19 Famous Vinh Long Hair Salons for Both Men and Women

To be able to stand out from the crowd, in addition to clothes and accessories, hair is one of the top factors that you need to pay attention to if you want to have an impressive appearance that attracts all eyes. To serve readers living and working in Vinh Long, Toplist.com.co brings you 19 Vinh Long hair salons famous for their quality and service.

Discover the Essence of Style at Khắc Tam Barbershop

Embark on a journey beyond mere haircuts; venture into a realm where style meets confidence. Welcome to Khắc Tam Barbershop – the epitome of male grooming perfection nestled in the heart of Vĩnh Long.
Why do we assert such confidence? Because Khắc Tam Barbershop isn’t just another barbershop; it’s a sanctuary of style, where professionalism meets affordability. We take pride in sculpting the most daring, impeccable hairstyles, each a testament to individuality and sophistication.

salon làm tóc vĩnh long - khắc tam
Amidst a sea of modern salons losing their soul to chemicals, Khắc Tam Barbershop stands as a beacon of tradition, offering a classic barbering experience with a fresh twist. Each visit isn’t just a haircut; it’s a declaration of strength and individuality.

Our team of artisans isn’t just skilled; they’re passionate connoisseurs of the barbering craft. They don’t just cut hair; they listen, they advise, ensuring your style aligns perfectly with your personality. If meticulous attention to detail and professionalism is what you seek, Khắc Tam Barbershop is your destination.

Stepping into Khắc Tam Barbershop isn’t merely entering a “salon for men in Vĩnh Long”; it’s like coming home, where every visit is a celebration of care, honor, and reinvention. Let us accompany you on your journey to discover and perfect your unique style.

Contact Information

  • Facebook: Khắc tam
  • Hotline: 070 290 2696
  • Address: 52/14 Phạm Thái Bường Street, Ward 4, Vĩnh Long City, Vĩnh Long

Revamp Your Style at Vĩnh Long 1995 Hair Salon

Embark on a journey to one of the most beloved and renowned men’s hair salons in Vĩnh Long1995 Hair Studio. More than just a beauty destination for gentlemen in Vĩnh Long, it’s a haven for those craving freshness and uniqueness in every hair style.
From the symphony of blow dryers to the melodic snip of scissors, every detail at Vĩnh Long 1995 Hair Salon exudes familiarity yet novelty. The space itself is adorned with a classic flair, captivating all with its timeless charm from the very first glance.

salon làm tóc vĩnh long - 1995
At 1995 Hair Studio, conventions about appearances are shattered. What remains is passion, creativity, and the desire to express oneself fully. Initially, you might find yourself taken aback by the charismatic stylists, but it takes only a short while to witness their love and dedication to every strand of hair, leaving you enamored and appreciative of their craft.

Here, at Vĩnh Long 1995 Hair Salon, you can unleash your style transformation, from curls to volume, from selecting trendy hair colors to standing out. With years of experience and relentless innovation, we guarantee to leave you satisfied and proud of your hair, offering you a style that exudes utmost professionalism and sophistication.

Vĩnh Long 1995 Hair Salon isn’t just a place for a regular haircut. It’s where you can explore and express yourself, where each visit makes you feel cherished and honored. Come to us not just to find a new hairstyle but to discover a new source of inspiration for yourself. Let 1995 Hair Studio be your sanctuary to share your passions and the ultimate destination in your quest for personal style.

Contact Information

  • Facebook: 1995
  • Hotline: 0865486995
  • Address: 68 Nguyễn Trãi Street, Hamlet 3, Cái Nhum Town, Mang Thít, Vĩnh Long

Elevate Your Style at 4 Bull Barbershop

Step into the realm of Barber 4 Bulls, where every service transcends mere grooming to offer you an unparalleled experience. From cuts to curls, dyes to massages, every moment spent here is bound to leave you relaxed and rejuvenated. With a meticulously selected and expertly trained team, always at the forefront of the latest trends, we guarantee not just a hairstyle you’ll love but an unforgettable service experience.
salon làm tóc vĩnh long - 4 bull
At Barber 4 Bulls, we take pride in our enthusiastic and friendly staff, ready to transform your look into its finest iteration. With reasonable prices and top-notch products, we ensure you’ll leave feeling satisfied and eager to return.

