18 barbershops in Dak Lak with excellent quality and service

cắt tóc ở Đắk Lắk-đông tây

Toplist.com.co brings you a collection of 18 barbershops in Dak Lak that you can trust with your hair to have an outstanding look that attracts attention at first sight.

A Haircut Adventure in Đắk Lắk at Cao Hùng Barbershop

Nestled in the heart of Buôn Ma Thuột city, Cao Hùng Barbershop stands as a beacon for the modern-day aficionados of style. Stepping into the luxurious, contemporary space of the shop, one immediately senses the professionalism and dedication in every gesture of the staff.

cắt tóc ở Đắk Lắk-caohung

With deft hands and remarkable talent, the hairstylists at Cao Hùng Barbershop craft for you a perfect hairstyle, tailored to your face shape and individual style. But it’s not just about the hair – the friendly ambiance, open conversations about life, they all make you feel like you’re amidst a cherished family.

If you’re seeking a top-notch, professional haircut experience that leaves an indelible mark, then Cao Hùng Barbershop is the perfect choice for you!

Contact Information

  • Facebook: Cao Hùng
  • Hotline: 084 818 4747
  • Address: 28 Hà Huy Tập, Buôn Ma Thuột, Đắk Lắk

The Urban Vibe at 47 Barber Shop

47 Barber Shop emerges as the go-to destination for men’s haircuts in Buôn Ma Thuột. What sets it apart is its embrace of Chicano culture – a distinctive street art-inspired style making its debut in Đắk Lắk.

Fueled by passionate enthusiasm and youthful energy, although relatively new, 47 Barber Shop has swiftly garnered fervent support from trend-savvy youngsters enamored by this fresh style.

cắt tóc ở Đắk Lắk-47

Here, you’re attended by dedicated, skillful hairstylists who pour their heart and soul into ensuring customer satisfaction. Each meticulous snip, every unique hairstyle exudes the sophistication and talent of the hands at 47 Barber Shop.

What’s more, beyond haircuts, 47 Barber Shop doubles as a hub for a friendly and engaging cultural exchange on tattoo artistry. Engage in conversation with the cheerful tattoo artists to delve into the Chicano culture or share your passions.

With reasonable haircut prices starting from 60,000 Vietnamese dong, along with a diverse range of styling services, 47 Barber Shop promises to offer you a haircut experience in Đắk Lắk that’s truly distinctive and memorable.

Contact Information

  • Facebook: 47 barber
  • Hotline: 0868 671 594
  • Address: 84 Nguyễn Đức Cảnh Buôn Ma Thuột, Đắk Lắk

Elevate Your Style at Home Barber

It’s not just about searching; it’s about experiencing top-notch men’s grooming in Đắk Lắk to truly feel the difference.

Home Barber, one of the leading names in premium men’s grooming in Buôn Ma Thuột. Founded by experienced stylists driven by relentless passion to explore and master the latest global hair trends.

cắt tóc ở Đắk Lắk-home

At Home Barber, expect expert consultation and execution of hairstyles tailored to your face shape and unique features. Our talented and professional team ensures to deliver a flawless haircut, catering to all needs from simple to intricate.

Step into the modern, elegant space of our shop, where you’ll be served with utmost care and provided with state-of-the-art equipment. Engage in friendly, open conversations with our staff, making you feel as comfortable as being at home.

Don’t hesitate any longer, pick up the phone and schedule an appointment to receive the finest consultation and services at Home Barber!

Contact Information

  • Facebook: Home barber
  • Hotline: 084 222 0420
  • Address: 104 Trần Bình Trọng, Buôn Ma Thuột, Đắk Lắk

Minh Hùng Men’s Salon

Minh Hùng Men’s Salon is another noteworthy stop to consider when you’re on the hunt for a barbershop in Đắk Lắk catering to gentlemen. With over 6 years of establishment and accompanying numerous gents, Minh Hùng has earned trust and confidence from customers thanks to its compelling service quality.

The key to Minh Hùng‘s success lies in its team of professional and dedicated hairstylists. With exquisite craftsmanship, they consistently deliver absolute satisfaction from hair styling to attentive, friendly service.

