Top 6 best banh cuon restaurants in Hanoi

Banh cuon – one of the most popular popular dishes from past to present. A plate of hot rolls served with rolls, spring rolls, meat,… dipped in fish sauce and salad, and eaten with some herbs has become a typical culinary feature of Vietnam. People can eat banh cuon at any time of the day, anytime, anywhere, regardless of whether it is a luxury restaurant or a popular sidewalk stall. Toplist will take you to discover an interesting and exciting culinary journey with the most delicious banh cuon shops in Hanoi that are most loved by food lovers.

Bánh cuốn Bà Hanh

The address of Bánh cuốn Bà Hanh is renowned for its authentic Kinh Kì-style rice rolls, steeped in the nostalgic flavors of ancient Hanoi. They say you haven’t truly savored the genuine essence of Hanoi’s rice rolls until you’ve tasted Bánh cuốn Bà Hanh, experiencing the culinary purity of the Tràng An people.The ethereal aroma of these steaming rice rolls, filled with fragrant meat, will surely leave you in a state of bliss. The rice rolls are tender, translucent, uniformly thin, and exude a sweet, profound flavor, thanks to the careful soaking and hand-grinding of the rice. Every step of the process is meticulously handcrafted.

The rice roll fillings consist of wood ear mushrooms, shiitake mushrooms, oyster mushrooms, homegrown bean sprouts, and bananas from Thung Nai. The seasoning includes chili and pepper from Bình Phước’s gardens. This combination creates the tantalizing aroma and depth of flavor from the mushrooms, the refreshing taste of the homemade bean sprouts, and the delightful spicy kick from the chilies. This is what gives Bánh cuốn Bà Hanh its stellar reputation. Bà Hanh’s establishment has become a familiar spot for both local and international travelers.

Address: 16B Thọ Xương, Hoàn Kiếm, Hanoi
Phone: 0961 669 626

Bánh cuốn bà Hanh

Gia An Rice Rolls

Gia An Rice Rolls, a brand that surely needs no introduction to Hanoi residents. It stands as the most successful chain specializing in rice rolls in Hanoi. Welcoming thousands of customers every day, Gia An Rice Rolls has solidified its place in the hearts of Hanoi’s food enthusiasts.Gia An crafts incredibly thin rice rolls that can hardly get any thinner.

These rolls are thin but never fragile; instead, they are remarkably elastic and smooth. Notably, Gia An never uses additives in making their rice rolls. Whether served hot or cold, the rolls maintain their distinctive characteristics. The delectable flavor of the rice rolls is so extraordinary that one only needs a bowl of pure broth, made from pure bone and meat broth, to savor an entire plate of mouthwatering rice rolls without any need for additional side dishes. Each piece of Gia An Rice Roll encapsulates the sweet aroma of rice, captivating the palate effortlessly. Gia An’s secret lies in three simple elements: “Rice – Flour – Heat,” but it’s executed with dedication and love for their traditional rice roll craft.


  • No. 8 N7A, Nguyễn Thị Thập Street, Thanh Xuân District, Hanoi
  • No. 111/8 Láng Hạ Street, Đống Đa District, Hanoi
  • No. 25, Thái Phiên Street, Hai Bà Trưng District, Hanoi
  • Explore more branches at

Phone: 1900 6445

Gia An Rice Rolls

Bánh cuốn Bà Xuân

Bánh cuốn Bà Xuân is renowned for its steamed rice rolls with egg and pork patty. Steamed rice rolls with egg and pork patty may not sound unfamiliar, but it has remained a consistently popular dish throughout the years. The combination of savory pork patty with delicate rice rolls, and the rich flavor of steamed egg and meat, creates a delightful contrast. It’s a perfect balance of the lusciousness of meat and the aromatic richness of golden eggs, all wrapped in a soft and tender rice roll, without ever feeling too heavy.

At Bánh cuốn Bà Xuân, the fragrance of golden-fried shallots mingles with the crispiness of fried shallots, and the chewy delight of pork sausage ensures you won’t forget this experience. Every diner who tries this dish once wants to come back for more. Despite being a sidewalk eatery, the tables and chairs are clean and neatly arranged, offering a pleasant dining environment. The owner is incredibly welcoming, providing diners with an exceptionally enjoyable culinary experience.

Address: 16 Dốc Hòe Nhai, Ba Đình, Hanoi
Phone: 0968 404 665
Opening Hours: 07:00 – 12:00 & 16:00 – 00:30

Bánh cuốn Bà Xuân

Bánh Cuốn Chị Sự – Hoàng Ngọc Phách

Another familiar name for those who have a fondness for steamed rice rolls is Bánh Cuốn Chị Sự – Hoàng Ngọc Phách. It frequently graces the reviews of young food enthusiasts. When you dine here, you’ll witness the deft hands of the owners crafting the rolls with great skill, swiftly and decisively, leaving no room for superfluous movements. The menu offers a variety of rice rolls, including Cao Bằng steamed rice rolls, egg-filled rolls, grilled pork rolls, and more.

