Top 21 Places for Beautiful Hair Extensions for Women in Hanoi and Saigon

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One thing can be affirmed: hair extensions are a perfect method created to enhance the beauty of modern women today. Regardless of whether you have short, dry hair or thin hair, hair extensions are a perfect choice to have more beautiful and impressive hair. Not only that, for women who have weak hair but still want to dye it uniquely or highlight it, this will be the best salvation. And to help women have that beautiful hair, has compiled 21 beautiful hair extension addresses in Hanoi and Saigon specifically for women in need.

Dive into the Hair Wonderland: Thao Tay – Your Top Hair Extension Destination in Saigon and Hanoi

Hey there, gorgeous gals! Today, let’s embark on an adventure to explore one of the most renowned hair extension havens in two bustling cities, Hanoi and Saigon – none other than Thao Tay. Crowned as the “hair kingdom” with a network of salons spanning across the nation, Thao Tay is the ultimate sanctuary for all you beauties yearning for lush, lengthy, and lustrous locks.

When it comes to hair extensions, Thao Tay is undoubtedly among the first names that spring to mind. With a strong dedication to technology, the experts here have introduced two modern and exceptionally superior hair extension methods – Fiber Glass and Elastic Silk. Those who’ve endured the agony of coarse, brittle, and severely damaged hair extensions from less reputable establishments will be completely swayed by the finesse of these two technologies.

Hair Extension Destination - Thao Tay

But wait, there’s more! Thao Tay further solidifies its position through sourcing 100% genuine hair collected from mountain-dwellers with robust, chemical-free locks. This assurance will undoubtedly provide you with absolute peace of mind regarding the quality of your hair extensions, isn’t it just marvelous?

And what could be more fantastic than indulging in hair extension services at Thao Tay with a plethora of enticing perks? Not only do you get a 6-month warranty, free cuts, and styling, but if you opt for two or more hair bundles, you’ll also receive complimentary services like curling, straightening, and coloring. Absolutely fabulous, isn’t it?

So, why hesitate any longer when you can swiftly book an appointment to experience the hair extension services at this renowned address in Hanoi and Saigon? Reach out now and get ready to flaunt that dreamy, perfect mane you’ve always desired!

Contact Information:

  • Website:
  • Facebook: Thao Tay
  • Hotline: 096 666 63 37
  • Addresses:
    • 995 Hoàng Sa, Phường 11, Quận 3, HCM
    • 132B Trương Định – Q. Hai Bà Trưng – TP. Hà Nội

Anh Quân – Saigon’s Premier Hair Extension Destination for Ladies

If you’re on the hunt for a renowned hair extension spot in Saigon offering top-notch service quality, look no further than **Chuyên Nối Tóc Anh Quân**. With a dedicated team of passionate staff and the most cutting-edge hair extension technology, this salon has built rock-solid trust in the hearts of its customers.

Hair Extension Destination - Anh Quân

Here, you’ll experience top-tier service standards, from the exquisite craftsmanship of the experts to the luxurious facilities. Hair extension techniques are carried out meticulously, carefully, and gently, ensuring secure, seamless, and non-damaging bonds that won’t harm your natural hair or scalp. Therefore, you can style your hair with ease and confidence, reveling in its soft, alluring glory.

Moreover, at this renowned hair extension address, you’ll enjoy numerous enticing perks reserved for loyal customers. Any concerns regarding your extensions will be promptly addressed, with free consultations thrown in for good measure.

Contact Information:

  • Website:
  • Facebook: Anh Quân
  • Hotline: 092 593 55 55
  • Addresses:
    • 1347 Phan Văn Trị, Phường 10, Quận Gò Vấp, TP.HCM
    • 33 Nguyễn Văn Cư, Phường 1, Quận 5, TP.HCM

Hieu Trang Hair Salon

Continuing our journey through the renowned hair extension spots in Saigon, let’s swing by **Hieu Trang Hair Salon** – the sole Vietnamese brand to clinch the special prize at the Loreal Colour Trophy International Hair Styling Competition.

