Top 6 high-class Surface Computer models for a different experience

What makes Microsoft’s Surface so beloved is its unique design, featuring 2-in-1 devices that bring the utmost simplicity and elegance to users. Let’s explore 6 top-notch Surface laptops with a completely different experience in the market.

A Brief Overview of Surface

Surface is a pioneering product line for hybrid laptop-tablet devices from the renowned American multinational corporation – Microsoft. In 2012, the first Surface device was introduced, praised for its luxurious, refined, and sleek design, albeit with less than stellar performance. Undeterred by this setback, Microsoft shifted its focus towards redesigning, optimizing performance, improving software, and enhancing battery life. This effort led to the birth of the Surface Pro, marking a new era for Microsoft in the computer industry.

Key Features of the Surface Line

Powered by the Latest Intel Processors

Over time, the Intel Core processors in Surface Laptops have seen consistent upgrades, enhancing their performance. Applications run smoother, and most importantly, the battery life of these 2-in-1 devices remains impressive. The Surface Laptop 3, launched in 2019, was equipped with the 10th-generation Intel Core processors, the latest from Intel.

Delivers an Exceptional User Experience

One of the key successes of Surface products is delivering a superior user experience with innovative features. These devices are not only slim and lightweight, with a thickness of just around 0.8 cm, but also offer minimal weight similar to typical tablets.
Furthermore, the Surface keyboards are meticulously designed to provide a comfortable typing experience without generating excessive noise. Users can enjoy a larger tablet screen with a wider display, and the keyboard keys offer three times better bounce than other products. Additionally, some Surface Pro models feature premium Alcantara fabric-covered keys, adding luxury and comfort to the user experience.

Through continuous improvement and innovation, Surface laptops not only offer beautiful designs but also deliver top-notch performance.

Extended Battery Life

During the Surface Laptop launch event, Microsoft claimed that Surface could operate for up to 14.5 hours with tasks such as video playback, work, and music listening. This theoretical performance was considered impressive compared to other laptops on the market. Although there haven’t been extensive tests, these devices have proven to have excellent battery life, allowing for hours of uninterrupted use. Surface laptops are loved by creative professionals and users seeking feature-rich devices with long-lasting battery performance.

Multi-Functional Touchscreen for Smooth Navigation

In the early versions, users reported screen shaking issues, which Microsoft addressed in subsequent Surface models. Today, customers can enjoy high-quality screens with sleek slimness, and they can smoothly navigate by touch without the need for a mouse or TouchBar to execute commands.
Furthermore, users can use the Surface Pen touch pen to draw or take quick notes directly on the screen, which will automatically convert into documents for convenient storage. The latest-generation Surface devices feature a 13.5-inch screen with 2K resolution for sharp visuals.

Outstanding Facial Recognition Technology

Microsoft has integrated advanced facial recognition technology into Surface Laptop products, offering top-notch security. Users can quickly log in through the Windows Hello app to unlock their laptops. This feature provides the most convenient and secure user experience, with an extremely low error rate of 1 in 100,000.

Surface Pro 7

Launched in early 2019, the Surface Pro 7 has earned its place as one of Microsoft’s outstanding Surface Pro series.

Satisfying Features

Premium, Elegant, and Unique Design in the Laptop World

Inheriting the remarkable features of the Surface Pro 6, Microsoft brings us the Surface Pro 7, providing a near-perfect experience.
Firstly, the Surface Pro 7’s screen is crafted from premium lightweight aluminum-magnesium material, resulting in sharper and smoother displays. Additionally, the device’s stand has been reinforced, allowing for versatile angles and modes during work.

In this version, Microsoft has also added a USB Type-C port, enabling users to connect to two sharp 4K screens. This upgrade enhances connectivity with peripherals such as hard drives and external GPUs, making it easier to replace and charge the laptop’s battery.

Lightweight and Portable

Being a 2-in-1 device, the Surface Pro 7 serves as both a laptop and a tablet. This allows users to carry it everywhere with ease. It’s not only slim and lightweight but also incredibly convenient and flexible. When on the move, it’s much more comfortable and less cumbersome compared to conventional laptops.

Areas for Improvement

Although the Surface Pro 7 excels in various aspects, there’s a minor drawback that leaves tech enthusiasts somewhat disappointed – its design remains quite similar to the Pro 6. This has left fans feeling a bit unexcited, as if Microsoft is focusing its design innovation efforts on the Surface Pro X series.

Surface Pro X

The Surface Pro X is a marvel of technology, featuring an edge-to-edge display and ranking among Microsoft’s most premium offerings. It brings a completely fresh design compared to previous Surface models, accompanied by a Qualcomm-designed processor, a departure from the familiar Intel core processors. This shift also introduces a whole new realm of experiences, distinct from the Intel-powered systems we’ve grown accustomed to.

Satisfying Aspects

Ultra-Slim Design and Feather-Light for an Incredibly Comfortable Hold

Measuring just 0.33 x 11.5 x 7.9 inches and impressively lightweight (excluding the keyboard), the Surface Pro X provides a reassuringly firm grip, combining mobility and the essential aesthetics of a modern device.

