5 smart kangaroo water purifiers with the most attractive promotions

Kangaroo water purifier is the leading brand providing purifiers today with product quality always guaranteed to be outstanding. Let’s learn about 5 models smart kangaroo water purifier with The most attractive promotions today.

Kangaroo KG100HG Water Purifier


A Classic Design Elevated with Gold Accents for Enhanced Aesthetics

The Kangaroo KG100HG water purifier stands out as a top contender among the most beloved Kangaroo water dispensers today. Beyond its modern technology, the product’s sophisticated design appeals to many homemakers. The classic design, embellished with gold accents, not only adds a touch of elegance but also complements any room beautifully.

10-Stage Filtration System with 4 Additional Mineral-Infusing Filters

The excellence of the Kangaroo KG100HG hot and cold water purifier goes beyond its visually pleasing design. It incorporates numerous advanced features, including:

  • Smart modes for optimized and efficient usage, ensuring cost savings
  • RO Vortex technology by Kangaroo Korea, ensuring durability, swift filtration, and extended filter lifespan compared to standard products.

… but it’s also about the 10-stage filtration system with 4 extra filters infusing essential minerals into the water. This comprehensive water purification system ensures consumers enjoy high-quality, pH-balanced, and hydrogen-enriched purified water. This outstanding feature sets this product apart, providing rapid mineral-rich water, prioritizing user safety.


Despite its numerous functional advantages, the product has one weakness: its substantial size, suitable primarily for spacious areas. You should also carefully select the installation location for the fixed water purifier to avoid the hassle of later relocation, as the machine is quite heavy.

Kangaroo 9-Core Water Purifier KG100HA VTU


Fast Filtration Capable of 20L/hour

The KG100HA VTU water purifier has an impressive filtration capacity with its 9 Kangaroo filters that effectively remove heavy metals and harmful bacteria. This product not only provides clean, naturally sweet-tasting water but also filters up to 20 liters of water per hour. This ensures that users have an ample supply of water for drinking and cooking daily.

Large 10L Water Tank Ideal for Large Families

Another outstanding feature of this product is its large water tank with a capacity of up to 10 liters. This is perfect for quickly meeting the water needs of larger families, ranging from 5 to 8 members.

Competitive Pricing Compared to Lesser-Known Brands

One more advantage that makes the Kangaroo KG100HA VTU water purifier a top choice in the premium water purifier segment today is its highly competitive and consumer-friendly pricing. With its utility, water purification features, and affordability, it’s no surprise that many homemakers opt for this product for their families.


Traditional, Simple Design Suited for Limited Spaces (Kitchen, Dining Room)

The traditional upright cabinet-style design in basic black and white may seem somewhat plain. However, it is perfectly suited for spaces like the kitchen or dining room, ensuring practicality alongside its simplicity.

Kangaroo KG100HP Water Purifier

Compact Design Ideal for Small Spaces

Typically, Kangaroo water purifiers have large dimensions and are placed under kitchen cabinets, making filter replacement and maintenance challenging, and requiring ample space. However, the Kangaroo KG100HP boasts an intelligent design with a small footprint. Even within relatively cramped quarters, users can easily use the device, conduct filter replacements, and perform maintenance tasks. This makes it a highly versatile choice for homes with limited space.
This non-cabinet water purifier model offers effortless Kangaroo water purifier maintenance and repairs in the future.

Advanced Filtration Technology Reduces Wastewater by 75%

While conventional RO membranes are designed with a RO axial flow that shortens the water’s residence time on the membrane, resulting in significant wastewater production, the Kangaroo KG100HP water purifier uses an RO Vortex membrane made in Korea. This specially improved membrane greatly optimizes wastewater reduction. It operates with a reverse osmosis mechanism, creating a strong water vortex that effectively removes impurities in the water, leading to more thorough filtration, reduced wastewater, and increased filter membrane durability.

Equipped with UV Germicidal Lamp

This water purifier integrates UV lamps within the filtration columns and membrane to eliminate impurities and bacteria before delivering purified water through the faucet. This physical bacterial eradication process, utilizing powerful light, destroys or damages live cells, rendering bacteria incapable of reproducing. It eliminates 99.99% of bacteria in the water, providing pure and healthy water for consumption and maintaining radiant skin.


Exposed Design Vulnerable to Damage in Frequent Collision-Prone Areas

This water purifier lacks protective cabinetry, unlike other water purifier models, offering less protection. Choosing an appropriate installation location is crucial to prevent potential damage in high-traffic areas.

Kangaroo KG100EED IOT Smart Water Purifier


Equipped with Wi-Fi Connectivity for Monitoring

This product is equipped with Wi-Fi connectivity for monitoring its operation, combining with an ultra-sensitive sensor faucet in tune with modern digital technology trends. Especially with its electronic control and monitoring system, the Kangaroo KG100EED water purifier has gained high praise from users for its convenience and integrated smart features. It allows users to effortlessly track the device’s status and receive timely alerts.