With 20 years of experience in the hair fashion industry, this salon is the ideal destination for a fresh makeover with dreamy long locks. Particularly, it’s also the most reputable address for authentic hair extensions using fiberglass strands in Saigon.

Hair Extension Destination - Hieu Trang

The staff, meticulously trained in the latest hair extension techniques, ensure a painless, gentle, and durable process, leaving you with no disappointments but silky, natural, and securely bonded long hair.

The cost of hair extensions at **Hieu Trang Hair Salon** is also remarkably reasonable and affordable. With the motto “no satisfaction, no payment,” the staff always prioritize customers, delivering meticulous services with the friendliest attitude.

Contact Information:

  • Facebook: Hieu Trang
  • Hotline: 028 6259 5555
  • Address: 113 Lê Thị Riêng, Bến Thành, Quận 1, TPHCM

Hair Extension Thương

Tired of lackluster short locks or dealing with thin, dry hair dilemmas with no solution in sight? Fret not! Head over to **Hair Extension Thương** – where your entire look will undergo a stunning transformation in just a few hours.

Hair Extension Destination - Thương

Here, with the motto “professionalism – efficiency,” you’ll experience the highest quality full-head hair extension services from our dedicated, passionate team. In the blink of an eye, your hair will become voluminous, luscious, and naturally captivating. This is undoubtedly the renowned hair extension address you can’t afford to miss if you’re planning a magical hair makeover in Saigon.

Contact Information:

  • Facebook: Thương
  • Hotline: 093 202 91 29
  • Address: 25 Nguyễn Hồng Đào, P14, Q.Tân Bình Thành phố Hồ Chí Minh

Angel Hair Extensions

Switching up your hairstyle is always the “secret” favored by our beautiful ladies to refresh their appearance. However, not everyone is fortunate enough to possess long enough locks to transform their style at will. That’s why many have opted for the hair extension services of **Angel Hair Extensions Salon** – a renowned hair extension hub in Saigon.

Hair Extension Destination - Angel

With modern hair extension techniques ensuring 100% tiny, lightweight, and durable bonds, alongside a team of professional, friendly, and highly skilled staff, **Angel Hair Extensions Salon** promises to give you silky, voluminous hair just like in your dreams. The absolute satisfaction of customers is the clearest evidence of the reputation that this place has built.

Contact Information:

  • Facebook: Angel
  • Hotline: 096 861 61 68
  • Address: 769/95 Phạm Thế Hiển, Phường 4, Quận 8, Sài Gòn

Ngoc Thuy Beauty

When it comes to the number one hair extension destination in Saigon, **Ngoc Thuy Beauty** undoubtedly takes the spotlight. Understanding the concerns about potential hair damage when changing styles, the hair expert Ngoc Thuy has pioneered professional hair extension services, ensuring absolute satisfaction.

Hair Extension Destination - Ngoc Thuy

Here, before embarking on the extension process, clients are consulted to choose the most suitable style for their face shape, maximizing aesthetic beauty. This aspect alone leaves many clients feeling delighted after visiting the salon.

In addition to the outstanding hair extension service, **Ngoc Thuy Beauty** provides complete satisfaction with high-quality hair treatments including styling, cutting, coloring, and straightening. The driving force behind this trust is salon owner Ngoc Thuy, with over 20 years of experience, numerous prestigious awards, along with a skilled staff, spacious environment, modern equipment, and quality imported products.

Contact Information:

  • Facebook: Ngoc Thuy
  • Hotline: 093 633 78 81
  • Address: 336/73 Nguyễn Văn Luông, Phường 12, Quận 6, TPHCM. Opposite to People’s Committee of District 6 (Near the intersection of Nguyễn Văn Luông and Hậu Giang)

A Voong Hair Salon & Academy

If you’re on the hunt for the number one hair extension destination in Saigon with cutting-edge technology, look no further than **A Voong Hair Salon & Academy**. This salon has long been a go-to spot for beauty enthusiasts thanks to its reputation and solid position in the hair styling scene in Saigon.