Contact Information

  • Facebook: 4Bull
  • Hotline: 089 965 46 09
  • Address: 52/9a Phạm Thái Bường, Ward 4, Vĩnh Long (opposite Quê Hương Massage), Vĩnh Long

Trương Hào Hair Studio

Since its inception in 2018, swiftly becoming a favorite haunt for gentlemen in Vĩnh Long, Trương Hào Barbershop isn’t just a place to find hair diversity, from traditional to modern, hot trends. It’s where you receive meticulous advice to discover the hairstyle that truly suits you. Here, it’s not just about looking good; it’s about experiencing attentive care that ensures your hair isn’t just “cool and stylish” but healthy and radiant.
salon làm tóc vĩnh long - trương hào
Trương Hào Barbershop shines not only for the skills of its stylists but also for their profound guidance, helping you understand your style better and how your hair can reflect your personality and profession accurately. With reasonable prices and outstanding service quality, you’ll undoubtedly feel valued and cherished.

Contact Information

  • Facebook: Trương Hào
  • Hotline: 0778 165 320
  • Addresses:
    • Tân Lộc, Tân Lược, Bình Tân, Vĩnh Long
    • Tân Thuận, Tân Quới, Bình Tân, Vĩnh Long

Nhu Barber House: Where Style Meets Stories

When it comes to finding the premier barbershop in Vĩnh Long for men, one cannot overlook Nhu Barber House. It’s not just a place for a style overhaul but also a space for listening and sharing life stories, where every encounter becomes meaningful and memorable.
At Nhu Barber House, we understand that haircuts aren’t just a service; they’re an artistic journey where each hairstyle isn’t just about beauty but about telling a story, expressing a lifestyle. With meticulously designed spaces blending modernity with artistic spirit, Nhu Barber House is where gentlemen find relaxation, experience high-quality services, and create the “coolest” hairstyles.

salon làm tóc vĩnh long - nhu barber
Beyond the traditional hair services of cutting, styling, and coloring, Nhu Barber House is a hub of creativity, crafting new and unique hair trends tailored to modern tastes and individual personalities. Our team, with their skilled hands and deep understanding of the barbering craft, is always ready to advise and deliver perfect hairstyles that truly reflect your character and lifestyle.

Visiting Nhu Barber House isn’t just about experiencing top-notch hair services; it’s about immersing yourself in a relaxing space where you can make friends, converse, and share. Each visit becomes a beautiful memory, a part of life that you’ll always cherish.

If you’re seeking the premier barbershop in Vĩnh Long for men to rejuvenate yourself, Nhu Barber House is the perfect choice.

Contact Information

  • Facebook: Nhu Barber House
  • Hotline: 079 732 5595
  • Address: 1/E2 Lưu Văn Liệt Street, Ward 2, Vĩnh Long

Béo Barber: Where Creativity Meets Professionalism

Step into the realm of Béo Barber Shop, where you’ll be immersed in a world of creativity and professionalism. Our team isn’t just skilled but also dedicated and agile, ready to turn all your requests into reality. Whether you’re looking to embrace the latest hair trends or seeking a completely different look, Béo Barber Shop is always the top choice. With a friendly atmosphere, affordable prices, and high-quality service, we’ll surely leave you satisfied and eager to return.
salon làm tóc vĩnh long - béo
Don’t hesitate; visit our Vĩnh Long men’s hair salon, where every moment isn’t just about beauty but also a journey of self-discovery, discovering your true style, and confidently expressing it to the world.

