10 most famous and prestigious gold shops in Hanoi

Collection of all prestigious and long-standing Hanoi gold shops in the capital Hanoi.

Bảo Tín Minh Châu

Today, toplist.com.co unveils a legend in the realm of precious metals—a symbol of unwavering trust and sophistication: Bảo Tín Minh Châu. Revered as a “bright star” in Hanoi’s world of gold, silver, and gemstone business, Bảo Tín Minh Châu boasts a remarkable 31-year history of evolution. It’s not just a jewelry store; it’s an emblem of trust and elegance.

Hanoians say, “To find gold with integrity and gemstones with finesse, visit Bảo Tín Minh Châu.” Indeed, this place is renowned not only for its diverse collection of gold, silver, and gemstones but also as an ideal destination for those who appreciate intricacy and prestige. With a team of highly skilled goldsmiths and modern equipment sourced from advanced industrial nations like Germany, Italy, the United States, and Japan, every product at this Hanoi jewelry store is a seamless fusion of traditional artistry and contemporary technology.

Bảo Tín Minh Châu is also a pioneer in adopting cutting-edge technology, owning two SCL – IV GOLD ANALYSING UNIT machines that utilize world-leading X-ray fluorescence spectroscopy technology. This isn’t just an example of serious investment in each product; it’s also a testament to precision and transparency in every transaction.

And let’s not forget, Bảo Tín Minh Châu consistently pampers its customers with a plethora of enticing offers. For online customers, this Hanoi jewelry store offers up to a 30% discount on craftsmanship fees, nationwide free shipping, and a 24-hour free return policy. What’s more, customers can enjoy a lifetime of complimentary refurbishment, polishing, and rejuvenation services, along with unique laser engraving to immortalize personal memories and marks on their valuable possessions.

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SJC, a name that has become synonymous with trust, integrity, and quality in the minds of millions of customers. Honored as a National Brand, SJC tirelessly strives to bring a diverse range of products to customers, from everyday essentials to luxurious indulgences, covering every nook and cranny of our beloved Vietnam.

SJC Gold Stores in Quy Nhon
What sets SJC apart is its unique product offerings. The SJC fashion jewelry line, adorned with distinctive, fashionable designs, incorporates advanced techniques such as casting, forging, wirework, and machine engraving. These pieces not only captivate buyers with their exquisite beauty but also come at incredibly affordable prices, catering to a wide range of customers. On the other hand, the SJC Diagold premium jewelry line is the perfect choice for those who appreciate opulence and sophistication.

SJC’s impact is not limited to the domestic market; it boldly extends its reach globally. With prestigious awards like being ranked among the Top 4 out of the 500 largest enterprises in Vietnam and winning the Gold Award for being among the Top 500 leading retailers in Asia-Pacific, SJC has solidified its position and influence.

SJC’s vision for the future goes beyond becoming a leading economic conglomerate in the nation. They aim higher—to become an international brand, an emblem of luxury and refinement on the global stage. SJC is not just a mere jewelry store in Hanoi; it’s a source of pride and the epitome of perfection in the jewelry industry.

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Huy Thành Jewelry

Since 1987, Huy Thành has etched itself into the hearts of consumers with a dream to establish a Vietnamese jewelry brand that exudes artistry and sophistication. What sets them apart is their team of professionals and state-of-the-art production lines imported from renowned countries. Huy Thành ceaselessly innovates, offering a diverse, vibrant, and exquisite range of jewelry products.

Huy Thành Jewelry Store
The crowning jewel of Huy Thành’s reputation is their jewelry store, a haven for unique gold and silver masterpieces. Each piece tells its own story, boasts its own distinctive beauty, and captures every gaze. Beyond providing exquisite jewelry, Huy Thành’s jewelry store is a hub of impeccable customer services, from hosting lucky draw events to offering seamless online shopping experiences.

Huy Thành’s excellence is not solely attributed to their professional staff but also their unwavering commitment to product quality and design. Each creation combines the skilled hands of craftsmen with advanced manufacturing technology, resulting in jewelry pieces that are not only beautiful but also of the highest quality, earning the trust and praise of customers.

