13 Top Sofa Sales Addresses in Hanoi

Sofas are a popular item in both homes and offices today. Not only does it bring comfort and convenience to users. It also creates luxury and adds aesthetics to the living or working space. However, finding a place to buy quality sofas is always a top question for people. Not all addresses provide products that meet quality standards. Therefore, toplist.com.co would like to introduce to you a list of addresses selling the best quality sofas in Hanoi.

Gia Khanh Furniture

The second address that toplist.com.co wants to introduce to you when searching for the top imported sofa showroom in Hanoi is Gia Khanh Furniture. Stepping into Gia Khanh Furniture, you will be completely amazed by the spacious showroom covering up to 5000 square meters, along with a wide range of premium natural wood furniture imported directly from leading global brands.

Gia Khanh Furniture Grand Opening of the 3000m2 Showroom in Thanh Hoa

Currently, Gia Khanh offers two product lines based on design styles: modern and classic.

  • Exploring the collection of modern furniture, you’ll find a range of products from sofas to dining tables and chairs, all designed with simplicity and optimized functionality suitable for small to medium-sized living spaces. Despite their streamlined designs, these products do not compromise on aesthetics. They exude elegance and contemporary style that few products can match.
  • Alongside the modern furniture line, the classic and neo-classic furniture products are a defining aspect of Gia Khanh’s brand. Especially when it comes to their sofa products, the craftsmanship behind these “artworks” can be considered a culmination of the finest elements from around the world – from the materials used, painting technology, to the skilled artisans’ intricate carvings and motifs. All these details come together to create sofas and furniture that epitomize sophistication and the essence of their product line.

Some Featured Products:

Royal Sofa Collection 2023

Vnexpress reported on The Sun King sofa set imported and distributed by Gia Khanh Furniture: Details here

Contact Information:

  • Website: https://noithatgiakhanh.com/
  • Hotline: 0934.605.333
  • Facebook: Gia Khanh Furniture
  • Addresses:
  • – C14 Bac Ha Building – Toc Huu Trung Van Street – Hanoi
  • – 25 Le Loi Avenue – Thanh Hoa City
  • – 134 + 134 Tran Huong Dao Street, Ninh Khanh Ward, Ninh Binh City
  • – 245 + 247 – Group 9 Trung Son Ward, Tam Diep City

Kenli Furniture

Kenli, a leading imported furniture brand in Vietnam, specializes in importing and retailing high-quality furniture products with outstanding aesthetics and excellent quality from top European furniture brands. Kenli offers a diverse range of products, including leather sofas, dining tables and chairs, leather-upholstered relaxation chairs, coffee tables, beds, and more. All of their products are manufactured from premium materials that meet European standards.

Currently, Kenli has two exclusive sub-brands: Kenli Elite and Kenli Lux, both of which offer modern interior solutions imported from Europe:

  • Kenli Elite: Exclusively distributes fully imported items from two international furniture brands, Chateau d’Ax and W.Schillig – both awarded (German Brand Award 2021) for their real leather furniture.
  • Kenli Lux: Exclusively distributes product lines using materials imported from Milano & Design in Europe, a subsidiary brand of the Chateau d’Ax group.

With the motto “customers come first,” Kenli Furniture always prioritizes customer interests and continually strives to provide customers with the best products and services. This commitment has made Kenli a top choice for the upper class and luxury furniture enthusiasts in Vietnam.

To meet the diverse needs of customers, Kenli Furniture consistently expands and develops new, unique product lines. These new products not only boast attractive designs but also ensure utility and high aesthetics. Importantly, Kenli Furniture focuses on using the most advanced materials and technology to deliver durable and health-safe furniture products to its customers.

Moreover, Kenli Furniture is dedicated to improving customer service and the shopping experience. They not only provide enthusiastic advice and optimal solutions for customers’ living spaces but also ensure that any post-delivery issues are promptly and effectively resolved.

