, LED, PLASMA, 4K TV, 8K TV, Smart TV, Curved TV, to famous brands such as Sony, Samsung, LG, Panasonic, Asanzo, Sharp, Toshiba, Tcl.

repair TV at the polytechnic

2. Typical repair service

  • The TV loses power or won’t start
  • Detected TV has sound but no picture
  • Or vice versa, picture without sound
  • The sound from the speaker is muffled, or the volume is too low
  • Image appears vertically or horizontally
  • The TV does not accept commands from the remote control
  • Screen goes dark for no apparent reason

3. Dedicated to serving, maintaining the trust of customers

The big difference of Bach Khoa is not only in service quality but also in service spirit. This is not a small store but a brand that has been operating for a long time in the field of electronics, so customer satisfaction and trust is always a top priority. Especially, whether it’s weekday or weekend, Saturday or Sunday, their team is still willing to serve.

4. Unique advantages when choosing Bach Khoa

  • Free on-site inspection and quotation before replacing components.
  • Committed to being present after 30 minutes, not keeping customers waiting.
  • Clearly identify the cause of failure, thoroughly handle all problems.
  • Use genuine parts and provide a lifetime warranty.
  • Very competitive prices, guaranteed to be affordable for all families.
  • As a reputable partner for many businesses and agencies, providing full VAT invoices.

If you are looking for a reputable and quality Hanoi home TV repair address, contact Bach Khoa Electronics and Refrigeration Engineering Co., Ltd immediately, and experience the perfect service they bring!

Contact Information:

  • Website:
  • Address:
  •  – CS1: K9 Bach Khoa, Hai Ba Trung, Hanoi – 0972 347 975
  •  – CS2: 98 Thuong Dinh, Thanh Xuan, Hanoi – 0868 061 345
  •  – CS3: 23 Nguyen Khanh Toan, Hanoi – 0983 209 202
  •  – CS4: 58 Ton Duc Thang, Hanoi – 0943 588 947

Bach Khoa TV Repair Center

With over a decade of experience in the field, the Center has become a symbol of quality and reliability. With dedication and professionalism, they have helped thousands of households in Hanoi and the northern provinces keep their televisions in the best condition.

But not only TV repair, the Center is also proud to provide genuine authorized warranty services, as well as genuine replacement parts. A team of experienced technicians, always up to date with the latest technology, ensures your TV is always in the best care.

Hanoi home TV repair center

Why Choose Bach Khoa TV Repair Center?

  • Excellent Team of Technicians: With more than 10 years of experience, Bach Khoa’s team is always ready to solve any problem, from small to complex errors.
  • Prestige First: Loved by the people of Hanoi, Bach Khoa has affirmed its name through each TV repair service at home.
  • Quick Response: Just 15 minutes after receiving the call, our staff will be at your home.
  • High Quality Service at Reasonable Cost: Not only focusing on quality, Bach Khoa also provides customers with services at competitive prices.

With a team of experienced engineers and TV repairmen, and the most modern equipment, Bach Khoa TV Repair Center is committed to bringing you the best TV repair service in Hanoi, reasonable price and time. long term warranty.

Contact Information:

Hoa Binh Electronics

If you are wondering where owns a reputation and prestige in the field of TV repair in Hanoi, it is impossible not to mention Hoa Binh Electronics. With more than 20 years of development and experience, this brand has affirmed its unshakable position in the market.

repair TV at home in peace Hanoi

Why does Hoa Binh Electronics win the trust of consumers?

  1. Professional and Enthusiastic: This is the point that makes customers always remember Hoa Binh. Whether the problem is small or big, from simple errors like power failure, to complex problems like color change or wrong color, Hoa Binh Electronics is always ready to solve any problem with enthusiasm. and attentive.
  2. Quality Consulting Service: Every customer can get a free consultation for any TV damage. This helps them better understand the causes and remedies.
  3. Prestige and Quality: A team of experienced technicians, genuine components and competitive prices is what Hoa Binh Electronics brings. Customers will always feel assured about the quality of service and TV repair in Hanoi that this center offers.
  4. Flexible Service: Hoa Binh Electronics always ensures to be on time for appointments and serve customers every day, including weekends. This brings convenience and saves time for consumers.
  5. Reliable for agencies and businesses: Hoa Binh Electronics provides full VAT, a big plus for agencies and businesses when they want to cooperate or use services .

When your TV has a problem, instead of worrying, think about repairing TV in Hanoi with Hoa Binh Electronics. Coming to us, you will really feel the professionalism, dedication and satisfaction of every detail!

Contact Information:

Quốc Doanh Electronics

When your beloved TV at home has a problem, you will definitely want to find a reputable and quality Hanoi home TV repair service. That’s when Quốc Doanh Electronics appeared as the perfect solution.

repair TV at home in Hanoi

Highlights of State-owned Electronics

  1. Experience and Expertise: With a team of technicians with more than 10 years of experience, Quoc Doanh Electronics confidently fixes all problems from famous TV brands such as Sony, Samsung , LG and many others.
  2. Quality and Prestige: Not only taking prestige as a guideline, Quoc Doanh also focuses on enthusiastic consulting, providing customers with home TV repair solutions. Hanoi is the most reasonable and efficient.

