Top 3 best kangaroo air conditioner fans for summer 2023

One of the most popular air conditioning fan product lines in Vietnam today. It is impossible not to mention the kangaroo air conditioner fan. So where are kangaroo air conditioning fans produced? Is it good? What makes it trusted by so many people? Let’s find out the answer through the article below.

Where is Kangaroo Air Cooler Manufactured? Is it Good?

Kangaroo Group (Viet Australia Electronics Refrigeration Joint Stock Company) was established in 2003 with its headquarters in Dong Da District, Hanoi, Vietnam. It can be considered one of Vietnam’s leading giants in the production of household appliances. To date, Kangaroo Group has over 15 years of experience in manufacturing household appliances, with over 700 product models across various product lines.

Kangaroo is a renowned brand in Vietnam

The products distributed and manufactured by the group are always produced with the motto: “Manufacture and trade products that are beneficial to users’ health.” Consequently, the group has garnered numerous awards and honors during its more than 15 years of operation, including the Outstanding Young Entrepreneur in Asia – China, the Golden Star of Vietnam’s Land, Sustainable Business

Top 10 Famous Vietnamese Brands, and more.

Kangaroo air coolers are one of the standout product lines of the group, highly favored and trusted by many countries in Southeast Asia, including Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, and more.

Currently, Kangaroo air cooler products are primarily manufactured in two main locations: Vietnam and China. The production lines incorporate advanced and state-of-the-art technologies, ensuring that these air coolers operate efficiently and outperform conventional models.

Kangaroo air cooler
Kangaroo has over 15 years of experience in manufacturing household appliances

4 Convincing Reasons to Get a Kangaroo Air Cooler for Your Home

Affordable Price

The first reason, and one that many people consider when choosing a Kangaroo air cooler or a Kangaroo product for their home, is the price factor. This is one of the key differentiators from other air conditioner brands that may have higher prices that are less accessible to 100% of the Vietnamese population.
Recognizing this factor, combined with the fact that the group’s manufacturing plant is located in Vietnam, Kangaroo air coolers have a very comfortable price when compared to imported foreign brands.
You can easily own a Kangaroo air cooler for around 3 million VND. In contrast, to own air coolers with equivalent performance from other brands, you may need to pay 20-50% more, depending on the brand.

Simple Design, Easy to Use

The second convincing reason to purchase a Kangaroo air cooler lies in its design and user-friendliness.
Kangaroo air cooler models are designed to cater to all demographics, making them incredibly easy and quick to use. Particularly, the central control panel is intelligently arranged, enabling users to easily understand usage and operational status.
Furthermore, the design of Kangaroo air coolers is simple yet elegant. They blend seamlessly into any space, from traditional rooms to modern, upscale areas.

Kangaroo air cooler is good

Kangaroo air coolers integrate numerous modern features

High Durability, Excellent Performance

The third factor that convinces many people to choose Kangaroo air coolers is their durability and operational performance.
The outer casing is made from biodegradable ABS plastic, meeting high standards for human health. This type of plastic not only offers high durability but also excellent impact resistance.

The fan motor providing performance is manufactured on the most advanced modern assembly lines. Every small detail in the fan is crafted meticulously and carefully. As a result, outstanding performance is undeniable when using this type of fan.

Incorporating Advanced Technologies

And the fourth, as well as the final convincing factor for you to consider getting a Kangaroo air cooler for your home, is its features and technology.
Kangaroo Group places a strong emphasis on consumer experience, ensuring that their fans are equipped with the most advanced technologies and features compared to other fans on the market.

You’ll easily find a Kangaroo air cooler model equipped with air purification features and negative ion supplementation to enhance user health.

Furthermore, the Cooling Pad cooling layer inside the machine always incorporates the most advanced technology. It not only enhances cooling efficiency but also improves product durability compared to other products.

One advantage of air cooler products compared to any air conditioner models like Daikin air conditioners or Panasonic air conditioners lies in their ability to operate in any environmental condition. While the mentioned models need to be placed indoors to achieve the best efficiency, air coolers can be used in outdoor environments while maintaining performance at 30-50%.

The Best-Priced Kangaroo Air Cooler Models Not to Miss This Summer

If you’re looking for affordable air coolers with good quality and high performance, here are three Kangaroo air cooler models you shouldn’t overlook this summer.

