11 famous and delicious Hanoi green rice cake shops that everyone knows

Under the sky of Hanoi every autumn, people’s hearts suddenly become excited when remembering the delicate gift from young rice grains – that is green rice cake, a legendary culinary symbol, made from sticky rice with yellow flowers. You know, green rice is not only a luxurious gift but also very familiar. If you try sipping it with tea, surely that wonderful flavor will be imprinted in your mind, hard to fade.

Rice cake is made from premium yellow sticky rice, smooth green bean filling and fragrant durian, bringing a unique taste experience – sweet on the outside, rich on the inside. Furthermore, green rice cake is also an indispensable symbol in every traditional wedding ceremony of the Northern people, imbued with cultural identity.

To help you find a quality Hanoi green rice cake shop, whether as a gift, preparing for a wedding, or simply to enjoy, let’s explore attractive suggestions with Toplist.com.co through the article below. We believe that this information will help you find reliable addresses where you can enjoy the traditional flavors of Hanoi to the fullest.

Nguyen Ninh’s Com Cake Emporium – A Culinary Beacon on Hang Than Street

Steeped in over 150 years of history, Nguyen Ninh’s Com Cake on Hang Than Street has emerged as an indispensable culinary icon of Hanoi. Since its inception in 1865 by the ingenious Nguyen Duy family ancestor, this store has been more than a mere business—it’s a sanctuary preserving the soul of Hanoi’s gastronomic culture.
Nguyen Ninh's Com Cake Store - Hang Than Street
Mention Nguyen Ninh’s Com Cakes, and you evoke not just the memory of its irresistibly delicious taste but also its commitment to exquisite ingredients sourced from Vong and Lu villages in Thai Binh, and premium green beans from Son La and Ha Bac. Remarkably, these cakes are free from additives and preservatives, preserving their authentic, rustic flavor. However, due to the absence of preservatives, their shelf life is limited to four days.

Today, although Hang Than Street is dotted with numerous com cake vendors, some even bearing the “Ninh” or “Nguyen” hallmark, Nguyen Ninh’s Com Cakes stand out for their unparalleled quality and reputation. Upholding this legacy, the descendants of the Nguyen Duy family are guided by the ancestral couplet, a beacon directing their relentless efforts in crafting these perfect com cakes.

If you’re seeking a traditional, high-quality com cake shop in Hanoi, don’t miss visiting Nguyen Ninh on Hang Than Street. It’s not just a place to savor the traditional flavor of com cakes; it’s an opportunity to immerse yourself in the rich culinary culture of Hanoi.

  • “Harmonious Spring Air Endless”
  • “Calm Heart, Natural Fortune”

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Com Lang Vong – The Legendary Address for Authentic Hanoi Green Rice Flakes

Hanoi’s cherished green rice flake cakes, an emblem of the city’s heart, began their journey in the households of Yen Ninh village, now known as Hang Than Street. Initially, these cakes were crafted from the delicate, aroma-rich Vong green rice flakes, evoking sweet memories. However, with the advent of modern production techniques, artificial flavors and dry flakes began to replace the traditional ingredients, gradually dimming the unique, original taste of Com Lang Vong.
Com Lang Vong
Amidst the bustling heart of Hanoi, Mrs. Hoan’s Com Lang Vong shop stands as a bastion of tradition. Here, each green rice flake cake is meticulously made from fresh Vong green rice, free from artificial colors or preservatives, preserving its pristine flavor. This shop is a rare gem in Hanoi, where one can savor the original Hanoi Green Rice Flake Cakes of Com Lang Vong, a taste unmistakably unique.

Through decades of upheaval and change, Mrs. Hoan’s Com Lang Vong has steadfastly remained a symbol and a source of pride in Hanoi’s culinary scene. Their unwavering dedication to preserving traditional flavors has earned them numerous accolades from the Hanoi People’s Committee, recognizing them as one of the capital’s finest specialties. Stepping into this green rice flake cake shop, one not only indulges in the authentic taste but also experiences the passion and pride of Hanoi’s people in preserving their traditional culinary culture.

