5 Quality Kangaroo Hot and Cold Water Plants have a “chestnut” price

You are looking to choose for your home or office a suitable Kangaroo hot and cold water plant. However, this brand has so many models and designs that you wonder which product to buy? Please refer to the 5 best quality hot and cold plants of this brand.

Kangaroo KG3331 Hot and Cold Water Dispenser

The first hot and cold water dispenser that you can consider and choose is the Kangaroo KG3331. The product is designed with utmost elegance and a compact style that enhances the aesthetic appeal of the space.


This product line boasts several remarkable strengths:

Competitive Price Compared to Non-Branded Products

The Kangaroo KG3331 hot and cold water dispenser has numerous outstanding features, from its design and color to its modern functionalities. Moreover, the Kangaroo KG3331 comes with a competitive price compared to non-branded products.
Currently, the price of the Kangaroo water purifier KG3331 on the market is 1,990,000 VND. This price is well-suited to the economic conditions of households and offices.

Stainless Steel Water Tank for Safety

The Kangaroo KG3331 hot and cold water dispenser is equipped with numerous modern and intelligent features. Additionally, to ensure user safety, the manufacturer employs a stainless steel water tank.
With stainless steel material, water quality remains unaffected. Furthermore, stainless steel enhances the dispenser’s lifespan as it is less likely to break compared to plastic water tanks. With this characteristic, the Kangaroo KG3331 hot and cold water dispenser is perfect for both home and office use.

Large Hot and Cold Water Tanks Suitable for Offices and Companies with 10 or More People

Another remarkable feature of this product line is its large hot and cold water tanks. These tanks can hold a significant amount of water, and the rapid cooling capacity ensures a simultaneous supply for multiple users.
If an office or household opts for this product to provide hot or cold water for tea, coffee, or milk, it is highly suitable. This explains why the Kangaroo KG3331 hot and cold water dispenser is increasingly favored by businesses and consumers.


Apart from its strengths, this product line also possesses certain weaknesses. Therefore, before making a decision, careful consideration is recommended for the most accurate choice.

Upside-Down Bottle Replacement Makes Replacement Difficult

The Kangaroo KG3331 hot and cold water dispenser requires replacing bottles in an upside-down manner. This is a drawback that raises concerns for many potential buyers.
Replacing the water bottle can be challenging, and not everyone can perform this task. If the water bottle is not placed correctly, water may leak out, affecting the cleanliness of the work area and the living space.

The person replacing the bottle needs to be physically capable, which is not suitable for households with elderly individuals and children. Unfortunately, this is a regrettable downside of this hot and cold water dispenser. This model also does not use Kangaroo filter cartridges like some modern models, which means users must supply their own water bottles to ensure water meets the required standards for consumption.

White Color Requires Regular Cleaning to Prevent Stains

The Kangaroo KG3331 predominantly features a white color. While this color is attractive and elegant, it also has a drawback—it is prone to stains and requires regular cleaning.
White is susceptible to dirt and smudges. If not cleaned with care, fingerprints can be left on the hot and cold water dispenser. Additionally, if not cleaned regularly, dust can accumulate and compromise its aesthetics.

If your household or office is situated in an area with high dust levels, careful consideration is advised before choosing this product.

Kangaroo KG32n Hot and Cold Water Dispenser

The Kangaroo KG32n hot and cold water dispenser is one of the 5 products under the Kangaroo brand that you can choose for home or office use. If you’re unsure whether to purchase this product or not, don’t overlook the strengths and weaknesses we’re sharing in this article


The Kangaroo KG32n hot and cold water dispenser offers several strengths:

Affordable Price Below 2 Million VND

Similar to the KG3331 model, the Kangaroo KG32n comes at a suitable price point. The price of this product is below 2 million VND. This price is accommodating to the financial conditions of many individuals in Vietnam.
At under 2 million VND, buyers won’t need to overthink their finances. With a small amount of money, you can own a fully functional hot and cold water dispenser that caters to the needs of everyone.

Electronic Chip Cooling

A notable feature of the Kangaroo KG32n hot and cold water dispenser is its electronic chip cooling. Designed with both cold and hot modes, the Kangaroo KG32n offers convenience to users.
Water is rapidly heated and cooled using an electronic chip, resulting in energy savings for users. Thanks to its quick cooling and heating capabilities, it’s suitable for households with multiple members or small offices with around 10 people. Additionally, using an electronic chip for cooling also makes Kangaroo water purifier repair easier.


Most hot and cold water dispensers have their strengths and weaknesses. Likewise, the Kangaroo KG32n product also has some weaknesses:

Simple Design, Monotonous Colors

The Kangaroo KG32n hot and cold water dispenser doesn’t receive high marks for its design. The product’s exterior appears rather plain, lacking standout features to make an impression.
The predominant colors of this product are black and white, which don’t truly create focal points for the machine’s placement area. Therefore, if you’re looking for a sleek hot and cold water dispenser, it’s wise to consider carefully before choosing the Kangaroo KG32n.

Requires Replacement Water Bottles. Replacement Can Be Challenging

Another weakness of this product is that when the water is depleted, you need to replace it with another water bottle to continue usage. The replacement process can be complex and demands physical strength and skill.

