Dell XPS: Dell’s most advanced laptop, a perfect experience not to be missed

Dell XPS is currently attracting a great deal of attention from tech enthusiasts. This series shares the common traits of being slim, elegant, and yet delivering powerful performance. It is widely regarded as a formidable competitor in the laptop market.

What Makes Dell XPS a Worthy Competitor to MacBook

Dell XPS laptops, introduced by the American computer manufacturer in 1993, have undergone continuous improvements over the years. Today, Dell XPS has undergone numerous changes and upgrades to compete directly with other laptops in the market.
The XPS line from Dell is considered the epitome of perfection, from design to display and touchpad. The target audience for this product line includes high-end users with demanding requirements or those who use laptops extensively.

Many believe that Dell XPS is a worthy competitor to MacBook because of:

Top-notch Design and Exceptional Craftsmanship

In terms of design, the XPS series receives the highest praise among Dell’s laptop lineup, surpassing models like Precision, Vostro , or Inspiron. Its premium and simplistic design has won the hearts of customers. The laptop boasts high-quality craftsmanship that very few brands can rival.
If you observe and explore the Dell XPS 13s or XPS 15s, you’ll notice standout design features. The entire frame of the laptop is made from premium aluminum and carbon fiber composite. This combination results in a flawless product, from external aesthetics to overall quality. Not only is it durable and robust, but it’s also visually appealing and harmonious.

dell XPS
The Dell XPS laptop features a robust hinge that allows users to open the screen at a wide angle. Furthermore, the palm rest is covered with a carbon fiber texture, providing a comfortable and pleasant touch.

XPS falls into the Ultrabook category with a compact design and is currently the lightest laptop in this class.

Thinnest Screen Bezels in the Laptop World

Another standout feature that makes Dell XPS a worthy competitor to MacBook is its screen bezel design. It’s evident that this laptop boasts the slimmest screen bezels among all laptop types currently on the market.
Thanks to the slim bezels, the XPS laptop creates a unique impression among users and colleagues, friends. Moreover, this special design allows for a larger screen size, providing users with the best possible experience.

The XPS screen is built with the latest technology, ensuring stunning, vivid, and lifelike image quality down to the finest details. It offers a display resolution of up to 4K UHD, anti-glare IPS, and wide viewing angles.

dell xps

Large Touchpad for a MacBook-Like Experience

The touchpad on the XPS is highly regarded for providing a fantastic experience similar to that of a MacBook. The XPS touchpad is quite spacious, measuring 10.5 x 6 cm, equivalent to that of the Dell XPS 13.
Not only does it have a large size, but the touchpad’s surface is also smooth and highly responsive, even at the edges and corners. Users won’t experience cursor jumping on the screen, even with slow or very slow mouse movements.

The lower part of the touchpad is specially designed and equipped with an integrated mouse button, allowing for a short travel distance and quick response to user input. What’s more, the sound when using the mouse is smooth and feels solid.

The Dell XPS 9310: A Masterpiece of Elegance and Power

The Dell XPS 9310, a jewel in the crown of Dell’s XPS 13 series, has captured the attention of discerning customers like a siren’s call. This laptop boasts numerous outstanding features that set it apart from the competition.

Satisfying Features

For those seeking a luxurious, high-performance laptop, the XPS 9310 has emerged as the undisputed choice. It offers a plethora of satisfying features, including:

A Monolithic Aluminum Chassis and Irresistible Design

dell xps 9310
The XPS 9310 laptop has received accolades for its exterior design. The machine’s chassis is meticulously crafted from a solid block of aluminum using precision CNC cutting techniques, resulting in an aura of sophistication and finesse that leaves a lasting impression on every customer.

But that’s not all; the laptop’s chassis isn’t just crafted from solid aluminum. It also incorporates carbon fiber, resulting in a slim and lightweight device. The XPS 9310 is a perfect example of form meeting function, from its external aesthetics to its dimensions and weight. Even MacBook enthusiasts find it challenging to match these advantages.

Feather-Light Portability for On-the-Go Adventures

In the contemporary world, laptop users yearn for feather-light devices that can accompany them on their travels or business ventures. The Dell XPS 13 9310 was conceived with precisely these needs in mind.

The XPS 9310 laptop is astonishingly lightweight, tipping the scales at a mere 1.23 kilograms. This feather-light design allows users to carry the laptop effortlessly, no matter where their work or adventures take them.