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An Ninh Com Cake Shop – The Wedding Com Cake Specialists

Nestled in the heart of Hanoi, An Ninh Com Cake is more than just a delicacy; it’s a symbol of affection and gratitude, particularly cherished during significant events like weddings and traditional festivals. Each com cake from An Ninh is not just a sophisticated gift; it embodies the sender’s heartfelt sincerity and attention to detail. The creation of these perfect cakes, from their flavor to their color, is a result of the relentless dedication and skillful craftsmanship of the baking team.
An Ninh Com Cake Shop - Wedding Com Cake Specialist
At An Ninh Com Cake Shop, each grain of com is meticulously selected from the finest sticky rice. The premium green rice flakes, combined with plump mung beans soaked to softness, are then peeled, ground, and blended with coconut and sugar. The delicate process of marinating and frying the com takes about two hours, ensuring each grain bonds while retaining its natural green hue. The addition of coconut and crystal sugar imparts a gentle, inviting sweetness. The mung bean filling, coupled with the fragrant outer layer of com, creates the distinctive flavor of An Ninh’s Com Cake.

Visiting An Ninh Com Cake Shop, you’ll not only enjoy a unique culinary specialty but also appreciate the meticulous effort and passion invested in each cake. The com cakes here, once perfected, are carefully packaged in plastic and paper boxes, maintaining hygiene and preserving their flavor. A com cake from An Ninh, with its soft sweetness and aromatic texture, is an excellent choice for expressing your sentiments to loved ones and friends.

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Com Co Man – The Heart of Traditional Green Rice Flake Delights

Com Co Man has become a beloved name amongst Hanoians, consistently being the top choice for traditional green rice flake treats. Situated in the heart of the capital, this shop is not just a keeper of family green rice flake recipes passed down through generations, but also a treasure trove of Hanoi’s distinctive culinary delights, ranging from green rice flake sticky rice, fried green rice flakes, to various other local specialties.
Com Co Man - Specialist in Green Rice Flakes
Remarkably, amidst the modernization and strong development of new green rice flake production facilities, Com Co Man steadfastly adheres to traditional methods. Here, natural colorings from tree and lotus leaves are used to preserve the authentic, delicious flavor of green rice flakes, satisfying even the most discerning palates while maintaining the essence of Hanoi’s culinary heritage.

Imagine a cool Hanoi evening, gathering with friends and family, enjoying the soft, aromatic green rice flake cakes from Com Co Man, paired with a warm cup of tea – truly a splendid moment, right? The flavor of Com Co Man’s Green Rice Flakes transcends just being a dish; it’s a fine blend of traditional taste and the passion of skilled artisans.

And worry not if you can’t make it to the store in person; Com Co Man is ready to deliver these delightful, flavor-rich treats right to your doorstep. Just a phone call away, and you can savor the exquisite taste of green rice flakes in the comfort of your home. Let’s relish this warm, comforting flavor together!

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Bao Minh Com Cake Shop – A Tradition of Excellence in Green Rice Flake Cakes

In the heart of Hanoi, Bao Minh Com Cake Shop has established itself as a beloved institution, particularly famous for its traditional green rice flake cakes – a must-have treat for special occasions. Located on the bustling Hang Than Street, Bao Minh, with over 30 years of history, is synonymous with quality and tradition. Their cakes, made from select ingredients like green rice flakes, mung beans, granulated sugar, and pomelo flower essence, capture the essence of traditional deliciousness.
Bao Minh Com Cake Shop
Crafted following a secret family recipe and a meticulous production process, Bao Minh’s green rice flake cakes are not only health-conscious but also perfect for any occasion – be it festivals, gifts, or everyday treats. The shop offers a diverse range of products:

  • Green rice flake cakes with mung bean filling
  • Green rice flake cakes with durian filling
  • Coconut-covered green rice flake cakes – a creative twist on the traditional, inspired by Japan’s Mochi, blending traditional beauty with constant innovation and integration.

