Top 15 cozy family restaurants in Saigon

Do you want to have a delicious and authentic family meal? So let’s explore the 15 family restaurants below, which promise to be the right choice when you decide to open your wallet and reward yourself and your family with a hearty meal.

Tony Sushi

Japanese cuisine has long held a special place in Saigon’s culinary landscape. Therefore, Japanese dishes have always been a favorite and top choice for family meals. Among them, Tony Sushi is renowned for its sushi menu and a rich array of dishes made from fresh ingredients. Sushi, crafted from fresh seafood by skilled hands, becomes a delightful treat not only for the taste buds but also for the eyes with its exquisite presentation. Coupled with a comfortable ambiance and professional service, don’t hesitate to visit Tony Sushi today.

In addition to sushi and sashimi, Tony Restaurant is also known as a District 1 lunch spot that specializes in serving office meals Japanese style, providing essential nutrients for office workers in the vicinity.

Lil’ Sago Restaurant

Lil’ Sago is the perfect spot for District 1 families to switch up their weekend meals with delicious, diverse, and flavorful dishes. With bubbling hotpot pots, the whole family can not only gather for a meal but also enjoy some beer and chat. This Saigon restaurant is renowned for its dishes featuring over 50 different ingredients, transformed into Hotpot with American and Australian Beef, imported seafood. The cozy ambiance and dishes make it ideal for family gatherings and friendly get-togethers.

Cơm Niêu Sài Gòn

Allow me to introduce you to a family restaurant that serves incredibly delicious clay pot rice, prepared by experienced chefs, and it’s truly enticing. The clay pot rice comes with a diverse menu featuring various traditional dishes like braised fish, Chinese-style caramelized pork with quail eggs, sour soup with carp, and even fresh seafood. In addition to its mouthwatering cuisine, this restaurant makes an impression with its modern, gentle, elegantly designed ambiance that manages to strike a balance between sophistication and warmth, making it an ideal place for family gatherings.

Moreover, Cơm Niêu Sài Gòn is also known as a lunch spot for office workers in District 3, offering affordable prices while maintaining exceptional quality.

Bụi Garden

The dishes at Bụi Garden are predominantly authentic Vietnamese, featuring classics like caramelized fish, sour soup, crab spring rolls, mango salad, sweet and sour snapper, coconut braised pork, shredded chicken salad, and shrimp in tamarind sauce. Not only does this family-friendly eatery serve up familiar flavors, but it also exudes a distinct East Asian ambiance. The decor is subtly Oriental, striking the perfect balance between simplicity and a sense of intimacy, enhancing the dining experience.

During lunchtime, the restaurant offers a variety of office lunch options that are incredibly satisfying, providing patrons with a flawless dining experience.

Chay Bông Súng

For those seeking a family-friendly eatery with delicious and quality vegetarian options, Chay Bông Súng is the perfect choice. The vegetarian menu here is incredibly diverse, beautifully presented, and features fresh ingredients such as coconut-braised king oyster mushrooms, steamed Lagim, spicy salted tofu, bitter vegetable porridge, and taro stem hotpot. These dishes are carefully seasoned to suit the majority of taste buds, ensuring that your family enjoys a satisfying and healthy meal.

Lobster Bay

Lobster Bay is a renowned American-style seafood restaurant in Saigon. The food here is exceptionally delicious, with unique “Cajun” sauces elevating the flavors of the seafood dishes. Fresh and succulent seafood, rich sauces, and the iconic Cajun-style lobster are the highlights of this restaurant. Seafood enthusiasts won’t want to miss this address.

The restaurant offers a spacious and well-organized environment with clean, neat settings and warm lighting that creates a cozy atmosphere. It will undoubtedly enhance the deliciousness of your family meals.

Panda BBQ Restaurant

Step into the world of Panda BBQ, a sprawling BBQ restaurant chain with numerous branches, offering a diverse menu ranging from skewers and grilled dishes to aromatic beef hot pots. The restaurant boasts spacious, airy, and impeccably clean surroundings, complete with countless Instagram-worthy corners. It’s the ideal spot for family gatherings, casual get-togethers with friends, or weekend hangouts.

It’s no wonder that Panda BBQ attracts so many families. With its affordable prices and a street-style serving approach aimed at the younger crowd, it has become one of the go-to places for couples looking for a romantic meal on weekends.

Ốc Tuyết – A Snowy Delight

family snack restaurant
Looking for a cozy family gathering spot? Look no further than Ốc Tuyết – a place known for its incredibly diverse and mouthwatering seafood offerings. The ingredients here are meticulously selected to ensure safety. Moreover, the sauces are expertly crafted, enhancing the flavors of every seafood dish. An added bonus is the spacious dining area, where affordability meets quality and impeccable service.

