Top 6 Famous Charm Bracelet Brands in Vietnam

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Charm bracelets can be said to be indispensable jewelry for many women. So what is a charm bracelet? What is the famous charm bracelet brand in Vietnam? Let’s explore with in this article.

Unlocking the Enigma: What Are Charm Bracelets?

Charm beads are the tiny embellishments that sprinkle a dash of uniqueness and individuality onto the canvas of charm bracelets. They’re the artisans’ strokes, crafting myriad shapes and hues, offering a kaleidoscope of choices for the wearer. Crafted from the finest materials like Sterling Silver 92.5, 18K gold, Italian 18K gold, or other premium alloys, these charm beads, most notably the sterling silver 92.5, blend aesthetics with affordability seamlessly.

thương hiệu vòng charm-charmstore

The Mosaic of Charm Beads in the Charm Bracelet Universe

Beyond material, colors, and shapes dance in the ballet of charm beads, shaping the identity of charm bracelets, including:

  • Round Threaded Charms
  • Flat Gemstone Charms
  • Hanging Charms nestled within loops
  • Petite Spacer Charms
  • Theme-specific Charms

The Beloved Avatars of Charm Bracelets

Charm bracelets transcend into meaningful gifts, conveying profound messages to beloved women in special moments:

  1. Classic Smooth Charm Bracelets
  2. Eclectic Mix-and-Match Charm Bracelets reflecting personal taste
  3. Silver or Gold Zodiac Charm Bangle, Coinage of Luck

After delving into the realm of charm bracelets, dive deeper into the illustrious brands crafting these wonders in Vietnam below, to pick the perfect adornments for yourself or your cherished ones.

Pandora – Unveiling the Charmed Legacy from the Nordic Realm

Sprouting from the picturesque lands of Denmark, **Pandora** swiftly became a household name for charm aficionados worldwide. With over 30 years of journeying alongside the jewelry industry, Pandora shines with its creatively charged and distinctly personalized charm bracelets. Crafted to epitomize true “individualization,” Pandora’s designs seamlessly blend, offering myriad options for you to craft your unique style.

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Elegance and allure are etched into every Pandora charm bracelet. Painstakingly crafted from premium silver, coated with luxurious layers of 14K or 18K gold, they assure enduring durability and everlasting luster. Moreover, the brand intertwines with prestigious elements like gold, diamonds,… exuding opulence and sophistication for the wearer. Beyond charm bracelets, Pandora births a plethora of other jewelry lines like rings, bangles, earrings, necklaces,… each exuding finesse and boundless creativity.

With the motto “Freedom to Create,” Pandora aims to ignite inspiration for customers to curate their most cherished charm bracelet collections, reflecting their true individuality. Diverse in style and material, they make “mix & match” a breeze according to your whims. Let Pandora lead you to your true self, with a flair for fashion that’s fresh and full of surprises!

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Proudly standing as one of Vietnam’s renowned charm bracelet brands, **Ancarat** has captured the hearts of countless jewelry enthusiasts at home and abroad with its exquisite designs and unique style. Established in 2007, Ancarat consistently affirms its class through intricate lines, using premium materials such as silver, gold, diamonds, pearls, gemstones,… meticulously crafted by talented artisans.

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The charm bracelet line under the Ancarat brand is the crystallization of delicate beauty and sophistication, blending boundless inspiration from nature, traditional artistry, to modern and refined color schemes and designs. Thanks to their flexible transformation abilities, you can easily “piece together” various charms to create different styles for each special occasion. Ancarat charm bracelets are not just jewelry but true artistic masterpieces, born out of passion, creativity, and dedication from a skilled team.

Owning an Ancarat charm bracelet, you’ll feel the elegant beauty, sophistication, and pride bearing Vietnam’s mark. This is undoubtedly a meaningful gift for your dearest loved ones.

Contact Information

  • Website:
  • Facebook: Ancarat
  • Hotline: 1900.6889
  • Addresses:
    • 261 Nguyễn Trãi, P.Nguyễn Cư Trinh, Q.1, Ho Chi Minh City
    • 154 Hậu Giang, P.6, Q.6, Ho Chi Minh City
    • 382 Lê Quang Định, P.11, Q. Bình Thạnh, Ho Chi Minh City
    • 236 Lò Đúc, P. Đống Mác, Q. Hai Bà Trưng, Hanoi

PNJ: The Charm Maestro

When it comes to renowned Vietnamese charm bracelet brands, one cannot overlook the name **PNJ**. With over 30 years of dedication to premium jewelry and watches, PNJ consistently dazzles with its sophisticated designs, class, and captivating allure.