With their charming round shape and shredded coconut topping, Bao Minh’s Coconut-Covered Com Cakes are not only visually appealing but also irresistibly delicious.
Bao Minh Com Cake Shop is a trusted choice for many customers because of:

  • Over 30 years of reputable brand history.
  • Traditional products familiar to everyone.
  • Variety in design and size, catering to diverse needs: from daily consumption, weddings, events, to gifts.
  • Production on modern lines, adhering to the ISO 22000:2005 quality management process, with a shelf life of up to 12 days.
  • Reasonable prices suitable for all customers.

Bao Minh Com Cakes are not only a fantastic gifting choice but also perfect for daily enjoyment, offering a delightful surprise and a sense of pride in a traditional culinary art that has been innovatively preserved.
Currently, Bao Minh Com Cakes are widely distributed in national supermarkets like BigC, Vinmart, AEON, Coopmart, various distributors, retail stores, and also exported internationally.

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Traditional and Modern Com Cake Shop

At the Traditional and Modern Com Cake Shop, each com cake is not just a fusion of culinary traditions and gourmet excellence, but also a testament to the dedication and passion of the cake artisans. Made from fresh green rice flakes that boast a naturally vibrant green hue, these cakes avoid artificial colorants and additives. The gentle fragrance of the green rice flakes, combined with a pure sweetness, offers a soothing and comforting taste experience.
Traditional and Modern Com Cake Shop
The cake-making process here is intricate, demanding meticulous attention in every step. From the selection of ingredients to the cooking process, every stage is carried out with careful attention to detail. The green rice flakes, sourced directly from the renowned Vong village known for its sticky, fragrant rice, ensure that the grains remain intact during frying. After careful screening, the green rice is soaked in cold water and then fried for about 2.5 hours over a gentle flame. Uniquely, the shop often uses pandan leaves, a natural ingredient, to impart a cool green hue, adding elasticity and aroma to the com.

In the serene ambiance of the Traditional and Modern Com Cake Shop, you can enjoy these com cakes in the cool autumn weather, accompanied by a cup of West Lake lotus tea, and the soothing melodies of soft music. It’s a place where elegance and tranquility converge, offering a peaceful retreat from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Visiting the Traditional and Modern Com Cake Shop, you’ll not only indulge in delectable, refined products but also feel the dedication and passion of the bakers. From the selection of ingredients to each step of the preparation process, everything is executed with sincerity and precision, ensuring that each cake that reaches the customer is a work of art, rich in traditional flavor.

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Ngoc Ninh Green Rice Flake Shop: A Taste of Hanoi’s Heritage

In your culinary explorations of Hanoi, you must not miss the Ngoc Ninh Green Rice Flake Shop, a name that resonates with prestige in the capital’s green rice flake cake scene. The most striking feature of Ngoc Ninh’s cakes is their vibrant, natural green color, free from any artificial dyes. Visiting Ngoc Ninh, you are welcomed by the fresh, aromatic, and rustic flavors that encapsulate the soul of Hanoi.
Each piece of green rice flake cake here is not just a delicacy but a masterpiece of detail: square-shaped to symbolize the earth, green to represent the rural flavors, and filled with sweet mung bean and coconut, conveying the heartfelt emotions of Hanoians to visitors. Ngoc Ninh Green Rice Flake Cakes, embodying this blend of meanings, are indeed one of the most cherished and preserved specialties of Hanoi.

Ngoc Ninh Green Rice Flake Shop
Traditionally, green rice flake cakes were reserved for special occasions and weddings in Hanoi. Today, the sweet aroma and pure taste of new rice, coupled with the verdant hues of the countryside, have made these cakes a favorite gift among locals, not just for family and friends in other provinces but also captivating international visitors. Foreigners tasting Ngoc Ninh’s cakes on Hang Than Street often express great delight.

Amidst the hustle and bustle of modern streets, Hang Than Street, with the aroma of Ngoc Ninh’s green rice flake cakes, remains a luminous spot, steadfastly preserving the eternal beauty of Hanoi’s thousand-year-old culture. Each visit feels like stepping into a corner of the old soul, where traditional flavors and warmth still linger deeply.