Quality and variety of services

Professional and transparent process

  • Own modern machinery and technology.
  • Customers will be checked and quoted before repairing, ensuring transparency.
  • Long-term warranty: The TV screen has a 6-month warranty, while the screen and board have a warranty of up to 3 months.
  • Excellent customer support: Customers will receive free repair support if replacement parts are not required.
  • Components are available, ensuring not to lose customers’ waiting time.

If you are looking for quality home TV repair service in Hanoi, please contact Quoc Doanh Electronics immediately, you will definitely feel satisfied!

Contact Information:

  • Hotline: 0974802211
  • Facebook: State Electronics
  • Address:
  •  – Number 32 281 Tam Trinh Street – Hoang Van Thu Ward- Hoang Mai District – Hanoi –
  •  – No. 21 lane 885 Tam Trinh Street – Yen So Ward – Hoang Mai District – Hanoi –

An Khang Electronic Center

When you are in Hanoi and are looking for a quality and reputable home TV repair service in Hanoi, there is no better choice than An Khang Electronics Center.

The Perfect Choice at Every Corner of Hanoi

Known for more than 16 branches spread across districts such as Thanh Xuan, Dong Da and Tay Ho, An Khang has affirmed its stature in the electronics repair industry. Customers can rest assured when the center’s service ensures speed, quality and especially satisfaction.

repair TV at home in Hanoi

Professional, Dedicated Service Style

An Khang always puts the interests and interests of customers first. The staff is highly trained, from thinking, style, to technique, ensuring that all your requirements will be met perfectly. Not only that, courtesy, dedication and professional service attitude will satisfy even the most demanding guests.

TV Repair Service at Home in Hanoi with a Team of Transcendent Technicians

With many years of experience and well-equipped with knowledge, An Khang’s technicians are capable of fixing all errors, from small to large. Careful, responsible and not overworked helps An Khang maintain the trust of customers over the years.

Clear and Transparency Commitment

An Khang not only guarantees genuine components, clear origin, but also commits to the most competitive price in the market. In addition, the center also provides a variety of service packages, from TV repair, amplifier, to sound system, all with long-term warranty and after-repair incentives.

Contact Information:

Hanoi Electronic Refrigeration Center 24h

Are you in Hanoi and your favorite TV suddenly breaks? No need to worry! Hanoi 24h Electronic Refrigeration Center is the solution you need to find. This is not only a repair facility, but also a place to ensure the spirit of love and care to every detail of your television.

repair TV at home in Hanoi

Professional Service For All Types of Televisions

Whether you own LED, LCD, Plasma, 4K or Ultra HD TVs, all are on the specialist list of Hanoi Refrigeration and Electronic Center 24h. With many years of experience, the center has accumulated a rich set of knowledge, meeting all requirements of customers about TV repair services in Hanoi.

Common Errors and Effective Solutions

Is your TV experiencing one of the following errors?

  • The screen is noisy, there are raindrops or sesame seeds?
  • Bright spots on the screen?
  • The sound is still there but the screen is gone?
  • Feel like the colors don’t match or even lose color?
  • Or unwanted yellow stains?

And there are many other errors, from the power board to the high voltage board… Don’t worry, no matter what, Hanoi 24h Electronic Refrigeration Center is always ready to help you.

Committed to Best Service with Competitive Price

Not only service quality, the center also brings maximum convenience to customers:

  • Available within 15 minutes.
  • Long-term warranty, giving you peace of mind.
  • Clear and transparent invoices.

If you are looking for a home TV repair service in Hanoi, remember to visit Hanoi 24h Electronic Refrigeration Center – a professional, dedicated and always by your side.

Contact Information:

  • Hotline: 0949950499
  • Facebook: 
  • Website:
  • Address: 
  • Main campus: 178 Thai Ha
  • Factory 2: 64 Cau Giay
  • Factory 3: 148 Tran Duy Hung
  • Factory 4: 72 Nguyen Trai
  • Factory 5: 46 Lac Long Quan
  • Facilities 6: 83 Cat Linh
  • Factory 7: 154 Vong Street
  • Factory 8: 76 Kham Thien


How can I choose a reputable TV repair center in Hanoi?

You should refer to the list of centers recommended on, especially those with many years of experience and receiving positive reviews from customers.

What standout services does Bách Khoa Electronics and Refrigeration Technical Company offer for TV repair?

They provide repair services and screen replacements for all types of TVs, from CRT, LCD, LED, PLASMA, 4K TVs, 8K TVs, Smart TVs, to Curved TVs from various renowned brands.

What are the advantages of Dũng Văn Electronics Center?

This center is known for its fast service, dedicated service, competitive pricing, and attractive warranty policies.

What kind of TV issues can Hanoi 24h Electronics and Refrigeration Center fix?

They can address all issues, from screens with interference, color loss, sound without picture, and many other problems from the power board to the high-voltage board.

How can I contact these TV repair centers?

You can directly access the website or Facebook of the centers or call their hotline for consultation and support.

With 7 reputable TV repair service centers at home in Hanoi that we mentioned above will help you “rescue” your home TV quickly in an emergency situation. Also visit services category of our to find more locations only quality service throughout Vietnam.

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