An Nam Quán – A Culinary Haven in District 1

A family restaurant nestled in District 1 with a plethora of delectable dishes that are truly worth every penny is An Nam Quán. These dishes boast rich Vietnamese flavors, expertly crafted from fresh, carefully selected ingredients, creating a unique culinary experience that can only be found here. With a diverse menu and bold, mouthwatering flavors, it’s the perfect place for a family gathering.

Chay Om Restaurant

For families who have a penchant for vegetarian cuisine and seek delectable dining options for those who prefer to avoid overly salty dishes, Chay Om is the ideal destination to explore with your loved ones. The restaurant’s ambiance exudes a serene Buddhist charm, creating a tranquil and simple atmosphere. The staff here are incredibly warm and friendly, making every visitor feel right at home. Chay Om’s chef, with years of experience, skillfully crafts visually appealing and flavorsome vegetarian dishes that will satisfy your taste buds.

Hanuri Korean Fast Food

A well-known destination for families in Saigon, Hanuri Korean Fast Food offers a diverse array of Korean delicacies with over 30 dishes to choose from. These include spicy tokbokki, Bibimbap, spicy chicken rice, crispy fried chicken, and a variety of hot pots and grilled dishes, all hailing from the land of kimchi. Stepping into the restaurant, you’ll be charmed by its harmonious and elegant ambiance, adorned with subtle and soothing colors. The friendly and courteous staff ensures that you won’t have to wait long to savor your favorite dishes.

Aunt Mai Restaurant

If you’re wondering what to have for a weekend meal, Aunt Mai Restaurant is the perfect place to enjoy a home-cooked feast. The menu here is rich and diverse, offering mouthwatering dishes that will leave a lasting impression. From beef fried rice and honey-glazed grilled ribs to catfish in caramel sauce and coconut-infused shrimp, the options are bound to satisfy your cravings. With reasonable prices and a comfortable ambiance, it’s an ideal spot for a delightful and warm family dinner.

Somtum Thai Restaurant

If you’re craving authentic Thai flavors this weekend, look no further than Somtum Thai Restaurant. With a Thai-born chef, you’re in for an extraordinary culinary journey. Particularly, the Tom Yum Kung Soup, bursting with original Thai spices and locally sourced fresh ingredients, is a must-try. What sets this family restaurant apart is its elegant ambiance and sophisticated interior, blending flavors, colors, and the art of food presentation beautifully.

Út Cà Mau Restaurant

Renowned for its flavorful Cà Mau-style crab dishes and an extensive seafood menu, Út Cà Mau Restaurant is the perfect gathering spot for family meals, group outings, and special occasions. When you visit, don’t miss the crab hotpot – with its clear, sweet broth and tender, succulent crab meat, it’s a culinary delight. The restaurant’s cozy and elegant atmosphere, combined with attentive and courteous service, is a hit with diners and makes this place a top choice for family dining.

Bamboo Dimsum Delights

Dimsum, a renowned Chinese delicacy, cherished for its intricacy and bold flavors, is a fascinating and flavorful dinner choice for Vietnamese families. Bamboo Dimsum Delights is celebrated for its reasonably priced dimsum that doesn’t compromise on taste and presentation. The menu offers a variety of delectable options, including silky chicken feet, succulent shrimp and pork dumplings, and delectable layered shrimp and pork pastries. Dining here is so delightful that you might just forget your way back home.


Which place in Saigon serves Japanese cuisine, especially sushi?

Tony Sushi in District 1 is a top choice with a diverse sushi menu and dishes made from fresh ingredients.

I want to enjoy vegetarian dishes in Saigon. Which place do you recommend?

Chay Bông Súng is an excellent choice with a diverse vegetarian menu and beautifully presented dishes.

Where in Saigon can I find American-style cuisine, especially seafood?

Lobster Bay is a renowned American-style seafood restaurant, known for its unique “Cajun” sauce and fresh seafood.

I want to try authentic Thai dishes. Which place do you suggest?

Somtum Thai restaurant in Saigon serves authentic Thai flavors, especially the Tom Yum Shrimp Soup.

Where should I go if I want to enjoy Chinese dimsum?

Bamboo Dimsum is a perfect choice with delicious dimsum dishes at reasonable prices.

If you’re a food connoisseur, don’t hesitate to explore the 15 cozy family restaurants in Saigon mentioned in this article. We wish you find delightful dining destinations, enjoy quality and meaningful family time during your weekend. Additionally, stay tuned for more culinary adventures across Vietnam in the food and dining section of

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