Top 5 computer stores in Hanoi

Currently, the market for trading in information technology devices such as computers/laptops is thriving to meet the increasingly high demands of customers. If you are unsure where to buy a laptop from a reputable source, let’s explore the list of the top 5 leading computer stores in Hanoi through the following article.

Hanoi Computer’s Computer Showroom

One of the most reputable addresses for purchasing computers in Hanoi is undoubtedly Hanoi Computer’s Computer Showroom. Established since 2001, after 20 years of continuous efforts and development, Hanoicomputer has emerged as a pioneer in the Information Technology market in Vietnam. This place offers a wide range of computer products from renowned global brands. Hanoicomputer’s flagship products include Gaming PCs, Streaming PCs, Graphic Design PCs, Rendering PCs, Servers, Office PCs, All-in-One PCs, Mini PCs, and more.


On-Site Warranty with Extended Coverage

Hanoicomputer offers several extended warranty policies, including a 3-day free product trial and a 15-day replacement for manufacturer defects. When making a purchase, you’ll experience exceptional service quality, with 2-hour fast delivery and free delivery within a 300km radius. Additionally, there’s a nationwide online sales policy with cash-on-delivery option. You can also avail of 0% installment plans via Visa credit cards, with warranty and servicing available at your location.

Diverse Range of Products Beyond Laptops

Hanoicomputer stands out as a trustworthy destination for laptop purchases primarily due to its diverse and reputable product range, along with enticing promotional programs. Moreover, Hanoicomputer has built a retail chain system offering office equipment, network security systems, catering to customers of all ages and professions. With a wide selection of laptop brands preferred by consumers and a variety of models, Hanoi Computer is where you can find competitively priced products that align with each customer’s budget.

Areas for Improvement

Similar to most other major computer stores, the prices of products at Hanoicomputer are relatively high, comparable to Phong Vũ. However, these prices are accurately listed, transparent, and coupled with reliable promotional and after-sales policies, providing a secure shopping experience.

LaptopAZ Store

LaptopAZ is a brand that specializes in business-grade laptops, gaming laptops, like-new laptops, and genuine laptop components. It stands out as one of the reputable and quality laptop stores in Hanoi, with over 13 years of experience in the industry.

LaptopAZ is also a trusted choice among many young people for gaming laptop purchases due to its quality and attentive support. Similar to gearvn, LaptopAZ is also renowned for its premium gaming laptop models tailored for gamers. Therefore, if you’re looking for these laptop models, don’t overlook this brand.


Offering a Diverse Range of Different Brands

Currently, LaptopAZ deals with 100% genuine laptops bearing labels and with long-term warranty policies from various trusted brands like Dell, HP, Lenovo, Thinkpad, Asus, MSI, Acer, Macbook, and more. The laptops offered by these brands cover a wide spectrum, including Gaming laptops, Graphic Design laptops, laptops for business professionals with sleek designs, and budget-friendly office laptops. Additionally, you can find genuine laptop components at the best prices at this computer store.

Competitive Prices, Numerous Promotional Programs

One commendable aspect of this brand is its competitive pricing, segmented to suit various customer preferences. The products feature good quality, a reliable warranty policy, and notably, attractive promotional programs:
Free cleaning, maintenance, and thermal paste replacement services during laptop usage.

If you require operating system installation or accompanying software, the staff can assist you in setting it up, completely free of charge.

Furthermore, the warranty policy is highly professional:

Free replacement with a completely different unit within the first 15 days if you’re unsatisfied with the new laptop experience. During this time, you can test the laptop, and if there’s a hardware issue, you’ll receive a different laptop or a full refund.
For those who wish to upgrade laptop components like battery, keyboard, screen, RAM, or storage, prompt assistance is available.


  • Website:
  • Hotline: 0986.502.468
  • Address: 18 Alley 121, Thái Hà Street, Đống Đa District, Hanoi

Areas for Improvement

During my visit to explore gaming laptop options here, I encountered some difficulty in locating the exact address. The LaptopAZ computer store is located at 18 Alley 121, Thái Hà Street, Đống Đa District. Although finding the address was a bit challenging, my experience upon arrival was very satisfying in terms of product exploration and receiving extensive laptop-related guidance.
If you’re currently struggling to find an affordable yet impressive laptop, consider visiting the LaptopAZ showroom. You might discover the most suitable products that cater well to your usage needs and offer excellent value for the money spent.

