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The Essence of Moisturizing: A Guide to Choosing the Right Face Cream

Just like any other skincare routine, moisturizing is an essential habit for all of us! Over time, the increasingly polluted environment, dust, work pressure, improper lifestyles… all contribute to the deterioration of our skin. That’s why facial moisturizers come into play. Identifying your skin’s condition and purpose will help you choose the right moisturizer, whether it’s for hydration, whitening, sun protection, or anti-aging.
In today’s market, facial moisturizer brands from Japan, South Korea, Europe, such as Neutrogena, CeraVe, Shiseido, Kiehl’s, might leave you wondering which one suits you best.

Since each type of moisturizer has different ingredients for various functions, in this article, Quatest presents a guide on how to choose the most suitable facial moisturizer for different purposes like hydration, whitening, sun protection, anti-aging, and provides a ranking of the Top 10 Best Facial Moisturizers currently popular. We hope you find the ideal facial moisturizer to pamper your skin daily. Quatest looks forward to accompanying you on your daily skincare journey.

Choosing the Right Facial Moisturizer

As mentioned earlier, Quatest will introduce four incredibly simple ways to help you make the most accurate choice among the increasingly diverse skincare products on the market.

Choose a Moisturizer to Retain Skin Moisture

The most crucial factor is to “keep the skin hydrated” or, in other words, “moisturize and prevent skin moisture loss.” Depending on your preference, you can choose some moisturizers that provide a hydrating feeling or opt for gel-based ones.

Moisturizers Offering Intensive Hydration Due to Rich Oil Ingredients:

Moisturizers with a high oil content are suitable for individuals with dry skin or those with very little natural oil production throughout the day.
To distinguish whether your moisturizer can effectively hydrate and provide a silky texture to your skin, look for the following ingredients listed closer to the top of the ingredient list alongside water:


  • Squalane
  • Jojoba seed oil
  • Mineral oil

Look for moisturizers with semi-solid oils like shea butter and Vaseline if you’re seeking a more potent moisturizing effect.

Daytime Moisturizers and Makeup Primer with High Water Content for a Light, Refreshing Feel:

Moisturizers with water-soluble ingredients are an excellent choice for those concerned about a greasy feeling or those who prefer a light, refreshing texture, especially during the summer.

Moisturizers with a thin, refreshing texture are often distinguished by the following ingredients listed from second to third place after “water” in the ingredient list:


  • Glycerin
  • Butylene Glycol (BG)
  • Dipropylene Glycol (DPG)
  • Propanediol

Whitening, Anti-Aging, and Other Functions

You can have more variety in your moisturizer if it contains additional care ingredients with different functions such as whitening, anti-aging, and more.

Retinol and Peptides: Anti-Aging Care

Moisturizers containing retinol or peptides are suitable for skin issues related to aging, such as loss of firmness.

  • Retinol derivatives (Vitamin A derivatives)

Retinol is excellent for preventing wrinkles due to its mechanism of stimulating regeneration and collagen synthesis.

  • Peptide ingredients

Peptides for Skin Firmness and Radiance

For those looking to improve skin elasticity and health, Peptides are the perfect choice to make your skin firm and glowing.

Whitening Ingredients: Preventing Dark Spots and Pigmentation

Choosing different whitening ingredients depends on when you use the cream. It’s essential to note that most cosmetics only brighten the skin, and it’s only the new pharmaceutical products that have true whitening capabilities. Therefore, choose the product that suits your needs.


Camomila ET, m-tranexamic acid


Arbutin, kojic acid, ellagic acid, rucinol, vitamin C derivatives, placenta extract, Potassium 4-methoxysalicylate (4MSK), magnolignan, linoleic acid S


Of course, if you want to achieve a whitening effect, you need to use these products consistently for an extended period.

Ceramide: Nourishment for Healthy Skin

When Ceramides are lacking, the skin’s protective barrier function weakens, leading to dryness and other issues. Therefore, it’s a crucial component in the skin’s protective barrier and exists in the stratum corneum.

You should look for products with labels like ceramide + letter, pseudo-ceramide (pCer), or ceramide analog, etc. if you’re experiencing skin issues. Ceramide can be suitable for all skin types.

Anti-Inflammatory Ingredients: If You Have Dry, Flaky Skin

Those with rough, flaky skin due to dryness are advised to use pharmaceutical-grade moisturizers containing anti-inflammatory ingredients.

  • Dipotassium glycyrrhizinate
  • Stearyl glycyrrhetinate
  • Allantoin

Heparinoid is a component that has gained recent attention due to its high moisturizing, anti-inflammatory, and blood circulation-promoting effects.
Please ensure to check whether the facial cream you’re choosing is pharmaceutical-grade to guarantee its anti-inflammatory effectiveness.

Acne-Prone Skin: Pay Attention to Oil Ingredients

If you’re concerned about acne-prone skin, you should pay attention to the type of oil used in your moisturizer. Not all oil components are harmful; some are considered safe for acne-prone skin.

Examples of non-comedogenic oils:

  • Vaseline
  • Mineral oil
  • Squalane
  • Jojoba seed oil
  • Dimethicone, etc.

Be Cautious with Fatty Ingredients like Olive Oil, Macadamia Oil, and Argan Oil, as They Can Trigger Acne.

Does Your Moisturizer Contain Irritants?

Some preservatives and additives, such as alcohol, parabens, and fragrances, can easily cause irritation, especially for those with sensitive skin.

  • Parabens

According to the FDA, various paraben types have been used in cosmetics for a long time, and they are generally safe for human health. So, unless you are allergic to parabens, there’s no need to worry about them in cosmetic products.

  • Ethanol (Alcohol)

The amount of ethanol in moisturizers is considered to be less than that in a toner, but it’s crucial to be cautious if you have extremely sensitive skin or alcohol allergies.

  • Fragrances

Fragrances used in cosmetics must undergo strict safety testing. Allergic reactions to fragrances may occur in individuals sensitive to scent ingredients. So, if you don’t experience any irritation when using, there’s usually no need to worry.
Keep in mind that plant extracts and essential oils can also cause irritation, so it’s best to patch test before use.

What’s the Texture of the Cream? Is the Container User-Friendly?

The user experience with a product is essential for your everyday comfort.

The most crucial factor is still choosing a facial cream that you feel comfortable using. Some creams have a smooth texture and are easy to apply, while others may be thicker. You can also choose a fragrance you like to enhance the relaxation while using.

Different facial creams are packaged in various containers. You should have a specialized spatula to maintain hygiene for the cream in a jar.

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