Kangaroo KG50F20 Air Cooler

Despite its compact size, this Kangaroo fan is by no means lacking in performance. The Kangaroo KG50F20 Air Cooler comes with a large 20L water tank, capable of continuous operation throughout the day.

Along with the spacious water tank, the fan boasts a power consumption of 110W. With this power, it can deliver a maximum airflow of up to 1000m3 per hour. Coupled with a maximum wind speed of 9m/s, it caters to the needs of a family room with an area ranging from 20-25m2.


110W Cooling Capacity 1,000 m3/hour

Cooling Materials

Water – Ice – Dry Ice

Water Tank Capacity



382 x 342 x 900 (mm)





Cooling Area

<30 m2


8 KG

Original Price

5,990,000 VND

Promotional Price

2,999,000 VND

Product details link: Kangaroo KG50F20 Air Cooler

Kangaroo KG50F38 Air Cooler

If you’re in search of an air cooler for your coffee shop, restaurant, or simply a powerful air conditioning fan for your spacious garden, the Kangaroo KG50F38 fan is the perfect solution.

Designed specifically for areas larger than 50m2, this fan provides an airflow of up to 7000 m3/hour. Paired with a massive 45L water tank, it meets all the demands of high-performance cooling for expansive spaces.

What sets this fan apart is its air purification feature. With this functionality, the air in the area is purified, making it cleaner and more breathable. It also ensures the well-being of users.


200W Cooling Capacity

7,000 m3/hour

Cooling Materials

Water – Ice – Dry Ice Water Tank Capacity



600 x 385 x 1063 (mm) Functions




Cooling Area

50 – 55 m2 Weight

16.6 KG

Original Price

6,900,000 VND Promotional Price

4,199,000 VND

Product details link: Kangaroo KG50F38 Air Cooler

Kangaroo KG50F68 Air Cooler

Prepare to be captivated by the extraordinary Kangaroo KG50F68 Air Cooler, a piece of cooling innovation that not only defies convention but elevates your cooling experience to new heights. If you’ve been waiting for a blend of aesthetics and functionality, your quest ends here.

Exterior-wise, the Kangaroo KG50F68 is an avant-garde masterpiece. Crafted from a single, imposing block, its design is accentuated by a unique swing door, creating an aura of modernity and sophistication in your space.

What truly sets this air cooler apart is its cutting-edge central control system. With a dazzling LED display, it offers you a complete overview of vital information and an array of meticulously designed functions that simplify your interaction with the device.

Much like its sibling, the KG50F38 model, this Kangaroo air cooler boasts an air purification feature. Notably, the air filter is ingeniously positioned behind the fan, ensuring effortless maintenance and optimal performance throughout its service life.


200W Cooling Capacity

7,000 m3/hour

Cooling Materials

Water – Ice – Dry Ice Water Tank Capacity



425 x 396 x 926 (mm) Functions




-Air Purification

Cooling Area

<35 m2 Weight

12.2 KG

Original Price

10,730,000 VND Promotional Price

4,590,000 VND

Product details link: Kangaroo KG50F68 Air Cooler

How to Clean Your Kangaroo Air Cooler?

Maintaining your Kangaroo air cooler is not just a chore; it’s a responsibility towards your comfort and well-being. Let’s delve into the art of keeping your air cooler in pristine condition.

Step 1: Assess Operational Integrity

Before embarking on the cleaning journey, pay homage to the functionality gods. Ensure your air cooler is in perfect working order. If you detect any anomalies during your inspection, do the wise thing – seek the assistance of skilled technicians.

Step 2: Embrace the Cooling Pad Cleaning Ritual

The cooling pads are the unsung heroes of your air cooler, tirelessly ushering in coolness. To honor their dedication, indulge in a monthly cleansing ritual. Remove the pad holder, gently caress the pads with a brush and soft cloth, and rinse the holder under a gentle stream of water or, if you’re feeling adventurous, a hose. Treat them with tenderness; these pads are made of delicate, rigid paper. Excessive scrubbing is a no-no, as it can impair their effectiveness.

These cooling pads are like the guardians of your chill, situated behind the fan.

Their composition is typically akin to sturdy paper, ensuring a robust performance.

Step 3: Shower Your Water Tank with Love

Inside that water tank, an ecosystem of liquid magic exists, ready to usher in your comfort. However, this magical potion may also harbor undesired elements. To maintain its purity, shower your water tank with some well-deserved love. A damp cloth or a trusty brush should do the trick, especially in those nooks and crannies. Always empty the tank before this spa treatment; it makes everything tidier.