Moreover, Huy Thành’s swift delivery service, streamlined procedures, and reasonable exchange policies, coupled with competitive pricing, consistently leave customers satisfied, even the most discerning ones.

We invite you to visit Huy Thành, not just to choose exquisite jewelry but to experience true sincerity, dedication, and professionalism. Huy Thành isn’t merely a jewelry store in Hanoi; it’s the pride of Vietnam’s jewelry industry.

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Kim Cương Jewelers

Kim Cương Jewelers is not just a business establishment; it’s a symbol of tradition, artistry, and sophistication within the Vietnamese jewelry industry.

Rooted in a renowned family tradition of goldsmithing from Châu Khê, Hải Dương, Kim Cương has truly solidified its position in the hearts of Hanoi’s residents. With over 25 years of experience in crafting and retailing gold and silver jewelry, Kim Cương leaves its mark not only through exceptional products but also through the trust and love they have built.

Kim Cương Jewelers is not merely a jewelry store in Hanoi; it is a haven for artistry and sophistication. With online sales and enticing promotional programs, Kim Cương always knows how to stay updated and cater to the latest jewelry trends and styles.

The standout qualities of Kim Cương go beyond inheriting a long-standing tradition; they also manifest in their ability to constantly innovate and apply the world’s most advanced modern technologies. This helps Kim Cương continuously explore and import outstanding products, providing customers with the best quality, diverse designs, and reasonable prices.

We invite you to visit Kim Cương Jewelers, where you’ll not only find exquisite gold and silver masterpieces but also experience the essence of Vietnamese jewelry artistry. Kim Cương is more than just a jewelry store; it’s a source of pride and a symbol of a longstanding tradition in the industry.

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Quý Tùng

When it comes to reputable gold shops in Hanoi, Quý Tùng stands tall as a familiar address, a steadfast beacon for those who cherish the value of gold, silver, and jewelry.

With a team of dedicated, experienced, and passionate staff, Quý Tùng Gold Shop is not just a place to shop; it’s a trusted companion, offering heartfelt advice to every customer. Here, each visitor is not only welcomed with care and meticulous attention but also gets to explore a rich and diverse range of products. From traditional to modern, the selection is as vast as the sky, all at incredibly reasonable prices.

Quý Tùng Gold Shop
But Quý Tùng Gold Shop doesn’t stop there; it’s a true icon of gold shops in Hanoi, specializing in buying, selling, and crafting exquisite gold and silver jewelry, as well as precious gemstones. Particularly, they offer 100% pure silver jewelry, a perfect choice for those who appreciate the allure of purity and elegance.

What truly sets Quý Tùng apart is not only their products but also their enticing offers. They guarantee quality, ensuring that their gold is of the right age and comes with certified diamonds and gemstones recognized nationwide. Moreover, Quý Tùng offers a lifetime warranty for their products, free services for refurbishing and polishing old jewelry, and a complimentary product refurbishing package valued at 200,000 VND – an irresistible offer.

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  • Address: 290 P.Thượng Đình, Thanh Xuân, Hanoi, Vietnam
  • Facebook: Quý Tùng
  • Hotline: 094 849 29 39

Phú Quý Jewelry

For over a decade, Phú Quý has been on an unwavering journey of growth, emerging as a trusted destination for those who are passionate about and seek perfection in every piece of exquisite 24K gold craftsmanship, 10K, 14K, 18K, 24K gold jewelry, diamonds, and wedding rings. Notably, as a state-licensed bullion trading center, Phú Quý is not just a jewelry store in Hanoi; it’s also one of the top reputable 9999 gold trading addresses in Vietnam.

Phú Quý Jewelry
At the core of Phú Quý’s business philosophy is an unwavering commitment to putting integrity first, ensuring maximum benefits for customers. This has swiftly solidified Phú Quý’s position in the market, specifically in the realms of gold and silver trading, wedding rings, diamonds, and gemstones.

With a relentless pursuit of innovation and development, Phú Quý places great emphasis on investing in the latest and most advanced manufacturing technologies. Continuously staying updated with the latest trends, Phú Quý brings customers the most diverse and rich range of products, ranging from traditional to modern, from the subtle to the dazzling.

