List of 8 Gold Shops in Nghe An with the Most Reputation and Quality

tiệm vàng ở nghệ an - kimthanhnhan

For those who live and work in Nghe An, especially in Vinh, the beautiful coastal city, it is impossible not to know about the 8 gold shops in Nghe An with the most quality and prestige. Explore with us now.

PNJ Gold Shops in Nghe An

Established in 1988, PNJ (Phu Nhuan Jewelry Joint Stock Company) has ascended to become the premier gold, silver, and gemstone brand in Asia. Holding the top spot in the mid-to-high-end jewelry market segment in Vietnam, PNJ’s Gold Shop in Nghe An stands as an ideal destination for those seeking exquisite, superior-quality jewelry pieces.

Stepping into the realm of upscale shopping at the PNJ Jewelry Center, you’re immediately captivated by the dazzling beauty of PNJ and SJC gold, silver, and gemstone products. With a team of professional sales staff ready to advise and assist you, PNJ’s Gold Shop in Nghe An is undoubtedly a trustworthy jewelry shopping haven, meeting every beauty need of Vietnamese consumers across the country.

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DOJI Gold Shops in Nghe An

With a history spanning over 25 years in gold, silver, and gemstone mining, crafting, and distribution, the DOJI Group has carved out a distinctive mark on the Vietnamese gold market. The DOJI Gold Shop in Nghe An is a clear testament to the success of this brand.

DOJI Gold and Gemstone Company

Starting as a pioneering enterprise in exporting Vietnamese star rubies to the international market, DOJI has relentlessly grown to become the ruby kingpin of the world. With impressive revenue growth rates and a burgeoning brand value, DOJI dominates the domestic market with its gold bar distribution system and high-end diamond and jewelry distribution across the North, Central, and South regions.

Always investing in innovative equipment and adopting modern manufacturing technologies, DOJI boasts numerous competitive advantages in product quality and sophistication. Visit the DOJI Gold Shop in Nghe An to directly experience the exquisite beauty and national brand prestige of Vietnam.

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Song Thương

Like the sparkling stars in the night sky, the renowned Song Thương Gold Shop in Nghe An always captivates the hearts of jewelry enthusiasts with its luxurious, elegant beauty, exalting the pinnacle of feminine grace. Here, gold is not merely a metal but a true art form, creatively expressed in every delicate sculptural technique.

Song Thương gold shop in Nghe An

With each step into Song Thương, you’re greeted by a kaleidoscope of fashion-forward gold jewelry. From solemn wedding rings to alluring bracelets, necklaces, and earrings, everything harmonizes like a beautiful ode to life. Whether it’s Eastern gold, Western gold, or Italian gold, the vast and exquisite designs open up a universe of distinct, fresh, and surprising styles for you.

Moreover, Song Thương introduces you to the mystical world of gemstones like quartz or bewitches you with the allure of jade bracelets, gemstone rings, and more. Especially if you’re interested in feng shui, Song Thương offers the most beloved products, carrying auspicious meanings of luck and prosperity for each zodiac sign, such as the carp ring or the coin-grasping toad ring. Surely, these will be meaningful gifts to convey love and affection to your loved ones.

Contact Information:

  • Facebook: Song Thương
  • Hotline: 097 354 62 28
  • Address: 28 Cao Thắng, Vinh, Nghe An

Nghệ An Gold Haven – Kim Thành Nhân

Emerging in Vinh just this past July, yet the famed Kim Thành Nhân Gold Haven in Nghe An swiftly became a trusted destination for many gold enthusiasts. Here, a diverse array of styles and a rich selection of jewelry designs are sure to captivate any taste, from elegance to youthfulness, modernity to classic.

gold shop in Nghe An - kimthanhnhan

Whether earrings, necklaces, rings, or other gold products, Kim Thành Nhân is ready to offer you a plethora of fascinating experiences. Once here, you’ll be free to explore and select the most suitable masterpieces for your unique style. The attentive staff will always be by your side, wholeheartedly advising to ensure complete satisfaction.