The highlight here is the feather hair extension technique – a state-of-the-art technology. This method seamlessly integrates real hair strands with synthetic fibers, creating thick, long, and completely natural-looking hair. These extensions can be dyed to desired colors without causing any damage to the natural hair.

Hair Extension Destination - A Voong

The outstanding advantage of hair extension services at **A Voong Hair Salon & Academy** lies in the ultra-small, ultra-lightweight bonds, which don’t weigh down the head and are incredibly durable. You can care for and style your extensions just like real hair without worrying about breakage or slippage. Plus, if you encounter any issues with the extensions, you’ll receive free troubleshooting and advice.

With its luxurious space, experienced staff, **A Voong Hair Salon & Academy** rightfully claims its spot as one of the top hair extension destinations in Saigon, attracting both celebrities and beauty enthusiasts alike to enhance the beauty of their hair.

Contact Information:

Huy Blue Hair Extension

Hair extension has undoubtedly become a familiar beauty trend among today’s women. However, choosing a quality and safe hair extension address in Saigon remains a major concern for many. Fortunately, **Huy Blue Hair Extension** has emerged as a perfect solution to dispel those worries.

Hair Extension Destination - Huy Blue

Here, you’ll experience top-notch hair extension services from a team of professional, enthusiastic, and creative staff. **Huy Blue Hair Extension** not only possesses modern hair extension techniques and advanced equipment but also guarantees absolute safety, allowing you to quickly achieve beautiful hair without compromising your health.

Contact Information:

  • Facebook: Huy Blue
  • Hotline: 0939 999 826
  • Address: 463B/1 Cách Mạng Tháng Tám, Phường 13, Quận 10, TP. HCM

Tuan Tay Hair Extension

If your dream of having thick, long, and captivating hair still hasn’t come true, let **Tuan Tay Hair Extension** help you right away! This is also one of the quality hair extension addresses in Saigon that women trust and choose.

Hair Extension Destination - Tuan Tay

At **Tuan Tay Hair Extension**, you’ll experience top-notch hair extension services from the expertise of leading professionals and a modern infrastructure. In particular, the Nano hair extension technology applied here is considered the most advanced today. Within just 3 hours, you can transform from short hair to long, thick, and silky hair as desired.

Moreover, the salon regularly organizes attractive promotional programs, bringing great beauty opportunities at good prices for women. Don’t miss this wonderful opportunity!

Contact Information:

Duc Design Hair Extension

**Duc Design Hair Extension** is located in Tan Phu District – one of the hair extension addresses in Saigon that women frequently visit. What makes customers most satisfied here is the friendly and cheerful attitude of the owner and staff. Besides, the long hair after the extension is beautiful, suitable, and elevates the beauty of every lady.

Hair Extension Destination - Duc

With modern Feather Hair Extension technique, the specialists at **Duc Design Hair Extension** skillfully create super small and non-irritating hair connections. The new hair will be thick, non-tense, and entirely manageable like real hair. The service quality here is always top-notch with reasonable prices, earning praise from women.

Contact Information:

  • Facebook: Duc Design
  • Hotline: 090 345 94 96
  • Address: 85 Tan Son Nhi, Tan Son Nhi Ward, Tan Phu District, Ho Chi Minh City

Gia Hieu Hair Extension

After spending time with a trendy hairstyle, if you want to renew your style to be gentle and feminine with long silky hair, don’t miss **Gia Hieu Hair Extension** – a hair extension address in Saigon that women often visit. In just a few hours with modern hair extension techniques, you can immediately own dreamy long and voluminous hair.

Hair Extension Destination - Gia Hieu

The credibility, enthusiasm, and meticulousness in service combined with cleverness in every detail are what make **Gia Hieu Hair Extension** leave a mark in the hearts of women. Here, the specialists will help you express the most charming personality with captivating long hair. Spacious, airy space along with dedicated staff is the reason why this address is increasingly loved.