Moreover, Minh Hùng Salon ensures your contentment by continuously learning and enhancing skills to offer the trendiest and most beautiful hairstyles. Additionally, the salon invests in modern equipment along with competitive, affordable prices to best serve the needs of gentlemen.

So, what’s stopping you from experiencing Minh Hùng? With professional and friendly service, you’re sure to find your preferred hairstyle here.

Contact Information

  • Facebook: Minh Hùng
  • Hotline: 0935 318 666
  • Address: 104 Hai Bà Trưng, TP. Buôn Ma Thuột, Đắk Lắk

East-West Barbershop

The next destination on the must-visit list is East-West Barbershop – one of the renowned barbershop chains in Vietnam. With the motto “quality creates the brand,” East-West Barbershop in Buôn Ma Thuột will surely satisfy gentlemen’s beauty passions perfectly.

Boasting a team of professional, experienced stylists, East-West Barbershop also leaves its mark with profound understanding of men’s styles and needs. From traditional haircuts to cutting-edge modern trends, everything is executed meticulously and flawlessly here.

cắt tóc ở Đắk Lắk-đông tây

Stepping into the luxurious, high-class space of the shop, you’ll experience professional service along with the most top-notch modern equipment. From haircuts, coloring to styling, every request of yours will be optimally fulfilled.

While the prices at East-West Barbershop Buôn Ma Thuột may be slightly higher than the average, they are completely worth it for the quality of service you receive. So why hesitate? Visit the shop now to experience a stylish new haircut!

Contact Information

The BM Barber

If you’re in search of the best barbershop in Đắk Lắk catering to gents with an underground style and top-notch quality, then The BM Barber is the ideal destination for you.

This is the ultimate cool men’s barbershop in Buôn Ma Thuột, specializing in impressive undercut hairstyles. The barber team here are all talented artists, always dedicated to their craft.

cắt tóc ở Đắk Lắk-thebm

What sets The BM Barber apart is not only its professional haircutting services but also its offering of various premium hair care services such as hair masks, hair restoration, hair bleaching, trendy hair coloring, voluminous styling, and more. All aimed at providing you with the ultimate hair beauty experience.

Moreover, the young, dynamic yet experienced team at The BM Barber will always listen and advise you on what suits you best. They are committed to caring for and serving you attentively to help you become a true “heartthrob.”

Contact Information

  • Facebook: BM barber
  • Hotline: 098 624 31 42
  • Address: 144 Trần Nhật Duật, Buôn Ma Thuột, Đắk Lắk

Barber Hoàn Mỹ

Established by passionate and experienced hair experts, this shop has built a solid reputation in Buôn Ma Thuột.

The biggest differentiator of Barber Hoàn Mỹ is the meticulousness and professionalism in every consultation and haircut. Here, the team will listen and understand your job, preferences, and style to suggest the most suitable haircut for your face shape.

cắt tóc ở Đắk Lắk-hoanmy

In addition to traditional men’s hairstyles, Hoàn Mỹ always updates and creates many latest hair trends for young people, providing a variety of choices for customers. To perfectly execute each hairstyle, the shop invests in modern equipment and professional, dedicated staff training.

Certainly, any gentleman will feel extremely satisfied when entrusting their hair to Barber Hoàn Mỹ. This is where the craftsmanship of the barbers creates masterpieces of men’s hair, bringing the most elegant and stylish appearance for you.

Contact Information

  • Facebook: Hoàn Mỹ
  • Hotline: 0914167996
  • Address: 104 Y Ngông, Phường tân tiến, Tp Buôn Ma Thuột, tỉnh đaklak

Traky Women’s Hair Salon in Đắk Lắk

For women, hair is always one of the crucial factors that contribute to their beauty and confidence. Therefore, finding a quality, professional, and reliable women’s hair salon in Đắk Lắk is something many women always desire. Let’s explore two famous hair salon addresses below, where your hair will become more beautiful than ever!

To kick off the list of must-visit women’s hair salons in Đắk Lắk, we must mention Traky Hair Salon, one of the most professional and beloved women’s hair salons in Đắk Lắk today. With luxurious, upscale space and complete modern equipment, Traky has become a familiar destination for many famous artists and models.

