10 stores selling beautiful landscape paintings with diverse themes In Vietnam

Landscape painting is a popular form of space decoration today. With diverse painting themes, materials, and colors, it will help make the room the most splendid. In this article, we summarize 10 shops selling beautiful landscape paintings. Please review the addresses and make the most suitable choice.

Landscape Paintings by Thảo Nguyên: A Scenic Masterpiece

When it comes to a list of stores selling exquisite landscape paintings, Thảo Nguyên is a name that must be highlighted. This specialized establishment offers a diverse range of oil paintings, featuring unique and impressive artworks for every art enthusiast.

Their collection of landscape paintings showcasing rural life, rivers, and ancient streets stands out prominently. With over 200 unique painting styles displayed on their website and in-store, they provide an impressive array of choices.

Why Thảo Nguyên should be your go-to destination for artwork:

  • They use the finest paint and canvas materials to ensure long-lasting, vibrant colors that stand the test of time.
  • Their passionate artists meticulously craft each painting, focusing on every detail to deliver a flawless masterpiece.
  • Thảo Nguyên also offers custom landscape painting services, allowing clients to request personalized artworks or reproductions of existing pieces.
  • The colors they use are always vivid, inspiring a fresh perspective and a love for life.

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Landscape Paintings – Rimac Printing Studio

Rimac offers an array of landscape paintings crafted from diverse materials such as silk, fabric, canvas, flexible PVC, wooden PVC, glass, and more.

Here’s what sets Rimac’s printed paintings apart:

  • They utilize high-quality imported printing and drawing machines, employing 3D, 5D, and 8D printing technologies to deliver the most vivid and lifelike details.
  • With nearly 500 landscape painting designs, Rimac caters to embellishing various spaces including homes, cafes, spas, and more.
  • Rimac operates its own printing workshop, eliminating any intermediaries and ensuring competitive prices in the market.

Rimac employs genuine ink, safe for your health. When it comes to sales policies, they offer free installation and delivery services right to your doorstep.

Rimac’s printing studio guarantees the longevity of their paintings for over a decade. So, rest assured when you choose to adorn your walls with Rimac’s landscape paintings.

Contact Information:

  • Website: https://rimac.vn/
  • Address: Lot 14 DV7, Tay Linh Dam Urban Area – Bang Liet, Hoang Liet Ward, Hoang Mai District, Hanoi City
  • Hotline: 0842.999.566
  • Facebook: Rimac

AmiA – The Landscape Painting Superstore

AmiA currently boasts the largest showroom for landscape paintings in Vietnam, spanning an impressive 240 square meters across 3 floors. Here, you’ll find thousands of landscape painting designs to choose from.

In addition to manufacturing various decorative painting styles, AmiA also imports the hottest trends in the market.

  • AmiA’s landscape paintings come in diverse themes and materials (wood, artistic mosaic, oil paint, Dong Ho folk paintings, cross-stitch art, traditional folk paintings, and more).
  • They offer custom printing and design services for individuals and businesses with large quantities.
  • AmiA also sells other decorative items such as lights and wall stickers, perfect for complementing your paintings or enhancing your home or office decor.
  • Pricing is designed to accommodate the budgets of most customers.

What sets AmiA apart is its professional sales team, who truly understand the needs and desires of buyers, offering the most suitable recommendations. AmiA regularly runs promotions, so be sure to stay updated for the best deals.
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Exquisite Art Studio

The next ‘nominee’ in the list of providers of beautiful landscape paintings is the Exquisite Art Studio.

Speaking of the store’s location, it’s incredibly convenient for customers to come and shop. The aesthetically pleasing display space ensures you’ll fully appreciate the beauty of a decorative painting.

When you visit the Exquisite Art Studio, you’ll undoubtedly find even more satisfaction because:

  • The team of painters has rich experience and creativity.
  • They offer a wide range of landscape painting subjects, styles, and materials.
  • The paintings emphasize refinement and harmonious colors, making them suitable for decorating any space, be it a living room, bedroom, or office.
  • The best quality paintings are offered at reasonable prices. You can find landscape paintings ranging from budget-friendly to premium.

The studio uses art supplies imported from European countries, ensuring color quality, durability, and safety for health. Especially, their imported Korean canvas is thick and durable, leaving customers curious and highly appreciative.
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Moka Handmade Landscape Paintings

If you’re pondering over choosing landscape paintings to adorn your beloved home or to gift a meaningful present to a partner or loved one, then Moka Handmade is your go-to destination. This is a premium interior decoration brand under HOMY Design.

There are compelling reasons to trust Moka Handmade, including:

  • Being a leading brand in providing a wide range of landscape paintings, from oil paintings to LED-lit ones, and handcrafted pieces.
  • Offering meticulously designed and unique artwork, showcasing the aesthetic taste and personality of homeowners.
  • Using premium materials of the highest quality, ensuring that your choice is well worth it.

Moka’s landscape paintings always capture the essence within, earning high praise from numerous customers. Regarding their sales service, they are highly professional and provide attentive guidance, from expressing your desires to finalizing the pricing.
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Linng Home: Elevate Your Home with Artistry

Linng Home brings you sophisticated landscape art solutions that enhance the values and prestige uniquely your own.