Contact Information

  • Facebook: Béo Barber
  • Hotline: 079 222 2264
  • Address: 54 Phạm Hùng Street, Ward 2, Vĩnh Long City, Vietnam

Bình Phố: Where Beauty and Community Thrive

Bình Phố Barber Shop isn’t just a name in Vinh Long’s beauty scene; it’s a second home for many gentlemen, a place where they can comfortably share, confide, and be heard, cared for with all the heart and dedication. We take pride in our professional, experienced staff who are always open to feedback, constantly striving for improvement.
salon làm tóc vĩnh long - bình phố
Bình Phố Barber Shop isn’t just a well-known name in Vinh Long; it’s a symbol of professionalism and quality. Every customer here is served by talented and enthusiastic staff, ready to meet every request from simple to complex. Whether you’re looking to style, dye, or change your look, Bình Phố ensures that your hair isn’t just beautiful but also healthy and on-trend. Plus, with special discount programs on holidays, you’ll have the opportunity to experience excellent service at incredibly reasonable prices.

Contact Information

  • Facebook: Bình Phố
  • Hotline: 035 393 6519
  • Address: 61/20Q Phường 3, Mậu Thân 2 Street, Vinh Long City

Ngọc Thành: Where Style Meets Sophistication

In the quest for the finest barber shops for men in Vinh Long, Ngọc Thành Barbershop stands out as an emblem of professionalism and excellence. It’s not just a place for a style refresh; it’s a haven where you can indulge in relaxation and attentive care.
The moment you step into Ngọc Thành Barbershop, you’ll sense the refined, comfortable ambiance – an exclusive domain for gentlemen. The professional, experienced team of hairstylists here is ready to advise and craft “spot-on” hairstyles tailored to each client’s style and personality. Their warmth, cheerfulness, and profound understanding of the latest hair trends not only rejuvenate your look but also elevate your confidence.

salon làm tóc vĩnh long - ngọc thành
At Ngọc Thành Barbershop, you’ll experience a comprehensive process from cutting, styling, coloring to high-quality hair care services. Each service is designed to ensure maximum satisfaction, both in terms of quality and affordability. The hairstylists stay swiftly updated on the latest hair trends, ensuring you sport the most impressive and contemporary hairstyles.

Ngọc Thành Barbershop takes pride in helping every gentleman assert themselves through meticulous haircuts and styling. Our quality and reputation are evidenced by thousands of satisfied customers who leave the salon with a renewed appearance, brimming with confidence and ready to conquer any challenge.

Contact Information

  • Facebook: Ngọc Thành
  • Hotline: 0907 814 455
  • Address: 9a, Đinh Tiên Hoàng, Ward 8, Vinh Long City, Vinh Long

Beauty Oasis: Where Style Meets Precision

In the quest for a top-notch men’s hair salon in Vinh Long that exudes quality and sophistication, look no further than Beauty Salon Khôi. With a reputation established over the years, it proudly stands as the ideal destination to fulfill your grooming desires.
At Beauty Salon Khôi, each hairstyle isn’t just a reflection of modern fashion trends; it’s an artistic masterpiece brimming with personality, perfectly mirroring your style and identity. The experienced and passionate hairstyling team here stays abreast of the latest trends, ensuring you stay ahead in the ever-evolving world of hair fashion, thus helping you stand out and feel confident in any situation.

salon làm tóc vĩnh long - khoi
Meticulous investment in modern equipment alongside dynamic, professional service is the secret sauce that keeps Beauty Salon Khôi at the forefront of customer choice. From comfortable chairs to elegantly arranged mirror systems, every small detail in the salon is meticulously crafted to ensure the best experience for you.

With a desire to express gratitude to loyal customers, Beauty Salon Khôi regularly organizes promotional programs, offering enticing benefits. This isn’t just an opportunity for you to refresh yourself at discounted rates but also a testament to the care and appreciation that Beauty Salon Khôi extends to each customer.

Venture into Beauty Salon Khôi, where you’ll not only enjoy high-quality grooming services but also experience moments of utmost relaxation and comfort, melting away all fatigue after long hours of work. It’s the ideal destination for you to confidently showcase your style and prowess.

