Top 6 websites selling air conditioners at the best prices on the market

Air conditioners are high-value air conditioners, so when shopping, you need to choose suppliers carefully. If you are wondering where to buy this air conditioner model, follow the article below. Your Ultimate Destination for Electronic Appliances is an e-commerce website under the management of Tốt Việt Nam Electronics Co., Ltd. This platform boasts a user-friendly interface, ease of navigation, and regular information updates.

When you visit, you can effortlessly search and find information about all types of electronic and electrical appliances. Moreover, the website serves as a valuable source for real-world experiences, tips, and product usage advice for customers.

Here are 7 benefits that customers enjoy when purchasing cabinet air conditioners on the website:

  • The most competitive prices in the market, updated hourly.
  • Free delivery, including free on-site surveys, design consultations, and installation estimates.
  • Brand new, 100% genuine products.
  • Complete invoices and documentation to verify the origin and quality of products for construction projects.
  • Extended warranties of up to 36 months.
  • A one-year supply material installation warranty.
  • Discounts for bulk purchases or when combined with other products.

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For all your electronic appliance needs, is your trusted destination. Experience quality, affordability, and top-notch service with every purchase.

Discover Affordable “Tree” Air Conditioners on This Website is the brainchild of Bao Minh Company, a major player in the home appliances industry. This website is primarily dedicated to selling air conditioning products, ranging from wall-mounted to “tree” and mini “tree” air conditioners from various renowned global brands.

“Tree” air conditioners offered by

Key features of “tree” air conditioners on the website:

  • Stylish and modern colors
  • Diverse designs and sizes
  • Clear origin of manufacture
  • Various promotional programs available
  • Prices ranging from 12 to 200 million VND
Contact Information: is no stranger to many as a hub for electrical appliances. It’s not just about offering a variety of air conditioners and refrigerators; also provides a collection of genuine, quality imported “tree” air conditioner models.

“Tree” air conditioners by

What sets their “tree” air conditioners apart:

  • Impressive and aesthetically pleasing designs
  • Official, extended 2-year warranty
  • Detailed product information and usage instructions are readily available on the website, saving customers the time of searching the internet
  • Highly favorable transportation and installation support policies within Hanoi
Contact Information: is the direct online storefront of the Mediamart Electronics Supermarket. If you’re still on the hunt for a place to buy reasonably priced “tree” air conditioners, then this website is well worth your attention.

Standing air conditioner models (tree air conditioners) available on the website offers:

  • An elegant and visually appealing interface for “tree” air conditioner shopping
  • A wide range of fresh “tree” air conditioner models, regularly updated
  • Prices for “tree” air conditioners ranging from 16 to 171 million VND
  • Offices in over 30 provinces and cities nationwide, ensuring all customer shopping needs are met
  • Flexible installment plans for purchasing standing air conditioners
  • Additional options for affordable cooling fans such as Kangaroo cooling fans, Karofi, and Borsch, providing customers with more choices
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While it may not boast the visually stunning website interface of some of its counterparts mentioned earlier, still stands as a quality, budget-friendly destination for your tree air conditioner needs. is also a quality, budget-friendly tree air conditioner seller worth considering
  • The standing air conditioner products are clearly categorized by capacity, making it easy for customers to find what suits their needs
  • There’s a wide selection of tree air conditioner brands to choose from, including LG, Panasonic air conditioners, Media, Nagakawa, all of which are the latest models
  • Prices are budget-friendly, starting from just 15 million VND
Contact Information: is the brainchild of Minh Phuong Company, a relatively young enterprise specializing in the realm of electrical appliances. Despite its recent inception, has swiftly endeared itself to a multitude of customers, solidifying its position as one of the most reliable and affordable tree air conditioner vendors in the market today.

Tree air conditioners available on the website offers:

  • A wide array of air conditioning units from various brands such as Panasonic air conditioners, Daikin air conditioners, Karofi air coolers, and more, allowing customers to make choices that suit their preferences
  • Imported, genuine tree air conditioner and mini air conditioner models
  • Rapid installation and repair support policies

Moreover, the dedicated and well-trained team at is committed to delivering exceptional customer experiences, both online and offline.

