Top 8 sushi restaurants in District 1 that retain 100% Japanese flavors

Sushi is one of the dishes that requires very high standards from ingredients, flavor to preparation, so finding a delicious Japanese-style sushi restaurant in District 1 is not easy. This article lists 8 delicious sushi restaurants that retain 100% Japanese flavor and preparation.

Sushi Tony in District 1

From its grand opening till this very moment, Sushi Tony has reigned supreme on the list of affordable and delectable sushi spots in Saigon, holding the fort of “authenticity” and “meticulousness” in the realm of Japanese flavors. Each sushi creation here is meticulously crafted from fresh, top-notch ingredients imported straight from Japan, paired with premium local elements. All selections are carefully curated and rigorously inspected, adhering to strict food safety standards. The flavors blend harmoniously with the pungent wasabi kick, overpowering any fishy undertones. Not only do they taste heavenly, but each dish also boasts eye-catching presentations, offering a diverse menu. There are tempting sets for both a satisfying and budget-friendly office lunch. If you’re on the hunt for a sushi restaurant to savor authentic Japanese cuisine, don’t overlook Sushi Tony.

MIYEN – Japanese Fusion Cuisine Restaurant: A Unique Japanese Culinary Experience for Food Connoisseurs

Have you ever imagined enjoying cuisine straight from the land of cherry blossoms in a traditional, authentic setting right in the heart of Saigon’s District 1? If not, let’s embark on a journey with to discover MIYEN Restaurant – an unmissable destination for sushi aficionados.

quán ăn sushi quận 1-miyen

MIYEN – Reviving 19th Century Japanese Modernity

Distinct from ordinary District 1 sushi joints, MIYEN takes pride in offering diners a Japanese ambiance that feels both novel and familiar. It’s a revival of Japan from the late 19th century. Here, you’ll deeply sense the essence of Japanese culture and cuisine, adorned with a touch of Western modernity carefully chosen to harmonize without erasing the ancient oriental charm.

quán ăn sushi quận 1-miyen

Inspired by the Kanda Myojin Shrine, an icon of Japanese Shinto culture, MIYEN captivates patrons with its tile roofs, wooden columns, and a palette of romantic reds, golds, and emerald greens. Standing amidst the bustling Pasteur Street, MIYEN shines like a precious gem in the heart of vibrant Saigon.

“Yoshoku” Cuisine: Perfect Fusion of West and Japan

quán ăn sushi quận 1-miyen

MIYEN doesn’t just impress diners with its dreamy ambiance, but it’s also the top spot for District 1 sushi lovers. MIYEN proudly introduces “Yoshoku” cuisine, a first in Vietnam. It’s a culinary style that harmoniously blends Western dishes that seem all too familiar with unique Japanese twists, resulting in flavors that are both novel and remarkably familiar. This is sure to make every guest exclaim “WAO” at the explosion of flavors in each dish.

quán ăn sushi quận 1-miyen Fresh Ingredients Daily

Special Offers: Don’t Miss Out!

For those who adore Japanese cuisine and want to fully immerse themselves in MIYEN’s atmosphere, the restaurant currently offers some special promotions:

  • Happy Hour: Get 50% off on single Sushi & Sashimi dishes when you make a reservation via Facebook Fanpage from 5:00 PM – 8:00 PM on Mondays and Tuesdays. (Note: Not applicable to Setlunch, holidays, Tet, and assorted Sashimi and Sushi sets).
  • Enjoy a 20% discount for customers who pre-book through MIYEN’s Website or Fanpage, check-in on Facebook, or leave a Google review. (Not applicable with other promotions and during holidays and Tet).

Are you on the hunt for a unique, high-quality, and stylish District 1 sushi joint? Don’t miss out on MIYEN Restaurant. Come and experience it today!

Sushi Tei

Prepare for a gastronomic journey that goes beyond being just one of the renowned sushi restaurants in Hanoi. Sushi Tei in District 1 is where you’ll encounter delectable sushi pieces paired with signature sauces, crafted following the restaurant’s exclusive recipes, offering a tantalizing feast for discerning diners. Among its famous dishes is the Japanese savory pancake, a delight composed of ingredients like cabbage, thinly sliced pork, seafood, red ginger, shredded tuna, and creamy mayonnaise, resulting in an exquisite flavor profile.

What sets this place apart is the opportunity to witness the chefs in action right before your eyes as they prepare your meal. Experiencing the culinary spectacle, engaging in conversation with the chefs, and savoring the dishes firsthand promises an unforgettable dining experience.