However, the uniqueness of Kim Thành Nhân doesn’t just stop at the outward beauty but also conceals profound meanings and stories. Each masterpiece carries a special inspiration, encapsulating personal stories of love, luck, prosperity, or dreams. So, if you’re seeking a truly unique, luxurious, and exquisite gift for your loved ones, don’t overlook Kim Thành Nhân – the wellspring of endless creative inspiration.

Contact Information:

  • Website: Under development, not yet active
  • Facebook: Kim Thành Nhân
  • Hotline: 094 302 68 68
  • Address: 70 Trần Phú, Hồng Sơn Ward, Vinh, Nghe An

Phú Nguyên Gold Store

Every time Phú Nguyên Gold is mentioned, one cannot help but marvel at the illustrious reputation of this brand in the realm of gold, silver, and gemstones in Nghe An province. Known as a fairly renowned chain of gold shops with classy products and innovative designs, Phú Nguyên Gold is always ready to meet the most discerning needs of the elite clientele.

gold shop in Nghe An - phunguyen

The magnificent beauty of the jewelry pieces at Phú Nguyên not only lies in their dazzling appearance but also in their intricate, meticulous craftsmanship. Every floral pattern, every finishing detail is executed with artistic precision, bestowing impeccable grace upon the jewelry.

In addition to product quality and design, Phú Nguyên Gold is also known as a reliable destination with attentive customer service. Here, you’ll encounter professional, experienced staff in jewelry and gemstones, ready to provide heartfelt advice to help you choose the most suitable pieces. It’s no wonder many customers have sung praises when experiencing the service at Phú Nguyên Gold: “I have purchased items here many times and am very satisfied with the excellent service. The staff are enthusiastic and attentive. This is truly a reputable and high-quality Gold Store in Nghe An, an excellent and reliable choice for selecting products.”

With its high reputation and quality in the gold, silver, and gemstone market in Nghe An, Phú Nguyên Gold is undoubtedly a must-visit destination to shop for perfect jewelry pieces. Just one visit, and you’ll be enchanted, deciding to return to this reputable Nghe An Gold Store many times over.

Contact Information:

  • Facebook: Phú Nguyên
  • Addresses:
    • 79 Lê Lợi – Lê Lợi Ward – Vinh City – Nghe An | 02383.3844.542
    • 17 Cao Thắng – Hồng Sơn Ward – Vinh City – Nghe An | 0238.3842.788
    • 2 Cao Thắng – Hồng Sơn Ward – Vinh City – Nghe An | 0238.3848.026
    • 5 Lê Lợi – Lê Lợi Ward – Vinh City – Nghe An | 0238.3849.696
    • 21 Lê Lợi – Lê Lợi Ward – Vinh City – Nghe An | 0238.3843.338
    • 19 Cao Thắng – Hồng Sơn Ward – Vinh City – Nghe An | 02388.606.868

Kim Dung Thông

The next name on the list of reputable and high-quality Gold Stores in Nghe An is Kim Dung Thông. Known as a leading enterprise in the gold, silver, and gemstone industry in Vinh, Kim Dung Thông has won over customers with exquisite designs and always-friendly prices.

gold shop in Nghe An - kimdungthong

Stepping into Kim Dung Thông, your soul will journey alongside incredibly beautiful jewelry masterpieces. From necklaces to rings to bracelets, every detail is meticulously crafted to shine brightly. Especially, the wedding collection here is the epitome of beauty unmatched. Elegant yet not overly ornate, slightly adorned with delicate, graceful engravings, these artworks of true artistic mastery.

What’s even more enticing is the extremely reasonable prices, suitable for many. Thanks to this, Kim Dung Thông has become a highly trustworthy destination for those in need of gold, silver, and jewelry shopping in Vinh. Alongside that, the enthusiastic, attentive service attitude is also the reason why many customers always feel satisfied when visiting this reputable Nghe An Gold Store.

