Top 8 No. 1 villa garden design construction addresses in Vietnam

Today, villa garden design is considered an important and indispensable part of construction architecture. Because they not only help make the living space luxurious and classy, but also show the homeowner’s style and status. However, to get the project you want, according to the criteria you set out, you need to know how to choose the implementation unit. In this article, we will suggest you the top 5 reputable addresses for you to choose and refer to.

Betaviet: Transforming Gardens into Art

Betaviet is hailed as one of Vietnam’s premier companies specializing in garden landscape design for luxurious villas. The Betaviet housing construction company was founded in 2009, specializing in providing optimal solutions and services in the field of design and construction.

With over 12 years of experience in landscape design, Betaviet has been a steadfast companion to hundreds of thousands of customers across the country, creating century-defining projects that stand the test of time.

Betaviet is renowned for its garden landscape design and construction for villas, a choice made by numerous customers. When you choose Betaviet, you can be completely assured of service quality.

Since its inception, Betaviet has completed more than 500 garden projects for customers across provinces and cities, all of which have received excellent feedback and reviews.

With a team of experienced engineers and architects in villa garden landscape design and construction, Betaviet consistently delivers professional landscapes with high aesthetics while minimizing costs to the fullest extent.

Before commencing villa garden landscape design and construction, Betaviet’s team of architects conducts thorough surveys and meticulous consultations. The company provides clear commitments regarding design quality and construction timelines, ensuring that customers don’t have to wait long.

Betaviet is capable of designing villa gardens in various styles, from Japanese-style gardens to unique custom designs. Whatever the customer’s requirements, the company is ready to meet them at their best.

But that’s not all; Betaviet also collaborates with showrooms offering interior furnishings and construction materials. This ensures project progress and design style synchronization. You can rest assured that you will be delighted with what you receive when you choose Betaviet as your villa garden construction partner.

Below are some recent villa garden landscape design and construction projects completed by Betaviet:

Betaviet completed a villa garden for a homeowner in Vinh Phuc
Beautiful and unique villa garden landscape design and construction
A beautiful villa garden with a Koi pond in Hai Phong
Exquisite and elegant villa garden landscape design
Modern-style villa garden design and construction in Hung Yen

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Luxury Villa Garden Design and Construction with SHAC

When it comes to designing and building villa gardens in Hanoi, one cannot overlook Sơn Hà Construction Consulting Joint Stock Company (SHAC). With over 20 years of experience, SHAC has left its mark in the fields of architecture and construction, not only in Hanoi but throughout Vietnam.

Luxury villa garden design SHAC
Mission: Creating Uniqueness

For SHAC, building villas is not just a job; it’s about turning customers’ dreams into reality. SHAC’s mission is to create upscale and distinctive living spaces through villa design and construction in Hanoi. Through continuous creativity and innovation, SHAC has helped many clients transform their ideas into happiness and absolute satisfaction.

Luxury villa garden design SHAC
On its journey, SHAC has achieved numerous proud accomplishments in the field of luxury villa garden design in Hanoi. With a vision and commitment to quality, SHAC has overcome challenges to become one of the top reputable companies in Hai Phong.

With a team of dedicated employees who listen and meet the strictest customer demands, SHAC ensures absolute satisfaction. They continuously innovate and excel in executing every project.

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Green Homes Vietnam

Adding to your list of beautiful villa garden design and construction destinations is Green Homes Vietnam. They masterfully blend architecture and landscaping, transforming living spaces into greener, more beautiful realms. This endeavor brings tranquility, comfort, and serenity to daily life.
Beyond villa garden construction, Green Homes Vietnam offers a plethora of other services, including garden tile installations, and stone veneer applications, tailored to meet customer needs. Their design projects always result in top-quality outcomes, ensuring customer satisfaction.

Here are some of the projects completed by Green Homes Vietnam:

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A&More: The Optimal Choice for Your Garden

When it comes to villa garden design in Hanoi, A&More Architecture and Construction Investment Joint Stock Company has firmly established its position. With over 10 years of experience, they are the top choice for clients seeking interior design and construction.
Diversity in Interior Design

A&More never confines itself to designing for a specific type of project. They take pride in their creative ability to cater to various project types, ranging from apartments, villas, townhouses, to villa garden designs and office spaces. Each A&More project exudes uniqueness and sophistication.

villa garden design
Highly Qualified Team

A&More boasts an experienced team in villa garden design and construction. They have gathered talented architects and designers who possess high expertise, extensive experience, and a passion for their craft. Their team not only deeply understands various interior design styles worldwide but also consistently seeks ways to adapt and customize to suit each project and client’s needs.

Comprehensive Process

A&More stands out as one of the few villa garden design companies alongside Betaviet that can provide full-service solutions. From initial consultations and design to more complex stages like garden production and construction, they ensure precision and efficiency in every detail of the project, minimizing unnecessary investment costs. They consistently maintain optimal progress and construction quality for every project.