Laptop Tất Thành Store

Tất Thành is a company specialized in providing genuine US-UK and Japanese imported used laptops to small retailers and customers nationwide. With nearly 14 years of prominence in the computer supply market, Laptop Tất Thành proudly stands as a place for offering quality-assured laptops and laptop accessories. Customers have recognized it on forums as “one of the most reputable Laptop accessory stores in Hanoi”. With Tất Thành, finding the ideal used laptop has never been easier!


Most Affordable Prices among the Top 5 Computer Stores

Due to its specialty in providing used computers, products from Tất Thành are priced most competitively among the top 5 stores. Presently, Tất Thành is a significant partner to used laptop stores throughout the country. Therefore, if you’re looking for a trusted brand, like-new laptops, and a good price, this is an address you can’t miss. The store’s staff is committed to providing customer satisfaction through quick service, ease of access, attractive after-sales services, and warranties.

Extended 2-Year Warranty Period

When purchasing from Laptop Tất Thành, you receive enthusiastic and dedicated consultations. The warranty policy here is highly professional, extending for 2 years, including 12 months of manufacturer warranty and 12 months of store warranty for your peace of mind.
When shopping here, you can have absolute confidence in quality, as Laptop Tất Thành commits to:

All products being genuine and authentic; if customers identify counterfeit goods, double the value will be refunded.

Furthermore, the store offers a 100% refund or product exchange if the laptop is found faulty within the first 5 days of use.

Areas for Improvement

Product Display Area Needs Better Organization

The address for Laptop Tất Thành is 226 Lê Thanh Nghị, Đồng Tâm, Hai Bà Trưng, Hà Nội. I’ve visited a few times; the product range is wide and diverse. However, there’s a drawback – the store space is small, combining with the service area, making it a bit cramped and not well-organized. While it may not boast a grand showroom or prime selling locations, Laptop Tất Thành still remains one of the favored brands among customers for its quality products at exceptionally good prices.

Phong Vũ Computer Showroom

Anyone passionate about laptops or electronic devices undoubtedly knows this brand’s name. Phong Vũ is a well-established and popular brand in the Hanoi computer market today, alongside brands like Digicorner and Laptop AZ that we’ve introduced to you before. Since its inception in 1997, it’s been 24 years now that this brand has been present in the market. Being a long-standing brand, coupled with the merger with TekShop since late 2017, has provided Phong Vũ with substantial financial resources, establishing a strong position in the technology equipment market in our country.


The Largest Showroom Network from South to North

In recent years, Phong Vũ has expanded its operational network and gradually covered major provinces and cities across Vietnam. While its previous activities were mostly in the South, now you can easily find Phong Vũ’s computer stores in Hanoi. With its achieved milestones, Phong Vũ has solidified its position in the laptop and electronic device supply market. Besides dealing with laptops, Phong Vũ is also a leading distributor of computer components and office IT equipment, with branches in strategic locations in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Đà Nẵng, Vũng Tàu, and more.

Pre-Arranged Machines for Easy Experience

To my knowledge, Phong Vũ consistently diversifies its offerings with a wide range of models and renowned computer brands such as Dell, Macbook, ACER, HP, Samsung, Asus, LG, Linksys, Kingmax, and more. Moreover, you can also find accessories, computer components, digital cameras, cameras, tablets, and more at Phong Vũ’s stores.
Stepping into a Phong Vũ showroom is like entering a paradise for IT enthusiasts and gamers, with thousands of products displayed, ranging from affordable to top-tier, providing fantastic experiences for customers. You can easily pick your favorite computer because the variety and quality of products here are guaranteed, coupled with professional service, after-sales support, and dedicated post-purchase services.

Areas for Improvement

High Price Range

Regarding quality and the diversity of computer brands, there’s no doubt, but there is one downside (for some): the products here tend to be on the expensive side. However, I believe part of the purchase cost is invested in on-site service and maintenance, available seven days a week, optimizing the capacity of customers’ devices and equipment. For those with a solid budget, Phong Vũ could be the answer to the question of where to buy the best laptop in Hanoi.

Limited Promotional Gifts

Compared to the attractive after-sales and promotional programs at other brands like Digicorner or Laptop Tất Thành, Phong Vũ’s bundled promotional gifts might be considered somewhat limited.