Contact Information:

  • Facebook: Gia Hieu
  • Hotline: 098 855 22 00
  • Address: 85 Tran Quang Khai, Tan Dinh Ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City

Bac Hugo Hair Salon

Renowned as one of the leading hair extension salons in Hanoi, **Hair Salon Bac Hugo** has long captivated the hearts of thousands of customers with superior hair extension services. Stepping into Hair Salon Bac Hugo, you will immediately be drawn to the luxurious, modern space with a professional and dedicated staff. They commit to giving you perfect long hair that is indistinguishable between real and extension.

Hair Extension Destination - Bac Hugo

The special point at Hair Salon Bac Hugo is the most advanced hair extension technology, without glue or any chemical causing itching or heaviness. The hair extensions are made from 100% untreated natural hair, with natural black color, shiny, and soft as real hair. The styling team here is well-trained, so they will help you easily care for and style your extensions just like your own hair.

Moreover, **Hair Salon Bac Hugo** also guarantees the durability of the extensions, no slipping or falling, and offers free maintenance every 6 months. Especially, with reasonable prices, even students can completely own their desired long hair without worrying too much about finances.

Contact Information:

Tanya Luxury Hair Extensions

If Hair Salon Bac Hugo is known for its unique, luxurious space, then **Tanya Hair Luxury** scores points for its professionalism and sophistication in every service. With a team of top experts, exquisite craftsmanship, they can completely provide the most suitable hair extension solutions for each face shape, preference, and customer’s financial ability.

Hair Extension Destination - Tanya

At **Tanya Hair Luxury**, customers will experience the most advanced hair extension services such as wax extensions, thread extensions, elastic extensions, braid extensions, weft extensions, or tube extensions. All are guaranteed 100% in durability and quality, using the best type A hair, healthy, smooth, and warranted from 9 to 11 months. Importantly, the experts apply long-standing hair extension techniques to optimize hair reinforcement and prevent head pain or tension during the process.

As a result, customers not only have perfect long hair as desired but also maintain the beauty of their real hair. Skillful hair extension arrangement is always the secret to **Tanya Hair Luxury** creating extremely charming and harmonious overall hairstyles, with no visible seams. This also affirms that this is the most beautiful and reputable hair extension address in Hanoi that women should trust.

Contact Information:

  • Website:
  • Facebook: Tanya Luxury
  • Hotline: 024.8588.8833 – 0981345679
  • Addresses:
    • 92 Tu Hoa – Quang An – Tay Ho – Hanoi
    • No. 64 Le Van Huu Street – Hai Ba Trung District – Hanoi.

Mr. Hoang Hair Extensions

If you’ve ever heard of any hair extension destination in Hanoi, it’s undoubtedly **Mr. Hoang Hair Extensions**. Firmly established for its top-notch quality hair extension services paired with affordable prices, this salon is the go-to choice for many Hanoi ladies. Not only that, **Mr. Hoang Hair Extensions** also leaves a strong impression thanks to its experienced team of experts, skillful stylists who can transform old hairstyles into modern chic styles or long, graceful, feminine locks, fulfilling every beauty desire.

Hair Extension Destination - Mr. Hoang

The highlight that sets this salon apart is its application of the most advanced hair extension technology using elastic silk and fiber glass threads, completely glue-free, chemical-free, lightweight, and non-irritating, ensuring absolute comfort and safety for customers’ real hair. Particularly, **Mr. Hoang Hair Extensions** proudly utilizes 100% untreated natural hair extensions, with a natural dark brown color, silky smooth, and soft just like real hair.

In addition to professional hair extension services, **Mr. Hoang Hair Extensions** is also a trusted address for other premium hair care services such as cutting, washing, blow-drying, straightening, coloring, perming, etc., equipped with modern facilities, genuine hair care products, ensuring perfect results in every detail. With dedicated service, practical quality commitments, and thoughtful after-sales warranty, **Mr. Hoang Hair Extensions** truly deserves to be the top hair extension destination in Hanoi that you can trust and rely on.