Featured Collection:

Contact Information:

  • Website: https://noithatkenli.vn/
  • Hotline: 0948426006
  • Facebook: Kenli
  • Addresses:
  • – Kenli Building, 2 Dich Vong Hau, Cau Giay District, Hanoi
  • – 4 Dich Vong Hau, Cau Giay District, Hanoi
  • – 18 Dich Vong Hau, Cau Giay District, Hanoi
  • – 26 Nguyen Co Thach, Sala Urban Area, An Loi Dong Ward, District 2, Ho Chi Minh City
  • – 69 – 71 Nguyen Co Thach, Sala Urban Area, An Loi Dong Ward, District 2, Ho Chi Minh City
  • – 66 25 thang 4 Street, Hon Gai Ward, Halong City
  • – 158 Ham Nghi Street, Ha Tinh City
  • – 10-12 Truong Han Sieu, Phu Thuy Ward, Phan Thiet City
  • – 5/20 Binh Duong Avenue, Hoa Lan 1 Residential Area, Thuan An Ward, Thuận An City

Furniland Furniture

With over a decade of profound expertise in the field of importing furniture, Furniland specializes in providing a wide range of furniture products, catering to both mid-range and high-end segments. When you step into Furniland, you’ll have the opportunity to explore various types of products, including imported leather sofas, smart dining sets, relaxation sofas, coffee tables, and TV cabinets.

Many renowned sofa brands from Italy, Japan, Malaysia, such as Nicoletti Home, Davinci, Babakagu, and Elegance, have chosen Furniland as their distributor for the product lines they offer. A common characteristic of the sofa products distributed by FURNILAND is their comfort, relaxation, elegant design, and convenience. These sofa sets are suitable for every household space and are incredibly versatile in use. As a result, you can easily blend these sofa sets harmoniously with various interior design styles without spending an excessive amount of time selecting. The leather material used for the sofas is carefully selected and processed through the strictest procedures. Therefore, each sofa set has excellent durability and heat resistance, offering durable and high-quality leather sofas.

In addition to sofa sets, Furniland also offers customers a diverse and rich collection of dining tables and chairs, coffee tables, TV cabinets, relaxation chairs, and more, with a wide variety of designs and styles for customers to choose from.

With a team of experienced staff who have been in the industry for many years, Furniland will assist you in selecting the most suitable product line for your living and working spaces. Furthermore, Furniland is committed to providing customers with the best after-sales service, including a warranty period of up to 12 months, long-term maintenance, free delivery, and installation. By choosing Furniland, customers will experience top-quality, high-quality furniture products along with the best services.

Latest sofa collection:

Contact Information:

Myconcept Interior Vietnam

In today’s world, the concept of a home has undergone a significant transformation. A perfect home is now defined by its unique style, the preferences of its owner, and the ability to reflect the owner’s class. Every piece of furniture in a home needs to be artfully arranged to create a harmonious living space that is both perfect and cohesive. The most critical element in achieving this unified perfection often lies in the family’s choice of a sofa.

If you’re in search of a reputable destination, then the premium sofa collection offered by Myconcept is a splendid gift for you. The sofa models from Myconcept Interior feature designs that anticipate the latest trends, ideal for luxurious apartments, and boast top-notch quality.

All products from Myconcept Interior Vietnam are imported and meet the full European standards. These products come with all the necessary documentation required by the state, a clear warranty ranging from 2 to 5 years, and a lifelong maintenance policy. This ensures that you can use the products with peace of mind, without worrying too much about their longevity. Myconcept Interior is committed to consistently delivering high-quality products and impeccable service to its customers.

Latest Sofa Collection

Contact Information:

Biz Furniture Co., Ltd.

Biz Furniture has a constant desire to deliver high-quality furniture products to its customers. While these products are manufactured in Vietnam, they meet the strictest international export standards. Biz Furniture commits to ensuring that no harmful substances are used in the entire production process. The products introduced to the market are reasonably priced compared to the international market, making it easier for domestic customers to access premium sofas at an affordable cost.