Michi Sushi

At this District 1 sushi haven, the artistry of sushi making shines with beautifully sliced pieces of fish, salmon adorned with layers of pristine white meat, all offering a natural and pure indulgence. The dish is further embellished with fragrant orchids, finely julienned daikon radish, and served alongside soy sauce and wasabi. Additionally, Michi Sushi presents an array of dishes that capture the essence of Japan, including Japanese-style savory pancakes, crispy tempura squid, succulent shrimp, grilled Japanese bonito with zesty green chili salt, and the delightful richness of salmon head hot pot. If you seek an authentic Japanese dining experience, rich in refinement and uniqueness, Michi Sushi is a destination not to be overlooked.

Hoshi Sushi

Indulge in over 140 delectable dishes at this culinary gem, including superb sushi sets, savory beef and seafood rice bowls, salmon rice bowls, and seafood udon… The sushi ingredients comprise of fresh, live seafood, masterfully crafted into mouthwatering appetizers that tantalize your taste buds. These diverse dishes are elegantly presented and served with authentic Japanese flair. With incredibly competitive prices, you can savor a plethora of natural and incredibly delicious offerings, including various sashimi, sushi, maki, and gunkan. The ambiance, tranquil and cozy yet spacious, makes it a worthwhile destination for delightful family gatherings.

Okome Sushi Bar

Each dish at this quán sushi in District 1 is crafted from fresh ingredients, not frozen, resulting in a daily-changing sushi menu. The most beloved items on the menu include flavorful sushi alongside various sashimi, nigiri, cheesy salmon sushi rolls, grilled salmon rice, potato salad, seaweed salad… These petite sushi rolls, expertly combining ingredients, feature vinegared rice with a delightful seafood filling, topped with a slice of creamy (left) avocado, enhancing the dish’s allure. Okome Sushi Bar’s space is tranquil, adorned with beautiful Japanese-inspired design from the entrance to the interior. It all adds up to provide you with authentic and vibrant Japanese culinary experiences.

Lá Phong Sushi House

Lá Phong Sushi House is the renowned sushi spot in District 1, famous for its delectable sushi crafted from Wagyu beef, Canadian beef, paired with mouthwatering delights such as Yaki Suki, premium American beef combo, Japanese pancakes, salmon sashimi, stone pot minced meat rice, fresh squid… Each ingredient is meticulously prepared by expert chefs to retain its freshness and perfection, preserving its nutritional value, resulting in dishes that meet the highest standards of deliciousness. Savor the pungent Wasabi flavor and complement it with a warm cup of Sake, and you’re in for an unforgettable culinary experience.

Sushi 79

The menu here is incredibly diverse, featuring 100 dishes including sushi sets, steamed eggs, soups, grape salads, salmon and cheese maki, fried salmon and cheese maki, gunkan salmon roe, and, notably, a variety of udon, ramen, salads, and makis that are all highly favored. Each dish is crafted to perfection, accompanied by various authentic Japanese sauces that elevate the flavors to new heights. The restaurant’s ambiance is simple yet far from dull. The overall design creates a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere like never before. In the realm of affordable Japanese dining, this is undoubtedly a District 1 sushi spot you should pay a visit to.


Which sushi restaurant in District 1 is known for its authentic Japanese taste?

Tony sushi is renowned for its authentic Japanese flavor, with sushi dishes made from fresh ingredients imported from Japan.

I want to experience traditional Japanese ambiance in the heart of District 1. Which restaurant do you recommend?

MIYEN Restaurant recreates the ambiance of Japan from the late 19th-century reform period, offering guests a blend of novelty and familiarity.

Which sushi restaurant in District 1 is famous for its fresh sushi combined with signature sauces?

Sushi Tei stands out as a renowned sushi restaurant, offering fresh sushi combined with unique sauces, prepared using the restaurant’s proprietary recipes.

I want to savor sushi made from Wagyu and Canadian beef. Which restaurant should I visit?

Lá Phong Sushi House is famous for its sushi dishes made from Wagyu and Canadian beef, along with other delicious dishes.

Which sushi restaurant in District 1 has a diverse menu with over 100 dishes?

Sushi 79 boasts a diverse menu with over 100 dishes, ranging from sushi sets, steamed eggs, and soups to udon, ramen, and salads.

And there you have it! has introduced you to 8 sushi spots in District 1 that serve exquisite dishes, offer elegant and cozy atmospheres, and provide professional service. Don’t hesitate to visit these places to enjoy refined Japanese cuisine and relax with friends and family.

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