Among PNJ’s illustrious product lines, charm bracelets always hold the affection of ladies. Each charm bracelet from this brand is meticulously crafted from precious materials like white gold, yellow gold, high-grade silver, adorned with sparkling gemstones. Notably, every PNJ charm carries mesmerizing imagery. From simple shapes like hearts, stars to intricate details like blooming cherry blossoms or adorable golden cats, each is delicately expressed, drawing allure. Moreover, these charm bracelets carry various symbols of luck, brimming with hope, such as lucky elephants or adorable golden cats.

thương hiệu vòng charm-pnj

PNJ’s talented designers always bring fresh inspiration, turning charm bracelets into true artistic masterpieces. Each line is intricately engraved, meticulously detailed by skilled artisans, creating exquisite beauty, irresistible charm. PNJ charm bracelets are not just exquisite jewelry for oneself but also perfect choices to convey love to loved ones.

With over 300 stores across the country, PNJ has become a familiar jewelry brand, earning the trust of customers. Owning a PNJ charm bracelet, you not only possess a high-end piece of jewelry but also exude elegance and allure that’s unmatched.

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Doji: Crafting Elegance

Renowned for creativity and quality in the jewelry field, **DOJI** rightfully stands as one of Vietnam’s top charm bracelet brands. With a mission to honor individual beauty and explore exquisite details in every small element, DOJI’s talented artisans have created charm bracelet masterpieces that serve not only as decoration but also as expressions of individuality.

thương hiệu vòng charm-doji

Each DOJI charm bracelet is a true work of art, meticulously and delicately crafted down to each gemstone, shape, and color. The diversity in design reflects the spirit of personalization of the owner. You’ll easily find charm bracelets that suit your preferences, memories, or personal stories. Premium materials and professional production processes ensure perfection in every aspect of a genuine jewelry masterpiece.

Explore your ideal world through exquisite charm bracelets from DOJI, where art and creativity weave into unique jewelry masterpieces, fully awakening inner beauty.

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DNJ Silver: Silver Charm Brilliance

DNJ Silver, one of Vietnam’s premier charm bracelet brands, hails from the land of golden temples – Thailand. Established in 1994, DNJ Silver swiftly became a familiar name in the world of premium silver jewelry.

Renowned for meticulously handcrafted silver jewelry by skilled artisans, DNJ Silver’s charm bracelets are crafted from pure silver, bringing timeless elegance and sophistication. With a myriad of designs and charm images, DNJ Silver offers creative freedom and self-expression to its users.

thương hiệu vòng charm-dnj

From simple shapes like hearts, stars to intricate details like flowers, butterflies, each charm is meticulously crafted. Each charm tells a different story, combining on the same bracelet to create a kaleidoscope of colors and irresistible beauty.

DNJ Silver charm bracelets are not just exquisite jewelry pieces but also meaningful gift choices to express love to loved ones. Accompanied by DNJ Silver, the exquisite beauty and sophistication of Thai silver will always be present on your wrist.

Contact Information

  • Website:
  • Facebook: DNJ
  • Hotline: 0986742724
  • Address: 45/167 Thanh Nhàn, Hai Bà Trưng, Hà Nội

Charmstore: The Silver Charm Haven

CharmStore is the trusted destination for connoisseurs of the delicate beauty of premium 925 silver charm bracelets. As a direct importer from Thailand – renowned for its exquisite jewelry craftsmanship, CharmStore always ensures top-notch quality for each product.

The charm bracelet collection at CharmStore is diverse and luxurious, with various styles and designs from traditional to modern. Each charm bracelet is meticulously selected to ensure perfection in every aspect – from design to craftsmanship quality, ensuring durability and long-lasting aesthetic value.

thương hiệu vòng charm-charmstore

The special highlight of CharmStore is its professional Feng Shui consulting service, advising on how to harmonize charms with favorite colors or meaningful themes like love, family, and friendship. Beyond selling products, CharmStore helps you create a perfect overall Style – Confidence – Personality through your own charm bracelet.

If you’re looking for an exquisite and classy silver charm bracelet, let CharmStore be your reliable companion, igniting creative inspiration and embellishing beautiful moments in life.

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Whether you’re seeking a meaningful gift for a loved one or simply want to affirm your class and personal style, the top charm bracelet brands in Vietnam we’ve just introduced will be excellent choices. From the exquisite elegance of DOJI with meticulously crafted details to the luxurious Thai silver class of DNJ Silver, they all offer a top-notch jewelry experience that’s hard to match.

If you want to explore more reputable addresses for jewelry and fashion accessories, visit the decoration section at Here, you’ll find detailed information about famous stores, brands, and many attractive offers tailored for fashionistas. Don’t hesitate to read and seek out your passion!

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