Top 9 delicious, nutritious, and cheap family restaurants in Saigon

Saigon cuisine is colorful, if you wonder which family restaurants Saigon people often visit, please take a look at the following article. This article will help you experience dining menus from Asia to Europe to enjoy delicious, nutritious, and cheap family restaurants.

Sushi Tony in District 1

Heading the list of delectable family restaurants is the renowned Sushi Tony. This establishment boasts a diverse culinary menu with over 70 dishes, including sushi and sashimi. Each layer of sushi is meticulously crafted, ensuring a tantalizing visual feast that captivates diners. Furthermore, this sushi haven offers an array of accompaniments to satisfy diverse tastes and preferences.

Sourcing its ingredients from Japan, this restaurant guarantees fresh and top-notch food quality. With its “Japanese prices in Vietnam” philosophy, Sushi Tony serves up a wide range of prices, catering to all customer profiles, ensuring everyone can indulge in their culinary passions.

Not just your typical District 1 Japanese restaurant with exceptional sushi, Tony Sushi is also known for being one of the best lunch spots in Saigon’s central districts, offering affordable prices and a rich Japanese culinary experience.

A Gastronomic Marvel: Buffet Hoàng Yến

The culinary haven known as Buffet Hoàng Yến is undoubtedly a household name in Saigon, standing tall as one of the city’s finest family dining establishments. It boasts a delectable buffet menu featuring over 60 lunch and 70 dinner dishes, a symphony of flavors gathered from various corners of Vietnam. From the heartwarming and familiar tastes of Northern cuisine to the epitome of premium seafood and authentic Japanese sashimi, this place is a culinary odyssey.

The ambiance here exudes opulence, with sprawling banquet halls, a diverse range of private rooms perfect for extravagant feasts, corporate gatherings, birthday celebrations, and every milestone in between. Buffet Hoàng Yến is not just a restaurant; it’s a canvas for life’s grand occasions.

Hội Ngộ Restaurant: Where Vietnamese Flavors Reign Supreme

If you’re craving a departure from the trendy sushi joints in Ho Chi Minh City and yearn for the authentic flavors of Vietnam, then look no further. Hội Ngộ Restaurant is your ticket to high-end Vietnamese cuisine in a spacious setting, where the outdoor terrace seamlessly connects with a breezy indoor hall. Inside, you’ll discover a range of luxurious VIP rooms, each exuding a unique atmosphere inspired by Japan, Korea, and the heart of Vietnam.

The culinary offerings here are a treasure trove of diversity, featuring beloved Vietnamese dishes rich in countryside flavors. Think succulent roasted milk-fed pig, crispy spring rolls, tantalizing grilled herbs with shrimp paste, wild fern salads, and a seafood mushroom hotpot that marries flavors from every corner of Vietnam. These dishes are crafted by talented chefs using fresh, locally sourced ingredients from various regions, promising satisfaction with every visit.

The Cajun Cua: A Seafood Extravaganza

The Cajun Cua is a shining star among the top-notch, budget-friendly family restaurants in town, renowned for its delectable seafood dishes like crabs, clams, mussels, and local lobsters. Here, you’ll dive into the rich and spicy-sweet flavors of nutritious seafood. Must-try dishes include the succulent local lobster, perfectly seasoned and accompanied by the restaurant’s signature sauce. Additionally, indulge in an array of crab dishes, from garlic roasted crab to crab-stuffed sticky rice, crab fried rice, and crab hotpot. For those occasional cravings beyond seafood, there’s Cajun chicken, baked snapper, shrimp and egg salad with garlic bread, fried bao buns, fried rice, and spaghetti—all equally mouthwatering.

Indeed, it’s a seafood haven with dishes that tantalize the taste buds and keep you coming back for more, thanks to the distinctive flavors of various accompanying sauces. The Cajun Cua is one of the best eateries in Saigon, with multiple branches to choose from, making it easy to find the most convenient location.

Chivago Chicken Vietnam: Where Crispy Meets Flavorful

Just hearing the name tells you that this place is all about serving up tantalizingly delicious chicken, especially renowned for its addictive grilled chicken. The allure lies in the perfect crispiness of the skin, the succulence of the meat, and the accompaniment of Chivago’s legendary chicken sauce—a true flavor explosion. The cuisine here takes inspiration from Korea, offering a diverse menu of grilled, fried, and sautéed chicken, including spicy, garlic, and sweet varieties. What sets them apart is that every dish is prepared fresh upon order, ensuring that the flavors are preserved, unlike many other restaurants that pre-cook their dishes.