  • Ling Home’s decorative landscape paintings are meticulously designed, always ensuring the elements of Beauty, Uniqueness, and Affordability.
  • With hundreds of showcased models at the store, you can choose the one that resonates with your style. Additionally, you can explore various other decorative items to embellish your abode.

Linng Home boasts a highly professional advisory team. Even with the most challenging, tight spaces or the loftiest customer demands, they skillfully deliver artworks with suitable designs and dimensions.

Don’t hesitate to contact them for swift advice on free setups, along with top-notch installation, delivery, and the best product options.

Contact Information:

  • Address: 17 House, Alley 61 Hoang Cau, Dong Da District, Hanoi.
  • Hotline: 0936 126 699

SHINSTYLE Landscape Paintings: Elegance and Creativity Redefined

The wall-hanging landscape paintings at SHINSTYLE are uniquely designed with an elegant touch of creativity, perfect for enhancing your space.

If you have a penchant for autumn scenes or romantic seascapes, then choosing SHIN is never a wrong move.

SHINSTYLE employs a diverse range of materials for their landscape paintings, including canvas, aluminum, mica, foamex, backlit, glass, porcelain, leather, ceramic tiles, and more. Therefore, you can freely select the model that best matches your style.

There are plenty of other reasons why you should choose SHINSTYLE’s beautiful landscape wall paintings:

  • All printing materials meet environmental standards and are safe for health.
  • The printing quality is superb, with true-to-life, vibrant colors.
  • The creative artists are enthusiastic and dedicated to creating top-notch products.
  • Products are delivered on time, with free delivery in Hanoi.

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Vietcanvas: Where Affordable Landscape Art Comes to Life

  • Address: 8, Alley 23 Nguyen Ngoc Vu, Cau Giay, Hanoi
  • 856 Ta Quang Buu, Ward 5, District 8, Ho Chi Minh City.
  • Hotline: 0983 859 614
  • Email: sales@vietcanvas.net

If you’re a fan of budget-friendly landscape art, then Vietcanvas is the perfect choice for you.

Vietcanvas’s art store may not display an extensive range of paintings, but their workshop boasts hundreds of options, ensuring you’ll find the perfect fit. They specialize in two main types of landscape art: oil paintings and canvas prints.

When a customer selects a design and specifies the desired size, Vietcanvas’s workshop works swiftly, often producing pieces under 1 meter in just 2-3 hours.

Unlike other providers, Vietcanvas may not offer an extensive range or boast about numerous product models. However, those who visit and put their trust in Vietcanvas cannot help but appreciate the efficiency and quality.

In summary, Vietcanvas is an unmissable choice for landscape art enthusiasts:

  • Direct printing for customers, in a short time frame
  • Specializing in budget-friendly canvas art
  • Customized art created in the workshop

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Tường Xinh: Where Wall Art Comes to Life

Tường Xinh boasts several advantages that make it a top choice for wall art enthusiasts:

  • Tường Xinh offers the flexibility to design and produce art according to each customer’s unique needs and preferences. In just one day, you can have your custom art piece in hand.
  • The company regularly updates its collection with the latest art trends, aligning with the ever-evolving market and our modern lifestyles.
  • The dedicated staff and passionate artists at Tường Xinh ensure a worry-free experience for customers.

While Tường Xinh’s showroom isn’t particularly expansive, it predominantly features wood-mounted art prints. Notably, the wooden wall art options are budget-friendly. Additionally, there are captivating 3D-style landscape art sets available.

Given that the technology for image printing on art is still evolving, the sharpness and longevity of the colors on the artwork might not be as advanced as desired.

For customers seeking affordable art for short-term use, Tường Xinh is a practical choice.

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Scanadivian Care House: Where Wall Art Comes Alive

Scanadivian Care House specializes in the development of wall art in various styles:

  • Canvas art stretched on small 3cm iron frames or larger 7cm frames.
  • Canvas art mounted on formex borders.
  • Printed art on adhesive pp material.
  • Framed glass or meca art.

The company’s website showcases a diverse range of art designs with various materials, and customers can also request custom art based on their preferences.

Scanadivian Care House offers competitive pricing for its art pieces, in line with other market competitors.

One significant advantage of Care House is the enthusiasm of its sales staff. Their skilled artisans and artists pay meticulous attention to every detail. Consequently, no matter your choice of materials or print, you can expect perfection.

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Which landscape paintings are currently the most popular?

Landscape paintings with diverse themes, materials, and colors are favored by many for decorating their living spaces.

Why should one choose Thảo Nguyên paintings?

Thảo Nguyên specializes in providing oil paintings with unique designs, using high-quality materials, and has a passionate team of artists.

What are the benefits of buying paintings at Rimac?

Rimac offers paintings with diverse materials, using 3D, 5D, 8D printing technology, and has competitive prices in the market.

What’s special about AmiA?

AmiA has the largest painting showroom in Vietnam and offers a wide variety of landscape paintings ranging from wood, oil paintings, to folk art.

What type of paintings does Vietcanvas offer?

Vietcanvas mainly provides oil and canvas paintings at affordable prices, suitable for those looking for short-term decoration.

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