Step 4: Fan Blades and Housing – Your Next Stop

Don’t forget the unsung heroes – the fan blades and housing. A simple cloth and clean water are all they ask for. Dust and dirt, begone!

Step 5: Air Filter and Honeycomb Pads Deserve Attention

If your Kangaroo air cooler boasts air purification prowess (and it probably does), there’s an air filter in play. Show it some TLC. It usually resides behind the fan. Remove it, give it a gentle shake to shed dust, and rinse it with tender care. Ensure it’s dry before reuniting it with your air cooler.

Step 6: Reassemble and Rejoice

As you lovingly reassemble your Kangaroo air cooler, take a moment to appreciate your newfound expertise. Give it a final check, ensuring everything is harmoniously in place. Your air cooler is now poised to dance to the cooling symphony once more, keeping your indoor haven blissfully chilled.

Congratulations, you’re now a Kangaroo air cooler aficionado, ready to conquer the heat and maintain a pristine indoor environment.

Step 2: Clean the Cooling Pad

The cooling pad is where the magic happens – it’s responsible for transforming hot air into refreshing coolness. This makes it an essential component of your air conditioner, one that deserves regular cleaning to ensure peak cooling performance. Aim for a monthly cleaning routine for optimal results.

Cooling pads are typically located behind the unit[/caption>
Cleaning the cooling pad is a straightforward process. Simply remove the pad holder and use a brush and a soft cloth to eliminate any dust or debris from the surface of the cooling pad. If you have a detachable pad holder, you can rinse it with a regular hose or use a gentle spray of water for cleaning.
A quick tip when cleaning the cooling pad: avoid being too aggressive. Cooling pads are usually made of sturdy paper, and vigorous scrubbing can inadvertently damage them, compromising the efficiency of your fan.

[caption id="attachment_682" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Cooling pads are typically made of rigid paper

Step 3: Clean the Water Tank

The water inside your air cooler’s tank contains certain minerals that, when left unchecked, can lead to the growth of unwanted deposits and impurities, especially in the water tank. Therefore, it’s crucial to clean the water tank to prevent the formation of mold and algae along the water path that passes through the cooling pad. These impurities can damage the cooling efficiency of your fan.

Cleaning the water tank to reduce mold and algae buildup

Cleaning the water tank can be done using a damp cloth or a brush for those hard-to-reach spots. And don’t forget to empty the tank completely before cleaning – it makes the process much quicker and easier.

Step 4: Clean the Fan Blades and Housing

The fan blades and housing are parts that should not be overlooked during the cleaning process. To clean these components, a simple cloth and clean water will suffice to remove dust and dirt from their surfaces.

Cleaning the fan blades and housing

Step 5: Clean the Motor and Air Filter

The motor and squirrel cage fan are among the trickier parts to clean. It’s best to use a brush to remove dust and dirt from the fan blades and housing.
In the event that your home air conditioner model is equipped with an air purification feature, you’ll need to clean the air filter to ensure optimal performance.

Typically, the air filter is located at the back of the air conditioner. You can simply remove it, give it a gentle shake to dislodge dust, and then rinse it with clean water before drying it with a cloth.

Cleaning the motor and air filter

Step 6: Inspection and Completion

Once you’ve completed the cleaning process for your air cooler, the final step is to reassemble and perform a thorough check of your air conditioner.
With the information provided above, we hope you now have a basic understanding of Kangaroo air coolers and how to select the best model for your home this summer.


Where are Kangaroo air coolers manufactured?

Kangaroo air coolers are primarily manufactured in Vietnam and China.

Why should one choose Kangaroo air coolers?

Kangaroo air coolers are affordable, simply designed, user-friendly, durable, and incorporate advanced technologies.

Which Kangaroo air cooler models are popular for summer 2023?

Some popular Kangaroo air cooler models include Kangaroo KG50F20, Kangaroo KG50F38, and Kangaroo KG50F68.

How do you clean a Kangaroo air cooler?

For cleaning, you need to check its operational status, clean the cooling pad, and the water tank.

What special features do Kangaroo air coolers have?

Kangaroo air coolers come equipped with air purification features, negative ion addition, and an advanced Cooling Pad system.

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