Top 5 Websites selling cheap, good quality iron bunk beds

Nowadays, with many bedroom spaces gradually shrinking, our traditional beds are no longer suitable for use. Iron bunk beds were born as a revolution, liberating cramped places like this.

While wooden bed and pallet bed models are suitable for private spaces, iron bed models are more suitable for public spaces due to their compactness and weight savings. Dormitories and boarding houses are no exception to this need, purchasing many models of iron bunk beds to serve the needs of users. Many sales units always meet a large number of products on the market. However, this also makes you feel confused: when everywhere sells the same products and prices? Don’t worry too much, here it is:

Top 5 most reputable websites selling cheap iron bunk beds.


The website Noithattruongson boasts a diverse range of iron bed models, including the following popular styles:

  • 2-tier iron beds with study desks
  • Single-tier iron beds
  • Homestay-style 2-tier iron beds
  • 2-tier iron box beds
  • Powder-coated iron beds
  • 2-tier powder-coated iron beds with curtains

Upon visiting the product category, you’ll find that the prices are incredibly affordable, ranging from 780,000 VND to 1.9 million VND. Nevertheless, quality remains paramount, with 100% of the materials being iron. Most of the iron bunk bed models come in a basic black color, suitable for any living space.

The bunk bed dimensions meet standards, ensuring safety during use. Furthermore, clever designs facilitate storage of items and prevent bedding from falling off, aspects highly regarded by customers.

Purchasing products online via the website is extremely straightforward with just a green “Buy Now” button. Information regarding product codes, dimensions, invoices, shipping, price support, warranties, etc., is clearly presented. Rest assured that the seller commits to delivering products as described.

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Nội Thất Lam Kinh

The iron beds showcased on the Nội Thất Lam Kinh website offer a diverse range of products, with eye-catching and realistic images. The prices of these products are exceptionally reasonable, often on par with or slightly higher than some affordable wooden bed models for households. Moreover, the robust materials and cost-effectiveness of the products have earned them high praise from customers.
You’ll find that the majority of Lam Kinh’s iron bed products are suitable for communal environments such as dormitories. The product dimensions are either standardized or can be customized to your preferences.

Some exemplary iron bed models include:

  • Single-tier iron beds
  • Homestay-style 2-tier iron beds with detachable stairs
  • Square-box iron bunk beds
  • Bunk beds with study desks
  • Offset-tier iron beds

The product categories on the website are neatly organized by price, ranging from under 1 million VND to over 10 million VND, making it convenient for tailored shopping experiences.
Nội Thất Lam Kinh provides durable and easy-to-assemble products. The company also offers complete interior design packages for homes. Furthermore, their products are readily available for immediate delivery.

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Nam Tiến Phát

While the variety of iron bed models on the website may not be extensive, each one comes with a commitment to quality at an affordable price. So, this is a website you can certainly consider when purchasing a product.
The primary focus here is bunk beds, mainly designed for dormitories. These products are manufactured following international standards, ensuring sturdiness and standardized dimensions. What’s more, the beds are powder-coated to resist oxidation and rust over extended periods of use.

On Thegioitusat’s sales page, they clearly outline the benefits you can enjoy regarding pricing, shipping fees, and discounts.

The prices for two-tier iron beds range from 1.1 million to 1.9 million VND. You can find similar prices elsewhere, but the product quality and customer service here are excellent, so don’t overlook it.

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Nội Thất Dương Đông

The noithatduongdong website specializes in selling a variety of bunk beds primarily designed for dormitories and communal living spaces.
Their range of products comes in diverse sizes, styles, and colors, making the shopping process convenient without the need to visit a physical showroom.

The prices of these iron bunk beds range from 900,000 to 1.9 million VND, a common price range among many providers today. However, considering their customer service and sales incentives, noithatduongdong is a company worth paying attention to. For example:

  • 2% discount for orders from 5-10 million VND
  • 3% discount for orders from 10-20 million VND
  • 4% discount for orders over 30 million VND
  • 5% discount for all Sunday orders

Their warehouse is always well-stocked, ensuring that you can shop online without worrying about items being out of stock. Moreover, the delivery and installation process is fast and efficient. The company can also customize bunk beds to your desired size and specifications.
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Iron Bunk Beds by Nội Thất Đại Thành

The final trustworthy iron bunk bed website we’d like to introduce to our customers is noithatdaithanh.
Once you step into this website, you’ll be dazzled by the plethora of products offered, each with varying price ranges, ensuring suitability for any space, from classic to modern. The products featured on the website also seamlessly complement other interior furnishings.

  • Iron bunk bed with storage
  • Homestay-style iron bunk beds
  • Artistic iron bunk bed designs
  • Wood-style iron bunk beds
  • Horizontal iron bunk beds

The products come in various sizes, offering customers a wide range of choices. In addition to iron, noithatdaithanh incorporates wood and other accessories to enhance sturdiness and aesthetics.

Nội Thất Đại Thành specializes in retailing top-quality iron bunk bed products. Customers can enjoy free delivery within the city just 30 minutes after placing an order. Moreover, there are continuous promotional programs and discounts.

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Why are metal bunk beds popular?

Metal bunk beds emerged as a revolutionary solution, optimizing space for cramped bedrooms, dormitories, and boarding houses.

Which websites offer affordable and quality metal bunk beds?

Some reputable websites selling affordable and quality metal bunk beds include:,,,, and

Which environments are metal bunk beds suitable for?

Metal bunk beds are suitable for public spaces such as dormitories and boarding houses due to their compact design and weight-saving features.

What is the price range for metal bunk beds?

The price of metal bunk beds typically ranges from 780 thousand VND to 1.9 million VND, depending on the design and quality of the product.

What are the benefits of buying metal bunk beds?

Metal bunk beds not only save space but also offer high durability, easy assembly, and are suitable for various decors from classic to modern.

Above are the top 5 websites offering the most affordable iron bunk beds for families with moderately sized bedrooms. We hope this article from has helped you select the perfect, high-quality product for your family.

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