Top 11 top class 5-star restaurants in Hanoi

If you are looking for a top-class 5-star restaurant in Hanoi to meet a partner, have a family meeting or even propose to your girlfriend, below is a list of 5-star and classy restaurants for your reference.

Âme – Thai Dining Restaurant

For food connoisseurs seeking an authentic Thai dining experience with a twist in freshness, innovation in preparation, flavors, and presentation, Âme – Thai Dining is the perfect and well-deserved choice.

Âme – Thai Dining is nestled in the Nguyen Chanh neighborhood of Cau Giay district. This densely populated area is undergoing rapid development and is considered by many as the emerging culinary hub of Hanoi, with numerous excellent restaurants and eateries opening here. Âme – Thai Dining stands out as one of the top 5-star Thai restaurants in this area.

Catering to diners who want to savor Thai cuisine in a luxurious and upscale manner, Âme pays meticulous attention to both the dishes and the ambiance, offering customers an exceptional experience that few Thai restaurants in Hanoi can match. The restaurant space is spacious and divided into separate areas to ensure privacy and maximum comfort for diners. Combined with gentle golden lighting and well-placed dark elements, stepping into the restaurant immediately evokes a sense of luxury and mystique rarely found in Hanoi’s dining scene.

To complement the 5-star restaurant atmosphere, the dishes here are crafted by top Thai chefs. Moreover, all the dishes are meticulously prepared from ingredients to seasoning. Therefore, each dish you savor bursts with irresistible, enticing flavors, encouraging you to continuously explore and savor this feast of both aesthetics and taste. Each dish is also presented like precious works of art, ensuring that your phone will be working at full capacity to capture these artistic masterpieces before indulging.

Some Signature Dishes

Backstage – Capella Hanoi

Capella Hanoi is the safe 5-star dining choice that ensures an unforgettable experience for those exploring Hanoi for the first time. The restaurant is nestled within the hotel located on Le Phung Hieu Street, Trang Tien, Hoan Kiem. This street is right in the heart of the capital city, making it convenient for sightseeing at Hanoi’s famous attractions and then enjoying a high-class and enticing meal.

Backstage at Capella Hanoi is the sole high-end restaurant in the North to be awarded the prestigious Michelin accolade. The restaurant’s entrance is adorned with paparazzi-themed artwork paired with flashing lights to recreate a red carpet event. Backstage’s design draws inspiration from behind the scenes of an Opera theater, providing diners with the solemnity and sophistication of European cuisine. The restaurant is structured with two sections, the stage area, and the backstage area. The kitchen area is placed at the center of the entire restaurant. These designs resemble an Opera musical stage. Talented chefs showcase their cooking skills and techniques under bright lights, allowing diners to enjoy their meals while witnessing an artistic performance.

The 5-star dining experience at Backstage in Capella Hanoi will be an unforgettable memory for anyone who comes here to savor.

GU Bistronomy – A 5-Star Culinary Haven

Situated at 60 Nguyen Thi Dinh, Cau Giay, Hanoi, GU Bistronomy is a 5-star restaurant that specializes in serving premium culinary delights along with top-quality wine bar in the capital city. Every aspect of GU Bistronomy, from architectural design, menu, to the service staff, has been meticulously trained and invested in by leading experts in the culinary field.

A harmonious blend of classic European style with a touch of Eastern artistry has created an inspirational and enchanting ambiance for this 5-star restaurant. This design also brings the essence of Hanoi’s culinary richness to sophisticated diners. From the space to the meticulously decorated tables with beautiful dishes, GU Bistronomy offers an exquisite dining experience. If you’re fortunate, you might even catch a mesmerizing wine performance by top experts from both Vietnam and around the world, elevating your culinary experience to new heights.

The head chef of the restaurant is the French culinary maestro, James Dogan. Thanks to him, diners can step into the world of classic European cuisine through creative dishes prepared by talented chefs with meticulous and movie-like techniques. Additionally, the restaurant boasts a valuable wine collection with over 1000 varieties from more than 50 renowned wine-producing regions worldwide, promising to captivate even the most discerning palates.

GU Bistronomy, a 5-star restaurant, predominantly offers European dishes suitable for all ages. The ingredients used in the restaurant are also carefully selected from reputable suppliers. Only ingredients that meet the restaurant’s specific standards are used to serve diners. As a result, each dish presented is perfectly balanced in terms of color, flavor, and presentation.