Contact Information:

  • Facebook: Mr. Hoang
  • Hotline: 098 202 23 23
  • Address: No. 14, Lane 403, Bach Mai, Hai Ba Trung, Hanoi

Cathy’s Hair Boutique

Not inferior to **Mr. Hoang Hair Extensions**, **Cathy’s Hair Boutique** is also a reliable name, chosen by many ladies to fulfill their desire for perfect long hair. The shining point that defines the salon’s brand is its professional, dedicated staff, high craftsmanship, along with its luxurious, modern space. Especially, there are two hair extension trends available here for customers to choose from according to their preferences.

Hair Extension Destination - Cathy

To create perfect hair extensions, **Cathy’s Hair Boutique** applies advanced Japanese wax and fiberglass elastic thread extension techniques, ensuring that the extensions are seamlessly hidden among thick, alluring strands of hair. The hair extensions are made from 100% natural untreated hair, with a natural dark brown color, indistinguishable from real hair. With modern, ultra-small, ultra-light, and extremely durable extension procedures, you can confidently use, care for, and style your hair extensions just like your own hair.

Not only does **Cathy’s Hair Boutique** create enchanting long hairstyles, but it also assures customers of quality with its warranty policy and commitment to extending the durability of the extensions for up to 12 months. With all these strengths, deserving the trust of many women, **Cathy’s Hair Boutique** is truly one of the top hair extension destinations in Hanoi.

Contact Information:

Hanoi Hair Extension Destinations – Longhair

Smooth, long hair that’s easy to style is the dream of many women, but not everyone has the patience to wait for their hair to grow long. If you find yourself in this situation, don’t overlook **Longhair Hair Extensions** – the place where you can achieve the perfect hair from appearance to quality with top-notch hair extension techniques.

Hair Extension Address - Longhair

With an experienced team of hand-tied hair extension specialists using the latest techniques, the extensions here always meet the highest natural standards. You won’t have any worries with Longhair’s hair extension techniques because they are extremely light, comfortable, and won’t weigh down or damage your real hair. The hair is 100% high-quality real hair, soft, natural, and can still be curled, straightened, and styled comfortably without worrying about tangling or difficult care.

With a commitment to customer satisfaction, you’re sure to leave the salon with a satisfied smile, as your hair will be long exactly as you desired. This is truly one of the top hair extension destinations in Hanoi, loved and trusted by many beautiful ladies.

Contact Information:

  • Facebook: Longhair
  • Hotline: 0986165100
  • Address: 27 Trung Phung, Trung Phung, Dong Da, Hanoi


If you’re looking for the most professional and luxurious hair extension destination in Hanoi, don’t miss **Sambi Hair Extensions**. With a mission to provide the top beautiful hair for women, Sambi always strives tirelessly to improve techniques, train a team of skilled specialists, and apply the most advanced hair extension technology.

Hair Extension Address - Sambi

At Sambi, you’ll be satisfied with a variety of choices for hair extension techniques such as premium Japanese wax extension, feather extension, crochet extension, or 6D machine extension. No matter which technique is applied, Sambi’s experts always create perfect hair extensions from durability to a natural, lightweight appearance. The extensions are always extremely small, not causing a heavy feeling on the head, easy to care for and style freely.

In particular, Sambi commits to using only the best materials including 100% real untreated hair and top hair care products to provide shiny, healthy, true-to-life hair. Your hair extensions will always be warranted and regularly maintained by Sambi’s professional, dedicated customer service team. Because of these fantastic advantages, Sambi has become one of the top hair extension destinations in Hanoi, worthy of your trust.

Contact Information:

Chili Mom

Sensitive to embracing new fashion trends and always exploring, learning advanced technologies, **Chili Mom Hair Salon** is gradually asserting its position as one of the leading reputable hair extension destinations in Hanoi. The team of hair stylists here is meticulously trained, with many years of experience to create extraordinary hair extension masterpieces for customers.

Hair Extension Address - Chili Mom

The biggest advantage of **Chili Mom Hair Salon** is the serious investment in facilities such as modern equipment, top hair care products, and the application of the smartest and most effective hair extension techniques. Creating nearly invisible hair extensions, super light, not causing discomfort or breathlessness for customers, but extremely durable, beautiful, and safe.