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Nhat Ninh Green Rice Flake Delights

As you wander in search of the finest green rice flake cakes in Hanoi, make sure to add Nhat Ninh Green Rice Flake Shop to your culinary itinerary. These cakes are not just a staple of Hanoi’s unique culture, but also a nostalgic reminder of home for those living afar.
At Nhat Ninh Green Rice Flake Shop, a world of variety awaits. From premium fresh green rice flakes, dry green rice flakes to tempting dishes like green rice flake cakes, green rice flake sticky rice, and green rice flake sausage, there’s something for every palate. Each grain of green rice flake is meticulously selected and processed, ensuring both food safety and the preservation of Hanoi’s distinctive green rice flake aroma.

Nhat Ninh Green Rice Flake Shop
Nhat Ninh Green Rice Flake Shop stands out not only for its quality ingredients but also for integrating modern technology into its production processes. The result is a unique green rice flake cake, not overly sweet, yet bursting with the rich aroma of green rice flakes, captivating the hearts of numerous food enthusiasts from near and far.

So, if you’re on the lookout for a reputable and high-quality green rice flake cake shop in Hanoi, Nhat Ninh Green Rice Flake Shop is a must-visit. Don’t hesitate to immerse yourself in the authentic flavors of Hanoi, and enjoy a delightful green rice flake cake on a cool autumn evening, at one of the city’s most beloved destinations.

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  • Hotline: 091 3380 580
  • Address: 5 Alley 95, Lane 88 Tran Quy Cap Street, Dong Da District, Hanoi

Nguyen Huong Green Rice Flake Cake Shop

When it comes to reliable and quality green rice flake cake shops in Hanoi, Nguyen Huong stands out as a symbol cherished by the city’s residents. Here, each green rice flake cake is not just a delicious treat but a work of art, reflecting the meticulous care and passion of the bakers.
At Nguyen Huong, the cake’s delicate, pandan-scented wrap is irresistibly inviting. The filling, a blend of finely ground mung beans and sugar, is not just sweetly satisfying but also evokes the flavors of Vietnam’s beloved countryside. Savoring these cakes with a cup of green tea, you’ll experience a harmonious and elegant fusion, creating a beautifully emotional and picturesque tea time.

Nguyen Huong Green Rice Flake Cake Shop
Nguyen Huong Green Rice Flake Cakes not only please the local palate but also impress the most discerning of food connoisseurs. It’s the ideal place to purchase these cakes as gifts for family and friends, especially when visiting Hanoi. With its long-standing reputation, the shop is beloved by locals and also attracts visitors from afar, eager to take home these treats as souvenirs.

If you’re on a quest to discover the best green rice flake cake shops in Hanoi, remember to visit Nguyen Huong. This place is more than just a shop; it’s a custodian of traditional flavors and an integral part of Hanoi’s rich culinary heritage.

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Hong Ninh Green Rice Flake Cake Shop

In the realm of esteemed green rice flake cake shops in Hanoi, Hong Ninh stands as a symbol deeply etched in the hearts of the locals. At Hong Ninh, you’ll be treated to the subtly sweet, fragrant flavor of green rice flake cakes, blending the freshness of green rice flakes, the nutty taste of mung beans, and the unique aroma of pomelo flowers and pandan leaves, creating an unforgettable impression on every guest.
Hong Ninh Green Rice Flake Cake Shop
What sets Hong Ninh apart is their artful infusion of pomelo flower and pandan leaf aromas into each cake, crafting a flavor that stands distinct from any other green rice flake cake brand in Hanoi. Paired with a cup of green tea, these cakes offer an extraordinary blend of flavors, resulting in an exciting and delightful experience.

Hong Ninh is not just the perfect spot for daily green rice flake cake indulgence but also caters to those needing bulk purchases for gifts, engagement ceremonies, or even for sending abroad. The skilled craftsmanship of the bakers here plays a significant role in the resounding reputation of Hong Ninh Green Rice Flake Cakes.

If you’re searching for a trusted and high-quality green rice flake cake shop in Hanoi, Hong Ninh is an unmissable destination. Come and savor the distinctive taste of Hong Ninh Green Rice Flake Cakes, and immerse yourself in a slice of Hanoi’s culinary excellence.