The highlight of Traky Hair Salon is their continuous update and application of the latest hair trends, hottest trends in the world. From trendy, personalized hairstyles to hairstyles with a strong individual style, all are perfectly executed by the talented stylists here.

cắt tóc ở Đắk Lắk-traky

In addition, Traky also scores points for its special emphasis on service quality and hair health. They only use premium products from reputable brands such as Dora, Olaplex, L’Oreal, Guy Tang, Keratherapy to meticulously care for and nourish each strand of hair.

If you are looking for a quality women’s hair salon in Đắk Lắk with a team of highly skilled professionals, attentive service, and constantly updated new trends, then Traky Hair Salon is the perfect choice for you.

Contact Information

Mody Salon

If you’re on the hunt for a quality and reputable women’s hair salon in Đắk Lắk, then Mody Salon is the perfect choice for you. The salon is highly praised for the professionalism of its experienced staff and their exquisite craftsmanship.

The standout feature at Mody Salon is the meticulousness and precision in every hair stroke by the stylists. They always ensure that your new hairstyle retains its perfect beauty until you get home. Moreover, the hair dyeing service here is also beloved by many customers for its use of premium dye products that are safe for hair and the environment.

cắt tóc ở Đắk Lắk-juky

If you’ve ever had the chance to visit Mody Salon, you’ll immediately feel the professionalism and dedication in the service style of the staff. They always listen and advise attentively to provide the most suitable suggestions for each customer’s face shape and preferences.

That’s why Mody Salon has become the go-to beauty destination trusted by many women in Buôn Ma Thuột. So, what are you waiting for? Come and experience the top-notch quality service here!

Contact Information

  • Facebook: Mody
  • Hotline: 096 309 63 53
  • Address: 115 Lê Hồng Phong Buon Ma Thuot, Đắk Lắk

Juki Salon

At first glance, Juki Hair Salon exudes a positive and powerful energy from its youthful, dynamic, yet experienced staff. Here, you’ll receive meticulous and enthusiastic advice to choose the most beautiful and suitable hairstyle for yourself.

cắt tóc ở Đắk Lắk-juky

The standout feature at Juki Hair Salon is their commitment to using hair care products from reputable and health-safe brands. Thanks to this, after experiencing their services, your hair will become stronger, shinier, and more radiant than ever before.

With burning passion and exquisite craftsmanship, the stylist team at Juki Hair Salon always strives to bring absolute satisfaction to customers through the meticulous refinement of their talented hands.

Contact Information

  • Facebook: Juki
  • Hotline: 097 183 47 47
  • Address: 218E Hùng Vương Buôn Ma Thuột, Đắk Lắk

Tư Vũ Salon

On par with its fame and credibility, Tư Vũ Hair Salon is currently a beloved hair care destination for many gentlemen and ladies in Buôn Ma Thuột whenever they seek to pamper themselves or change their hairstyle. With spacious, airy, luxurious space and modern equipment, the salon offers a variety of high-quality hairdressing services. Notably, the highly skilled, professional, and friendly staff, especially under the skillful guidance of stylist Tư Vũ – who ranks among the top 10 outstanding young stylists in Buôn Ma Thuột. Tư Vũ Hair Salon is sure to provide you with the most wonderful experiences.

cắt tóc ở Đắk Lắk-tuvu

Always aiming to achieve a perfect appearance for each customer, Tư Vũ Hair Salon continually strives to improve itself further to provide high-quality services at reasonable prices. Just these heartfelt shares are enough for you to realize the undeniable reputation and professionalism at the salon. Therefore, if you want to own the most beautiful, impressive, and fashionable hairstyle, visit Tư Vũ Hair Salon – a reliable address that you shouldn’t miss in Buôn Ma Thuột.