The philosophy of connecting businesses with consumers has always been maintained and developed by Biz Furniture to provide high-quality Vietnamese furniture products. Over the years, Biz Furniture has continuously collaborated with consumer goods manufacturing businesses and trade/service enterprises in Vietnam to provide the best products to customers.

When you choose Biz Furniture, you can rest assured because we commit to:

  • Provide 24/7 customer service to assist customers whenever needed.
  • Offer a wide range of modern sofa designs with premium materials.
  • Provide a minimum 12-month warranty and long-term warranty policies.
  • Offer flexible payment methods including cash, Visa card, bank transfer, and e-wallets.

Latest Sofa Collection

Contact Information:

  • Website: https://biznoithat.com/
  • Hotline: 093 389 6686
  • Facebook: Biz Furniture
  • Addresses:
  • – 3rd Floor – MeLinh Ha Dong Shopping Center, No. 1 Ha Cau – Ha Dong – Hanoi
  • – 2nd Floor, Savico Long Bien Shopping Center, 7-9 Nguyen Van Linh Street, Long Bien District, Hanoi
  • – 3rd Floor – The Garden Shopping Center – Me Tri Street – My Dinh – Hanoi (BIG C Me Tri)

SamSofa: Where Elegance Meets Comfort

In today’s world, it’s safe to say that the sofa is the most common piece of furniture that adds sophistication, refinement, and eye-catching allure to any living space. Regardless of the climate or weather conditions, the sofa remains the most beloved and frequently purchased furniture item.

If you’re on the hunt for a reputable source of affordable sofas that doesn’t compromise on quality, then SamSofa is the perfect destination for you. At SamSofa, all products are guaranteed to meet high-quality standards. Despite being manufactured in Vietnam, they rival imported ones in both quality and design, all at an incredibly competitive price point.

Moreover, SamSofa offers specialized consultation services regarding materials and dimensions for each sofa category, ensuring that customers are well-informed. Their range of sofa designs and styles is diverse, making it easy for customers to find a product that suits their space seamlessly.

Latest Sofa Collection of the Year

Contact Information:

ERADO: Your Trustworthy Source for Premium Furniture

ERADO is renowned as one of the leading brands for top-quality furniture in Hanoi. It’s the go-to destination for anyone seeking to purchase sofas in the capital city. ERADO operates on the principle of “Giving trust, earning trust” since its inception. Hence, ERADO assures customers of owning the finest quality sofas. Your living room will become perfect and complete.

Currently, when you visit ERADO, you can explore and shop for various sofa collections, including:

  • Sofa sets
  • Fabric sofas
  • Leather sofas
  • Sofa beds
  • Classic sofas
  • Apartment sofas
  • Single sofas

ERADO’s furniture is continually enhancing its mission, expanding its operations from its initial 12 employees. Nowadays, the company boasts a workforce of 600 employees across three large showrooms in Hanoi. Additionally, ERADO has numerous authorized dealer branches and service stations across the country and abroad.

2023 Sofa Collection

Contact Information:

  • Website: https://erado.vn/
  • Hotline: 0975 23 8888
  • Facebook: Erado
  • Addresses:
  • – 356 Bach Mai, Hai Ba Trung, Hanoi
  • – 3rd Floor, Chung Cu C14 Bac Ha, To Hieu Street, Trung Van, Nam Tu Liem, Hanoi
  • – 3rd Floor, FLC complex Apartment (Near My Dinh Bus Station), 36 Pham Hung, Hanoi

Nội Thất Xinh: Where Elegance Meets Comfort

At Nội Thất Xinh, we take pride in offering a diverse and rich collection of furniture. Our furniture designs seamlessly blend Western artistic values with the traditional Eastern essence. This fusion is reflected across our entire range of furniture products, catering to every design aesthetic, from classical to neo-classical, modern, and contemporary. Today, Nội Thất Xinh extends its offerings to include various other products like beds, wardrobes, dining tables and chairs, decorative paintings, carpets, and more, giving those searching for a reputable sofa store additional options for home decor.

