Top 3 cheap, high-performance Dell Latitudes for students

As a branch of the Dell family, it can be said that Dell Latitude is one of the best product lines for businessmen as well as students. Let’s also Quatest experience 3 Lattitude laptop models that are old but still capable of meeting all needs at the present time.

Brief overview of Dell Latitude

Dell latitude is a product line that the company first announced in 2013. At the time of its launch, the Latitude Laptop created a fever for business people with many outstanding advantages such as: High-end machine design, Equipped with impressive performance, the ability to use single-tasking and multi-tasking is unmatched by any other machine… Especially at a much lower price than Dell’s top two laptop lines at that time, Dell XPS and Dell. Precision. Not too surprising, as it brings popularity that is hard to refuse.

Until now, after nearly 10 years of birth and development, mentioning Dell Latitude Laptop. Many people still think this is one of the most affordable high-end laptops that Dell has ever produced.

Dell Latitude 7470

The Dell Latitude 7470, also known by its other alias, Dell E7470, made its debut in 2016. Remarkably, even after more than four years since its inception, the Latitude 7470 still stands tall in terms of design and operational performance.

Satisfying Aspects of the Product

Elegant and Sophisticated Design Suited for Successful Businesspeople

At the time of its release, the Dell Latitude 7470 could be crowned as the king of affordable business laptops. It boasts a robust build with a simple, angular design that exudes sophistication and class, perfect for successful businesspeople. To add to its charm, the laptop’s chassis is crafted from carbon fiber, providing durability and a comfortable grip for users.

Not only did Dell upgrade the external appearance, but the interior design of the product was also significantly enhanced. Upon opening the laptop, you’ll be mesmerized by the blend of blue accents on the trackpoint buttons with the dominant matte black finish, creating a uniquely captivating yet irresistibly intriguing appeal.

Compact and Lightweight for Easy Portability

Thanks to the shift from plastic to carbon fiber for the frame material and efficient interior space utilization, the laptop has become more compact and lightweight. With a weight of just 1.56 kilograms, the Dell Latitude 7470 can be considered one of the lightest business laptops of its time.

Operational Performance Still Impressive Even Today

In its debut year of 2016, the Dell Latitude 7470 sported an impressive configuration that couldn’t be overlooked, featuring 8GB of RAM, Intel HD Graphics onboard, a 256GB M.2 SSD, and a 6th-generation Intel Core i5 6300U CPU. The Dell 7470 completely met the needs of business professionals, students, and anyone in between. Even today, this laptop continues to perform quite well for most work-related tasks, with the exception of some high-end design and creative work.

Incredibly Affordable Price Tag in the Current Market

In addition to the aforementioned advantages, it’s worth noting the price of the Dell Latitude 7470 in the current market. If you wanted to own this laptop back in 2016, you’d have to invest approximately 25 million Vietnamese dong. However, today, you can acquire it for a fraction of that price. This makes it an incredibly cost-effective choice for those who aren’t overly concerned with the rapid pace of technological advancements.

Areas of Discontent

Dell Has Ceased Production, Leaving Only Used Units Available

In the current timeframe, Dell has ceased production and official distribution of this product. Therefore, you won’t be able to find new units; instead, you may come across used units through acquaintances or in the used market.
If you prefer having a brand new laptop with official warranty, this laptop might not meet your expectations.

Design Seems Outdated in Today’s Context

With its launch more than four years ago, the design of the laptop appears somewhat outdated compared to contemporary models. The Dell Latitude 7470 features a screen with relatively thick bezels and a straightforward, square-edged design that lacks the trendy, stylish flair of today’s laptops.

Dell Latitude 3410 Laptop

If you’re a fan of Latitude laptops but prefer not to go for a used option like the Dell 7470 mentioned earlier, then the Latitude 3410 laptop below could be the perfect choice for you.
The Latitude 3410 laptop is the latest addition to Dell’s Latitude family in 2020. As a result, this model boasts numerous upgrades compared to its predecessors and is entirely brand new. Hence, you can rest assured about the product’s quality and warranty coverage.

Satisfying Aspects

Brand New Product with Extended Official Support

Being introduced in the latter half of 2020, this laptop comes with an extended warranty and support lifespan that will last for at least 4-6 more years, without question.
With a 10th-generation Core i3 CPU, a hybrid storage setup of 128GB SSD and 1TB HDD, along with 4GB of RAM and an empty RAM slot for future upgrades, this laptop effortlessly meets a wide range of usage needs, from light tasks to slightly more demanding ones, all smoothly and swiftly.

AI Technology and Intel Adaptix for Performance Optimization

In addition to long-term software support and security by the manufacturer, the Dell Latitude 3410 benefits from the latest AI technology and Intel Adaptix. With these cutting-edge technologies, the laptop can automatically adjust its performance to provide the most suitable operation for the user’s current needs. This leads to a significant improvement in battery life compared to its predecessors, even though it has the same 55Wh battery capacity.
Furthermore, these technologies maximize the audio system, delivering an exceptional sound experience throughout its usage.