Contact Information

  • Facebook: Salon Khôi
  • Hotline: 090 222 70 90
  • Address: 185 Trần Đại Nghĩa, Ward 4, Vinh Long City, Vinh Long

Vibrant Beauty Hub: Nhựt Ngô Hair Salon in Vinh Long

In today’s fast-paced lifestyle, where the quest for beauty knows no bounds, finding a women’s hair salon in Vinh Long isn’t just about hair care; it’s about expressing individual style and personality. Among the top contenders, Nhựt Ngô Hair Salon proudly stands as the ideal destination, offering not just beautiful hairstyles but also a premium and professional hairdressing experience.
The expert stylists at Nhựt Ngô Hair Salon bring high craftsmanship, professionalism, and an in-depth understanding of hair fashion to the table, ensuring they find the perfect hairstyle to complement your face shape and personal style. What’s more, the salon is equipped with the latest, state-of-the-art machinery, guaranteeing each hairdressing process is smooth and flawless.

salon làm tóc vĩnh long - nhutngo
Whether you’re seeking a bold short hairstyle or the hottest trending hair color, Nhựt Ngô Hair Salon is always ready to embrace and transform your dreams into reality. The salon continuously updates itself with the latest hair fashion trends worldwide, ensuring you’re at the forefront of every style.

Customer satisfaction is paramount at Nhựt Ngô Hair Salon. Thousands of customers, both gentlemen and ladies, leave the salon with confident smiles and radiant looks. Once you experience the services here, you’ll undoubtedly want to return, not just once but multiple times, as each visit to Nhựt Ngô Hair Salon is not just about beauty but also an exciting and memorable experience.

Contact Information

  • Facebook: Nhựt Ngô
  • Hotline: 096 808 39 39
  • Address: 294 Nguyễn Văn Thiệt, Ward 3, Vinh Long City

Chic Waves: Tâm Design Hair Salon in Vinh Long

In the quest for the perfect hair salon for women in Vinh Long, HairSalon TÂM Design proudly stands as an unmissable destination for anyone looking to rejuvenate themselves with a beautiful, stylish haircut. Professionalism and warmth greet you from the moment you step into the salon.
With the motto “customer is king,” HairSalon TÂM Design ensures that every service provided not only meets but exceeds customer expectations. Using hair care products from renowned brands, combined with the high craftsmanship of the hairdresser team, the salon commits to bringing you the most impressive hairstyles, updated with the latest trends.

salon làm tóc vĩnh long - tamdesign
At HairSalon TÂM Design, you not only receive meticulous advice from top hair experts but also immerse yourself in a relaxing, elegant space. This is where you can find absolute satisfaction, from the quality of service to the experiential environment.

Contact Information

  • Facebook: Tâm Design
  • Hotline: 097 701 41 16
  • Address: 4/14 Mậu Thân – Ward 3 – Vinh Long City, Vinh Long

Chic Cuts at Saigon Hair Salon

Every woman desires a fresh, trendy appearance. That’s when Saigon Hair Salon – one of the reputable and high-quality hair salons for women in Vinh Long steps into your life. With over a decade of experience in the hair industry, we pride ourselves on providing not only impeccable hair care services but also exceptionally refined ones, reflecting the fashion identity of each client.
salon làm tóc vĩnh long - saigon

  • Diverse Styling Options: From trendy to corporate hairstyles, each service ensures a fresh and stylish look for your hair.
  • High-Quality Products: Smart choices of products like Lo’real, Goldwell, Olaplex ensure safety and effectiveness for every hair type.
  • Professional Hair Stylists: With extensive experience and deep training, our team is always ready to create preferred hairstyles while prioritizing care and quality.
  • Attentive Consultation and Guidance: We not only help you choose the most suitable hairstyle but also guide you on effective hair care at home.

Saigon Hair Salon confidently affirms its brand not just through words but through every image, video depicting the hair styling process and results. We want every customer who visits the salon to feel the professionalism, dedication, and especially absolute satisfaction with their new hair.