The sofas at Nội Thất Xinh are all premium and luxurious, contributing to creating a warm and harmonious living space in your home.

Our sofa types include genuine leather sofas, recliner sofas, office sofas, fabric sofas, corner sofas, and neo-classical sofas, as well as imported sofas.

Here are several compelling reasons to choose Nội Thất Xinh for your sofa needs:

  • 100% genuine leather sofas imported as whole units from renowned brands in Malaysia and Italy, supplied directly by Nội Thất Xinh.
  • Up to 5-year warranty on products, with lifetime maintenance.
  • Free doorstep delivery with multiple flexible payment options.
  • Premium materials ensure easy and quick cleaning, even for sofa cleaning.
  • Sophisticated designs that keep pace with the latest trends, offering exceptional quality at reasonable prices.
  • Nội Thất Xinh regularly updates its range with the most impressive premium imported sofas for customers to choose from.
  • Discover the most beloved sofa sets, crafted from durable, elegant leather that’s easy to maintain.

Nội Thất Xinh’s Sofa Collection

Contact Information:

IMA – Italian Style Sofas

With years of experience in sofa manufacturing in the Vietnamese market, IMA Furniture carries the mission of creating Italian standard sofas crafted by the skilled hands of Vietnamese artisans. This ensures that every household can easily access and afford high-quality products at a reasonable investment. Along this journey, IMA – Italian Style Sofas has brought beautiful and quality sofas to thousands of families across the country.

IMA’s sofas are always at the forefront of the latest trends set by the world’s leading Italian furniture brands. All materials used in crafting are new, high-quality materials imported from renowned countries worldwide. Many components are custom-made by IMA to leave a distinctive mark in a market already crowded with sofas.

IMA operates with the principle of delivering the highest-quality sofa products to Vietnamese customers. Therefore, IMA – Italian Style Sofas consistently positions itself as a leading sofa manufacturer, perfecting most stages to offer the best products and experiences to users. This enhances its direct competitiveness with premium imported brands from Italy.

IMA’s Sofa Collection

Contact Information:

Sofa Minh Phú – Your Comfort Haven

Sofa Minh Phú is a reputable and professional sofa manufacturing workshop in Hanoi, Vietnam. Founded with the mission of providing high-quality sofas to Vietnamese consumers, Minh Phú constantly strives to update and enhance both its designs and product quality to meet market trends. With over 10 years of experience in the furniture and sofa manufacturing industry, Sofa Minh Phú has become a trusted partner for many interior design and furnishing projects. Moreover, Minh Phú operates retail showrooms across the country, offering individual customers access to high-quality products at competitive prices.

Sofa Minh Phú’s manufacturing facilities span an impressive 2000 square meters. The production process is meticulously organized, with specialized teams handling each stage of manufacturing. It is a hub for highly skilled sofa craftsmen in the industry. Every year, Sofa Minh Phú produces more than 3000 sets of high-quality sofas to serve its customers. In addition to manufacturing, Minh Phú also offers reupholstering services for customers who own sofas purchased from Minh Phú but require repairs or refurbishing after extended use.

Sofa Minh Phú’s Collection

Contact Information:

Nội Thất ZITO – Where Comfort Meets Style

Nội Thất ZITO is heralded as one of the go-to destinations for purchasing wooden, leather, and fabric sofas at reasonable prices with the best warranty policies in Hanoi. Zito boasts a diverse range of products, including wooden sofas, recliners, U-shaped sofas, L-shaped corner sofas, and more. This variety ensures you have an abundance of perfect choices for your living space.

Finding and choosing products has never been easier. You can view the products directly on the website or visit our showrooms to truly experience the quality at the store.

Quality always takes the top spot at Nội Thất ZITO. Therefore, all sofa models here are guaranteed to be of the highest quality and 100% authentic. This ensures that you will never end up with a subpar sofa.

Nội Thất ZITO also runs various customer appreciation programs. Thanks to these, you will always enjoy reasonable prices and enticing promotions when purchasing products at ZITO. We are committed to providing customers with the opportunity to own premium sofas at the most competitive prices in the market. This is one of our efforts to bring satisfaction to our customers.

