Top 3 best Asus Vivobook and Zenbook laptops at the moment

When mentioning Taiwanese computer companies, people will immediately think of the brands Asus, Acer and MSI. However, the most prominent among these brands is Asus, especially the two models Asus vivobook and Asus zenbook. These are the two models that have made Asus famous in Vietnam. So what is the best model at the present time? Let’s find out the answer through the following article.

Asus Zenbook Q407iQ

At the forefront of this lineup, we must mention the Asus Zenbook Q407iQ laptop. It’s safe to say that the Zenbook series has cemented Asus’s reputation in Vietnam. With its solid aluminum chassis and concentric circle etching, the Asus Zenbook shattered the perception that mid-range, budget-friendly laptops couldn’t exude the same luxurious design as their premium counterparts costing several times more.

Design Overview

In terms of design, the Asus Zenbook Q407iQ has undergone significant changes compared to its predecessors. It has moved away from the familiar concentric circles seen in previous models, opting for a new design language with a matte aluminum surface that bears some resemblance to MacBook models. This design shift has given the laptop a more robust, somewhat exotic appeal while retaining essential elegance.

Satisfying Aspects

Unique ErgoLift Hinge Design

When we talk about the finesse of the Zenbook, it’s impossible not to mention Asus’s unique ErgoLift hinge design featured in this laptop series. The Zenbook Q407iQ continues to uphold this distinctive feature. The ErgoLift hinge not only provides a secure feeling when opening and closing the laptop but also ensures smooth operation, maintaining peak performance even during demanding tasks. When you open the laptop, the hinge at the rear lifts it slightly off the surface, creating an angle of approximately 3-5 degrees. This angle enhances comfortable typing during extended usage.
Additionally, it improves the heat dissipation of the aluminum bottom surface, particularly during resource-intensive tasks.

Beautiful High-Color-Accuracy Display for All Tasks

Equipped with a 14-inch IPS display boasting Full HD resolution and wide color coverage of up to 90% sRGB, the Asus Zenbook Q407iQ ensures it can handle a wide range of tasks, from entertainment to basic graphic work with impressive results.
Furthermore, with ultra-thin bezels on all four sides of the screen, your real-world experience doesn’t just reach the level of good; it approaches perfection.

Stable Performance

To ensure stable and swift operation, Asus has equipped the Zenbook Q407iQ with an impressive configuration for a budget-friendly Ultrabook. Featuring the AMD Ryzen 5 4500U CPU, a 256GB SSD, and 8GB of RAM, this laptop ensures you won’t encounter lag when using common applications like Word, Excel, Photoshop, AI, or even playing some games like CS:GO and Valorant.

Areas for Improvement

Limited Upgradeability

Despite its many advantages, the Asus Zenbook Q407iQ does have a couple of shortcomings. One of them is the limited hardware upgradeability. The Zenbook Q407iQ soldered 8GB of RAM onto the motherboard and has only one SSD slot. Therefore, if you need to upgrade the SSD or add more RAM for running resource-intensive applications, the Asus Zenbook Q407iQ may not satisfy your needs.

Noteworthy Touchpad, But Slightly Awkward Keyboard

Another drawback of the laptop is the somewhat unimpressive keyboard. It has a short key travel distance and moderate key depth, requiring some adjustment to achieve optimal typing comfort.

Accompanying this is the touchpad design. Instead of expanding in height, Asus opted to increase its width. This design choice can cause inconvenience when typing as it leaves minimal space on both sides of the laptop, making accidental touchpad contact during typing a minor annoyance. However, the touchpad is covered with a glass layer, providing a smoother and more enjoyable touch experience compared to touchpads made of plastic, a feature not common in many budget ultrabooks.

Asus Vivobook S15 S533

Introducing our second Ultrabook offering, the Asus Vivobook S15 S533. If you’re someone who appreciates aesthetics and wants to express your personality, the Vivobook S15 S533 is a highly suitable choice for you.

Design Overview

With an overall design tailored for youthful and dynamic individuals, the Asus Vivobook S533 boasts an eye-catching and impressive appearance. It continues to feature a robust aluminum chassis like the Asus Zenbook series. However, instead of sticking to the basic gray and black colors seen in previous generations, the Vivobook S533 offers you four vibrant color options: Gaia Green, Bold Apple Red, Crystal White, and finally, Indie Black. With this diverse range of colors, you have the freedom to choose the one that resonates most with your personal style.

In addition to these vibrant colors, Asus has also paid meticulous attention to the laptop’s weight and thickness, making it more portable. With a weight of just 1.75 kilograms and a thickness of 16 millimeters at its thickest point, carrying the laptop to your favorite cafe or school is incredibly easy and swift.

Satisfying Aspects

Elegant Nano Edge Display

Similar to its Zenbook counterpart, the Asus Vivobook S15 S533 features the exclusive Nano Edge display design. Thanks to this, the laptop’s screen bezels are significantly slimmer, offering an astonishing 88% screen-to-body ratio compared to the overall laptop size. This is an unheard-of figure for a budget-friendly ultrabook.

