Top 4 Dell Precision workstation models worth buying at around 15 million

When it comes to Dell Precision, many people will immediately think of heavy, clunky laptop models that offer extremely impressive performance from the Dell brand. So what are the advantages and disadvantages of this laptop line? Which is the most worthy model to buy at the price range of 25 million VND?

Overview of Dell Precision

It can be affirmed that Dell Precision is one of the two top laptop lines that make Dell’s name and brand in the world market. If Dell XPS is known as one of the worthy competitors of Macbook and Thinkpad X Series, then Dell Precision is also known as a strong competitor of Thinkpad W series workstation laptops.

The first Dell Precision version appeared in 2009. Up to now, this model has had more than 10 years of development. Even though it has gone through more than 10 years of development, the most quintessential features of this model remain the same and are increasingly upgraded to bring the best experience to customers.

Dell’s top workstation laptop line serves graphic design, drawing design, construction, video editing, graphics… Therefore, these models have a rather clunky, heavy body. masonry. In exchange for this, the screen and performance of Dell Precision can be said to be impeccable as very few laptops on the market can beat this “beast” machine.

Dell Precision 7510: A Leap Forward

The Dell Precision 7510 made its debut in 2016, aiming to replace the aging Dell Precision M4800 and M6800 models that were struggling to keep up with demanding tasks at the time. Dell poured a lot of dedication into this product to deliver the best design and experience. And indeed, Dell did not disappoint users with numerous valuable upgrades.

Satisfying Features

Upgraded Design

The first impression and perhaps the most surprising aspect of the Dell Precision 7510 is its design compared to its predecessors.

The lid of the Dell Precision 7510 is made of carbon fiber with a soft outer coating that provides a smooth, cool feel compared to the plastic material used in the past. It also absorbs force, resists scratches, and repels fingerprints much better.

For the laptop’s body, Dell has used metal edges around all sides, meticulously processed using CNC technology. This elevates the machine to a higher level of elegance and sophistication compared to the Dell Precision M4800 or M6800.

The palm rest area, where you interact the most during use, has a premium, velvety layer that prevents fingerprints and sweat. This helps reduce stickiness during prolonged use.

Notably, the laptop’s hinge is tucked inside instead of protruding outward like in previous generations. This makes the machine more compact, and carrying it becomes more convenient.

Powerful Configuration to Meet All Needs

In addition to design upgrades, the machine’s configuration has been significantly improved to better serve your tasks.

In terms of connectivity, the Dell Precision has added a USB-Type C Thunderbolt port, which is becoming increasingly common and popular due to its versatility and user-friendly design.

The laptop is equipped with an Intel Xeon or 6th generation Core i7 CPU, along with 16GB of DDR4 RAM, expandable up to 64GB. This machine can handle everything from light to heavy tasks with high performance and stability.

Room for Improvement

Relatively Heavy Weight, Not Much Different from the Precision M4800
With the significant upgrades mentioned above, it can be said that the Dell Precision 7510 is unrivaled in its price range and has no weaknesses. However, we still need to add a small drawback here for the most objective evaluation.

The most significant drawback of this laptop is its weight. With a weight of up to 2.79 kg, not including the charger, it is lighter than the Dell Precision M4800 (2.88 kg without the charger). However, it is still not a comfortable weight for you to carry the laptop everywhere with ease and comfort.

Dell Precision 7520: Elevating Performance

If you were hoping for more significant upgrades in the successor to the Dell Precision 7510, then the Dell M7520 below will be the answer to your prayers.

Impressive Highlights

Upgraded Configuration with Multiple Options for Various Tasks

Compared to the previous M7510 model, the M7520 focuses on upgrading the configuration and offers multiple options to better suit your work needs.

With the Dell Precision 7520, you can have a 4K screen version with a wide color gamut of up to 99% sRGB and a maximum brightness of 365 nits. This can be considered the most beautiful screen in the world of workstation laptops at the time of its release. With this display, advanced tasks like design and image editing become much more straightforward.

Meets U.S. Military Durability Standards

Another significant upgrade is the durability standard of the Dell Precision, which has been substantially increased. The Precision 7520 meets U.S. military durability standards. Therefore, you can use it in various environments without worrying about the machine breaking down.

Room for Improvement

Design Remains Unchanged from the Precision 7510

As an upgrade of the Dell M7510, the Dell Precision 7520 has not seen much change in terms of design compared to its predecessor. This may be because Dell wanted to optimize performance, and the design of the previous Precision 7510 model still carries a unique signature and is not outdated.

Cooling Capability Remains on Par with the Previous Generation

In this round of the Dell Precision 7520, the company has not made a significant upgrade to the cooling system. Under normal working conditions, the machine’s temperature fluctuates between 35 to 45 degrees Celsius, depending on the application. When rendering 4K resolution videos, the machine’s temperature reaches 70 degrees Celsius. In contrast, playing games like Valorant and CS: GO can push the machine’s temperature up to 90 degrees Celsius, a fairly high temperature level that can be uncomfortable for users during extended gameplay.

Dell Precision 5510: Where Elegance Meets Mobility

In the same year as the launch of the Dell Precision 7510, the Dell Precision 5510 also emerged as a new workstation model, offering significantly more portability compared to its counterparts.