Contact Information

  • Facebook: Tư Vũ
  • Hotline: 097 742 27 47
  • Address: 114 Lý Thường Kiệt Buon Ma Thuot, Đắk Lắk

Trí Nguyễn

Trí Nguyễn Hair Salon stands out as a prominent name among the list of beautiful hair salons in Đắk Lắk. Featuring spacious, cool, and elegantly decorated modern space, the salon offers a variety of hairdressing services such as cutting, curling, straightening, and more at extremely reasonable prices. This makes Trí Nguyễn Hair Salon a favored destination not only for women but also for men who choose this place as their trusted address.
cắt tóc ở Đắk Lắk-tringuyen
With the belief that “Fashion follows the times,” Trí Nguyễn Hair Salon continuously strives to update the latest hair trends. When you visit here, you’ll own the most beautiful and popular hairstyles today under the enthusiastic advice of experienced experts and stylists. Consequently, you can undergo a remarkable transformation with impressive hairstyles that suit your face the most. Moreover, to reinforce trust for customers, Trí Nguyễn Hair Salon commits to using products from famous, reputable, and high-quality hair care brands, ensuring no negative impacts on health. With relentless efforts over time, Trí Nguyễn Hair Salon guarantees not to disappoint you!

Contact Information

  • Facebook: Trí Nguyễn
  • Hotline: 093 599 88 47
  • Address: 231 Quang Trung Buon Ma Thuot, Đắk Lắk

Vinh Salon

When it comes to beautiful hair salons in Buon Ma Thuot City, you’re likely familiar with the name Hair Beauty Salon Vinh. This brand has been a fixture for years in this sunny and windy Central Highlands region. As the old saying goes, “Hair is a person’s crowning glory,” and indeed, hair plays an incredibly important role in enhancing one’s beauty. With the mission of “Elevating beauty,” Hair Beauty Salon Vinh is committed to providing customers with hairstyles that best suit their faces, personalities, styles, ages, and professions. The salon tirelessly strives and evolves every day, offering customers trendy hairstyles following the trends of each season and year.
cắt tóc ở Đắk Lắk-vinh
When you visit Hair Beauty Salon Vinh, in addition to getting a completely new hairstyle, you’ll also enjoy a refreshing space, caring, attentive, and professional staff. The salon selects the world’s top-notch premium products, combined with the most modern equipment available today. Hair is the “secret weapon” that helps women effectively change their appearance. So, don’t hesitate to choose a hairstyle that suits you to “enhance your beauty.” Let Hair Beauty Salon Vinh help you fulfill that “mission” most completely with their skilled scissors and utmost dedication.

Contact Information

  • Facebook: Vinh Salon
  • Hotline: 083 435 3889
  • Address: 49 Xô Viết Nghệ Tĩnh Buon Ma Thuot, Đắk Lắk

Hair Salons in Dak Lak – Anh Anh

Anh Anh Hair Salon is a trusted hair care destination for many customers in Buon Ma Thuot City due to its standard hairdressing quality. Anh Anh Hair Salon will help you achieve a trendy and stylish hairstyle that suits your style and face shape.
Especially, when you visit this salon, you don’t have to worry about losing the beautiful hairstyle just created at the salon after washing at home. The professional stylists with high skills in hair styling will ensure to maintain the beauty of your hair, along with enthusiastic advice and guidance on hair care.

cắt tóc ở Đắk Lắk-anhanh
The hair care services at Anh Anh Hair Salon are diverse, especially the professional hair cutting skills of the salon owner and talented stylists. Moreover, the salon helps customers achieve soft and smooth dyed hair without fear of damage. They are ready to advise on hair care and maintenance knowledge at home suitable for each customer’s hair condition. Hair care and dyeing products come from famous brands, ensuring safety for health. Especially, Anh Anh Hair Salon always updates modern, trendy hair styles and dye colors.

Contact Information

  • Facebook: Anh Anh
  • Hotline: 083 731 7777
  • Address: 11 Nơ Trang Long Buon Ma Thuot, Dak Lak

Hà Hair Salon

Ranked as one of the leading hair salons in Buon Ma Thuot, **Ha Hair Salon** has been excelling in its role of delivering truly impressive and flawless looks to beloved customers through the most unique and creative hairstyles.
Throughout its journey, Ha Hair Salon has been relentlessly exploring, learning, and innovating to create numerous new and unusual hair designs. It continuously updates the latest hair fashion trends worldwide to meet every customer’s needs for beautiful, trendy, and fashionable hairstyles. When you step into this salon, you’ll receive free consultation on the most suitable haircuts, styles, colors, etc., tailored to your face shape and personal style.

cắt tóc ở Đắk Lắk-ha
Moreover, Ha Hair Salon is renowned for its standard hair dyeing technique, ensuring that your hair color matches 90% of the image without worrying about damage or split ends. This is because all products used here come from top reputable brands. Not only does it provide the best quality services, but customers also highly appreciate the enthusiastic, attentive, and highly professional service style from the staff at Ha Hair Salon.