Zito’s Sofa Collection This Year

Contact Information:

  • Website: https://zito.vn/
  • Hotline: 0943.32.4111
  • Facebook: Nội Thất Zito
  • Addresses:
  • – 1st and 2nd Floors, Thăng Long Tower Building – 33 Mạc Thái Tổ, Cầu Giấy, Hanoi
  • – 325 Ngô Gia Tư, Long Biên, Hanoi
  • – 771 – 773 Nguyễn Văn Linh, Lê Chân, Hải Phòng
  • – 17 Mai Hắc Đế, Hà Huy Tập, Vinh

Alosofa – Where Simplicity Meets Comfort

When it comes to high-quality, affordable Vietnamese-made sofas in Hanoi, Alosofa consistently ranks in the top three most mentioned reputable places.

Setting itself apart from many other Vietnamese sofa manufacturers that always follow global trends, Alosofa’s product designs are characterized by extreme minimalism.

All the sofa sets produced by Alosofa focus on user experience rather than striving for innovation to attract customers. Sometimes, this approach may have certain drawbacks, such as making it easy for customers to overlook these simple sofa sets due to the lack of eye-catching features. However, this design philosophy also offers a significant advantage: these sofas are less likely to go out of style after years of use. Furthermore, as the primary focus when designing sofa products is on the user experience, those who have had the real experience with sofas produced by Alosofa find it hard to give them up due to their incredible comfort and excellent usability. It can be said that this is a design philosophy that is very daring but brings unexpected success to Alosofa.

Alosofa’s Sofa Collection for 2022

Contact Information:

Esofa – Where Quality Meets Affordability

With years of experience in designing and manufacturing wooden sofas, living room furniture, and more, Esofa is committed to delivering high-quality sofa sets with reasonable prices to its customers. Their product range includes leather sofas, fabric sofas, corner sofas, recliners, and restaurant sofas, all designed with diverse styles and excellent quality.

What sets Esofa apart is its team of craftsmen with over a decade of experience in sofa manufacturing. With a substantial number of wooden, leather, and living room sofas produced each year, Esofa continually updates its modern design trends to meet the increasing demand for sofas from customers.

As one of the leading leather sofa providers in Hanoi since 2004, Esofa always utilizes imported materials from Malaysia and Indonesia to ensure quality and competitive pricing for every product that leaves their factory.

Esofa also boasts a diverse collection of sofa models suitable for various spaces, from homes to office environments. These sofa sets feature elegant and sophisticated color palettes.

Furthermore, Esofa’s dedicated and attentive customer service team will assist you in selecting the right product without consuming too much of your time.

Visit Esofa to experience high-quality sofas at the most reasonable prices.

Esofa’s Latest Sofa Collection for this Year

Contact Information:


Why should I choose to buy a sofa at Kenli Furniture?

Kenli Furniture is one of the leading imported furniture brands in Vietnam, specializing in providing high-quality European furniture with excellent quality.

What’s special about Gia Khanh Furniture?

Gia Khanh Furniture boasts a showroom spanning up to 5000m2, featuring numerous natural wood furniture products, directly imported from major global brands.

What are the benefits of purchasing from Furniland?

Furniland offers a diverse and modern range of sofa designs of high quality and commits to the best post-purchase services with a warranty period of up to 12 months.

What stands out about Myconcept Interior Vietnam?

Myconcept offers European standard furniture with a clear warranty ranging from 2 to 5 years and a lifetime maintenance policy for the products.

What advantages does SamSofa have over other brands?

SamSofa manufactures affordable yet high-quality sofas, comparable to imported ones, and provides in-depth consultation services for customers.

Above are the compiled addresses of showrooms, leading furniture stores specializing in both imported and domestically manufactured sofas in Hanoi. If you have any additional location suggestions, please contact toplist.com.co. Additionally, follow us to read more articles about reputable addresses across Vietnam.

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