Compact Size, 65% Smaller than Before

The Kangaroo KG100EED IOT smart water purifier boasts a design that is 65% smaller than traditional water purifiers. Despite the difference in appearance, the device’s features are fully integrated, providing outstanding benefits to customers, including:

  • RO water electrolysis technology, recognized as an exclusive patented scientific product, produces superior, stable, and sustainable Hydrogen ion water.
  • A warning system for filter replacement and water leakage with electronic circuitry monitoring.
  • The Vortex RO membrane reduces wastewater by up to 75% and includes an automatic RO membrane cleaning system for maximum filter membrane lifespan.

Sleek and Modern Design

The Kangaroo KG100EED water purifier boasts an exceptionally compact design with meticulous attention to detail, delivering a sleek, modern, and sophisticated appearance. If you’re seeking a high-quality water purifier with a luxurious design suitable for modern apartment living spaces, this product should not be overlooked.


Small Water Tank, Suitable for Families of 6 or Fewer

In terms of water purifier design, this product features a small water tank that, while convenient and compact, limits water capacity. For offices or larger families with over 6 members requiring higher water usage, this product may not fully meet your needs. On the other hand, for households with 2 to 4 members, this product is a reliable choice.

Relatively High Price Compared to the Average Income in Vietnam

The price of the Kangaroo KG100EED IOT smart water purifier is relatively high compared to the average income level in Vietnam. However, if you’re looking for a top-quality Kangaroo water purifier with cutting-edge features, this smart water purifier is a worthy investment to consider.

Kangaroo KG100MED Water Purifier


Produces Healthy Alkaline Hydrogen Water

As part of Kangaroo’s premium water purifier lineup, the KG100MED brings forth the latest features in modern water purification technology. It incorporates a 5-in-1 Hydrogen Technology with 5 solid core filters made from activated carbon, RO vortex membrane, capable of purifying water contaminated with styrene (common in motor oil waste). It not only completely eliminates styrene but also effectively purifies water from toxins and impurities, delivering mineral-rich, hydrogen-infused water for consumers’ health.

Solid Core Filters for Easy Replacement

What sets this machine apart from other systems is its solid core filter unit consisting of activated carbon and a 3-stage RO vortex membrane. This configuration ensures the generation of hydrogen-enriched alkaline water while rapidly and effectively removing toxins and impurities. Furthermore, the design allows users to easily detach and replace the filters with just a single step.

Sleek and Versatile Design for Various Spaces

One notable feature of the Kangaroo KG100MED hot and cold water purifier is its eye-catching and incredibly compact design, with a width of just 27 cm. Its exquisite design, adorned in black and white, makes it suitable for a variety of spaces: a modern addition to a well-equipped kitchen, a standout piece in a contemporary living room, or a cozy companion in a tea room.


Mechanical Type Suitable for Classic Enthusiasts

This water purifier falls under the category of compact machines, ideal for gentle, classic spaces. It has a limited water capacity and is best suited for households with 4-6 members.

Relatively High Price Despite Having Only 5 Filtration Stages, but Compensated with Alkaline Ion Technology

Compared to other Kangaroo water purifier products, the KG100MED has a small design and only features 5 water filtration stages, which may not seem exceptional in comparison to leading water purification technologies available today. However, it compensates by integrating alkaline ion technology, facilitating the electrolysis of RO water to produce high-quality, stable, and sustainable hydrogen-rich water. Currently, all these products are available at official Kangaroo stores and authorized Kangaroo dealers.


What are the strengths of the Kangaroo KG100HG water purifier?

The Kangaroo KG100HG water purifier features a classic design with a gold color, a 10-stage filtration system with 4 mineral-enriched cores, and uses the RO Vortex technology.

How many people is the Kangaroo KG100HA VTU water purifier suitable for?

The Kangaroo KG100HA VTU water purifier has a large 10L water tank, making it suitable for families of 5 – 8 members.

What are the standout features of the Kangaroo KG100HP water purifier?

The Kangaroo KG100HP water purifier is compact in size, uses the RO Vortex membrane to reduce wastewater, and is equipped with a UV light for disinfection.

What special features does the smart Kangaroo KG100EED IOT water purifier have?

The smart Kangaroo KG100EED IOT water purifier offers wifi connectivity, is 65% more compact than its predecessors, and features a 5-in-1 Hydrogen generation technology.

How many filtration stages does the Kangaroo KG100MED water purifier have and what are its benefits?

The Kangaroo KG100MED water purifier has 5 filtration stages and integrates ion-alkaline technology to electrolyze RO water with a high hydrogen content.

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