List of 9 Most Beautiful Barber Shops in Hai Phong

cắt tóc ở hải phòng - nguyễn hùng

Join to immediately discover 9 beautiful barber shops in Hai Phong to help you immediately possess a bright and confident external appearance.

Discover HaLa Hair Salon – Your Premier Hair Destination in Hải Phòng

In the vibrant landscape of Hải Phòng’s beauty scene, one gem stands out – HaLa Hair Salon. Prepare to be whisked away into a realm of elegance and sophistication, where every strand of hair finds its perfect haven.

From the moment you step through the doors, HaLa Hair Salon captivates with its luxurious, contemporary ambiance, adorned in captivating shades of blue that seamlessly blend modernity with classical charm. It’s not just a salon; it’s a sanctuary where indulgence meets precision. And while awaiting your chemical wonders, treat yourself to delectable refreshments, a truly exquisite touch.

cắt tóc ở hải phòng - hala

What truly leaves a lasting impression is the stellar team at this Hải Phòng hair haven. They not only possess masterful skills but also exude a genuine passion for their craft, delivering attentive and heartfelt service with every snip and style. Leading the charge is Mr. Nguyễn Đình Nhiên, the salon’s visionary, adorned with a plethora of prestigious international certifications, from completing advanced training courses at the renowned TONY&GUY Hair Academy to certifications from DAVINES, GUY KREMER, and CALIPHAM in professional color techniques.

Another feather in HaLa Hair Salon’s cap is its exclusive use of world-leading hair care products, including the iconic L’oreal Paris, hailing all the way from the fashion capital of France. Noteworthy is their utilization of the “number three trissycoore” intensive hair repair system, imported from Japan, designed to heal and fortify hair fibers from within, leaving them resilient and radiant as never before.

Beyond a mere focus on service excellence, this Hải Phòng hair haven pledges transparency, utilizing only genuine products, ensuring clarity in every service process, and guaranteeing satisfaction until every customer walks away content. It’s these remarkable qualities that have elevated HaLa Hair Salon to the echelons of Hải Phòng’s most reputable hair destinations, adored and acclaimed by a loyal clientele.

Get in Touch:

  • Facebook: HaLa
  • Hotline: 093 669 38 69
  • Address: 20 Đông Khê 1 Street, Ngô Quyền District, Hải Phòng

Discover Tùng Hair: Elevating Hair Artistry in Hải Phòng

Amidst the bustling hair sanctuaries of Hải Phòng, Tùng Hair emerges as the epitome of excellence, solidifying its stance as the premier destination for hair aficionados. What sets them apart is an unwavering passion for their craft, placing service quality and customer satisfaction at the forefront of their ethos.

Step into their realm, and you’re greeted by attentive stylists, ready to sculpt your locks into masterpieces tailored to your unique essence. With deft hands and keen eyes, they weave their magic, employing cutting-edge techniques and precision to ensure your mane reflects nothing less than perfection, both inside and out.

cắt tóc ở hải phòng - tùng

Yet, what truly sets Tùng Hair apart is their impeccable service ethos, characterized by an unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction. With a motto that echoes “Customer is King, Trust is the Foundation,” they spare no effort in crafting the most exquisite hairscapes for you.

Moreover, health is paramount at this Hải Phòng hair haven, adhering to the philosophy that “Beauty thrives in wellness.” Tùng Hair pledges to utilize only premium hair care products from renowned brands such as Paimore, Loreal, Milbon, TIGI, and Goldwell. Their salon space is an oasis of serenity, meticulously designed to ensure every patron feels pampered and at ease throughout their beauty journey.

With reasonable pricing, Tùng Hair beckons as the perfect choice for those seeking a radiant transformation. For beauty isn’t about turning heads; it’s about igniting the inner confidence that radiates from within. Embark on your hair odyssey today and discover the allure of Tùng Hair!

Get in Touch:

  • Facebook: Tùng Hair
  • Hotline: 0981142395
  • Address: 156 Chùa Hàng – Hồ Nam – Hải Phòng

Unlock Your Hair Saga at Hair Space

At Hair Space, hair isn’t just about cutting, styling, or dyeing. It’s an odyssey of creativity where each hairstyle becomes a masterpiece, a reflection of your personality and aesthetic taste. Founded by Jay Phong, one of the most renowned and youthful hair stylists in Hải Phòng, Hair Space has swiftly become the epitome of innovation, infusing boldness into every hair design.

cắt tóc ở hải phòng - hairspace

Service excellence reigns supreme at Hair Space, thanks to a dynamic team of young, passionate stylists. Not only are they masters of technique, but they also possess exquisite aesthetic sensibilities, ready to transform your hair dreams into reality. With a modern, spacious environment equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, Hair Space pledges to deliver the ultimate hair experience, embodying the essence of a reputable and celebrated hair salon in Hải Phòng.

