Top 11 prestigious house and villa design services in Hanoi

A perfect house or villa does not simply provide a space for the homeowner to rest. It also ensures the aesthetics, structure and longevity of the house. To help homeowners own a villa and house of their choice. would like to introduce to readers the top prestigious companies providing beautiful house and villa design services in Hanoi at the present time.

The Epitome of Architectural Excellence: Betaviet

When it comes to the crème de la crème of architectural design services for homes, villas, and castles, whether in Hanoi specifically or all of Vietnam, one name rises to the forefront – Betaviet. Mentioned in hushed tones of admiration whenever the quest for a reputable, top-tier residential construction company arises, Betaviet shines as a beacon of trustworthiness and quality.

Founded in the illustrious year of 2009, Betaviet boasts over 15 years of unwavering commitment to the realm of residential construction. With a staggering portfolio of over 10,000 projects scattered across the expanse of Vietnam, from the northernmost reaches to the southernmost tips, Betaviet has left an indelible mark on both the architectural world and its discerning clientele. To understand the prestige they currently enjoy, one must acknowledge the formidable synergy between their seasoned, experienced workforce and the energetic, vibrant young architects and engineers on their team. This unique blend of generational expertise has consistently produced awe-inspiring works that garner sky-high acclaim from satisfied clients.

But Betaviet offers more than just superior residential and villa construction. Their services and post-project support are exceptionally comprehensive and diverse:

  • Betaviet stands as the pioneering vanguard of “One Home Center” in Vietnam. This revolutionary approach provides clients with an all-encompassing service, from initial design and construction to interior decor, furnishings, and beyond. Clients who engage with Betaviet save invaluable time, as they no longer need to search for multiple partners to oversee each facet of the project. This also streamlines construction timelines, ensuring holistic project completion.
  • Choosing Betaviet means clients receive free architectural designs and cost estimates.
  • Customized landscaping services for villas, castles, and mansions, tailored to each client’s unique preferences.
  • With a sprawling 5,000-square-meter interior design center, Betaviet offers a plethora of imported furnishings for clients to select from.

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When architectural excellence meets innovation, Betaviet is the undisputed name that emerges, setting new standards in the world of construction and design. Elevate your dreams with Betaviet today.

Contemporary Interior: Nội thất Đương Đại

In the realm of civil construction in Hanoi, Nội thất Đương Đại has been a guiding light, providing comprehensive design and construction services for homes and villas to countless clients throughout Vietnam. The triumph of Nội thất Đương Đại can be attributed to the unwavering dedication and expertise of their team of professional architects and engineers. This synergy, coupled with the consistently high quality of their projects, executed precisely on schedule as committed in contracts, has been the cornerstone of their success.

But Nội thất Đương Đại doesn’t stop at designing and building homes and villas. They also offer interior design services and free architectural consultation, ensuring that clients have not just a beautiful, luxurious abode but one that exudes sophistication and class.

Understanding the common desire for quality services at reasonable prices, Nội thất Đương Đại presents various pricing options that are both competitive and budget-friendly, catering to everyone’s financial means.

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XCONS Design: Elevate Your Living Space

XCONS Design stands as a beacon of excellence in the realm of home and villa design in Hanoi, solidifying its reputation among countless satisfied clients. When you choose XCONS Design, you embark on a journey where the company offers a comprehensive suite of services: from design and interior construction to new home construction, renovations, and expansions. What sets them apart is their commitment to providing clients with a 100% 3D design plan and model before commencing any project.

XCONS Design is the sole company that extends a remarkable 6-year warranty and maintenance policy for their projects. Unique to their approach is a regular inspection every 3 to 6 months during the warranty period. This proactive measure is aimed at evaluating the project’s quality throughout its usage by clients.

Thanks to such distinctive and unparalleled services, XCONS Design has become the trusted partner of numerous television channels and programs related to interior design, architecture, and real estate, including prominent names like VTV and VTC.

Contact Information

  • Website:
  • Facebook: Xcons
  • Hotline: 0242 216 8585
  • Addresses:
  • – 168 Building, Láng Street, Thịnh Quang Ward, Đống Đa District, Hanoi (Northern Region)
  • – 159 Street No. 5, Bình An Ward, District 2, Ho Chi Minh City
  • – 58&60, 30/4 Street, Hải Châu District, Đà Nẵng

Experience the transformation of your living space with XCONS Design, where innovation meets perfection.