With its delicate beauty, sophistication yet valuable significance, Kim Dung Thông truly deserves to be the ideal destination for every gold enthusiast in Vinh or anywhere in Nghe An.

Contact Information:

  • Facebook: Kim Dung Thông
  • Hotline: 037 762 6262
  • Address: 29 Lê Lợi, Vinh, Nghe An

Kim Thành Huy

Nestled among the elite roster of Nghe An’s premier Gold Stores is none other than Kim Thành Huy – a venerable brand with over 24 years of experience. Here, you’ll feel the love and dedication poured into honoring the beauty of precious stones, and the exquisite craftsmanship of each jewelry piece.

gold shop in Nghe An - kimthanhhuy

With meticulous attention to detail in crafting, ensuring high precision in every tiny aspect, Kim Thành Huy has earned the absolute trust of customers, even the most discerning ones. Particularly, if you’re in search of the perfect wedding jewelry for your upcoming grand ceremony, take the time to visit Kim Thành Huy. The splendid wedding ring collections, bracelets, or necklaces exude royal elegance, sure to captivate you at first glance.

Kim Thành Huy upholds the motto of “Promises kept – Beautiful merchandise, gracious service – Etiquette.” Therefore, with Kim Thành Huy, you can rest assured about the weight, quality of the products, and the attentive, heartfelt service from a well-trained staff. Truly, this is the premier Gold Store in Nghe An worthy of your trust.

Contact Information

  • Website:
  • Facebook: Kim Thành Huy
  • Hotline: 0238 3829 999
  • Address:
    • 03 Cao Thắng, Khối 23, P. Hồng Sơn, Vinh, Nghệ An.
    • 12 TTTM Vicentra, Trần Phú, P. Hồng Sơn, Vinh, Nghệ An.

Ngọc Điều Gold Emporium

An address that cannot go unmentioned when discussing Nghe An’s top Gold Stores is Ngọc Điều. With a team of skilled craftsmen and experienced, talented staff in aesthetics, Ngọc Điều has gradually asserted its position in the hearts of customers in Vinh and Nghe An province as a whole.

Stepping into Ngọc Điều, you’ll feel like wandering into a tropical rainforest bursting with vibrant colors of precious stones and dazzling jewelry. From rings to bracelets to necklaces, each item entices the eyes with its richness in designs, and the intricate sculptural lines. Especially, Ngọc Điều Gold Emporium frequently introduces extremely unique bracelet designs, both sophisticated and delicate, sure to “wow” anyone at first sight.

gold shop in Nghe An - ngocdieu

Moreover, Ngọc Điều always ensures the most competitive prices for high-quality products, maximizing benefits for customers. This, along with friendly, enthusiastic service, is the reason why Ngọc Điều has left an incredibly positive impression on its customers. Ngọc Điều Gold Emporium welcomes you with the professionalism and friendliness of a premier Gold Store in Nghe An.

Contact Information

  • Facebook: Ngọc Điều
  • Hotline: 0238 8526 666
  • Addresses:
    • 33C-Lê Lợi-TP Vinh-Nghệ An
    • Opposite to Chợ Thị Trấn Hoà Bình-Tương Dương- Nghệ An
    • Opposite to Chợ Thị Trấn Mường Xén- Kì Sơn- Nghệ An
    • Opposite to Chợ Thị Trấn Con Cuông- Nghệ An
    • Opposite to Chợ Khe Bố -Tương Dương- Nghệ An
    • Opposite to QL7 at the entrance to Chợ TT Hoà Bình- Nghệ An

As the curator of, a quality and reputable review website, we’ve introduced you to the top Gold Stores in the land of Nghe An. From Kim Thành Huy with its motto of “Trust over Gold,” to the colorful jewelry paradise Ngọc Điều, to the trusted brand PNJ, or the Gold Store for couples, Song Thương,… each Gold Store in Nghe An carries its own beauty, its own story to captivate hearts. Regardless of the initial impression, the quality of the products and professional service style are the common points that command our admiration. Therefore, trust and devote your full passion to these sparkling gold treasures here!

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