Get in Touch:

  • Website: Hair Space
  • Facebook: Hair Space
  • Hotline: 094 283 61 80
  • Address: 24 Lê Đại Hành – Hồng Bàng – Hải Phòng

Enter the Realm of L’Amour

Stepping into L’Amour Hair Salon, you’ll immediately sense the difference. Here, every service from cutting, styling, coloring to hair restoration is executed with precision and professionalism, ensuring absolute satisfaction. The stylists at L’Amour aren’t just skilled craftsmen; they’re passionate artists, constantly exploring and innovating.

cắt tóc ở hải phòng - lamour

The ambiance at L’Amour is designed to exude luxury and warmth, fostering a sense of relaxation and comfort for clients. This transforms L’Amour from a mere hair salon into a sanctuary of boundless creativity, where you can shine with new, confident, and captivating styles.

Whether you’re seeking a dramatic transformation or subtle refinement for your hair, L’Amour Hair Salon eagerly welcomes you, ready to turn your hair dreams into reality. This undoubtedly makes it one of the reputable and renowned hair salons in Hải Phòng that you simply can’t afford to miss.

Get in Touch:

  • Facebook: L’Amour
  • Hotline: 0225 9997 999
  • Address: BH 04-02 Manhattan 11 – Vinhomes Imperia Bạch Đằng – Hồng Bàng – Hải Phòng

Discover Văn Sáu: Where Hair Dreams Come True

Let introduce you to Văn Sáu Hair Salon – a trusted beauty haven you shouldn’t miss.

As you step into this hair sanctuary, you’re greeted by the talented hair maestro, Văn Sáu, affectionately known as the “Hair Doctor.” With boundless passion and dedication to his craft, he provides personalized consultations, suggesting hairstyles and colors that perfectly complement your face and style.

cắt tóc ở hải phòng - văn sáu

What sets Văn Sáu apart is his meticulous approach. He invests time to understand each client’s hair condition, offering tailored solutions to achieve the ultimate goal of beautiful, healthy, and glossy locks.

For over 25 years, Văn Sáu Hair Salon has relentlessly strived to elevate service quality, earning unwavering trust from cherished clients. Specializing in cutting, styling, coloring, and hair restoration, they tackle hair fall, stimulate growth, and address scalp issues. With a commitment to maximizing customer satisfaction, even the most discerning clients are left delighted, earning Văn Sáu the title of “Hair Doctor” in Hải Phòng’s hair salon scene.

Moreover, for those seeking trendy styles like voluminous Vic curls or OMBRE hair coloring using natural extracts, Văn Sáu Hair Salon is the place to be. With years of experience and prestigious international certifications, Văn Sáu ensures you achieve the hair transformation you desire.

With accolades like First Prize in the National Cloud Hair Beauty Contest, Fourth Prize in the National Outstanding Hair Stylist Contest, and recognition as a Master Craftsman with Golden Hands in Vietnam, along with esteemed certifications from renowned academies worldwide, Văn Sáu Hair Salon is undoubtedly the ideal destination for anyone aspiring to perfect hair. Come and experience their top-notch professional services!

Get in Touch:

  • Facebook: Văn Sáu
  • Hotline: 038 356 6999
  • Addresses:
    • 210 Hùng Vương đường mới – Thượng Lý – Hồng Bàng- Hải phòng
    • 62 Nguyễn Đức Cảnh,Lê Chân,Hải Phòng Hải Phòng

Nguyễn Hùng Salon: Where Hair Dreams Flourish

Welcome to Nguyễn Hùng Hair Salon – a beacon of professional hair beauty that garners trust and admiration from a diverse clientele, ranging from youthful trendsetters to sophisticated patrons.

Situated at 86 Hải Triều, Quán Toan, Hải Phòng, Nguyễn Hùng Hair Salon stands as one of the city’s premier establishments. From its investment in top-notch facilities to its meticulous service quality, every detail is crafted with precision and professionalism. Upon entering the salon, clients are greeted with spacious, elegantly designed interiors that exude a sense of tranquility and luxury.

cắt tóc ở hải phòng - nguyễn hùng

The salon’s standout feature lies in its corporate hairstyling services, particularly its expertise in balayage coloring and cutting-edge trendsetting styles. Additionally, Nguyễn Hùng Hair Salon offers an array of practical hairstyles that are easy to maintain and effortlessly stylish, catering to diverse preferences and lifestyles.

Whether it’s a chic bob, sleek pixie cut, or glamorous waves, every style is effortlessly executed by the skilled hands of the salon’s proficient staff. Notably, each team member undergoes rigorous training to uphold the highest standards of customer service, ensuring consistently exceptional experiences and swift adaptation to the latest trends.

Moreover, Nguyễn Hùng Hair Salon exclusively utilizes premium hair care products from renowned brands, delivering soft, lustrous, and vibrant hair results. With advanced technology and specialized techniques, the salon boasts up to 90% hair damage restoration after just one treatment.