Contact Information

  • Facebook: Hà Hair
  • Hotline: 090 685 05 89
  • Address: 96 Lý Thường Kiệt, Thắng Lợi Ward, Buon Ma Thuot, Dak Lak

Mạnh Quân Hair Institute

The next name on the list of the best quality hair salons in Dak Lak is **Mạnh Quân Hair Institute**, a renowned address for beautiful and reputable hair styling in Buon Ma Thuot. With skilled hands, keen senses, and an understanding of each individual’s unique characteristics, the hairdressers at **Mạnh Quân Hair Institute** will help you create a hairstyle that perfectly suits your face shape and professional lifestyle.
cắt tóc ở Đắk Lắk-manhquan
Moreover, when beautifying yourself here, you can rest assured because the salon always uses products from the most prestigious hair care brands available today. Therefore, not only will you get the desired new hairstyle, but you will also ensure your hair is glossy, shiny, and healthy.

In addition, Mạnh Quân Hair Institute will delight you with its simple, elegant interior decoration, along with modern equipment and friendly, enthusiastic service from a professional and highly skilled staff. Rest assured, when you come here, you will not only have a beautiful and impressive hairstyle but also the most relaxing and comfortable moments after stressful working hours.

Contact Information

  • Facebook: Mạnh Quân
  • Hotline: 034 299 3637
  • Address: 154 Hoàng Diệu, Buon Ma Thuot, Dak Lak

Nguyen BMT Salon

Nguyen BMT Salon, a beacon of beauty and trustworthiness in Dak Lak, immediately impresses with its highly professional service. From the owner to the staff, warmth and hospitality shine through in every gesture, word, and precise haircut. With years of experience in hairstyling, customers are treated to hair care services that boast both reasonable prices and top-notch quality.
haircut in Dak Lak-bmt
With artistic creativity, rich experience, and skilled hands, Nguyen BMT Salon knows how to transform and design truly unique hairstyles, offering unexpected changes. Whether you’re a gentleman or a lady, visiting here ensures you’ll walk out with the stunning hairstyle you desire, always trendy and fashionable. With their achievements over the years, the team at Nguyen BMT Salon prides itself on delivering utmost customer satisfaction with a professional, classy, and reputable approach, all at an affordable price.

Contact Information

  • Facebook: Nguyen BMT
  • Hotline: 083 877 9879
  • Address: 38 Mac Thi Buoi, Thong Nhat, Buon Ma Thuot City, Dak Lak

Milan Beauty

When you step into Milan Beauty, you’ll be greeted by attentive staff who offer thorough consultations about your hair condition, care routines, and help you choose the perfect style and color to complement your hair. Every service, from cutting, perming, washing, to coloring, is executed meticulously and with utmost care. The hair dye products used here are sourced transparently, ensuring they pose no harm to your health and are of the highest quality.
cắt tóc ở Đắk Lắk-milan
The hair coloring service at Milan Hair Beauty Salon is a top choice for many due to its exceptional dyeing technique, resulting in even, vibrant colors and leaving your hair glossy and healthy. But that’s not all; customers also receive valuable tips on at-home hair care techniques that are both softening and time-saving. With years of experience, the salon owner and staff guarantee to leave you satisfied with the trendiest, fashion-forward hairstyles of today. With a commitment to always prioritize customer satisfaction above all else, Milan Hair Beauty Salon continues to evolve and thrive, solidifying its position in the hair industry.

Contact Information

  • Facebook: Milan Beauty
  • Hotline: 038 385 9408
  • Address: 14a Tran Phu, Thang Loi Ward, Buon Ma Thuot, Dak Lak

Above are some suggestions for the most reputable and excellent hair salons in Dak Lak that toplist.com.co wants to introduce to anyone living and operating here to experience the wonderful quality and service. Additionally, to discover more high-quality services, follow us to support our development.

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