Premium Display with 100% sRGB and Blazing 500 Nits Brightness

The Dell XPS 13 9310 has enhanced its display capabilities. The laptop is equipped with a 13.4-inch screen, with slimmer top and bottom bezels, resulting in a 7% larger screen while maintaining a 16:10 aspect ratio.
The 13.4-inch display offers users three options: Ultra 4K with touch support, 1920 x 1200, or 1920 x 1200 with touch support. Regardless of your choice, these options deliver a brightness of up to 500 nits.

With these impressive attributes, XPS 9310 users can work for extended periods without experiencing eye strain. Furthermore, the ultra-thin bezels and robust Gorilla Glass contribute to enhanced durability, scratch resistance, and an unparalleled user experience. The laptop’s color reproduction is striking, covering 100% of the sRGB spectrum.

Areas for Improvement

Heat Buildup When Used on the Lap

Despite its high praise, the Dell XPS 9310 has one limitation—it tends to heat up when used on the lap. During work or leisure sessions, if placed on the lap, the heat generated struggles to dissipate efficiently.
This oversight can impact the laptop’s performance and battery lifespan if not addressed. To mitigate this, it’s advisable to use the laptop on a solid surface, avoiding placing it directly on your lap or soft surfaces like blankets or cushions. This simple precaution ensures optimal laptop functionality and longevity.

The Remarkable Dell XPS 7390: A Fusion of Form and Function

Another exquisite addition to the Dell XPS 13 family is the XPS 7390, poised to deliver extraordinary experiences. Join us as we explore the highs and lows of this exceptional product:

Satisfying Features

This laptop offers users many reasons to be delighted:

2-in-1 Convertible Design Ideal for Business Professionals

The XPS 7390 laptop earns accolades for its aesthetics, courtesy of its elegant 2-in-1 convertible design, which is both sophisticated and convenient—a perfect match for business professionals. Crafted from premium solid aluminum, the laptop’s exterior exudes elegance while ensuring durability.
Every detail of this laptop is meticulously designed to create a harmonious whole. Thanks to its 2-in-1 design, you can easily slip it into your bag or backpack without the bulk or weight concerns. Owning this laptop means you can travel without fretting about cumbersome hardware.

A notable highlight is the laptop’s highly responsive fingerprint sensor. This feature, integrated into the power button, enables quick and convenient user interactions.
With a fingerprint sensor embedded in the power button, users no longer need to enter passwords to unlock their laptops. Furthermore, this feature enhances security, allowing users to carry their laptop worry-free.

Perfect 16:10 Aspect Ratio for Productivity

The XPS 7390’s display is another standout feature. This laptop boasts a sharp 13.3-inch Full HD screen, with an ideal 16:10 aspect ratio for professional tasks.

Despite its compact size, the ultra-thin bezels provide ample screen real estate for work and entertainment. The XPS 7390 features 9% PCI P3 color coverage, enhancing color saturation, deepening blacks, and delivering a high-brightness display for outdoor usability.

Areas for Improvement

In addition to its impressive features, the Dell XPS 13 7390 has some limitations:

Soldered RAM and Non-Upgradable Onboard Memory

Unlike some Latitude models that offer RAM upgradability, the XPS 7390 is criticized for its non-upgradable RAM and onboard memory. Due to these components being soldered onto the motherboard, upgrading is impossible. This limitation may leave prospective buyers pondering their choice.

Carbon Fiber Palm Rest Prone to Fingerprint Smudges, Requires Frequent Cleaning

A point of contention among users is the tendency of fingerprint smudges on the carbon fiber surface of the palm rest. This can be bothersome, as it diminishes the laptop’s aesthetic appeal and necessitates regular cleaning.

Dell XPS 9370: Unveiling Excellence in a Compact Marvel

The Dell XPS 9370 laptop is undeniably the choice for those seeking a feature-rich, portable computing solution. With its razor-thin bezels, anti-glare prowess, and vibrant colors, it packs a punch. Sporting robust specs and 8GB RAM, all tucked within a premium chassis.

Sources of Satisfaction

The XPS 13 9370 laptop is captivating a diverse clientele due to several remarkable attributes:

Competitive Pricing in the Current Market (Starting from $800 to $950)

The XPS 9370 laptop boasts an array of outstanding features, yet its pricing remains competitive, offering affordability compared to other XPS variants in today’s market. Presently, this laptop ranges from approximately $800 to $950.