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Additional Information

What Is a Tree Air Conditioner? Key Features

A tree air conditioner, also known as a standing air conditioner, is a large-sized air conditioning unit falling under the commercial air conditioner category. In appearance, it resembles an upright refrigerator. Tree air conditioners boast significantly higher cooling capacities compared to conventional air conditioning units, typically ranging from 18,000 BTU to 100,000 BTU. This makes them suitable for use in spacious environments like restaurants, eateries, offices, condominiums, and large villas.

Structure of Tree Air Conditioners

The construction of tree air conditioners is notably distinct from other air conditioner models. It consists of an outdoor unit, an indoor unit, connecting wires, and copper pipes. Notably, the indoor unit is designed with cooling vents on the top, air intake vents at the front, and on the sides of the air conditioner. On the other hand, the outdoor unit is installed externally and primarily functions to exchange heat through the copper pipes.

Tree air conditioner product[/caption>

Evaluating Tree Air Conditioners


  • Diverse designs that are constantly updated to reflect new trends, exuding an elegant and sophisticated appearance
  • Capable of stable and continuous operation for extended periods due to deep internal improvements
  • Quick cooling with a wide cooling area
  • Relatively easy and safe installation, thanks to concealed wiring within walls or floors
  • Long service life with minimal breakdowns
  • Air conditioner repair and maintenance are fast and straightforward


  • Difficult to move in spaces with stairs, tight corners, or small elevators
  • Considerably higher cost compared to wall-mounted air conditioners
  • Suitable only for spacious areas; placement in cramped spaces results in significant space consumption
  • Consumes more electricity compared to wall-mounted air conditioners
  • Generates significant noise during operation, affecting the living environment

Best Tree Air Conditioner Models Today

21000 BTU Sumikura APF/APO-210 Tree Air Conditioner

This tree air conditioner model is manufactured by the Japanese brand Sumikura. Although Sumikura was established in 2007, it has rapidly gained the trust of consumers.

21000 BTU Sumikura APF/APO-210 Tree Air Conditioner

Sumikura APF/APO-210 21000 BTU Tree Air Conditioner

The Sumikura APF/APO-210 21000 BTU tree air conditioner boasts a large VLED display, making it exceptionally user-friendly for control and function customization. Its oversized air conditioner fan blades enhance cooling efficiency while reducing noise. Inside the air conditioner, silver ion technology is integrated, providing rapid and effective antibacterial and antiviral capabilities. Currently, the Sumikura APF/APO-210 21000 BTU tree air conditioner has an average price of over 16 million Vietnamese dong.

Nagakawa NP-C28DHS Single-Way Tree Air Conditioner

The Nagakawa NP-C28DHS tree air conditioner features an elegant and sophisticated exterior design. Its moderate weight makes it easy to place without causing any inconvenience. The spacious and wide fan blades inside the unit are superior in airflow and cooling performance compared to other tree air conditioners. Notably, the control panel of the Nagakawa NP-C28DHS tree air conditioner is entirely localized in Vietnamese, ensuring maximum user comfort.

Nagakawa NP-C28DHS Single-Way Tree Air Conditioner

The market price of the Nagakawa NP-C28DHS currently starts from 17 million Vietnamese dong.


What is a floor-standing air conditioner and how does it differ from regular air conditioners?

A floor-standing air conditioner, also known as a tower air conditioner, is a large-sized model belonging to the commercial air conditioner category. It has a much higher capacity than regular air conditioners and is suitable for large spaces like restaurants, offices, apartments, and large villas.

Which websites offer quality floor-standing air conditioners at good prices?

Some reputable websites selling floor-standing air conditioners include:,,,,, and

What benefits do customers get when purchasing an air conditioner from

When purchasing products from, customers receive various benefits such as the best market prices, free shipping, a long-term warranty of up to 36 months, and other promotions.

Which brands of floor-standing air conditioners are highly rated currently?

Some highly-rated brands for floor-standing air conditioners include Sumikura from Japan and Nagakawa.

Are there any disadvantages to using floor-standing air conditioners?

Some disadvantages of floor-standing air conditioners include: difficulty in moving in spaces with stairs or small elevators, higher cost, high energy consumption, and operational noise.

We hope that the five tree air conditioner websites introduced in this article have helped you, our readers, in finding trustworthy sources. If you require further product information or consultation on any topic, please feel free to comment below.

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