4 websites selling the best Panasonic air conditioners in Vietnam

The websites introduced in the article below are reputable websites selling Panasonic air conditioners, considered the best in Vietnam today. If you are interested, explore now.

Dienmaytot.net.vn: Your One-Stop Destination for Genuine, Affordable Panasonic Air Conditioners Nationwide

The website “dienmaytot.net.vn” is under the management of Tốt Việt Nam Electrical Appliances Co., Ltd., specializing in the distribution of genuine, affordable electronic and electrical appliances nationwide. At Tốt Việt Nam, customers can expect a premium service experience that is professional, attentive, and dedicated.

All Panasonic air conditioners distributed by Tốt Việt Nam share these distinguishing features:

Genuine products, brand new, and 100% original. (Counterfeit items are subject to a 10x refund).

A generous 7-year warranty policy.

Free inspection and maintenance once a year.

Swift and free delivery service, with super-fast delivery within 2 hours.

Materials and installation warranty for up to 1 year.

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Reliable Panasonic Air Conditioner Shopping Website


Panasonic.com is the go-to online destination for household appliances and electronics bearing the trusted Panasonic brand in Vietnam. With Panasonic.com, you need not worry about the origin of the products you purchase. In addition, Panasonic.com offers:

  • User-friendly website interface for easy navigation
  • Well-organized and detailed product categories
  • A wide range of prices, catering to all consumer needs
  • Valuable information on air conditioner usage alongside product details
  • Convenient online shopping on various mobile devices, saving customers precious time
  • Transparent and clear information on warranties, maintenance, and repairs for different air conditioner models
Panasonic.com offers a wide range of Panasonic air conditioners

With a nationwide network of stores, you can shop for Panasonic air conditioners online at Panasonic.com with complete peace of mind. After placing your order, your air conditioner will be promptly delivered to your home, ensuring it arrives without any damage or issues.

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Dienmaythienphu.vn: Your Trusted Destination for Panasonic Air Conditioners

While Dienmaythienphu.vn may not specialize in a single brand like Panasonic.com, it’s a noteworthy website you should consider when searching for top-notch Panasonic air conditioners.

Dienmaythienphu.vn is the online sales platform of Thien Phu Electronics Company Limited. Despite being established just six years ago, this company has rapidly gained a reputation for offering the finest Panasonic air conditioners and Daikin air conditioners in Hanoi.

Panasonic air conditioners available at Dienmaythienphu.vn

At Dienmaythienphu.vn, you’ll find:

  • A wide range of genuine Panasonic air conditioners at affordable prices
  • Warranty and air conditioner repair services for guaranteed product satisfaction
  • Multiple payment methods, from cash to credit cards and bank transfers
  • Special deals for bulk purchases of Panasonic air conditioners
  • An informative section offering valuable insights for customers
  • Free delivery and installation within Hanoi’s city limits
  • Availability for ordering in Ninh Binh and Vinh Phuc in addition to their main office in Hanoi
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Thegioidienmayonline.com: Your Hub for Home Electronics

Thegioidienmayonline.com is headquartered at 52 Tay Tra – Tran Phu Ward – Hoang Mai District – Hanoi. This website specializes in retailing household electrical appliances and refrigeration equipment for families. While Thegioidienmayonline.com may not have as vast a product range as Panasonic.com or Dienmaythienphu.vn, with years of operational experience, it’s still a solid choice for shoppers. Whether you’re in the market for wall-mounted air conditioners, floor-standing air conditioners, or concealed air conditioners, Thegioidienmayonline.com offers a comprehensive selection of genuine Panasonic air conditioners to meet your needs. Panasonic air conditioner models at Thegioidienmayonline.com[/caption>

Thegioidienmayonline.com’s Panasonic air conditioner products:

  • Presented in an organized, visually appealing manner
  • Offer various styles and designs within each air conditioner series
  • Competitively priced, ranging from 7 to 23 million VND per unit
  • Fast delivery and shipping, with same-day delivery within Hanoi city in just 4 hours
  • Easy online shopping with convenient installment options
  • Comprehensive warranty and customer care policies
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Panasonic Air Conditioner Prices

Renowned as one of the best-selling air conditioner brands today, Panasonic offers affordability that aligns well with consumers’ budgets. Like other air conditioner brands, Panasonic’s pricing varies based on capacity and features. Here’s the breakdown:

Panasonic 9000 Air Conditioner Price

The Panasonic 9000, or Panasonic 9000BTU, belongs to the low-capacity air conditioner category. It’s suitable for cooling spaces up to 15m². With its simple and compact design, the Panasonic 9000 is not only the most affordable in Panasonic’s lineup but also the most popular choice among buyers. Currently, its price ranges from 8 to 9 million VND.

Panasonic 12000 Air Conditioner Price

Compared to the Panasonic 9000, the Panasonic 12000 boasts higher capacity, providing more effective cooling for larger spaces. It offers diverse styles, sizes, and designs, making it a bit pricier. On average, you can expect to pay between 11 and 12 million VND for a Panasonic 12000 air conditioner. Panasonic 12000BTU Air Conditioner

Panasonic 18000 Air Conditioner Price

Panasonic 18000 air conditioners are characterized by their beautiful, elegant, and sophisticated designs. With a relatively large capacity, they efficiently cool spaces ranging from 25 to 35m². Notably, this series features wide fan blades and powerful airflow, making it energy-efficient. As a result, it carries the highest price tag among Panasonic air conditioners, ranging from 18 to 20 million VND. Panasonic 18000BTU Air Conditioner


Which website is a strategic partner for distributing genuine Panasonic air conditioners?

Dienmaytot.net.vn is one of the strategic partners distributing genuine Panasonic air conditioners.

What are the benefits of purchasing a Panasonic air conditioner at Dienmaytot.net.vn?

Customers receive genuine products, brand new, with a warranty of up to 7 years, free annual inspection & maintenance, and free shipping.

What products does Panasonic.com offer?

Panasonic.com specializes in providing household appliances and electronics from the Panasonic brand in Vietnam.

What are the advantages of buying a Panasonic air conditioner at Dienmaythienphu.vn?

Dienmaythienphu.vn offers a variety of genuine Panasonic air conditioners at affordable prices with a guaranteed warranty.

What Panasonic products does Thegioidienmayonline.com sell?

Thegioidienmayonline.com specializes in retailing Panasonic electrical appliances and air conditioners for households.

With this selection of top websites provided by Toplist.com.co, we hope that our readers can find their preferred place to shop for Panasonic air conditioners. Additionally, for economically conscious consumers, you might want to explore our articles on Karofi air coolers and Kangaroo air coolers as viable options for beating the summer heat.

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