Thinnest Screen Bezels Among Surface Models

The most striking feature of this product line is the remarkably slim screen bezels, exuding elegance and immediate visual appeal. The use of a premium magnesium-aluminum alloy maintains a sense of luxury in each device.

Responsive Keyboard with Excellent Key Travel, Sensitive Touchpad

The Surface Pro X boasts an ultra-thin keyboard that delivers a superb typing experience with excellent key travel and backlit keys. The optimal key spacing allows for fast and smooth typing. The large trackpad is another advantage, providing precise and responsive control.

Areas for Improvement

Fabric-Covered Keyboard Prone to Stains

The Alcantara fabric covering on the keyboard, while aesthetically pleasing, is susceptible to stains. Therefore, regular cleaning and annual professional maintenance are advisable.

Limited Performance for Heavy Tasks, Suitable for Office Work or Client Meetings

One slight drawback of this flagship device is its limited performance when handling resource-intensive tasks. For instance, running multiple applications simultaneously, conducting video calls, editing images, and having many browser tabs open may cause the device to slow down slightly. However, if you limit the simultaneous use of complex tasks, the device runs smoothly and efficiently. For office professionals dealing mainly with text and standard office tasks, this device is highly suitable.

Surface Laptop 3

Behold the Surface Laptop 3, a powerhouse driven by the 10th-gen Intel CPU, delivering lightning-fast computing and graphics prowess. With its 3:2 screen ratio, it effortlessly switches between portrait and landscape, enabling you to unleash your creative genius. This is the epitome of a balanced blend between performance and mobility.

Delightful Highlights

Sleek, Minimalist Design with a Dash of Contemporary Flair

The new generation Surface Laptop 3 boasts an impressive design that, while minimalist, exudes a distinct contemporary flair. Its all-metal chassis comes in a range of vibrant colors. This model appeals to those who appreciate compact convenience and modern aesthetics.

Impressive 12-Hour Continuous Battery Life

Microsoft claims a 12-hour battery life for the Surface Laptop 3. In real-world usage, it delivers around 9.10 hours of usage—a remarkably stable performance compared to other ultrabook laptops on the market at the time of its release. This substantial improvement ensures users can carry on throughout the workday without a hitch.
Furthermore, the integration of the latest Intel Core 10th-gen processor enables swift and intelligent charging. In just about an hour, it can bring the battery up to 80%, ready for extended use.

Multi-Touch Sensory Excellence

Enhancing the user experience, this product incorporates multi-touch functionality on the touchpad. This feature allows users to use one finger to select a particular webpage and another to control an additional tab. It’s a productivity booster, making tasks faster and more efficient.

Aspects Needing Improvement

Fairly Thick Screen Bezels

Compared to laptops introduced in the past two years, the screen bezels of the Surface Laptop 3 are relatively thick. This slightly diminishes its overall aesthetics. However, the use of a thicker screen also enhances the device’s durability, increasing resilience during daily operations.

Somewhat Noisy Fan, Maximum Temperature Approaches 90°C Under Heavy Loads

When pushed to its limits, the Surface Laptop 3’s cooling fan can become quite noisy. Additionally, the temperature may rise to nearly 90°C when handling intensive tasks. To mitigate this, try to avoid running the computer at full throttle for extended periods. You can adjust the CPU performance settings or configure the processor’s power management to “Maximum Processor State.” Alternatively, consider using power debugging tools.

Surface Book 2

Behold the Surface Book 2, a premier choice for high-end consumers, boasting a jaw-dropping battery life. It brings forth computing power akin to desktops but wrapped in a marvelously flexible and remarkably mobile package.

Although the Surface Book 3 has emerged with several remarkable features, the Book 2 shows no signs of cooling down for the following reasons:

Delights to Savor

Innovative Design for a Unique Experience

The Surface Book flaunts a hinge design that resembles a book, and true to its name, it offers a unique experience. The screen can detach from the keyboard, allowing you to hold the screen separately, transforming it into a sleek and lightweight tablet that you can take anywhere.

3K 60Hz Display for Outstanding Visuals

The screen is impressively smooth with its 3K display, offering superior visuals and a swift response rate that ensures a comfortable viewing experience for movies and gaming. With a refresh rate of around 60Hz, it enhances the display of dynamic scenes on the touch screen, delivering sharp and fluid images.

The 3:2 Aspect Ratio Provides More Information for Users

This aspect ratio is a hallmark of the Surface line, offering users maximum interaction and display in both portrait and landscape orientations. It allows you to have a comprehensive view of the entire screen, making it extremely convenient for office work or study materials.

Supports Touchscreen and Pen Input for Graphic Designers

In addition to the high-quality screen and user-friendly 3:2 aspect ratio, this product also features an accurate multi-touch screen. This is a godsend for graphic designers who can fully leverage the Surface Pen for absolute precision.

