6 Most Prestigious and High Quality Gold Shops in Hai Phong

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Toplist.com.co will help you discover 6 most reputable and quality gold shops in Hai Phong to help you feel secure when shopping.

PNJ Gold Shop in Hai Phong

When it comes to timeless jewelry brands in Vietnam, PNJ is an irreplaceable name. Born from the late 1980s as a precursor to the Phu Nhuan Gold and Silver Business, PNJ has evolved into the largest jewelry business brand dealing in gold, silver, gemstones, and fashion accessories nationwide.

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With a diverse range of premium 24K gold, white gold, and silver products blending modern style with traditional beauty, PNJ is indeed the ideal destination for acquiring exquisite and sophisticated jewelry pieces. Beyond just attracting customers with product quality, this brand is adored for its endorsement by numerous famous artists like My Linh, Kim Xuan, and Toc Tien.

Currently, PNJ owns nearly 200 stores nationwide, commanding about 25% of the retail jewelry market share in Vietnam. And in Hai Phong, customers can easily find several PNJ gold shops located in prime locations, offering ample choices and professional services for a fulfilling experience.

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Doji Gold Store in Hai Phong

In tandem with PNJ, the Doji brand is also a trustworthy destination for jewelry enthusiasts in Hai Phong. With dedicated craftsmanship, Vietnamese goldsmiths have meticulously invested in creating exquisite, shimmering beauty in every Doji product.

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Alongside traditional, sturdy, and glossy gold jewelry pieces, Doji continuously updates trends with modern, innovative designs crafted using advanced technology. Hence, customers can easily find jewelry pieces that match their personalities and preferences.

One of the renowned Doji gold stores in Hai Phong is located on Lach Tray Street, Ngo Quyen District. Here, not only do they offer a diverse range of high-quality products, but they also have a team of professional staff dedicated to providing the most suitable choices through attentive consultation.

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Mạnh Hùng: The Golden Haven of Hai Phong

In the quest for a goldsmith in Hai Phong delivering premium 18K gold jewelry alongside professional service, a visit to Mạnh Hùng is a must. With nearly 30 years of expertise, this brand proudly stands as a pioneer in jewelry craftsmanship, not just in Hai Phong but throughout the Northern provinces.

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The key to Mạnh Hùng’s enduring position lies in its unwavering commitment to product quality. Its skilled artisans tirelessly strive to craft premium, flawless jewelry pieces in every aspect, from design to materials. This dedication has earned Mạnh Hùng the trust of even the most discerning customers.

Beyond product quality, Mạnh Hùng prioritizes luxurious shopping spaces and a professional, enthusiastic staff. Every visit promises a memorable shopping experience with thorough and expert guidance from the staff.

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Sơn Huyền: Crafting Gold Legacies in Hai Phong

Established since the 1990s, Sơn Huyền goldsmith in Hai Phong has been an integral part of this port city’s community for over 25 years. Throughout this journey, the brand has consistently upheld its reputation as one of the most trusted and renowned goldsmiths in Hai Phong.

What sets Sơn Huyền apart is its commitment to providing customers with high-quality products at the best prices in the market. Here, you can easily find the perfect gold ring, necklace, or bracelet to match your taste and budget without compromising on quality.

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In addition to product quality, Sơn Huyền excels in its professional, friendly staff who are always ready to provide thorough guidance and support. With their warm and sincere service, the store leaves a lasting impression on every customer who walks through its doors.

If you’re considering adding a new jewelry piece to your collection, take some time to visit this reputable and renowned goldsmith in Hai Phong. Rest assured, you’ll not only find what you’re looking for but also discover a new favorite piece.

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  • Facebook: Vàng Sơn Huyền
  • Hotline: 0941 205 555
  • Address: Số 141 Cầu Đất, Ngô Quyền, Hai Phong

Quang Hạnh: The Beacon of Hai Phong

Few are strangers to the longstanding name of Quang Hạnh, a venerable goldsmith in Hai Phong. Born in 1985, this establishment has weathered over 35 years entwined with the charming denizens of this port city. Through the ebbs and flows of time, Quang Hạnh steadfastly maintains its position as one of the premier retail jewelry stores in Hai Phong.

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The secret to Quang Hạnh’s enduring success lies in the owner’s dedication and passion for the business. Here, customers easily immerse themselves in a plethora of exquisite jewelry, diverse in design, color, and material. From 24K gold, 18K white gold, to silver, diamonds, Italian gold, or fashionable watches, Quang Hạnh fulfills every beauty need of its customers.

The goldsmith team at the store continuously strives to introduce new, superior designs that excel in aesthetics and modernity. Hence, the store enjoys a loyal customer base that’s always abundant.

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  • Facebook: Quang Hạnh
  • Hotline: 0225 3855 850
  • Address: 96-98-100 Cầu Đất – Ngô Quyền – Hai Phong

Thành Liên: Crafting Elegance in Hai Phong

Also adored by jewelry enthusiasts in Hai Phong, the longstanding goldsmith Thành Liên confidently brings truly luxurious, premium, and deeply traditional gold gifts. As one of the oldest gold and silver shops in Hai Phong, Thành Liên has been on the market for over 20 years with extensive experience in the craft.

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Thành Liên’s significant advantage lies in being the sole distributor of SJC gold bars – a long-standing, familiar Vietnamese gold brand in Hai Phong. As a result, customers are always assured of quality and a diverse, modern product range. Additionally, Thành Liên owns a production workshop with skilled craftsmen ready to take custom orders from customers.

What sets Thành Liên apart is its free 3-month warranty policy for all products. This generous policy helps reaffirm the store’s commitment to quality, ensuring customers feel confident in their purchases.

With superior product quality and service, both longstanding goldsmiths, Quang Hạnh and Thành Liên, are undoubtedly excellent choices for finding your favorite jewelry pieces in Hai Phong. So why wait? Visit and experience them now!

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  • Facebook: Vàng Thành Liên
  • Hotline: 0225 3844 624
  • Address: 61+63 Cầu Đất, Ngo Quyen, Hai Phong

And those are the most reputable and high-quality gold shops in Hai Phong that toplist.com.co has compiled. If there are any missing stores, please share them with us. Also, support us by visiting the finance section on our website for more. Thank you for supporting our development.

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