Top 24 Japanese restaurants in Hanoi for Japanese cuisine lovers

Japanese cuisine is diverse and delicious, very suitable for the taste of many Vietnamese people, especially Hanoians. But not many people can find restaurants with the authentic taste of the land of cherry blossoms. If you are looking for Japanese restaurants in Hanoi that meet the criteria of being delicious and nutritious at an affordable price, please refer to the suggestions below.

7 Japanese Restaurants Specializing in Sushi and Sashimi

Kimono Restaurant

Kimono is a Japanese restaurant that brings the unique and exquisite flavors of Japanese cuisine to life. It offers a variety of delicious sushi, including nigiri (a popular type with rice and toppings like fish, shrimp, etc.) and maki (sushi rolls with various ingredients as fillings). When you visit, you’ll be captivated by the colorful and fresh sushi rolls, such as salmon sushi, tuna sushi, eel and avocado sushi, assorted sushi, and more. The restaurant’s ambiance is modern and elegant, with professional and experienced chefs and staff.

KOI Japanese Cuisine Restaurant

KOI, nestled near the heart of Hanoi, will transport you to the diverse world of Japanese cuisine. It boasts delectable sushi, tempting sashimi, and a range of dishes including fried treats, udon noodles, hot pots, and more. Under the skilled hands of the experienced Japanese head chef, each dish is crafted with finesse and precision, accompanied by flavorful hot pots and well-rounded combo meals, all at reasonable prices.

Azuma Japanese Restaurant

Azuma Japanese Restaurant is a beloved eatery that delights diners with delicious and health-conscious Japanese cuisine at affordable prices. Carefully inspected imported ingredients and a meticulous preparation process are all thoughtfully arranged to create a beautiful tropical paradise on your dining table.

Shinbashi Japanese Restaurant

The menu at this Japanese restaurant offers a wide variety of rich and diverse dishes, with the special feature of daily changes. The sushi here is fresh and diverse, with each sauce ensuring the traditional Japanese taste. This place also creates a favorable impression on diners with its elegant, sophisticated, and distinctly Japanese ambiance.

Hanayuki Japanese Restaurant

Hanayuki Japanese Restaurant stands out with a variety of dishes that are distinctive to the Land of the Rising Sun, all prepared from directly imported ingredients. When you visit, you can savor all the fresh dishes imported from the Tokyo Tsukiji seafood market in Japan.

Sky Bar at Sahul Hotel

Sky Bar at Sahul Hotel is a renowned sushi restaurant, a haven for sushi, sashimi, and Japanese noodle enthusiasts. All the delicious and premium ingredients such as beef, mushrooms, and seafood are carefully selected, ensuring safety and cleanliness to provide you with a unique Japanese dining experience.

7 Japanese Restaurants in Hanoi Serving Authentic Japanese Hot Pot and Grilled Dishes

Shogun Chain – Order, Grill, Japanese Street Food Buffet

The Shogun chain captivates diners with its irresistible Japanese grilled dishes, offering a menu with over 100 rich and diverse options. The ingredients are meticulously prepared, ranging from beef, pork, and chicken to various seafood selections, all marinated to perfection. In addition to the grilled items, Shogun restaurant also offers a delectable hot pot experience with a wide range of toppings such as American beef belly, pork ribs, American beef short ribs, octopus, squid, and prawns.

Moon BBQ – Japanese Grill and Hot Pot Buffet in European Architecture Restaurant

Moon BBQ is the ideal spot for Japanese cuisine enthusiasts. Here, diners can indulge in fresh and exciting dishes like salmon sashimi, black pepper beef, grilled American ribs, silver paper grilled snail sausages, Thai hot pot, and Japanese crepes. If you’re looking for a luxurious setting to enjoy the rich flavors of Japanese cuisine while capturing stunning Instagram-worthy moments, don’t hesitate to visit Moon BBQ today.