All aimed at providing ladies with a natural, elegant hair extension like their own hair. In addition, **Chili Mom Hair Salon** commits to always listen and meet all customer requirements, so that you have truly desired hair, expressing your unique personality. This is truly an ideal destination for beauty lovers who want to change their hair with top-notch hair extension services.

Contact Information:

  • Facebook: Chili Mom
  • Hotline: 082 415 8866
  • Addresses:
    • Branch 1: 36A Tran Quang Dieu – Dong Da – Hanoi
    • Branch 2: 50 Tran Dang Ninh – Ha Dong – Hanoi
    • Branch 3: 449 Hoa Hao – P5 – Q10 – Saigon
    • Branch 5: 50 Ho Tung Mau – Cau Giay – Hanoi


With an experienced team of specialists, well-trained and dedicated to customers, **24H Hair Extensions** deserves to be the trusted hair extension destination for many women in Hanoi. Here, you will experience professional hair extension services, meeting the most stringent requirements for quality, aesthetics, and hair safety.

Hair Extension Address - 24H

The important highlight that makes **24H Hair Extensions** stand out among countless beauty salons is the sophistication, almost unbelievable in each hair extension. The team of specialists will skillfully attach new strands of hair to the customer’s hair using extremely modern and intelligent techniques. The attachments are created so delicately, almost invisible to the naked eye, hardly causing any discomfort or pain to the user.

Moreover, your hair will still be cared for like real hair. The team of specialists will spend time instructing customers on how to properly care for and maintain their hair at home to ensure the longest durability and natural appearance. With the strength of superior quality, professionalism always highly valued, **24H Hair Extensions** completely deserves your trust and choice.

Contact Information:

  • Facebook: 24H
  • Address: 53 Trung Kinh, Cau Giay, Hanoi

Dung Nguyen

Understanding the inner desire of women to change their hairstyles flexibly but hesitating about hair damage, **Dung Nguyen Hair Extensions** has emerged with professional hair extension services, meeting all meticulous requirements. Stepping in here, you will be meticulously advised by the team of stylists, helping choose the most suitable hairstyle for your face shape, enhancing your natural beauty.

Hair Extension Address - Dung Nguyen

With modern hair extension techniques and skilled craftsmanship, the team at **Dung Nguyen Hair Extensions** will create perfect hair extensions, hardly distinguishable from real hair. The extensions will be sleek, smooth like natural strands, allowing you to style or change your look without affecting hair quality. Indeed, a smart choice, creating an unbelievable perfect hair extension service experience!

Contact Information:

  • Facebook: Dung Nguyen
  • Hotline: 094 281 61 23
  • Address: 30 Hang Bun, Ba Dinh, Hanoi

Cao Hung

Known to the beauty community as one of the reputable hair extension destinations in Hanoi, **Cao Hung Hair Extensions** truly deserves to be the “trusted hair sanctuary” for women and famous celebrities alike. The secret to conquering these discerning customers lies in professionalism emphasized in every service and heartfelt dedication in style consultation.

Hair Extension Address - Cao Hung

Understanding customers’ needs for healthy, trendy hair, **Cao Hung Hair Extensions** is constantly improving from raw materials to implementation techniques. The salon proudly uses 100% genuine hair products from world-class brands such as Farmagan, Alonzo Australia, or Lakme, delivering smooth and sophisticated hair extensions.

Furthermore, with a commitment to ultra-lightweight, painless extensions that look no different from real hair, coupled with a free warranty policy for 3-4 months, **Cao Hung Hair Extensions** fully deserves the trust of Hanoi’s beauty enthusiasts today. No wonder why this place attracts numerous famous stars and loyal customers!

Contact Information:

  • Facebook: Cao Hung
  • Hotline: 096 848 86 86
  • Address: 15 Pho Cat Linh – Dong Da – Hanoi

And those are all the top hair extension addresses in Saigon and Hanoi that has compiled. Hopefully, you have found the perfect hair salon for yourself. If you think we’re missing any reputable addresses that you’re using for your hair, please let us know.

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