Elevate Your Living: Nhà Đẹp 365

Nhà Đẹp 365 is your go-to expert in the realm of architectural design consultancy and bespoke interior construction. They offer a diverse range of services tailored to your needs, including:

  • Architectural and Interior Design Packages
  • Construction and Interior Fit-Out Packages
  • Supply and Installation of Decorative Fixtures for Construction Projects

The company’s team of designers and architects consists of exceptionally talented and experienced individuals who are deeply passionate about their craft. This fervor is the driving force behind every project undertaken by Nhà Đẹp 365. Consequently, each creation bears the distinctive touch of both the architect and the homeowner, resulting in products that are rich in style and individuality.

Nhà Đẹp 365’s design philosophy is rooted in contemporary aesthetics, offering simplicity and sophistication. Their approach maximizes existing space and functionality, ensuring comfort and practicality for clients while upholding aesthetic excellence.

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Transforming Spaces with Nội thất Sao Việt

“Bringing true value to your home” has been the motto and guiding principle of Nội thất Sao Việt since its inception. When you step into the world of Sao Việt, you are welcomed by a team of talented and experienced architects and artists specializing in architectural and interior design consultation.

Nội thất Sao Việt approaches architectural and villa design consultancy by deeply understanding the homeowner’s needs. In doing so, the skilled architects at Sao Việt create unique, personalized designs that resonate with the homeowner’s style. Thanks to this dedication, Nội thất Sao Việt has completed a series of nationally acclaimed high-quality projects. Moreover, each project undertaken by Sao Việt represents a creative endeavor, blending design aesthetics with functionality to meet even the most discerning client’s requirements.

Contact Information

  • Website:
  • Facebook: Nội thất Sao Việt
  • Hotline: 0904258747
  • Addresses:
  • – 22 An Trạch Street, Cát Linh Ward, Đống Đa District, Hanoi
  • – 807 Lê Thánh Tông – Bạch Đằng – Hạ Long – Quảng Ninh
  • – 009 Phạm Hồng Thái Street, Phố Mới Ward, Lào Cai

Sơn Hà Construction Consulting Joint Stock Company (SHAC): A Century-Long Vision and Legacy

When it comes to designing and constructing villas in Hanoi, one cannot overlook the Sơn Hà Construction Consulting Joint Stock Company (SHAC). With over 20 years of experience in the field of architecture and construction, SHAC has established itself as a reputable and reliable name. Let’s delve into the mission and achievements of SHAC in the realm of villa design in Hanoi.

SHAC’s Mission

SHAC is not just an ordinary construction company; it is a companion in your journey to transform the dream of a perfect villa into reality. SHAC’s mission is to create luxurious and unique living spaces for its clients through the design and construction of villas in Hanoi and across Vietnam.

thiết kế biệt thự hà nội
Proud Achievements

SHAC has achieved numerous proud milestones in the field of villa design in Hanoi and throughout Vietnam. This success can be attributed to the talent and experience of Mr. Nguyễn Hoàng Long, a young and talented architect who excelled in designing civil architectural structures in Hanoi before returning to Hai Phong to establish SHAC.

With vision and a commitment to quality, SHAC has undergone transformation twice, staking the company’s destiny to shape its brand and expand its market presence. Currently, SHAC focuses on core areas such as turnkey construction, architectural and interior design, execution of finishing works, and the production and installation of wooden interior furnishings.

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TH HOME: Elevating Home Design to a Masterpiece

When we talk about renowned companies in the field of home and villa design services, TH HOME stands tall as one of the prominent and reputable brands. Throughout its years of operation, TH HOME has crafted exceptional outdoor spaces, innovative architectural structures, and top-notch interior designs. The company takes pride in its commitment to affirming to customers that there will be no additional costs incurred throughout the project’s implementation. This is a testament to the professionalism, dedication, and responsibility that TH HOME demonstrates towards its clients.

TH HOME follows a customer-centric approach, which includes the following principles:

  1. Criterion 1: Wholehearted and dedicated service to deliver the best possible outcomes for clients.
  2. Criterion 2: A meticulous and scientific working process that ensures cost-efficiency while maintaining high quality and aesthetic appeal tailored to clients’ needs.
  3. Criterion 3: A commitment to listening, learning, and embracing new technologies to enhance service quality and build trust with customers.
  4. Criterion 4: A strong work ethic, stringent control over construction projects, and adherence to design and construction standards.

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Amore-Architecture: Transforming Home and Interior Design in Hanoi

In the realm of villa and interior design in Hanoi, one cannot overlook A&More Architecture and Construction Investment Joint Stock Company (A&More). With over a decade of experience, A&More is a leading choice alongside BetaViet – the Premier Villa and Garden Design Company in Vietnam for those looking to execute villa construction projects.