Contact Information

  • Facebook: Saigon
  • Hotline: 082 893 0019
  • Address: 33/17F, Ward 4, Phạm Thái Bường, Vinh Long City, Vinh Long

Nhật Tân: Where Beauty Blooms

In the vast sea of choices among quality hair salons for women in Vinh Long, Nhật Tân Salon shines like a bright star in the city, capturing the gaze and affection of countless customers. Beyond expertise and skill, Nhật Tân Salon earns the complete trust of its customers through its warmth and meticulous attention to detail.
Stepping into Nhật Tân Salon, the first thing that strikes you is the spacious, airy ambiance, adorned with modern, elegant facilities. It’s the ideal place to unwind, indulge in top-notch hair services within a refined and convenient environment.

salon làm tóc vĩnh long - nhật tân
Not only renowned for their masterful hairdressing skills, but Nhật Tân Salon also wins hearts with its friendly, enthusiastic staff who are always ready to listen. Each stylist here carries a passion and endless creativity, committed to delivering the most beautiful, personalized hairstyles for you.

With passion and love for the craft, Nhật Tân Salon goes beyond providing existing services, constantly innovating to serve customers better. The enthusiastic support from customers is a great encouragement, helping the salon maintain confidence and pride in the quality of service and reputation it has built.

Nhật Tân Salon proudly stands as one of the quality hair salons for women in Vinh Long that you cannot overlook. The perfect blend of elegant space, professional and dedicated staff, along with relentless creativity, is sure to provide you with the ultimate beauty experience.

Contact Information

  • Facebook: Nhật Tân
  • Hotline: 091 742 00 80
  • Address: 45 Đinh Tiên Hoàng Street, Ward 8, Vinh Long

Salon Lami: Where Style Blossoms

When it comes to hair salons for women in Vinh Long, one cannot overlook Salon LAMI – a favorite destination for both gentlemen and ladies seeking a fresh, trendy, and stylish hair makeover.
With a wealth of experience and professional expertise, Salon LAMI confidently delivers the best hair services to its customers. Whether you desire captivating curls, sleek straight hair, or even a striking color change, the salon’s team of stylists will passionately advise and help you discover the most suitable style.

salon làm tóc vĩnh long - lami
Salon LAMI is not only known for its top-notch service quality but also for being an ideal choice thanks to its reasonable prices. The salon takes pride in offering customers the best experiences in a professional, upscale working environment, while keeping prices very budget-friendly.

Contact Information

  • Facebook: Lami
  • Hotline: 0932931200
  • Address: 170/1 Trưng Nữ Vương, Ward 1, Vinh Long City

Thảo Gold: Where Beauty Blooms

In the realm of top-notch hair salons for women in Vinh Long, Thảo Gold Hair Salon shines like a beacon, a must-visit address for beauty seekers. With over a decade of establishment and growth, this salon has not only asserted its reputation through every hairstyle but also through the warm, attentive service of its staff.
Stepping into Thảo Gold Hair Salon, the spacious, airy ambiance with dominant gray tones will captivate you at first sight. Every detail here is meticulously designed, not only to create an ideal beauty space but also to reflect the professionalism and class of the salon.

salon làm tóc vĩnh long - thảo gold
Diverging from industrial salon models, Thảo Gold Hair Salon offers a personalized beauty experience, including:

  • Hairstyles designed to complement individual face shapes, enhancing natural beauty.
  • Hair colors that brighten the complexion, embracing the latest trends for a youthful, dynamic appearance.
  • Hair care from within, using high-quality products and advanced hair restoration techniques.

Why Choose Thảo Gold Hair Salon?

  • Luxurious space showcasing exquisite aesthetic tastes.
  • Diverse hairstyle consultations suitable for various styles.
  • Advanced technology in hair restoration, delivering impressive results from the first session.
  • Hair care products from renowned brands, ensuring health and safety.
  • Professional staff, dedicated and ready to meet all your needs.