So, why choose this epitome of beauty and quality in Hải Phòng? It’s the perfect harmony of luxurious ambiance, professional service, high-quality products, advanced technology, and the promise of voluminous, silky, radiant hair. With these unparalleled advantages, Nguyễn Hùng Hair Salon undoubtedly stands as one of the city’s premier destinations for exquisite and quality hair services.

Contact Information:

  • Facebook: Nguyễn Hùng
  • Hotline: 093 684 26 66
  • Address: 86 – Hải Triều – Quán Toan, Hải Phòng

Thành Luân Salon: Where Hair Dreams Come True

Ever stood before a mirror pondering whether your hair could transform into something more beautiful and alluring? Or perhaps you’ve experimented with countless styles but haven’t found your true “hair love” yet? Fear not, for Thành Luân Salon – one of the most beautiful and quality hair salons in Hải Phòng – is the answer you’ve been seeking.

In the vast world of hair salons, finding a place that not only understands you but also turns your hair dreams into reality isn’t easy. However, with over a decade of experience, Thành Luân Salon proudly boasts a team of talented artisans and passionate hearts ready to fulfill all your hair desires, no matter how simple or challenging.

cắt tóc ở hải phòng - thanhluan

Here, each stylist, with their magical hands, not only styles hair but also serves as dedicated advisors, helping you discover your hidden beauty through every strand. Whether you desire gentle, sophisticated curls or eye-catching, trend-setting dye jobs, Thành Luân Salon leads the way in unlimited hair transformations to make your hair perfect.

The secret behind this perfection lies in advanced technology and high-quality products directly imported from abroad, ensuring your hair not only looks good but also remains strong and healthy from within. Especially with top-notch hair extension services, Thành Luân Salon creates natural, lightweight bonds, providing you with absolute comfort.

Moreover, with reasonable prices and regular promotional programs, Thành Luân Salon guarantees you the finest beauty experience without worrying about costs.

So, if you’re searching for a beautiful and quality hair salon in Hải Phòng to not only change your style and refresh yourself but also seek confidence and radiance in every situation, Thành Luân Salon is the choice you cannot afford to miss.

Contact Information:

Thịnh Tóc Vàng Salon: Where Hair Dreams Blossom

Thịnh Tóc Vàng Salon is a leading hair care and styling brand in Hải Phòng. What sets this place apart in the hearts of customers is not only its reputable work but also its incredibly attentive and considerate service. With a team of experienced and dedicated staff, Thịnh Tóc Vàng commits to always providing you with the best services. Come and experience the difference here, and you’ll surely feel incredibly satisfied.

cắt tóc ở hải phòng - thinhj

What makes this beautiful and quality hair salon in Hải Phòng stand out is its friendly, cozy, and refreshing atmosphere. Additionally, Thịnh Tóc Vàng also emphasizes the quality of hair care products, ensuring safety and high effectiveness. Especially during the Thịnh Tóc Vàng hours from 8 am to 12 pm, you’ll enjoy many attractive offers such as styling, straightening, coloring for only 499K or NANO hair glossing for only 199,000 VNĐ. A fantastic beauty destination that you shouldn’t miss, right?

Contact Information:

  • Facebook: Thịnh Tóc Vàng
  • Hotline: 091 302 06 78
  • Address: 100 Lạch Tray, Ngô Quyền, Hải Phòng

VieHair: Where Hair Artistry Thrives

In addition to Thịnh Tóc Vàng, VieHair Salon stands as one of the most beautiful and high-quality hair salons in Hải Phòng. Here, a team of top-notch hair artists and styling experts with years of experience gather to craft hair masterpieces. They always listen to your preferences to create the most suitable hairstyle that matches your style and personality, meticulously refining every detail of your hair.

cắt tóc ở hải phòng - vie

The greatest advantage of this beautiful and high-quality hair salon in Hải Phòng is the use of high-quality hair care products, ensuring that your hair remains durable, beautiful, and healthy. VieHair offers a variety of services such as cutting, styling, coloring, straightening, curling, and more to meet all your hair beauty needs. With VieHair, you’ll not only get a new hairstyle but also a wonderful beauty experience.

With its outstanding advantages in service quality, professional staff, and commitment to using safe products, I wholeheartedly believe that Thịnh Tóc Vàng and VieHair deserve to be the two most beautiful and high-quality hair salons in Hải Phòng today.

Contact Information:

  • Facebook: Viehair
  • Hotline: 098 588 91 71
  • Address: 342 Chợ Hàng, Hải Phòng City

With these 9 hair salons in Hải Phòng mentioned above, hopes that you have chosen the perfect hair salon for yourself and your family. If you would like to contribute additional addresses to our service section, please contact us to update the list for a more comprehensive collection.

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