Diversity in Interior Design

A&More refuses to limit itself to a specific type of interior design. With versatility in interior design for various types of structures, from apartments to villas, townhouses, and offices, each A&More project is marked by uniqueness and sophistication.

thiết kế biệt thự hà nội
Experience with Major Projects

A&More has been involved in numerous large-scale projects in Hanoi. They have been the design and interior construction partner for hundreds of projects in major urban areas like Times City, Royal City, Golden Westlake, Vinhomes Riverside, Golden Land, Gamuda Garden, and many others. This showcases the trust that clients have placed in A&More.

High-Quality Personnel

They have gathered a team of architects and designers with expertise, extensive experience, and a passion for their craft. The A&More team not only possesses deep knowledge of interior design styles worldwide but also strives to adapt and customize designs to suit each project and client’s needs.

thiết kế biệt thự hà nội
Warranty and Maintenance

A&More is committed to providing a minimum 1-year warranty for each construction category and product they deliver. Even after the warranty period, A&More offers reasonably priced maintenance services.

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Vicohome Architectural Construction and Investment Joint Stock Company

Vicohome Architectural Construction and Investment Joint Stock Company, a renowned brand with years of experience in the field of architecture and construction, has expanded its services to include residential and villa design, as well as civil projects.

Vicohome boasts a team of experienced and creative architects and supervising engineers. This is a team that consistently delivers projects that are “visually stunning, enduring over time, and cost-efficient.”

When you choose Vicohome, you’ll receive expert advice from top architects on the design and construction of your home, free of charge. Any concerns you encounter will be addressed with care and efficiency. Vicohome guarantees that customers will receive the most optimal and practical solutions.

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Nhà Xinh Luxury: Your Trusted Partner for Creative Architecture

When you think of beautiful, creative, and professional villa design in Vietnam, you can’t help but mention Nhà Xinh Luxury Architecture and Construction Company. With nearly 30 years of experience in the fields of architecture and construction, Nhà Xinh has become a go-to choice for villa design for clients looking to create entirely new and upscale living spaces.

địa chỉ thiết kế biệt thự
Customer Trust is Paramount

Nhà Xinh always places customer trust as its top priority. It is a clear testament to the quality and reputation of the Nhà Xinh Luxury Company. Over the past 20 years, Nhà Xinh has served thousands of customers and received their satisfaction and praise. This is an honor and strong encouragement in the company’s creative architectural journey.

địa chỉ thiết kế biệt thự
Creative Architectural Masterpieces

Nhà Xinh Luxury doesn’t just design beautiful villas; they create architectural masterpieces. The slogan “Creating architectural masterpieces” is the company’s motto and operating philosophy from its early days. With a team of architects and staff with in-depth knowledge of architecture and interior design, Nhà Xinh Luxury understands design trends, the latest materials, and continuously updates new design trends to ensure the best and most modern solutions for customers.

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D8 Architecture and Interior Design Joint Stock Company

D8 Architecture and Interior Design Joint Stock Company specializes in providing residential and villa design services, as well as offering consultancy services in design and construction. D8 boasts a team of highly experienced engineers and top-ranking architects in Hanoi. Moreover, D8 collaborates with leading architectural experts from various provinces, cities, both within and outside the country. Thanks to this, D8 confidently fulfills all customer needs, even the most complex ones.

D8 commits that customers who engage with the company will receive the best value, including:

  • Carefully planned and detailed project consultation.
  • Free concept quotations.
  • Direct production without intermediaries.
  • Efficient and transparent project work processes.
  • Accurate cost estimates without additional charges.
  • Practical design tailored to both needs and real-world implementation capabilities.

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What is the service of designing houses and villas?

The service of designing houses and villas helps homeowners possess their desired house or villa, ensuring factors of aesthetics, structure, and longevity of the house.

Why should Betaviet be chosen for house and villa design services?

Betaviet is one of the leading companies in Hanoi and Vietnam in the field of residential, villa, and castle design. With over 15 years of experience, they have implemented over 10,000 projects from North to South.

What services does Đương Đại Interiors offer?

In addition to house and villa design services, Đương Đại Interiors also provides interior design services and offers free architectural knowledge consultations.

What special policies does XCONS Design offer to customers?

XCONS Design is the only company that applies a warranty and maintenance policy for projects lasting up to 6 years, along with a periodic inspection every 3-6 months.

How can one contact Nhà Đẹp 365?

You can contact Nhà Đẹp 365 via their website:, hotline: 0963 788 999, or visit their address at: No. 19/13/380 Tô Hiệu – Hai Phong.

Above are the top 8 companies providing house and villa design services in Hanoi, as compiled by based on user and customer recommendations in Hanoi. If you know of any other reputable addresses, please contact us to help further enrich the list of reliable house and villa design companies. Additionally, you can explore more quality and trustworthy options nationwide in the construction section of

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