Each serving consists of one egg roll and five generously stuffed meat-filled rice rolls. The rice rolls are exceptionally soft and fragrant, while the dipping sauce strikes a perfect balance, not overly salty. A side of fresh greens adds a refreshing touch to the experience. This has endeared Bánh Cuốn Chị Sự – Hoàng Ngọc Phách to patrons who have savored its offerings. Besides rice rolls, the eatery also serves bún chả, aromatic roasted chicken, and tender, succulent bones with sweet meat. They offer delivery through various apps, making it convenient for those who prefer dining at home.

Address: 1C3 – Hoàng Ngọc Phách Street, Láng Hạ, Đống Đa, Hanoi
Phone: 0986 101 039

Bánh Cuốn Chị Sự - Hoàng Ngọc Phách

Bánh cuốn Thụy Khuê

Bánh cuốn Thụy Khuê, a hidden gem among the bustling food scene in Hanoi. While it may not be as famous as some other places, locals in Hanoi are well acquainted with this quaint steamed rice roll eatery. This is a place with a rich history, a culinary journey built over many decades. Bánh cuốn Thụy Khuê may not dazzle you with extravagance, but it proudly maintains the traditional charm of its rice rolls. The rice rolls sold in the alleyway of 29 Thụy Khuê have been delighting taste buds for over 40 years, with prices remaining remarkably affordable over time.

The rice rolls here are thin, soft, and pleasantly chewy. They are typically garnished with minced meat or even a whole egg, and then generously sprinkled with crispy fried shallots. Dip these delights into a bowl of warm fish sauce, and you’ll be transported back to the carefree days of your childhood. As an affordable dining option, it’s well worth a visit for those seeking a nostalgic culinary experience.

Address: Alley 29, Thụy Khuê, Tây Hồ, Hanoi
Phone: 0913 382 435

Bánh cuốn Thụy Khuê

Bánh cuốn Thanh Vân

Much like many other steamed rice roll eateries, Bánh cuốn Thanh Vân has earned a prestigious spot on Hanoi’s culinary map, attracting a steady stream of customers eager to savor a plate of piping hot rice rolls daily. What sets Bánh cuốn Thanh Vân apart is its unique offering of “bún thang,” a Hanoi specialty noodle soup. People often note that this place is on the pricier side, but quality comes at a cost.Each rice roll here is a labor of love, meticulously crafted by skilled artisans, from the rice pouring process to the preparation of the dipping sauce. The rice rolls are soft and warm, the fish sauce is perfectly balanced, the fried shallots exude an enticing aroma, and the accompanying dishes are plentiful. Imagine indulging in crispy cinnamon pork sausage, succulent grilled pork patty, and dipping them into a bowl of sweet and spicy fish sauce enriched with chili peppers. It’s a culinary delight for the senses. The restaurant is spacious, clean, and thoughtfully decorated, ensuring every diner leaves satisfied. Although some may find the dishes a bit rich, that’s precisely the uniqueness of this establishment. If you’re a fan of rich flavors, this is a place you’ll visit regularly.

Address: 12-14 Hàng Gà Street, Hoàn Kiếm District, Hanoi
Opening Hours: 06:30 AM – 02:00 PM & 05:00 PM – 10:00 PM

Bánh cuốn Thanh Vân

And there you have it, has introduced you to the top 6 steamed rice roll eateries that we believe are the best in Hanoi. If you have any other favorite dining spots to recommend, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with to share your suggestions.


Which steamed rice roll restaurants are most loved in Hanoi?

Some of the renowned steamed rice roll restaurants in Hanoi include Bà Hanh Steamed Rice Rolls, Gia An Steamed Rice Rolls, Bà Xuân Steamed Rice Rolls, Chị Sự Steamed Rice Rolls at Hoàng Ngọc Phách, Thụy Khuê Steamed Rice Rolls, and Thanh Vân Steamed Rice Rolls.

What’s special about Bà Hanh Steamed Rice Rolls?

Bà Hanh Steamed Rice Rolls are famous for their authentic rice rolls rooted in Hanoi’s tradition. Located at: 16B Thọ Xương, Hoàn Kiếm, Hanoi.

What types of steamed rice rolls does Gia An offer?

Gia An serves thin and delicate rice rolls without using additives. They offer various types like Cao Bằng Steamed Rice Rolls, egg steamed rice rolls, and grilled meat steamed rice rolls.

What’s the signature dish of Bà Xuân Steamed Rice Rolls?

Bà Xuân Steamed Rice Rolls are known for their steamed rice rolls with egg sausage and meat. Located at: 16 Dốc Hòe Nhai, Ba Đình, Hanoi.

What accompaniments are offered with Thanh Vân Steamed Rice Rolls?

Thanh Vân Steamed Rice Rolls are served with cinnamon sausage, golden grilled meat. Located at: 12-14 Hàng Gà, Hoàn Kiếm District, Hanoi.

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