Kangaroo KG41H Hot and Cold Water Dispenser

The Kangaroo KG41H hot and cold water dispenser is one of the favored choices among many individuals, especially for small households or offices. This product line has both strengths and weaknesses as follows


Elegant Color

The Kangaroo KG41H hot and cold water dispenser boasts an attractive design with its dominant Gold color. This color is highly praised by customers due to its ability to blend well with various spaces.

Equipped with a Lower Cooling Compartment

The Kangaroo KG41H product comes with a cooling compartment located at the bottom. This cooling compartment is designed to be separate from the hot compartment.
With this modern feature, users can use the cooling compartment like a mini fridge to store fruits and beverages. This feature is perfectly suited for companies and offices. With just one product, it can serve users for various purposes.

Features an Information Display Screen

Compared to other hot and cold water dispenser models, the Kangaroo KG41H is equipped with an intelligent display screen that provides complete information. This feature helps users monitor water status and temperature levels for optimal adjustments.


The Kangaroo KG41H hot and cold water dispenser also has some limitations:

Traditional Upside-Down Bottle Design

The product features a traditional upside-down bottle design. As a result, replacing water or bottles can be challenging.

Kangaroo KG43 Hot and Cold Water Dispenser

Another Kangaroo hot and cold water dispenser model suitable for offices or households that you can consider is the Kangaroo KG43. To make the best choice before purchasing, don’t overlook the strengths and weaknesses of this product.


Some prominent strengths of the Kangaroo KG43:

Super Fast Heating System for High Performance

The hot and cold water dispenser is equipped with a super-fast heating system, providing high performance. The water is heated to temperatures up to 97°C, allowing you to use it for making tea, instant noodles, coffee, anytime.

Equipped with Child Safety Lock

Another strong point of this product is the child safety lock. This feature is suitable for families with young children, ensuring that there are no unfortunate incidents when kids use the hot water tap.
If a family has many young children, the Kangaroo KG43 hot and cold water dispenser is the best choice.


The Kangaroo KG43 hot and cold water dispenser also has some weaknesses:

Higher Price Compared to the General Market

In terms of price, the Kangaroo KG43 is priced higher than other products. The price of the product is above 6 million VND, which may not be affordable for every household, company, or office.

Not Equipped with a Cooling Compartment like the KG41H Model

The Kangaroo KG43 hot and cold water dispenser does not have a cooling compartment like the KG41H model. Therefore, if you want to store fruits and beverages, you will need an additional fridge.

Kangaroo KG120 Hot and Cold Water Dispenser

If you’re looking to buy a hot and cold water dispenser for your home or office, you can consider the Kangaroo KG120 water dispenser


The product has several prominent strengths:

Equipped with Water Filtration Feature

The Kangaroo KG120 water dispenser is equipped with a water filtration feature using a 5-stage RO filtration system with a capacity of 7.8 liters per hour. With this feature, the product is suitable for use in large families or offices, companies with around 10 employees.

3 Water Modes with 3 Separate Faucets

Another highlight unique to the Kangaroo KG120 water dispenser is that it offers 3 water modes with 3 separate faucets. When using this product, you can choose from three water temperature levels: Cold, Room Temperature, and Hot.

Metal Housing Combined with Premium Plastic Details for Enhanced Durability

The Kangaroo KG120 hot and cold water dispenser is highly durable due to its metal housing combined with high-quality plastic details. Therefore, during usage, the product is less likely to break or dent, saving maintenance costs.


The Kangaroo KG120 water dispenser also has some weaknesses:

Relatively High Price Despite Ongoing Promotions from Distributors

Due to its many advanced features, the Kangaroo KG120 has a relatively high price. This price might not be affordable for everyone. Despite various Kangaroo distributors offering discounts, the price of the machine remains considerably higher than many other products.

Suitable Mainly for Public Areas like Companies, Hospitals, Schools

This hot and cold water dispenser is mainly suitable for certain public areas such as hospitals, companies, and schools.
Those are the five Kangaroo hot and cold water dispensers that we introduced. If you want to learn more about any specific product before making a choice, feel free to contact us.


Which Kangaroo water dispenser should I choose for my home or office?

You can refer to the top 5 Kangaroo water dispensers mentioned in the article, including: Kangaroo KG3331, Kangaroo KG32n, Kangaroo KG41H, Kangaroo KG43, and Kangaroo KG120.

What are the strengths of the Kangaroo KG3331 water dispenser?

The KG3331 features a luxurious design, competitive pricing, a safe stainless steel water tank, and large hot and cold water tanks suitable for offices or homes.

Are there any drawbacks to using the Kangaroo KG3331?

Some drawbacks include the difficulty in replacing the upside-down water bottle and the white color which can easily get dirty.

What’s special about the Kangaroo KG32n?

The KG32n is affordably priced under 2 million VND and cools using an electronic chip.

What standout features does the Kangaroo KG41H offer?

The KG41H boasts a luxurious color, comes equipped with a cooling compartment below, and features a display screen.

What makes the Kangaroo KG120 water dispenser unique?

The KG120 is equipped with a water filtration feature, offers three separate water modes with three distinct taps, and is encased in a combination of high-quality metal and plastic.

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