For those in need of a private space to meet business partners or organize a proposal dinner for your loved one, GU Bistronomy offers VIP rooms that guarantee privacy.

Some Signature Dishes

Bay Seafood Buffet – A 5-Star Gastronomic Voyage

Bay Buffet, a 5-star restaurant specializing in buffet-style dining, promises to whisk you away on a perfect culinary journey featuring the treasures of the sea, all within the heart of Hanoi. Nestled on the bustling Hoang Ngan Street, Bay Buffet is designed like a small castle with meticulous attention to detail in its exterior, while inside, it offers a harmonious and cozy ambiance that exudes elegance.

Bay Buffet doesn’t just capture diners’ attention with its first impression. It also leaves a lasting impression on connoisseurs with over 200 dishes spanning from Europe to Asia, from traditional to modern, and from the highlands to the coast. All of them are prepared to perfection to ensure absolute satisfaction for every customer.

Furthermore, the professional and attentive service at Bay Buffet effortlessly meets the high standards expected of a top-notch 5-star buffet restaurant.

Sen Tay Ho Restaurant

When it comes to the first 5-star restaurant in Hanoi, many people immediately think of Sen Tay Ho. This is a place known as a “precious destination” that cannot be missed for those who are passionate about the lotus lake. With an area of up to 12,000 square meters and a location right next to the romantic West Lake, Sen Tay Ho restaurant proudly asserts itself as the largest 5-star buffet restaurant in Vietnam. Moreover, it is one of the few 5-star restaurants of such caliber in Hanoi, truly worth experiencing at least once.

Designed based on the image of blooming lotus flowers combined with the ancient royal architecture of Vietnam, the subtle blend of modernity and tradition gives Sen Tay Ho an even more charming and appealing ambiance.

With such a high-class space, the cuisine is equally matched. Sen Tay Ho, the 5-star restaurant, boasts a menu of over 300 dishes that change with the seasons and ingredients. This has created a remarkable highlight that captivates every diner. Not only is attention paid to ingredient selection, but the dishes are also meticulously prepared to provide you with a meal that covers all the flavors, in the most relaxed mood.

French Grill: Where French Culinary Excellence Reigns

French Grill, the renowned 5-star restaurant in Hanoi, is a sanctuary for aficionados of French cuisine at its pinnacle. Nestled within a unique and opulent architectural masterpiece resembling ancient French châteaux, this establishment transcends ordinary dining.

French Grill goes the extra mile to transport diners to the heart of historic France, meticulously crafting an atmosphere of sophistication and refinement. But it’s not just the ambience; the culinary offerings also exemplify finesse and distinction.

Under the skillful hands of talented chefs, signature French dishes such as pan-seared foie gras, king crab eggs, and premium beef tenderloin are prepared and served right in the largest open kitchen in Hanoi. This ensures that every patron experiences the intricate care and attention that the restaurant pours into its culinary creations.

For wine connoisseurs, French Grill’s wine list is a treasure trove of satisfaction. Offering a diverse selection of renowned wines from around the world, your meal at this establishment will undoubtedly become an unforgettable, well-rounded experience.

Bếp Nhà 5 Sao 37 Hùng Vương: A Culinary Legacy

When we talk about the oldest 5-star restaurants in Hanoi, it’s impossible not to mention Bếp Nhà 5 Sao 37 Hùng Vương. This establishment is your gateway to exquisite, nutritious dishes with unique and distinctive flavors.

With over 30 years of culinary expertise, 37A Hùng Vương Restaurant aims to deliver a refined menu featuring top-quality ingredients sourced from around the world to its valued customers. Combined with exclusive recipes, dishes like Royal Aromatic Braised Stew and Premium Black Pork Infused with High-Grade Tea contribute significantly to the well-being of diners.

Grill 63: Where Culinary Magic Meets Panoramic Views

Nestled in a captivating location with elevated views of the city’s iconic architectural marvels, Grill 63 is one of Hanoi’s top-notch 5-star restaurants. Renowned for its premium beef dishes paired with carefully curated, full-bodied wines selected by wine and culinary experts, Grill 63 promises an explosive fusion of flavors and a unique dining experience. Here, guests can savor exquisite cuisine while basking in the breathtaking cityscape of Hanoi.

At Grill 63, diners can indulge in a diverse array of choices from a rich and varied menu featuring hundreds of exceptional dishes. Alternatively, you can entrust the chefs to craft a culinary masterpiece tailored to your personal taste.