Fingerprint Security

Moreover, the laptop’s security is highly praised, as it comes equipped with a one-touch fingerprint sensor located at the upper right corner of the touchpad. You’ll never have to worry about your data falling into the wrong hands, whether your laptop gets lost or you lend it to someone while safeguarding your private folders.

ErgoLift Hinge

Another noteworthy feature of this laptop is the famous ErgoLift hinge, originally found on Zenbooks and now integrated into the Vivobook series. The ErgoLift hinge design enhances heat dissipation, ensuring that the CPU doesn’t throttle its performance when handling resource-intensive tasks.

Areas for Improvement

Soldered RAM, No Upgrade Option

Similar to Asus Zenbook, a common point of dissatisfaction found in many ultrabooks is the lack of hardware upgradeability. Equipped with 8GB of DDR4 RAM and a 512GB SSD, the Vivobook S533 handles basic tasks perfectly. However, for those using specialized software demanding high performance, the limitations of the S533’s hardware can be quite challenging.

Average Color Coverage Display, Suited for Office Work or Study

In contrast to Zenbook, the Vivobook S533 features a display with less color coverage, reaching only 61% of the sRGB color gamut. While this figure is still better than many laptops in the same price range, it primarily caters to entertainment needs, leaving room for improvement when it comes to professional graphic work.

Asus VivoBook Flip 14 Inch TM420ia

When we talk about unique and creatively inventive laptops, Asus often emerges as one of the leading brands consistently pushing the envelope when it comes to features and creative prowess. The Asus VivoBook Flip TM420ia stands as a vivid testament to this.

Design Overview

In terms of aesthetics, the Asus VivoBook Flip 14 Inch TM420ia boasts a design language that’s exquisitely sophisticated and can be likened to the elite league of laptops like Dell XPS, Thinkpad, or Macbook.
While it retains the aluminum chassis design seen in other laptops, the manufacturer has decided to slim down the bottom and the two sides of the machine. A quick glance at the laptop’s overall profile will leave you pleasantly surprised by its slimness.

Satisfying Aspects

360-Degree Foldable Design

In the realm of budget-friendly ultrabooks, the Asus VivoBook TM420ia offers a refreshingly novel and unique experience. The laptop comes equipped with the ErgoLift 2.0 hinge, enabling a 360-degree foldable capability.
With this feature, you can effortlessly tailor the laptop’s shape to cater to a diverse range of tasks, from using it as an entertainment-focused tablet akin to an iPad, to transforming it into a professional-grade presentation tool for your business endeavors. Notably, Asus boasts the hinge’s durability, claiming it can endure over 20,000 folds and rotations, assuring you that frequent folding won’t lead to hinge wear and tear.

Ultra-Responsive Touchpad with NumberPad 2.0

In addition to the 360-degree flip display, Asus has equipped this VivoBook Flip with an incredibly responsive touchpad that features the unique NumberPad 2.0 functionality.

The touchpad’s exceptional sensitivity supports all Microsoft Precision Touchpad actions, eliminating the need for an external mouse.

Notably, the NumberPad feature, typically found only in Asus’s flagship laptops, allows you to effortlessly convert the touchpad into a dedicated numeric keypad. This is a game-changer for students studying accounting or anyone regularly dealing with numerical data input.

Decent Hardware Upgrade Capability

One advantage of the VivoBook Flip over its siblings in the VivoBook and ZenBook families is its hardware upgradeability. In addition to the 8GB soldered RAM inside the machine, Asus has provided an additional RAM slot. This allows you to maximize the RAM to 16GB, harnessing the power of dual-channel RAM for significantly enhanced performance.

Areas for Improvement

Despite its numerous strengths in terms of innovative design, this Asus laptop still harbors a few inherent drawbacks.

Slightly Thicker Screen Bezels Compared to Other VivoBook and ZenBook Models

The first point of contention with this laptop lies in its screen bezels, which are slightly thicker than those on other VivoBook and ZenBook models. This can be attributed to the manufacturer’s desire to provide users with additional grip space when using the laptop as a large-sized tablet for entertainment or presentation purposes.

Hinge Feels Slightly Less Premium

In addition to the slightly thicker screen bezels, the laptop’s hinge doesn’t quite deliver the premium feel of its predecessors. When opening and closing the laptop, you may notice a slight resistance. While this doesn’t significantly impact the overall user experience, it’s an area where Asus could fine-tune and improve in future iterations.


What makes the Asus Vivobook and Zenbook stand out from other Asus laptop lines?

The Asus Vivobook and Zenbook are the two most prominent product lines of Asus in Vietnam, establishing the brand’s reputation in this market.

What are the standout features of the Asus Zenbook Q407iQ?

The Zenbook Q407iQ boasts a unibody aluminum design, concentric circle patterns, a unique ergolift hinge, and a beautiful high-color coverage display.

Who is the Asus Vivobook S15 S533 suitable for?

The Vivobook S15 S533 is ideal for those who appreciate beauty, want to express their individuality, and desire a laptop with an eye-catching, impressive design.

What’s special about the Asus VivoBook Flip 14 Inch TM420ia?

The VivoBook Flip 14 Inch TM420ia features a 360-degree flip design, allowing it to be used as a tablet and offering a unique, novel experience.

Where can I learn more about other Asus products?

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