Given the features this laptop brings to the table, the pricing aligns harmoniously. This affordability caters to a broad spectrum of users, including not just business professionals but also office employees, students, and scholars, ensuring a less daunting financial commitment.

Superb Display with 130% sRGB Color Gamut: A Designer’s Dream

Many users opt for this XPS laptop due to its strikingly beautiful display. Boasting a 130% sRGB PGB color gamut coverage, it caters perfectly to those engaged in graphic design work.
With diverse screen options, users can edit images and design at their finest. So, you can rest assured that this laptop is a worthwhile investment in the current landscape.

Areas for Improvement

Alongside its highlights, this laptop still leaves room for certain aspects that may not entirely meet user expectations:

Limited Connectivity Ports: Meeting Only Basic Needs

The XPS 9370 laptop comes equipped with a modest number of connectivity ports, which can restrict data transfer and external device connection capabilities for users.

3D Graphics Processing Limited: Adequate but Not Exceptional

While the XPS 13 9370 garners praise for its display and color rendition, its graphics processing capabilities fall short of excellence, especially for tasks involving 3D graphic design. If your work frequently involves such applications, it’s advisable to consider this aspect before making your selection.

Dell XPS 15 9500: Where Brilliance Meets Mobility

Introducing another member of the XPS laptop family, the XPS 15 9500. This laptop packs a punch with high performance, a unique display, catering to creative professionals and those who demand robust hardware without compromising on portability.

Points of Satisfaction

This laptop boasts numerous standout features:

15-Inch Display for Expansive Visuals

The XPS 15 comes equipped with a 15-inch display, a step up from the competition. The Full HD IPS screen with a 16:10 aspect ratio ensures comprehensive image and information display.
What’s more, the display reaches a dazzling 500 nits of brightness and covers 100% sRGB. For those engaged in creative work, this laptop is an impeccable choice.

Upgradable RAM and Storage

This laptop offers the flexibility to upgrade both RAM and storage. If your usage demands more than the current configuration, you can easily enhance performance to meet your needs for work, study, and entertainment.

World’s Thinnest InfinityEdge Display

When it comes to display bezel design, the XPS 15 9500 boasts the world’s thinnest InfinityEdge bezel. To date, no other laptop has surpassed its screen-to-body ratio.

Enhanced Keyboard and Touchpad for a Superior Experience

Beyond these standout features, this laptop has seen upgrades in its keyboard and touchpad, delivering an exceptional user experience. The newly designed keyboard is well-balanced and harmonious in layout. Notably, it offers substantial key travel, and the power button is seamlessly integrated to avoid accidental presses when opening the laptop.
The touchpad, boasting a generous size and smooth glass surface, delivers excellent responsiveness and sensitivity. With integrated mouse buttons, users can expect smooth and precise clicks.

Areas for Improvement

Despite its highlights, this laptop could benefit from certain improvements:

Luxurious Carbon Fiber Palm Rest Prone to Smudging

While the laptop’s palm rest features a luxurious carbon fiber finish, it tends to attract fingerprints and smudges. This can be a minor inconvenience, impacting both aesthetics and necessitating regular cleaning.

Higher Operating Temperatures, Especially under Heavy Workloads

Under heavy workloads, the XPS 15 9500 tends to run at higher temperatures compared to its predecessors. This may be a concern for users who require consistent performance without thermal throttling.
In summary, the Dell XPS line represents the pinnacle of Dell laptops, offering an exceptional user experience. Whether you’re interested in the Dell XPS 9305, Dell XPS 9300, or any of the latest and most stunning Dell XPS models on the market, we’re here to provide expert guidance.


What are the standout features of the Dell XPS compared to other laptop brands?

The Dell XPS is designed to be slim, elegant, and offers powerful performance. It’s also highly rated for its screen, touchpad, and overall design.

Which other brands on the market can the Dell XPS compete with?

The Dell XPS is considered a worthy competitor to the MacBook, offering similar design and quality.

What are the advantages of the Dell XPS 9310?

The XPS 9310 features a unibody aluminum design, an attractive look, lightweight, and a premium screen.

Are there any limitations when using the Dell XPS 9310?

One of the limitations of the XPS 9310 is that it can become hot when used on one’s lap.

Who is the Dell XPS 9370 suitable for?

The XPS 9370 is suitable for those wanting a laptop with standout features, a beautiful screen, and powerful specifications.

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