Contact Information:

  • Addresses:
  • – No. 30, Trần Nhân Tông, P.Bùi Thị Xuân, Q.Hai Bà Trưng, Hà Nội
  • – No. 329, Cầu Giấy, P. Quan Hoa, Q. Cầu Giấy, Hà Nội
  • – 171-175 Hàm Nghi, Phường Nguyễn Thái Bình, Quận 1, TP.HCM
  • Website: https://phuquy.com.vn/
  • Facebook: Phú Quý
  • Hotline: 1800 599 995


PNJ – one of Vietnam’s leading brands in the field of crafting and retailing gold, silver, and gemstone jewelry. With over 350 gold stores nationwide, PNJ shines as a symbol of luxury and sophistication, particularly in the mid to high-end jewelry market segments. In Hanoi, PNJ’s jewelry store is not just a destination for jewelry enthusiasts; it’s a source of pride for its quality and style.

The PNJ logo, with its five rays representing the five elements of nature, not only embodies strength and gentleness but also signifies constant movement and relentless growth of the brand. Beyond that, PNJ has expanded its operations by co-founding Dong A Bank.

At PNJ’s jewelry store in Hanoi, the shopping space is not only convenient and attentive but also a place where a diverse range of products caters to every customer’s needs. From unique gold pieces inspired by the zodiac animals such as the Rat, Dragon, and God of Wealth to exquisite 24K, 18K feng shui charms and finely crafted money-shaped jewelry.

Especially, the 24K gold statues and gold-plated statues, available in various designs, are a favorite choice for many customers and businesses every year. Each product at PNJ is not just a piece of jewelry; it’s also a work of art, a symbol of luxury and sophistication.

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The DOJI Precious Metals and Gemstone Group, one of the leading brands, not just in Hanoi but across the entire nation. Since its inception on July 28, 1994, DOJI has risen vigorously, making its mark not only in the Vietnamese business community but also etching a profound impression in the hearts of consumers.

DOJI Precious Metals and Gemstone Company
DOJI, the Hanoi jewelry store, is renowned not only for its position as one of the Top 5 largest private enterprises in Vietnam but also as a symbol of class and reliability. With a mindset ready for integration and expansion, DOJI is the pride of Vietnam’s jewelry industry, with aspirations to reach new heights on the international stage.

DOJI’s motto, “Guarding Trust More Preciously Than Gold,” is not just a promise but also a top commitment in all business activities. The conglomerate has relentlessly strived and achieved significant success, earning the love and trust of its customers.

The Hanoi jewelry store of DOJI stands out with outstanding advantages: product quality and design always take precedence, catering to every customer’s needs and preferences. The diversity of products, from traditional to modern, provides you with countless choices. Moreover, fast nationwide delivery and streamlined procedures are an indispensable part of DOJI’s professionalism.

Visit DOJI to experience refinement, sophistication, and to find the highest quality precious metals and gemstone products.

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Phú Nguyên Gold and Silver

Phú Nguyên Jewelry and gemstone shop – an address that cannot be overlooked when talking about jewelry stores in Hanoi. It’s not just one of the most reputable jewelry stores in Hanoi, but also a symbol of elegance and sophistication in the hearts of consumers.

Phú Nguyên Gold and Silver
At Phú Nguyên, you not only experience diversity in product designs, from gold, silver, gemstones to diamonds and high-end jewelry, but you also feel the sincerity and enthusiasm of the staff. They are not just advisors but also companions, helping you find the jewelry that best suits your personality and style.

Especially, Phú Nguyên Jewelry Store is not only renowned for its jewelry business but also known for its high-tech jewelry design and crafting services tailored to your requirements. Each product here is meticulously crafted, reflecting the creativity and talent of skilled jewelers, delivering jewelry pieces that are not only aesthetically beautiful but also of high quality.

Furthermore, Phú Nguyên Jewelry Store offers gold and silver pawn services, catering to the diverse needs of customers with transparent and clear policies. When you visit Phú Nguyên, you not only shop but also experience professionalism, dedication, and absolute peace of mind.

Contact Information:

  • Address: 82 Xuân Thủy, Dịch Vọng Hậu, Cầu Giấy, Hà Nội
  • Facebook: Phú Nguyên
  • Hotline: 0238 3842 788

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