Nestled in the midst of the bustling city, Chivago Family Restaurant still manages to make a lasting impression on diners. Its charmingly simple yet cozy ambiance, with cool and refreshing color tones, creates an intimate and comfortable dining experience for families.

Morico Modern Japanese Restaurant Cafe: A Taste of Japan in Saigon

Here’s another family-friendly Japanese restaurant that brings the authentic flavors of Japan to your plate. From unique bento boxes crafted from a variety of fresh vegetables and meats to delectable dishes like teriyaki grilled chicken and ochazuke sets, Morico is a culinary gem. What sets them apart is their use of 100% premium matcha imported directly from Shizuoka, Japan. This means that their matcha-based desserts and beverages, such as ice cream and milk tea, boast an incredibly fragrant and delicious taste that you shouldn’t miss.

Morico is a chain of authentic Japanese restaurants with multiple branches scattered throughout the central districts of Ho Chi Minh City, making it easy for you to experience their culinary delights. The restaurant features a tastefully designed space, offering attentive and friendly service. Visit Morico to elevate your dining experience and create meaningful moments with family and friends.

A minor downside of Morico is the absence of sushi restaurants in Hanoi. Hopefully, in the future, the restaurant will expand its offerings to provide connoisseurs in the capital city with the chance to indulge.

Baozi – Taiwanese Delights

Taiwanese cuisine has found a loving home in Saigon, and the Baozi family restaurant is a well-known favorite among food enthusiasts. This place offers a plethora of delectable dishes that will leave you spoilt for choice. Whether it’s the savory egg-wrapped meat, beef with seaweed rice, pan-fried shrimp and meat pastries, grilled ribs, or the famous Taiwanese Gua bao burger – you’re in for a treat. The Gua bao burger offers a variety of fillings, such as beef, chicken, fish, or eggs, all bursting with delightful flavors that will tantalize your taste buds from the very first bite. The restaurant’s staff is cherished for their warm and enthusiastic service, always ready with a smile and impeccable manners.

Amitaba Vegan Restaurant

For a delightful twist on family dining, consider visiting Amitaba Vegan Restaurant, located at Hoan Hỷ Nam Kỳ Khởi Nghĩa. Here, you can savor the flavors of delectable and unique vegan dishes. This renowned eatery specializes in all-natural, plant-based cuisine, free from artificial flavors and preservatives, ensuring a wholesome and pure dining experience.

The menu boasts a diverse range of dishes, from traditional favorites like rice paper rolls and fresh spring rolls to exquisitely crafted delights such as fried sticky rice and Hoan Hỷ hot pot. Being a vegan establishment, the presentation here is truly unique, with meticulous preparation and beautiful plating that has garnered high praise from many diners.

Din Ky Restaurant Chain

Din Ky Restaurant Chain is the heart and soul of many generations in Saigon, with 25 years of culinary expertise. This family restaurant offers a luxurious ambiance, professional service, and an extraordinary culinary experience. The dishes here not only excel in quality and flavor but also in their exquisite presentation, featuring over 400 exquisite dishes from European, Asian, Vietnamese, and Chinese culinary styles. Anyone who has savored the dishes at Din Ky Chain will never forget the unforgettable flavors that touch the soul.


Which restaurant in Saigon serves delicious sushi at an affordable price?

Tony Sushi in District 1 is the top choice with a diverse menu and affordable prices.

I want to try dishes from various regions of Vietnam; which restaurant has a diverse menu?

Buffet Hoàng Yến offers a delicious buffet menu with over 60 lunch dishes and 70 dinner dishes from various regions across Vietnam.

Which restaurant in Saigon serves delicious Taiwanese cuisine?

Baozi – Taiwanese Cuisine is a great choice with delicious dishes from Taiwan.

I want to enjoy tasty vegetarian dishes in Saigon; any recommendations?

Amitaba Vegetarian Restaurant is one of the top choices with pure and delicate vegetarian dishes.

Which restaurant in Saigon offers a diverse menu with dishes from European, Asian, Vietnamese, and Chinese cuisines?

Dìn Ký chain with over 400 distinctive dishes from various culinary styles is a must-visit.

On a stressful day in Saigon, find a Saigon restaurant you love, invite family and friends to family restaurants, and unwind. Also, stay tuned to for reliable addresses all across Vietnam for your future reference.

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