Top 16 best sushi restaurants in Saigon

Sushi is a dish that always makes many people remember its different flavors and want to find a quality place to enjoy it. In this article we will suggest the top 16 best sushi restaurants in Saigon for you to refer to and choose from.

Sushi Tony in District 1

The first delightful sushi restaurant we’d like to introduce is Sushi Tony. This place specializes in serving sushi and sashimi, making it a favorite choice among food enthusiasts.

When you visit Sushi Tony, you don’t need to worry about the quality or the price of the dishes. Each piece of sushi is meticulously crafted from fresh ingredients by experienced chefs.

Located in District 1, it’s easily accessible for diners. The restaurant offers a spacious, clean, and cozy ambiance, making it a preferred choice for many young people and business individuals when they crave sushi. What’s unique is that for those near District 1 searching for a nearby lunch spot, Sushi Tony is a suitable option for you.

Tokyo Deli in District 2 – Saigon’s Delightful Sushi Hub

An ideal family restaurant for sushi indulgence is none other than Tokyo Deli. This place offers a plethora of delicious and high-quality dishes. With over 15 years of service, Tokyo Deli has swiftly become the go-to sushi restaurant in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City whenever anyone craves fresh, flavorful sushi.

The restaurant’s menu is rich and diverse, prepared by skilled Japanese chefs. Therefore, when you visit, you can savor the most authentic sushi flavors.

Sushi 88 – Saigon’s Finest Sushi

Sushi 88 caters to diners working or residing in District 3. While the restaurant offers an extensive menu, sushi remains its specialty.

The sushi here is not only fresh and delectable but also beautifully presented, coupled with exquisite seasonings that will leave a lasting impression on anyone who tastes them.

Uchi Sushi – Saigon’s Finest Sushi Spot

Adding another top-notch sushi spot in Saigon to the list, we present to you Uchi Sushi. Located in District 4, this restaurant has attracted a multitude of customers looking to savor Japanese cuisine.

With a diverse menu meticulously crafted with precision, Uchi Sushi offers not only sushi but also a buffet with a wide range of dishes to help you save on costs.

Thiên Du Sky Sushi – District 5’s Sushi Heaven

Are you on the hunt for a budget-friendly yet delicious sushi spot in Saigon? Look no further, Thiên Du Sky Sushi is your best bet when it comes to quality and affordability.

Every dish is meticulously prepared and crafted by expert chefs. This ensures that the sushi remains fresh and retains the sweetness of the seafood, leaving diners with a memorable taste.

Sushi Moon – Saigon’s Ultimate Sushi Haven
Nestled in District 6, Sushi Moon is among the top 5 sushi spots in Saigon, offering an exquisite sushi experience. Here, you can indulge in your favorite sushi dishes with ease.

The restaurant boasts a spacious and comfortably Japanese-themed decor. As a result, every visitor feels the warm, friendly, and tranquil ambiance that permeates the air.

Yan Sushi – Saigon’s Sushi Delight

For sushi enthusiasts residing or working in District 7, Yan Sushi is a must-visit. It’s highly regarded by many for both the quality and affordability of its dishes.

The ingredients that go into their sushi are carefully selected, ensuring that diners savor the freshest and most exquisite flavors.

Takoyaki Sushi – A Slice of Saigon’s Sushi Heaven

One of Saigon’s finest sushi establishments, Takoyaki Sushi, beckons you to a kaleidoscope of sushi delights. Prepare to be pleasantly surprised by an array of visually stunning sushi creations.

These sushi not only tantalize your taste buds with freshness but also double as works of art crafted by the skilled chefs. Each ingredient is masterfully wrapped together to create an irresistible temptation.

Mr. Tôm – Saigon’s Sushi Haven

Located in District 9, Mr. Tôm is the go-to destination for sushi enthusiasts looking to savor this Japanese delicacy. This place offers an extensive selection of authentic Japanese sushi, along with various combo sets for a convenient dining experience.