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Thanh Sơn Landscape Services: Where Beauty Meets Greenery

If you’re residing and working in Ho Chi Minh City and dreaming of a beautiful, refreshing garden, look no further than Thanh Sơn Landscape Services. This company boasts a team of experienced artisans and dedicated experts, alongside meticulously trained architects from renowned institutions.
With over 20 years of experience in garden design and construction, Thanh Sơn has earned the trust of countless clients. They are renowned as pioneers in the professional design and construction of villa gardens. The company continually strives to deliver the best development values to its customers. This commitment is the driving force behind Thanh Sơn’s continuous creation of high-quality projects to serve its clients.

When you engage Thanh Sơn Landscape Services, you can have complete confidence in the service quality. The team of architects takes in all customer opinions and desires to produce aesthetically pleasing products, elevating your space’s elegance. Furthermore, by utilizing Thanh Sơn’s services, you can significantly reduce your costs. Hence, this is an excellent choice for villa garden design and construction.

Below are some images of garden construction projects completed by Thanh Sơn:

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Nhà Xinh Luxury: Crafting Elegance in Villa Garden Design

When you envision upscale villa garden design in Vietnam, it’s impossible not to mention Nhà Xinh Luxury Architecture and Construction Company. With over two decades of experience in architecture and construction, Nhà Xinh has become one of the most reliable and innovative partners for your projects.
villa garden design
With a core principle of always prioritizing customer trust and respect, this principle has been evident and reinforced through the quality of each project completed by Nhà Xinh Luxury over its more than 20 years in operation. Each villa garden design is not just visually stunning; it’s regarded as a creative masterpiece in architecture. This is the guiding philosophy that has fueled Nhà Xinh Luxury’s work for nearly 30 years alongside its clients. Every project is executed with unwavering dedication and boundless creativity to deliver entirely new and prestigious living spaces to customers.

villa garden design
Nhà Xinh has embarked on a creative journey over the past 20 years and is ready to join you in creating entirely new and prestigious living spaces with unique and impressive villa garden designs. Let Nhà Xinh Luxury Architecture and Construction Company transform your home into a masterpiece of prestige.

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ViNaTrees: Where Nature Meets Luxury in Villa Garden Design

If you’re in the dilemma of choosing a company to design and construct your villa garden while adding garden lighting, consider ViNaTrees. With over 5 years of experience, ViNaTrees confidently delivers beautiful garden landscapes designed in various unique styles that meet your specific criteria.
Upon receiving your information and requirements, ViNaTrees’ team of architects will visit your property to survey, measure, and create design ideas that are impressive, unique, and innovative. Each project by ViNaTrees guarantees quality, aesthetic appeal, and, most importantly, Feng Shui harmony.

ViNaTrees thoroughly studies the orientations and positions of garden landscapes to ensure the perfect harmony of Yin and Yang – the Five Elements aligned with the homeowner’s destiny, bringing prosperity and good luck to all family members. ViNaTrees offers diverse designs ranging from modern to classical.

Below are some images of garden projects that ViNaTrees has executed for its clients:

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  • Address: 74 Trung Kính, Yên Hòa Ward, Cầu Giấy District, Hanoi
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Viberhome Architecture Joint Stock Company

Another splendid choice for those seeking stunning villa garden design and construction is Viberhome. This company continually strives to create unique and impressive architectural wonders while providing optimal solutions for clients and ensuring timely project completion.
Viberhome specializes in delivering landscape design solutions that seamlessly complement your villa. Therefore, when you choose Viberhome as your design and construction partner, satisfaction is guaranteed.

Below are images showcasing some of the garden projects completed by Viberhome for their clients:

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  • Address: 76 Thái Hà, Trung Liệt Ward, Đống Đa District, Hanoi
  • Website:


How do you choose a reputable villa garden design service?

When selecting, it’s essential to understand the experience, reputation, and past projects of the service provider. Top choices in Vietnam include Betaviet, SHAC, Green Homes Vietnam, and Nhà Xinh Luxury.

What standout services does Betaviet offer?

Betaviet specializes in designing and constructing villa gardens with over 12 years of experience. They have completed over 500 projects and are renowned for their villa and castle garden designs.

What makes Sơn Hà Construction Consulting Joint Stock Company (SHAC) special?

SHAC, with over 20 years of operation, has left a mark in the field of architecture and construction in Hanoi. They are always innovative and transform the dreams of their clients into reality.

What services does Green Homes Vietnam provide?

Green Homes Vietnam not only constructs villa gardens but also offers various other services like garden floor tiles and garden stone cladding.

Who is Nhà Xinh Luxury, and what are their notable projects?

Nhà Xinh Luxury is a company with over 20 years of experience in architecture and construction. They have executed many high-class and unique projects, offering fresh living spaces for their clients.

These are the top 5 leading addresses for villa garden design and construction in Vietnam. If you need further assistance, please contact for the addresses you’re looking for. Additionally, you can explore more reliable service providers across Vietnam in our construction section.

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