Jacksons Steakhouse: Where Fine Dining Meets Elegance

When it comes to the most glamorous 5-star restaurants in Hanoi, Jacksons Steakhouse shines brightly as a top contender. This culinary gem has been honored as one of the Top 7 renowned 5-star restaurants in Hanoi by the prestigious travel and food website TripAdvisor.

Nestled on Hai Ba Trung Street in the heart of Hanoi, Jacksons specializes in serving premium cuisine and beverages, divided into three distinct spaces. The first floor boasts a vibrant bar area adorned with modern, sparkling lights. The second and third floors feature elegant interior designs that create a warm and sophisticated atmosphere for guests. The final area is the exclusive “Boardroom” on the fourth floor, primarily serving guests seeking a private space for meetings or family gatherings.

At Jacksons Steakhouse, you can relish a variety of steak dishes prepared in various international styles, featuring the finest cuts of beef. Additionally, the restaurant serves an array of imported seafood. To elevate and complement the dining experience, the wine list includes exceptional, world-renowned wines.

Chen By NamChen: A Culinary Journey Beyond Borders

Since its inception in 2008, NamChen’s Palace has spent over 15 years evolving and capturing the hearts of food enthusiasts in the capital city. Renowned for not only its exquisite ambiance but also its culinary excellence, NamChen’s Palace stands tall among the top 5-star restaurants in Hanoi.

As a pioneering restaurant introducing the smokeless grilling style of Japan to Hanoi, NamChen quickly won the hearts of the younger generation and food connoisseurs alike. Setting itself apart with its unique service style and diversifying Hanoi’s culinary scene alongside Thai, Chinese, and European cuisines, NamChen’s Palace also specializes in serving iconic Japanese dishes such as sushi and sashimi.

When you visit NamChen, the standout feature is undoubtedly the Teppanyaki grill tables. Here, talented chefs not only prepare delectable dishes but also showcase impressive culinary techniques. With a spacious and elegant design spanning four floors, NamChen’s Palace promises to be the perfect venue for families or anyone seeking to savor exquisite cuisine while taking in the vibrant streets of Hanoi.

Cửu Vân Long: Hong Kong’s 5-Star Culinary Haven

Cửu Vân Long, a 5-star Hong Kong-style restaurant, specializes in Dimsum buffet and fresh seafood, offering over 200 luscious dishes for diners to indulge in.

Stepping into the restaurant, the attentive staff will warmly welcome you with friendly smiles. Every member of the team pays meticulous attention to your dining experience, from adjusting the hotpot to swiftly clearing tables or assisting with photos. The service staff at Cửu Vân Long is always ready to provide you with a relaxing and comfortable dining atmosphere.

The dining area boasts spacious and comfortable seating with plush leather chairs. With a capacity for over 500 guests, this is the ideal venue for family gatherings, socializing with friends, and hosting large gatherings. What’s more, Cửu Vân Long has a dedicated play area for children, allowing parents to dine without worry.


Which 5-star restaurants are featured in the article?

The article features several 5-star restaurants in Hanoi, including Âme – Thai Dining Restaurant, Backstage – Capella Hanoi, GU Bistronomy, Bay Seafood Buffet, Sen Tây Hồ, French Grill, and Jacksons Steakhouse.

What’s special about the Âme – Thai Dining Restaurant?

Located in the Nguyễn Chánh district of Cầu Giấy, Âme – Thai Dining Restaurant is one of the top 5-star Thai restaurants in Hanoi. It offers upscale and distinctive Thai cuisine.

What notable award has Backstage – Capella Hanoi received?

Backstage at Capella Hanoi is the only upscale restaurant in Northern Vietnam to have received the prestigious Michelin award.

What type of cuisine does GU Bistronomy specialize in?

GU Bistronomy offers gourmet cuisine and boasts a top-quality wine bar. The head chef is French and specializes in European dishes.

What is Sen Tây Hồ renowned for?

Sen Tây Hồ is known as a “precious spot” and was one of the first 5-star restaurants in Hanoi. It has a vast area and is located next to the West Lake.

Here is a list of the top 5-star restaurants in Hanoi for discerning diners who want to experience culinary excellence in terms of food quality, service, and ambiance. If you have additional addresses, please message . Furthermore, you can also explore more high-quality dining options across Vietnam in our culinary section.

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