Satisfying Aspects

Design Inspired by the Ultra-Compact XPS Line

In terms of design, the Dell Precision 5510 inherits many design philosophies from Dell’s flagship business laptop line, the XPS series. This includes a robust metal frame reinforced with carbon fiber, a sleek silver aluminum lid, super-slim screen bezels, and meticulously crafted CNC-cut details.

Furthermore, Dell has optimized the internal motherboard space to reduce the size and weight of the laptop to the maximum extent. With dimensions of just 367 x 235.5 x 16.7 (mm) and a weight of approximately 1.78 Kg, this can be considered the world’s thinnest and lightest workstation laptop at the time of its launch.

Ultra-Thin Screen Bezels for an Immersive Experience

One of the unique and impressive features of the Dell Precision is undoubtedly the ultra-thin screen bezels that Dell has equipped this laptop with.

Featuring an IPS display with resolutions of up to Full HD or 4K and Dell’s exclusive InfinityEdge technology. It’s easy to affirm just how exceptional the screen experience is with this laptop. All tasks and images displayed on the screen make it feel like they are floating right in front of you. The lighting, color accuracy, and brightness all contribute to making this screen a sight to behold. It’s safe to say that there is hardly any workstation laptop on the market that can match it, even at the current time.

Impressive Performance for Work and Entertainment

With a display of this quality, we can’t overlook the machine’s specifications, which are practically carried over from the Dell Precision 7510. With such a powerful configuration, the laptop can handle anything from simple office tasks to high-end entertainment without breaking a sweat.

Areas for Improvement

Size and Weight Still Relatively Large, More Suitable for Men

With a weight of 2 KG (including the charger), the Dell Precision 5510 can be said to have the ideal weight for many other workstation laptop models. However, when it comes to portability and everyday use, this laptop is undoubtedly more suitable for men than women.

Elimination of the Traditional Numeric Keypad

Although equipped with a 15.6-inch screen similar to the Precision 7510, the Dell 5510 still cuts the traditional numeric keypad. This may cause some disappointment for those who frequently use this numeric keypad. However, in exchange for a compact, beautifully designed laptop, this sacrifice is entirely acceptable.

Dell Precision 5520: Where Performance Meets Enhancement

Impressions That Delight

Enhanced Configuration and Display Experience

As the successor to the Dell Precision 5510, the M5520 model also focuses on upgrading its configuration and display experience.

In this upgraded version, the Dell Precision 5520 boasts a powerful 7th-generation Intel Core i7 processor, along with a matte anti-glare screen. This screen upgrade enhances usability in high-light environments, such as outdoors or under bright indoor lighting, significantly surpassing its predecessor.

Improved Battery for Extended Usage

In addition to the upgrades in configuration and display, the Dell Precision 5520 also sees a substantial improvement in battery life. When casually browsing the web or watching videos at a brightness level of around 40%, the laptop provides nearly 9 hours of usage. An impressively long-lasting figure for a workstation laptop.

Areas for Improvement

Slightly Shallow Keyboard, Similar to the Precision 5510

Much like the Precision 5510, the Dell 5520 continues to employ a basic keyboard and eliminates the traditional numeric keypad. Furthermore, the typing experience hasn’t seen significant updates to provide a better user experience. With a key travel of just 1.5 mm, both the Dell Precision 5520 and 5510 offer a typing experience that feels adequate. Despite the keyboard’s good tactile feedback and comfortable key surfaces, typing feels somewhat lacking. This can be considered an inherent weakness, as the typing experience on the Dell 5510 doesn’t differ significantly from Dell’s more budget-friendly laptop lines like Latitude, Inspiron, or Vostro.

Inconveniently Positioned Camera Below the Screen

The second inconvenience that the Dell Precision 5520 hasn’t addressed is the placement of the laptop’s camera below the screen. While this arrangement helps achieve a beautiful screen with super-thin bezels, it requires users to spend more time adjusting to it. Particularly for those who frequently make video calls or attend online meetings through platforms like Zoom or Google Hangouts, the camera’s location at the bottom can make video calls more cumbersome. You’ll find yourself frequently tilting the screen to find the right angle where the camera can capture your entire face and ensure optimal brightness.

These are the insights into four of the most worthwhile Dell Precision workstation laptops in the $25,000 price range. We hope that our readers can choose the workstation laptop that suits them best.


What is Dell Precision?

Dell Precision is Dell’s top-tier workstation laptop line, designed for graphic design, drafting, construction, video editing, and graphics. This series is renowned for its impressive performance and robust design.

What’s special about the Dell Precision 7510?

The Dell Precision 7510, launched in 2016, stands out with its design made from carbon fiber and an external soft coating. The device boasts a powerful configuration with either an Intel Xeon or 6th generation Core i7 chip and 16 GB DDR4 RAM.

How does the Dell Precision 7520 differ from the 7510?

The Dell Precision 7520 focuses on hardware and display upgrades. It offers a 4K screen version with a wide color range and high brightness. Additionally, it meets the U.S. military’s durability standards.

What are the advantages of the Dell Precision 5510?

The Dell Precision 5510 features a design reminiscent of the ultra-compact XPS series, with ultra-thin screen bezels and impressive performance, making it suitable for both work and entertainment.

Are there any drawbacks to the Dell Precision series?

Some drawbacks of the Dell Precision series include a relatively heavy weight, consistent design across some versions, and not significantly improved cooling capabilities.

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