Suchef BBQ – Grill and Hot Pot Buffet

The buffet menu for grill and hot pot offers dozens of options for you to choose from, including American beef belly, pork heart, clams, shrimp, salmon, and four types of hot pot (Tomyum, porridge, kimchi, mushroom hot pot), along with dozens of other vegetables, roots, and hot pot ingredients. The buffet features grilled items marinated in flavorful and spicy sauces, enhancing the harmony of flavors between the grill and the hot pot.

Panda BBQ – Japanese Grill and Hot Pot Buffet Under 200K/person

Finding a Japanese restaurant specializing in delicious yet affordable grill and hot pot buffets can be quite rare, but Panda BBQ is one of them. The restaurant’s hot pot sets are usually composed of various types of meat with different flavors and colors. They know how to arrange these sets to ensure harmony in both color and taste. For Japanese food enthusiasts and especially those who are crazy about Japanese cuisine, this is a place you shouldn’t miss!

Tokyo Yukai

Tokyo Yukai is a renowned Japanese restaurant in Hanoi, offering a diverse menu of flavors and a wide range of colors that captivates diners with its delightful aromas and exquisite quality. The meticulously crafted dishes are a testament to the restaurant’s dedication to culinary excellence. When you dine here, you’ll experience an exceptional grill and hot pot buffet with tantalizing favorites like beef brisket, pork collar, paired with unique marinades, and complemented by delectable hot pot broth.

Chen – The First Smokeless Japanese Grill Restaurant in Hanoi

Chen is a renowned Japanese restaurant in Hanoi, well-known to many. It’s an ideal destination for food enthusiasts seeking a one-of-a-kind Japanese culinary experience with unique architecture that exudes Japanese charm. The grill dishes are cooked directly over a flame using smokeless technology, a favorite among many diners. In addition, with the professional service style of the youthful and dynamic staff, you’ll receive maximum assistance in ordering and table service, ensuring absolute satisfaction.

Habit BBQ – Dịch Vọng Hậu

Located in the prime district of Cau Giay, Habit BBQ is easily accessible to both locals and tourists alike. The dishes here are renowned for their authentic and meticulously crafted flavors, representing the essence of both traditional and contemporary Japanese cuisine. From succulent beef short ribs, tender beef turtle meat, premium American beef belly, and deer tendon to delicacies like salmon sashimi, tuna sashimi, catfish, abalone, and clams, their extensive menu offers a culinary journey through the Land of the Rising Sun.

6 Premium Japanese Restaurants for Table Service

Sushi Bar Restaurant

The name Sushi Bar is undoubtedly familiar to sushi enthusiasts in Hanoi. Besides its signature sushi dishes, the restaurant offers a wide range of traditional Japanese dishes like rice and noodles, and especially, a variety of special dishes for vegetarians. The ingredients are carefully selected from reputable and top-notch suppliers, ensuring you can enjoy an authentic Japanese feast that is both delicious and of excellent quality.

Mirai Restaurant – Sushi & Sake

Sushi & Sake is a Japanese restaurant that Hanoi’s young crowd absolutely adores. The restaurant offers sushi sets and dishes of varying sizes, all of exceptional quality. In addition to food, you can also indulge in traditional drinks like sake, sakura tea, or fine wines. The restaurant’s cozy atmosphere and beautiful city view make it a perfect dining spot.

Yakiniku Sakura Restaurant

If Saigon has Tony Sushi, renowned as the best Japanese restaurant in the central districts, Yakiniku Sakura stands as a premium Japanese dining destination in Hanoi. The furnishings, including tables, chairs, and partitions, are crafted entirely from wood. You can choose between high tables or those with concealed footrests underneath, catering to your preferences. Here, you can savor incredibly fresh food sets and a variety of options, including grills, rice, noodles, hot pots, and more, ensuring a diverse dining experience for your group.

Kyo Kiyomizu Restaurant

Kyo Kiyomizu is a superb Japanese barbecue and hotpot restaurant in Hanoi that’s so delicious, you’ll become addicted after just one visit. The food here is authentically flavorful, capturing the essence of the Land of the Rising Sun. When dining, add some wasabi and vinegar to complement the scrumptious pieces of fresh beef – it’s an explosion of flavors.