Areas of Concern

Design Hasn’t Evolved Much Compared to Dell Latitude 7470

Despite numerous upgrades in terms of specifications and technology, the laptop’s design remains a minor drawback that the manufacturer should focus on improving in future iterations.
It still employs a plastic frame, which prevents it from achieving the modern, sophisticated look seen in many contemporary laptops. Notably, this plastic frame introduces a certain degree of flex. If you’re not overly particular or meticulous, this level of flex might not significantly affect your overall experience with the laptop.

Price Is Somewhat High Considering the Configuration

As a globally renowned brand, Dell laptops typically come with higher price tags compared to laptops with similar configurations in the market. The Dell Latitude 3410 is no exception.

Dell Latitude 7390 Laptop

If the Latitude 3410 leaves you wanting more in terms of performance, and the Latitude 7470, while powerful, lacks long-term support, then the Dell Latitude 7390 showcased below could be the perfect middle ground for you.
Introduced in the latter half of 2018 and billed as the flagship of the Dell Latitude lineup, the Dell 7390 boasts substantial upgrades that you simply can’t ignore.


Impressively Durable to U.S. Military Standards

First and foremost, let’s talk about the durability of the Latitude 7390 laptop. Dell has equipped this machine with its most advanced technology to deliver superior durability, meeting the MIL-STD 810G standards of the U.S. military.
With this level of durability, the laptop can function flawlessly in the most challenging environments, whether it’s the desert, polar regions, or extremely humid conditions. Along with this, it offers excellent shock and impact resistance. Notably, with a weight of only about 1.3KG (including the charger), the Dell 7390 is undoubtedly a worthy companion for your travels.

Capable Configuration for All Tasks

Despite its compact size and a 13.3-inch display, don’t underestimate the hardware inside the Dell Latitude 7390. With an 8th-generation Intel Core i5 quad-core processor, 8GB of built-in RAM and an additional available slot, along with a speedy 256GB SSD, this laptop smoothly handles a wide range of tasks. It can even tackle Full HD video rendering without a hitch.

Quality Touchscreen Display

With such a high-quality configuration, the Dell Latitude 7390’s display has to be exceptional to provide the best possible experience for users. This laptop boasts a 13.3-inch Full HD IPS panel with super-slim bezels on two sides. It covers 95% of the sRGB color space and reaches a brightness of 300 nits. The user experience is simply outstanding and superior. You can use this laptop for everyday multimedia tasks without worrying about significant color discrepancies.

Furthermore, the Dell Latitude 7390’s screen features touchscreen capabilities and can be rotated 180 degrees. This feature is extremely convenient when you need to meet with clients and present ongoing projects.

Room for Improvement

Plastic Frame Doesn’t Match the Premium Status

Despite numerous worthwhile upgrades, the Dell Latitude 7390 still has a minor drawback: its frame is made of recycled plastic. As a premium flagship laptop for businesses at its launch, it’s somewhat perplexing that Dell opted for a plastic frame, while most laptops in the same price range were using metal frames.
Although it has been reinforced for absolute robustness, the use of plastic in the frame occasionally results in some flex at specific holding points. While this issue is not widespread, it might be slightly bothersome if you’re attentive to such minor details.

Touchpad Is Just Adequate, with Separate Left and Right Click Buttons

In the touchpad of the Dell Latitude 7390, Dell has expanded the surface area to provide a better user experience, especially with the Microsoft Precision touchpad for multitouch and ease of use.

However, the real-world experience stops at being adequate; the touchpad is passable but may become slightly annoying for those who tend to have sweaty hands. A rather incongruous aspect is that Dell has retained separate left and right-click buttons, even though the touchpad supports multitouch gestures. Hopefully, in future iterations, Dell will eliminate these two buttons to provide a more expansive and comfortable touchpad experience.

That’s our review of the top three most budget-friendly Dell Latitude laptops currently available. We hope you’ve found the perfect laptop for your needs and preferences. In addition to the models mentioned, you can explore more laptop reviews on Dell Inspiron and Dell Vostro in the Product section of


Who is the target audience for the Dell Latitude laptops?

The Dell Latitude is one of the best product lines designed for professionals, students, and scholars.

What are the standout features of the Dell Latitude 7470?

The Dell Latitude 7470 boasts a sophisticated design, impressive performance, and is currently available at a very affordable price.

What’s special about the Latitude 3410 laptop?

The Latitude 3410 laptop is Dell Latitude’s latest product in 2020, featuring numerous upgrades and is a brand-new product.

What are the key features of the Dell Latitude 7390?

The Dell Latitude 7390 is renowned for its impressive durability, meeting U.S. military standards, powerful configurations, and a high-quality touchscreen display.

Besides Latitude, what other Dell laptop lines are noteworthy?

Apart from Latitude, you might also consider other laptop series like Dell Inspiron and Dell Vostro.

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