Areas in Need of Enhancement

Occasionally, the feature that detaches the screen by holding down the button seems to disconnect or stop responding randomly. This is a minor issue in terms of functionality that may leave users feeling somewhat disappointed. If the problem is not too severe, you can find additional information and troubleshooting tips for the Surface Type Cover or keyboard on Google to address the issue.

Surface Go

Enter the realm of Surface Go, the miniature counterpart of the Surface Pro. It’s the tiniest member of the illustrious Surface family, compact, lightweight, and perfectly palm-sized. With a mid-range price tag and outstanding features, the Surface Go commands attention among Microsoft enthusiasts. One caveat: the Surface Go is a tablet, and to wield it as a laptop, you’ll need to acquire the indispensable Type Cover accessory.

Pleasures to Embrace

Cool to the Touch, Simple yet Elegant Design

The Surface Laptop Go boasts a sleek yet elegant design, with a glossy, premium material on its back. The silver aluminum frame exudes sophistication and refinement, offering a pleasantly cool touch. It’s a product tailored for those who appreciate sophistication and timelessness, with no hints of obsolescence.

Smooth, Responsive Touchscreen Display with Full HD Resolution

With its perfectly-sized 10.6-inch screen, the Surface Go is the ultimate solution for on-the-go tasks, thanks to its lightweight and portability. The full HD resolution delivers sharp image quality, enhancing color accuracy for your usage.

Areas in Need of Improvement

No LED-Backlit Keyboard

The LED-backlit keyboard function is immensely helpful for gaming or working in low-light conditions. Unfortunately, the Surface Go lacks this feature, potentially causing some inconvenience during evening use. However, you can easily overcome this limitation by equipping yourself with an external LED light.

Slightly Inferior Sound Quality Compared to Other Surface Models

Surface Go leans more toward the tablet realm in terms of functionality. Consequently, the audio experience on this product falls within the mid-range category, with speakers that provide adequate, but not awe-inspiring sound. Compared to other Surface models, it might not leave as strong an impression, but it’s important to remember that this is a compact, lightweight laptop catering to different needs.

Display Limited to Full HD Resolution

Currently, Surface Go models are equipped with Pentium Gold chips and a 10-inch Full HD display. While the display quality falls within the average range, considering its characteristics, size, resolution, and price point, this is a solid offering in the mid-range segment, ideal for office professionals or students.

Surface Laptop 4

Enter the world of the Surface Laptop 4, a laptop that stands tall among its peers with its premium design, top-tier specifications, and long-lasting battery life.

Highlights to Relish

Upgraded Specs Deliver a Whopping 70% Performance Boost Over the Surface Laptop 3

In comparison to its predecessor, the Surface Laptop 3, this fourth-generation marvel boasts significant hardware improvements. Notably, it’s equipped with an 8-core/16-thread CPU capable of clocking up to 4.4GHz, resulting in a staggering 70% increase in performance.

Special AMD Chip Extends Battery Life to a Remarkable 19 Continuous Hours

Similar to its predecessor, the Surface Laptop 4 employs an AMD processor. However, it’s important to note that this is the AMD 5000-series mobile processor, a significant upgrade from the previous 4000-series. This new chipset not only delivers improved performance but also extends battery life to an astounding 19 hours on a single charge. Such exceptional battery life makes this laptop suitable not only for students but also for business professionals, office workers, and anyone who needs a laptop that can keep up with their long workdays and meetings.
With such impressive battery life, this laptop is an excellent choice for students, professionals, and anyone who needs a reliable and long-lasting laptop for work or entertainment.

Areas for Improvement

Since the Surface Laptop 4 is primarily an internal hardware and feature upgrade, its external design remains unchanged compared to its predecessor. It retains the black aluminum chassis that’s prone to fingerprints and the same set of three ports. Even the weight and dimensions remain the same. However, these improvements in functionality position the Surface Laptop 4 as the most outstanding version among its predecessors.


What makes Microsoft’s Surface unique?

Microsoft’s Surface is renowned for its distinctive design, offering a 2-in-1 integration that delivers a minimalist and sleek experience for users.

What are the advantages of Surface Pro 7?

Surface Pro 7 boasts a premium, elegant, and unique design. It provides an excellent user experience with its high-quality display and lightweight design.

What stands out about Surface Pro X?

Surface Pro X features an ultra-slim design, lightweight build, and thin screen bezels. It also comes equipped with a multi-touch keyboard and facial recognition technology.

What are the strengths of Surface Laptop 3?

Surface Laptop 3 showcases a modern design, impressive battery life, and multi-touch capabilities.

Who is Surface Book 2 suitable for?

Surface Book 2 is an ideal choice for high-end consumers, offering powerful performance and extended battery life.

There you have it – a comprehensive review of top-of-the-line Surface laptops for those seeking slim and lightweight laptops for business and productivity. If you’re looking for more budget-friendly yet high-performance laptop options like HP laptops, Dell Latitude, or Dell Vostro, be sure to explore more reviews in the Top Products section of Toplist.

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