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Tuyen’s Green Rice Flake Delicacies on Hang Duong Street

For those on the hunt for an authentic and flavor-rich green rice flake cake shop in Hanoi, Tuyen’s Green Rice Flake Delicacies on Hang Duong Street is a destination Toplist highly recommends. Here, the green rice flakes are not just delicious but also carry the essence of Hanoi’s autumn, meticulously prepared from the selection of rice to the final stages of production.
Tuyen's Green Rice Flake Delicacies on Hang Duong Street
Tuyen’s shop is renowned for its specialty in providing Vong Village’s green rice flakes, an indispensable flavor of Hanoi. At Tuyen’s, you will enjoy high-quality green rice flake cakes, featuring the perfect texture and aroma of freshly harvested rice. Additionally, Tuyen’s offers a variety of other culinary delights such as fresh green rice flakes, special tamarind leaves green rice flakes, fragrant lotus seed green rice flake sticky rice, crispy fried green rice flake sausage, soft green rice flake stir-fry, and sticky rice made from mature green rice flakes.

A notable aspect of Tuyen’s is their home delivery service, catering to those who can’t visit in person. For the locals of Hanoi, Tuyen’s is more than a place to savor the city’s specialty flavors; it’s a haven for relaxation, exploration, and immersion in the beauty of Hanoi’s traditional cuisine. Don’t miss the opportunity to visit this green rice flake cake shop and enjoy truly memorable moments of culinary delight!

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The Origins of Hanoi’s Green Rice Flake Cakes

Delving into the origins of the green rice flake cake, a beloved specialty of Hanoi, we find its roots in the historic Hang Than Street, often hailed as the “Green Rice Flake Cake Street” of the city. Although specific details about its inception or creator remain shrouded in mystery, historical records have consistently pointed to Hang Than Street as the birthplace of this delicacy.
Hang Than Street, a quaint corner of Vietnam’s capital, has a rich history stretching back to the days when the Cai and Nhi Ha rivers meandered past the Yen Hoa and Yen Phu dykes. The street, named for its traditional coal traders (‘Hang Than’ translates to ‘Coal Street’), retains vivid images of a bygone era with its wooden boats, bamboo mats, and charcoal baskets, deeply ingrained in the memories of its residents. Perhaps, it is this ancient lineage that has etched Hang Than’s name as the cradle of the green rice flake cake.

The Origins of Hanoi's Green Rice Flake Cakes The Origins of Hanoi’s Green Rice Flake Cakes

Today, the craft of making green rice flake cakes on Hang Than Street has evolved significantly. From just a few households in the past, over 50 shops now line the street. The traditional method of frying green rice flakes over a wood-fired stove has given way to modern machinery and gas stoves. However, the essence of the process, including the ingredients and techniques, remains unaltered.

From our ancestors’ days, the ingredients for making green rice flakes were simple: green rice flakes stir-fried with granulated sugar and wrapped in banana leaves for longer shelf life. Later generations introduced innovations like mung bean, shredded coconut filling, eventually shaping the delicious and distinctive green rice flake cakes we know today. If you are a culinary enthusiast, especially fond of traditional green rice flake cakes, don’t miss the chance to visit Hang Than Street’s numerous shops to taste and immerse yourself in the rich flavors steeped in history.

Standards of Authentic Hanoi Green Rice Flake Cakes

The green rice flake cake of Hanoi is more than just a culinary delight; it’s an artistic masterpiece. A perfect green rice flake cake boasts a vibrant, emerald-green crust, reminiscent of a painter’s masterstroke in blending hues. Holding the cake, one feels its sticky, taffy-like texture, evoking childhood memories of exchanging bottle caps or bird feathers for such treats, shimmering like honey in the sun.
Standards of Authentic Hanoi Green Rice Flake Cakes
Inside, the cake encases a bright yellow, smooth mung bean filling, speckled with finely shredded coconut, creating a rich and harmonious flavor. Biting into it, one savors the gentle sweetness, blended with the nuttiness of mung beans and the crunchy texture of coconut, melting in the mouth and leading to a state of bliss. This is why savoring a green rice flake cake is best done slowly, relishing each sweet and soothing moment.