Contact Information

  • Website: http://salonthaogold.com/
  • Facebook: Thảo Gold
  • Hotline: 038 219 9038
  • Addresses:
    • 36B Trần Đại Nghĩa, Ward 4, Vinh Long City (Opposite Club 139)
    • 334 Zone 3, Cai Be Town, Cai Be District, Tien Giang Province

Salon Nguyễn Bình: Crafting Your Unique Style

Salon Nguyễn Bình takes pride in being a premium hair salon for women in Vinh Long, where perfection in every service is found. Marked by professionalism, sophistication, and dedication, this salon is the ideal destination for your makeover, showcasing your unique style and personality.
Whether you dream of a chic short hairstyle, cascading curls, or daring with the hottest hair colors, Salon Nguyễn Bình is always ready to advise and turn your dreams into reality. With a team of aesthetically refined staff deeply immersed in hair fashion, you’ll receive the most accurate advice tailored to your individual needs.

Have you ever felt anxious about how to shine at parties, dates, or gatherings with friends? Don’t worry, Salon Nguyễn Bình will be your transformation sorcerer, helping you possess a charming and distinctive hairstyle, making you stand out and leave an impression at every event.

Choosing Salon Nguyễn Bình, you’re not only indulging in the perfect transformation of yourself but also owning a radiant, confident beauty. With profound understanding and passion for the hair fashion industry, the professional hairdressers at the salon always ensure a safe hair care process, leaving you completely reassured, free from any worries.

Contact Information

  • Facebook: Nguyễn Bình
  • Hotline: 093 949 85 39
  • Address: No. 28 Lê Thái Tổ, Ward 2, Vinh Long

Vinh Salon: Your Destination for Hair Excellence

When it comes to hair salons for women in Vinh Long, one cannot overlook Vinh Salon, a favorite among many customers. With a team of professional hairdressers trained not only in skills but also in customer care and consultation, Vinh Salon provides you with valuable and personalized advice.
salon làm tóc vĩnh long - vinh
Vinh Salon doesn’t just keep up with the latest hair trends; it ensures to deliver you trendy hairstyles that match your personality and aesthetic preferences. Each hair creation here is considered a work of art, accentuating the beauty and style of every customer.

Contact Information

  • Facebook: Vinh Salon
  • Hotline: 093 943 42 49
  • Address: 78 Lê Thái Tổ, Ward 2, Group 1, Vinh Long City, Vinh Long

Khánh Nhi Hair Salon: Where Your Hair Dreams Come True

Khánh Nhi Hair Salon is one of the renowned hair salons for women in Vinh Long, known for its professional and attentive approach. Whether you desire sleek, straight hair or bouncy curls, all your requests are promptly and precisely met by our team of expert hairdressers.
salon làm tóc vĩnh long - khánh nhi
With state-of-the-art equipment investment, Khánh Nhi Hair Salon ensures smooth hair procedures, delivering the best results. If you’re seeking a change, our team will guide you to the most suitable hairstyles, helping you shine and feel more confident.

Contact Information

  • Facebook: Khánh Nhi
  • Hotline: 093 516 13 90
  • Address: 33A 30/4 Street, Ward 1, Vinh Long City, Vinh Long

Mana Beauty Oasis

Mana Beauty Oasis is the ultimate destination for those longing for beautifully styled and trendy curls. Beyond offering basic hair services, Mana Beauty Oasis brings premium packages like hair restoration and scalp massage, ensuring you look gorgeous while indulging in relaxation.
salon làm tóc vĩnh long - mana
With standout hair restoration methods like the 4-step Trisyscore therapy and Nano steaming, Mana Beauty Oasis promises to give you voluminous, silky hair. It’s the ideal place where you not only enhance your beauty but also enjoy moments of relaxation, melting away all the stress after busy workdays. Mana Beauty Oasis isn’t just a hair salon; it’s where you find tranquility and energy rejuvenation.

Contact Information

  • Facebook: Mana
  • Hotline: 035 504 3234
  • Address: 68/2B Phạm Thái Bường, Ward 4, Vinh Long City (Next to the entrance of Phạm Thái Bường roundabout) Vinh Long

Above are all 19 renowned hair salons in Vinh Long, known for their top-notch services and quality. With this list, you can confidently entrust your hair to these salons to achieve exquisite beauty. Additionally, please support us by visiting the beauty section for more quality addresses to explore.

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