Sakura Vietnam

Located at 505 Su Van Hanh, District 10, Ho Chi Minh City, Sakura Vietnam is a convenient destination for sushi lovers. This renowned brand offers a wide range of high-quality sushi dishes, so choosing Sakura Vietnam means you don’t have to travel far to enjoy authentic Japanese flavors.

Each sushi dish here is meticulously crafted from fresh ingredients and beautifully presented to provide diners with the most delightful experience. When you visit the best restaurants in Saigon, Sakura gives you the opportunity to savor delicious and specially prepared dishes. The skilled chefs ensure that the flavors remain natural and exquisite, without any hint of fishiness.

Aki Sushi – The Finest Sushi Spot in Saigon

If you’re wondering where to find the best sushi in Thu Duc District, look no further than Aki Sushi. The moment you step in, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the beautiful, elegant, and luxurious ambiance of the restaurant.

What truly captivates and satisfies diners here is the sushi. Not only does it retain its natural and delicious flavors, but it’s also beautifully presented, adding to the overall dining experience.

Sushi Gõ – The Flavorful Sushi Hub in Binh Thanh District

Sushi Gõ is undoubtedly one of the top sushi spots in Saigon that you shouldn’t miss. The dishes here are fresh, high-quality, and reasonably priced.

The restaurant sources its ingredients directly from non-third-party importers, which helps save costs. This ensures that you can enjoy affordable meals without compromising on quality.

Sushi 79 – The Sushi Haven in Saigon

Sushi 79 boasts 2 branches for you to choose from, one in District 1 and another in District 10, Ho Chi Minh City. Here, you can indulge in delicious and affordable sushi.

The restaurant places a strong emphasis on food quality, ensuring the use of fresh ingredients without preservatives. Everything is carefully selected and adheres to food safety standards.

In addition to sushi, the restaurant offers over 100 other dishes. So, no matter your culinary preferences, Sushi 79 is sure to have something that suits your taste.

Sushi Kei – A Feast of Sushi Delights

Sushi Kei is another gem among the top sushi restaurants in Saigon, offering a vast and diverse menu with over 200 dishes.

What sets it apart is the incredible sweetness of its seafood-infused sushi. The menu features a wide variety of sushi options to satisfy every palate.

Sushi Kei not only serves up delectable dishes but also keeps prices reasonable. The attentive and courteous staff ensures that all diners leave satisfied with their experience.

Sushi Hải Đăng – Dive into Sushi Paradise

Sushi Hải Đăng is a haven for sushi enthusiasts. Here, you can indulge in a delightful journey through various exquisite sushi flavors.

A piece of fresh, mouthwatering sushi dipped in rich Japanese soy sauce mixed with fiery wasabi. It’s a sushi lover’s dream come true.

Ichiba Sushi – Premium Japanese Cuisine in Saigon

Ichiba Sushi is not only renowned for its delectable Japanese dishes but also for its elegant, sophisticated ambiance. The moment you step inside, you’ll feel the classiness while retaining a warm, serene atmosphere that everyone seeks amidst the bustling city.

This establishment prides itself on using top-quality, fresh ingredients, offering a diverse menu beautifully presented. The restaurant has left a lasting impression on its patrons by harmoniously blending tradition with modernity.


Which sushi restaurant in District 1 is popular among many?

Sushi Tony in District 1 is a top choice, specializing in quality sushi and sashimi.

I want to try sushi in District 2, any recommendations?

Tokyo Deli in District 2 is an ideal spot, offering a diverse and quality-assured menu.

Are there any good sushi restaurants in District 3?

Sushi 88 in District 3 offers a diverse menu, and their sushi is beautifully presented.

Which sushi place in District 4 is highly rated?

Uchi Sushi in District 4 is much loved by customers for its cozy ambiance and varied menu.

I’m looking for a good and affordable sushi place in District 5, any suggestions?

Thiên Du Sky Sushi in District 5 is a great choice with affordable prices and good quality.

Above are 15 excellent sushi restaurants in Saigon for those who seek trusted dining spots. Hopefully, the information provided by will enhance your delightful experience of Japanese cuisine. You can also explore more culinary articles in our food section.

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