The intricacy of these cakes lies not in their appearance but in the meticulous selection of ingredients and the painstaking preparation process. From picking the finest sticky rice grains and quality mung beans to the precise ratio of sugar and green rice flakes, and controlling the temperature and stirring technique, every step is executed with care and precision. The flavor and beauty of each cake reflect the dedication and love the baker pours into it. Each green rice flake, each cake, tells a story, holds a memory, encapsulating the overflowing love of Hanoi in its sweet, alluring green rice flake cakes.

The Essence of Hanoi’s Green Rice Flake Cakes

Rustic Charm Meets Irresistible Allure

The green rice flake cakes of Hanoi, a simple yet magically captivating dish, stand as a proud symbol of the city’s culinary heritage. What makes these cakes so unique is their enchanting flavor, beloved by locals and tourists alike. Upon tasting a piece, one is immediately greeted with the soft, aromatic texture of the green rice flakes, sweetly complemented by mung beans and the subtle, enticing aroma of lotus seed jam. In the cool Hanoi air, enjoying these cakes with a hot cup of tea is an unparalleled experience.
The Essence of Hanoi's Green Rice Flake Cakes
As told by the locals, these cakes were traditionally savored exclusively during Hanoi’s autumn season. However, to meet year-round demand, these delicacies are now made in a dried form, available all year. Price-wise, they are quite affordable, ranging from 4,000 to 8,000 VND per piece, depending on the vendor.

Not just a treat for personal enjoyment or as a gift, Hanoi’s green rice flake cakes are also an integral part of weddings and celebrations in the city, often accompanying the traditional ‘phu the’ (husband and wife) cakes, embodying a rich, meaningful tradition.

The Significance of Green Rice Flake Cakes

The humble green rice flake cake holds deep significance, especially in Vietnamese traditional ceremonies. Its role in weddings is particularly noteworthy, symbolizing unity, love, and a blend of tradition and sweetness in life’s journey.

The Essence and Tradition of Hanoi’s Green Rice Flake Cakes

While the round-shaped ‘phu the’ cake symbolizes the sky, the square-shaped green rice flake cake represents the fertile earth, not just suggesting the harmony between heaven and earth, but also embodying the wish for a prosperous, warm, and joyful marital life, resonating with the phrase “healthy mother, healthy baby.”
The Essence and Tradition of Hanoi's Green Rice Flake Cakes
In terms of aesthetics, contemporary wedding cakes may have become more elaborate in design and ingredients, yet the traditional value they carry is irreplaceable. On the big day, these green rice flake cakes are carefully wrapped in glossy paper and presented in square boxes, becoming an indispensable part of the wedding spread and enhancing the beauty of the ceremony.

Moreover, these cakes serve as ideal gifts for loved ones and friends. A soft, sweet green rice flake cake, embodying the spirit of autumn in Hanoi, is not just a sign of respect but a gesture of affection. For foreigners, it’s not just an impressive gift but also an introduction to Vietnam’s diverse and rich culinary culture.

Green rice flake cakes are also a familiar treat in Vietnamese households. From grandparents saving them for grandchildren to family gatherings where everyone enjoys these cakes with green tea, chatting joyfully, these simple yet warm moments are made memorable by the bonding over these cakes. They are more than just a delicacy; they are a connector of family bonds, turning each moment into something precious and memorable.

How Long Do Hanoi’s Green Rice Flake Cakes Last? The Best Way to Preserve Them

Hanoi’s famous green rice flake cakes, known for their original flavor and freshness without preservatives, maintain their best taste for about 3 to 5 days after purchase. Thus, inquiring about the production date from the seller when buying them as gifts ensures you get the freshest quality.
To preserve the green rice flake cakes in a way that maximizes their distinctive flavor, store them in a dry, clean place, away from direct sunlight, at room temperature. Some may store them in the fridge to prolong their shelf life, but this can harden the cakes and alter their soft, chewy texture. Therefore, room temperature storage is the optimal choice to maintain their delicious, original taste.

These insights are part of a comprehensive compilation of 11 renowned and delicious green rice flake cake shops in Hanoi. Along with a brief history of this legendary delicacy, we hope this information is useful for those looking to explore and purchase green rice flake cakes in Hanoi. For more interesting culinary destinations and insights, visit the food section of toplist.com.co.

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