Digicorner Computer Store

Digicorner is renowned as a reputable retailer of high-end laptop models from well-known brands worldwide. It stands as one of the leading establishments in the laptop and laptop component business in Hanoi. Digicorner’s laptop products encompass both imported laptops from the US and 100% genuine brand-new laptops, all with extended warranty labels. When making a purchase, you’ll receive the support of a dedicated customer care team, available anytime, anywhere, whether during the buying process or in case of laptop issues during usage. Thus, for many years, this brand has consistently been a prime destination for customers, who are drawn by their fondness and trust after experiencing Digicorner’s products.

Current services offered by Digicorner:

  • Supplying both imported and genuine laptops with warranties ranging from 12 to 36 months
  • Offering various computer accessories like mice, keyboards, adapters, Surface Accessories, and other laptop-related peripherals. You can purchase directly at the store or opt for online shopping.

Ongoing promotional programs at Digicorner showroom:

  • Free shipping within Hanoi’s inner city when making online purchases, delivered within 24 hours from order placement.
  • A discount of 100,000 VND on all laptop and tablet products, along with complimentary wireless mouse, premium shockproof bag, and lifetime software support for customers making online purchases during this pandemic period.

Moreover, if you require software installation assistance or have inquiries during product usage, you can contact Digicorner through the advisory hotline: 0833442222


Convenient Location with Spacious Parking

You can easily locate the Digicorner computer store at 24 Đông Quan – Cầu Giấy – Hà Nội. With ample parking space and a well-ventilated area, it ensures the best service quality from the moment you step into the showroom.
Furthermore, the professional team, including engineers, technicians, service personnel, and customer support staff, is extensively trained to promptly assist and address customer queries. Though my visit was a one-time experience, it left me with a positive impression. I’m confident that customers who have used Digicorner’s services will also find satisfaction. I’ve also recommended this computer store to acquaintances and friends looking to buy new laptops or get their laptops repaired.

Offering Both New and Used Products

Not only does Digicorner provide laptops from reputable brands, but it also ranks among the top trustworthy used laptop sellers in Hanoi for many years. If you’re uncertain about where to buy reliable used laptops, consider visiting Digicorner. The staff here are highly professional, especially the friendly management team. I’ve had many positive purchasing experiences here. Additionally, Digicorner maintains competitive pricing and offers numerous discounts to customers making purchases.

Rigorous Testing of Like-New 99% Products Ensures Near-New Quality

As previously mentioned, Digicorner also offers used computer models, primarily like-new 99% products. If you’re searching for reliable branded laptops with excellent quality but affordable prices, head to Digicorner. The used laptop models here are guaranteed to be of near-new quality:

Thoroughly Selected and Tested Before Sale

With years of experience and a dedicated team of committed engineers, Digicorner ensures strict testing of used computers, meticulously selecting high-quality products that are nearly new.
When making a purchase, you can be confident in the original condition of the machine, its long-lasting stability, and enjoy super-fast warranty support to ensure seamless usage.


Areas for Improvement

Currently, Digicorner deals in laptop products from brands such as Surface, Dell, Thinkpad, and HP. Therefore, if you’re a fan of these product lines, you can visit Digicorner with confidence. You’re sure to find the best products at reasonable prices. However, if you prefer laptop models from other brands, you won’t find them at Digicorner, as the store mainly focuses on a select number of top-tier laptop brands.
The above are five top and reputable computer stores where you can choose laptops for work and study. Apart from the aforementioned top five computer stores, you can also explore other trusted laptop suppliers like FPTShop, GearVN, and Thế Giới Di Động.


Which computer stores in Hanoi are highly rated for their reputation?

Some reputable computer stores in Hanoi include: Hanoi Computer Showroom, LaptopAZ, Laptop Tất Thành, Phong Vũ Computer Showroom, and Digicorner.

What are the notable advantages of Hanoi Computer?

Hanoi Computer offers a wide range of computer products from renowned global brands, has an advanced warranty policy, and provides fast delivery services.

Which type of laptops does LaptopAZ specialize in?

LaptopAZ specializes in graphic design laptops, gaming laptops, like-new laptops, and genuine laptop components.

What are the highlights of Phong Vũ?

Phong Vũ has a large chain of showrooms nationwide, offering a diverse range of computer products and accessories from top brands.

What products does Digicorner specialize in?

Digicorner specializes in providing imported laptops, genuine laptops, and laptop components.

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