Akaari Restaurant

Located in a bustling neighborhood, Akaari Restaurant is easy to find. The space is decorated in Japanese style, offering both elegance and a cozy family restaurant atmosphere. The food is incredibly fresh and delicious. The sushi is delectably tender and bursting with flavor. The sashimi is exceptionally fresh and tasty. Whether it’s maki, soba, tempura, eel rice, or savory pancakes, every dish is so delicious you’ll forget the way home.

Jiro Robatayaki Restaurant

The menu at this Japanese restaurant is incredibly diverse, with dishes meticulously prepared to preserve the freshest flavors and beautifully presented. An added bonus is the restaurant’s incredibly spacious and airy atmosphere, along with its unique interior architecture. Here, all diners can sit around the bar counter, watching the chefs at work while enjoying their meals at the table.

5 Delicious and Affordable Japanese Street Food Stalls in Hanoi

Min & Kan

Min & Kan is a small stall offering takoyaki with three fillings: octopus, cheese, and sausage, as well as fish-shaped cakes with strawberry jam, sausage, peanuts, green tea crepes, chocolate, and banana chocolate, all accompanied by drinks like peach tea and peach milk tea. The diverse menu and affordable prices make it accessible for students and budget-conscious food enthusiasts to enjoy authentic Japanese street food.

King Taiyaki

The star attraction at this Japanese restaurant is taiyaki, a fish-shaped cake known for its crispy, fluffy shell and a wide range of fillings to choose from, including green tea, egg custard, cotton candy cheese, banana chocolate, and more. Two other highly acclaimed items on the menu are the fragrant and crunchy cookies and a special chocolate cereal drink with delightful white pearl toppings.


If you’re a fan of Japanese okonomiyaki, don’t miss this place. The highlight of this restaurant is its clean and refreshing ambiance, with friendly and professional staff. The okonomiyaki is generously topped with creamy mayonnaise and a hint of pickled ginger and bonito flakes, making the flavors incredibly enticing.


Totoro’s menu is incredibly diverse, featuring traditional Japanese snacks like takoyaki, various stuffed taiyaki, korokke, and sweet treats such as matcha, mugicha, and pudding. The beverages are not overly sweet, and you won’t feel overwhelmed even if you indulge. Each dish is meticulously prepared, generously portioned, and visually appealing, making you fall in love at first sight.

Tako Chan

Tako Chan is renowned for its Takoyaki, featuring various fillings like octopus, crab sticks, and shrimp, served with shredded tuna, kimchi, salad, seaweed, and egg. These dishes are prepared on the spot, ensuring cleanliness and, most importantly, preserving their heat, crispiness, and distinctive aroma.


Which sushi restaurants in Hanoi are known for their quality?

Some of the quality sushi restaurants in Hanoi include Kimono Restaurant, KOI Japanese Cuisine Restaurant, Azuma Japanese Restaurant, and Shinbashi.

I want to try Japanese-style grilled hotpot in Hanoi. Any recommendations?

You can try restaurants like Shogun Chain, Moon BBQ, Suchef BBQ, Panda BBQ, Tokyo Yukai, and Chen. These restaurants serve signature Japanese-style grilled hotpots.

Which upscale Japanese restaurants in Hanoi offer table service?

Some upscale Japanese restaurants offering table service in Hanoi include Sushi Bar, Mirai – Sushi & Sake, Yakiniku Sakura, Kyo Kiyomizu, and Akaari.

I want to try Japanese snacks in Hanoi. Any suggestions?

You can try places like Min & Kan, King Taiyaki, Okonomiyaki, Totoro, and Tako Chan. These places serve signature Japanese snacks.

How can I find upscale Japanese restaurants in Hanoi with a luxurious ambiance and beautiful views?

Mirai – Sushi & Sake and Jiro Robatayaki are excellent choices with a luxurious ambiance and stunning city views.

When you come to Hanoi, you’ll be amazed by the abundance of Japanese eateries. That’s why this article compiles the 25 most famous Japanese restaurants to help your family enjoy delicious meals that suit your taste buds and create warm moments together. You can also explore more affordable dining options in the reviews on

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